Big Brother 11: Week 3 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Big Brother tends to quiet down the day before an eviction, especially when the pending evictee has become accepting to his or her fate. So with that warning, I give you the highlight events of Big Brother 11 on Wednesday. The HGs were about as calm as could be but with a few tidbits thrown in here and there. Take a look and see what happened yesterday in the BB11 house.

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Live Feed Highlights – July 29, 2009:

1:30 PM BBT – HoH camera time. Jessie is walking around the house taking pictures to be posted later.

2:20 PM BBT – Ronnie says he’s going to get a tattoo for the game when he gets out. I dunno, Ronnie, a giant Rat on your forehead might not be the best idea. Lydia wants to get one too (a key like on Big Brother, not a rat)

4:30 PM BBT – Ronnie tells Lydia and Kevin that he’s going to be a “very big fish in a small pond” when he gets back home. Yeah, I doubt that, Ronnie.

7:15 PM BBT – The HGs are getting horny and begin discussing all things sex. Funny story about Michele being banned from her parents computer for looking up porn when she was a kid. Funnier part is that she is still banned from using it when she goes home to visit.

10:40 PM BBT – Russell explaining that his big fight with Jeff over spelling the first week was designed to highlight alliances in the house. Russell tells Chima that Lydia wants her gone. Chima wants Jeff gone.

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I’ll miss Casey and his sense of humor when he’s gone, but let’s hope we get a shift in the power and watch the meatheads run for cover. Oh to dream…

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  1. I sure hope something changes thurs I think BIG Brother has lost most of its audience already the show this year is just so far from all the previous seasons their is just nothing there.

  2. I think the big mistake was to create uneven groups and to give power to the group with more people. also, the competitions are designed for athletic people so it is a lose lose situation for the other teams and a win win situation for the athletics

  3. Alva & Buck: You both are 100% right. I’ll be through with it after tonight if they don’t split up the groups. Not fair & not fun to watch. I was so looking forward to the new season & it’s been a HUGH disappointment so far. I know it takes time to get into what’s going on but to date, nada. When your biggest reaction is “Who cares?” you realize it’s a big bust. Laura was the only one who seemed to have some common sense. This is the biggest lack of most if not all the remaining players. Plus they seem to think lying & cheating is the only way to play. Evil Dick won & always did what he said he’d do & never cheated to win.

  4. i agree alva. i think the next one will either be a triva HOH or an overnight one where you gotta watch the feeds to see who wins.

  5. wrong…the HoH comp is gonna have to do with those big golf clubs they been playin with obviously…i really cant stand listening to anything most of them have to say!…its either very stupid or a bunch of bs…it really drives me nuts when i hear them say stuff about them being ” big fish” when they get home or how they can make money off of this and that…they are so retarded its not funny…any1 who ever goes in that house acts like they are soo cool and thats cause they never were!…if only they could see wut America really thinks of them they would hide their ugly faces all day!!!…please some1 kill natalie and jessie!!!…they really are total losers!!!

  6. Maybe there is a shake-up on the way. The network commercials have been advertising a shocking new twist the last few nights with regard to the live eviction show. Of course, it could just be a teaser and the twist is that the HGs are not allowed to tie their shoelaces all week or something like that. It would not be the first time the network pulled a stunt like that with regard to advertising.
    On another note, there is something to consider here with regard to the near future. It may be boring now, but if things keep going as they are and the meatheads evict everybody else that they want to, the situation will then get real intense when these guys turn on one other. Then things on BB11 may get truly entertaining this season.

  7. I dont know how troue this is but i read there is 2 ways this twised will go if jorden or jeff get hoh the teams are gone but if thay dont there will be 2 new teams and thay will go on the team that has hoh it was sead the prodcers have read and now how most of us fill and are trying to fix it and be fair at the same time sorry for the spelling

  8. i believe that the twist might be double eviction cuz there is a extra player in the house so they get back on schedule but i might be wrong cuz its 2 early in the game. i agreed with alva and buck cuz this game is already getting boring with the bigheads winning everything and stinking ronnie being so cocky cuz he think he is “safe”. im really hoping that jessie doesn’t win cuz he already had his chance but does he really thinks that by keeping ronnie he’ll win cuz if it was down the 2 of them ronnie will win cuz he’s playing the game really well. i just believe that they are playing this game too hard and too early

  9. The only thing that can save Big Brother this year and in the future is ifproduction throws a wrench into the mix by keeping Casey…its obvious that jessie will win Big Brother as no one can beat him and hes protecting all the weak players. Hes a bully and hes arrogant and doesnt deserve to win anything. He will more than llikely bring natalie and ronnie to the end because he can beat them…BB will ose alot of viewers if it doesnt do something FAST !!!

