Big Brother 11: Week 3 Eviction Poll

The final nominations are set for Week 3 in Big Brother 11. Now all that’s left is for the remaining HouseGuests to cast their votes on Thursday night and send home either Casey or Jordan.

You won’t have to wait that long though. Vote now in the poll below to cast your vote for who you want to be evicted from Big Brother on Thursday night.

Bonus! On Thursday night ‘Inside Dish’ and Ross Mathews will be interviewing this week’s evicted HG, either Jordan or Casey. What would you want to ask either of them? Post your questions below in the comments and I’ll send the best questions over to Ross. We’ll see if your question makes it into the interview!

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  1. What do you think is one comment that could be made in the house that would completely flip the house upside down and turn everyone around in this game? Example: Did you know that Ronnie and Kevin are actually married? Would this be a hilarious twist to make everyone go crazy?

  2. Do eithr Casey or Jordan think that Natalie is someone to watch? She runs right back and tells Jessie what other HGs say but she doesn’t tell him to complete truth!

  3. casey; Why did you trust jesse to put ronnie up knowing jesse is on the opposite side. for jorden;i do like you but..why didnt you fight to win challenges meaning povs and hohs.just seemed like you wanted jeff to do all the work.

  4. To: Jordan. What do you think was the one thing you might have done to put a target on your back and is there some feelings between you and Jeff that might go farther on the outside? To: Casey. Did you know Jessie on the outside and if so do you think that might have been why he targeted you?

  5. Why is it, that after 4-5 days in the house, it is determined who the “powerful”, “aggressive”, “cocky” players are, that the other house guests just don’t get rid of them, then when they are gone, almost act as though it is the first day, only with a lot less arrogance, cockiness, power trip people around (i.e. why hasn’t the house gotten rid of Jesse and Russell since day 1 — they are the biggest physical threats, have proven time and time again they feel they run the house .. I just don’t understand why you would keep them around .. vote them out, then start as though they never existed.

  6. Well Jesse is gonna be cocky til somebody uncocks him if somebody would show some agression one time it would make a difference.

  7. I have a feeling that Casey should be the next person to leave the Big Brother House tomorrow night, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  8. Totally agree, but a side of me would love to see him get knocked off totally unexpected, thinking he is the king S*** then boom, done!!!

  9. Casey, why did you not put out 100% to get the PoV? The only way to be safe for the week is win HoH or PoV (BB 101). Will the athlete’s and it’s parasites continue to roll the other house guests?

  10. Casey-Why did you not listen to Jeff, a person you trusted, when he told you there was talk of you being the target and instead believed Jesse, Lydia’s bed buddy? Bros before Hos Casey.

  11. Casey: If you had the chance to do over the Power of Veto – would you still give the house a Margarita Party?

    Jordan: Do you really not know how to tell time in 1/4’s or was that just an act?

  12. I had to cast my vote to evict you casey, why on earth didn’t you play to win veto? I wanted you and Jordan to stay.

  13. The next HOH needs to break up Jessie & Natalie – They think who they are – Can’t wait till both of them are sent packing –

  14. When it was revealed that Jessie would be back in the BB house, the new guest all knew that he needed to go right away, but now they are all following him around and doing his dirty work for him. So what happened to the idea of getting rid of him as soon as possible?

  15. This just may be the most boring Big Brother game yet. The game is interesting enough without the stupid “bringing someone back in” twist. And high school games? Come on BB, get a grip. No use bringing that crap back!!

  16. Did anyone not see that this fiasco was coming?
    If I wanted to see The Secret Life of an American Teenager, I would watch ABC Family.

  17. For Jorden: Were you and Jeff really an item, and will you be dating hom after the show ends?

  18. Jordan, You are so sweet. I sence allot of chemistry between you and Jeff. Is their strong feelings between the two of you? I think the two of you are so cute together. You both are my pick to win..

    Casey, My 18 year old son said you would have been an awsome teacher. I’m sure your students adore you. Are you useing any of your teaching skills to get ahead in the house?