  10. Double eviction would be great. I would love to see Jordan or Casey (whoever survives) win hoh and put up Jessie and Natalee. If POV is used then back door Russell. Then for the second HOH I want to see Kevin get it and put up whichever two of those three are left. If POV is played get rid of Chima. Personally I think Ronnie is an easy target for later in the game. Once Jessie and Natalee are gone no one will trust him at all and no one will be protecting him, so he’s okay to keep around for now. Chima’s gotta go cause she is too diva. But first let’s focus on Jessie Russell and Natalee.

  11. I think it is time for one of the evicted people to be voted back into the house. jessie and the jerks would have a fit if someone they kicked out came back to break them up.

  12. I agree 100% w/ you Marsha (Alva, buck, JJ). I’ve completley lost interest in BB11 b/c I can’t stand Jessie and the rest of his boring posse. It was unfair from the get go! They either have to shake it up or I’ll no longer watch. They need to have Casey and Jordon and bring back either Laura or the first evicted dude. Get Jessie the heck outta there – he’s ruining the show, then follow up with Natalie coat tail rider, Russell then Lydia.

  13. After tonight it will make or break this BB, hope it picks up soon cuz it’s deady dull now.

  14. I just think the more this show goes the more Jesses unpopularity grows the first mistake of the season was even making Jesse eligable to come back in that has to be a plunger for ratings.

  15. Whoever said dick didn’t cheat doesn’t realize he did. When he got mail from home it was coded so that it would look normal, but how it was written helped him in the game, for example if the last word in the first sentence ended with a J that would mean he could or could not trust a certain person who’s name started with a J.

  16. I have to agree with all of you. It seems like the winners are already there., the ones like jeff and jordan are out numbered. If for instance if jeff would win hoh he would put up ronnie, jessie or nat. two of those but the rest of the house has been on jessie’s side so he will get off or possibly one would win the veto and get off and it just goes on and on. jeff would definatly go up the following week. It is all one sided. I just don’t see how the other side would ever get a chance to regroup even if you could trust some one to switch sides. how would you know if it was not a trap. I for one am glad I’m not in that house.

  17. what would be neat if big brother would have america vote braden back in. then he comes in as a surprise. that is one way to shake up the house. wish i knew if braden was good at the games it might be interesting to see this happen.

  18. Russell does not see it coming from jessie and natalie. the only one that likes russell now is chima and she is dying for him to be interested in her. last night in showtime, i thought they were really going to get down and dirty by the way they were talking. she sure changed her tune in the past week.

  19. The HOH tonight is, to me, the make or break it HOH. Someone other than an athlete or an athlete wanna-be (Ronnie, Chima, Lydia) has to win or it will become impossible to rally the numbers to flip the game. And then the only chance anyone outside of their circle will have is if someone outside of their circle wins HOH every single week for at least 4 weeks in a row.
    If anyone is laying low at all tonight is the night to stop it. They really have to turn it on.
    I didn’t like Jessie last year. I have never liked a man who is his own biggest fan!
    Ronnie took some chances, but if you look at it objectively he, in the end, did what worked for him at this point. He really isn’t a target in my eyes right now. And he is aligned with strong people- even though we all don’t like them. I want him out, but I don’t think he has played the worst game to be honest. All that matters is staying one more week, and so far he is doing that. I do believe his time will run out soon though if the game continues on it”s current course. If the good guys prevail he should last a few more weeks til the athletes are gone, and if the athletes keep winning he should last til the good guys are gone…but I don’t see how he can make it to the end.
    What surprises me are Chima, Lydia and Ronnie thinking they will get very far backing up the athletes, cause don’t they realize they are going to be voted out as soon as the bigger threats are out of the way!?

  20. Hey Capman!! I’m so with you!!! At least the so called “meatheads” are playing the game of BB. That’s why they are all there…to play the game although the “good guys” haven’t a clue….that’s why they have been going home. So now everyone wants BB to interfere to help “good guys” out. I think the problems started with casting. Oh, and pattiAnn…. the biggest meathead of all this season is Braden.

  21. well braden was not the smartest tool in the shed but I had hopes that he might win some kind of endurance contests. His problem is he talked alot about all he was involved in and it sounded like bragging. (which very well could be) I thought it was mainly you talked about the things you have done in your lives to get to know each other. but then maybe that is too mature for this group. they sure do act like they are in high school.

  22. Braden needed to go. He opened his mouth one to many times. He was a complete idiot to do it the week he was nominated after pov was used.


  24. The MEAT HEAD SUCK! Let see how “PEANUT HEAD JESSIE” survives on slop! Between Ronnie Rat, PEANUT HEAD HEAD JESSIE, & GNATALIAR, let’s see these idiots survive without being treated as “BIG BABIES” a.k.a. “MEATHEAD BABIES” Time for slop and the real world! Will Peanut Head JESSIE survive? I think not!

  25. big brother 11 keep the good work
    you is so good you number 1 fan laurie stoyles

  26. What happened with the golden coin? Is it possible the coin is to play the crane game and get the ?

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