  19. Because of his knowledge of BB, and how he’s playing everyone, do you think Ronnie could win the game if the house is too stupid to evict him soon?

  20. i recently came across a bikini contest in which casey was hosting in florida>>and jesse was there..infact in the front row..was it a coincidence or do u guys know each other out of the house?? it was posted on someones blog

  21. This question is for Casey, because he was done so wrong and I had a feeling that he will be the one that will get evicted out of the house this week.. Casey why did you feel like your plan was going to as planned?.. and I know you didn’t believe that natalie wouldn’t go back and tell Jessie what you said about him being a target did you??????

  22. There has to be a sacrificial vote…sorry Jordan! I really loved having you on the show! Now for the question: Do you think it was a better game plan to stay away from all other hg’s, rather than keeping to yourself and Jeff?

    If this is needed to be asked to Casey I am going to be screaming at the top of my lungs! Question: Casey…what would you change for any future seasons of Big Brother? (Sorry, couldn’t think of any game plan questions! You played very well!)

  23. Ever since the start of the show, Jordan your my favorite. You always have been, and always will be. My question for you is that if you are evicted from the house, will you and Jeff still stay in contact with each other?

  24. its gunna be qutie the show seeing casey walk out the door in the bananna suit. thats never happened before.

  25. i think the next HOH is gunna be an overnight one where you’ve gott awatch the feeds to see who get HOH. (hopefully jordan or jeff)


  27. I would like to know if Casey regrets anything in the game? For Jordan the same question and also do you think that you and Jeff will be getting together when he gets out of the house?

  28. who do you think wanted you out of the house so bad that they had formed an aliance to get rid of you?

  29. My question is directed to Casey, because he is a teacher, but also an overall question. Due to the nature of the game, and what has been proven to be required to win(ex. lies, misdirection, etc.), do you think teachers should continue to be allowed to take part in BB knowing that students and parents who may have never watched the show, may relate actions inside the house as everyday behavior or draw negative attention to the workplace and future students who don’t know them and have only seen them on the show?

  30. (For Both) If you could have an airplane fly over the BBH, What Would You Put On The Banner??

  31. Just because people are acting liking idiots on this game at times doesn’t mean they don’t no how to act it public… Casey I would let you teach any of my children. You still have to remember you got 20 years on most of the kids in the house you were a grown man when most of these kids were still shi……ing yellow…..

  32. I think Jordan will stay this week – she is less of a threat than casey. I also suspect the groups to break up and for each HG to play as individuals. As for the twist, is it too early for a double eviction?

  33. Both. If you could have done anything differently what would it have been?

    Who do you think would be able to get the most revenge if not evicted?

    I have a bad feeling Casey will be leaving. As much as I like Jordan I hope she leaves only because keeping Casey in the house would not be good for Jessie or Ronnie. It would be to the houseguest advantage to keep him since his targets are obvious.

  34. Casey- Because you are a teacher, is there anything that you have said or done in the game that you would change and if you were not a teacher is there anything that you would have done and not have held back on.

    Tracy from Rhode Island


  36. I hate to say it because I like Jordon, but I want Casey to stay! As for as the comment the RAT said about him not being a good teacher is not true. I work as a teacher assistant and educators do have LIVES after the school day!!!!

  37. OK, am I the ONLY ONE who thinks that Casey should drop the “street talk”? Someone needs to tell him that he is not a 15 yr. old hip hop artist. He is (supposedly) a 42 year old man with a family. GROW UP, CASEY! He COMPLETELY makes a fool out of himself trying to be “cool”…the hat, the earrings, the slang talk…I feel embarrassed for him.

  38. I am going to hate to see Casey or Jordan leave. I love watching Jordan and Jeff together and Casey is just a riot. I and m daughters wish he were a teacher in New Orleans

  39. Your a Fifth Grade teacher.How do you think your being on BB 11 will affect your students with the differents displays of attitudes that the house and you may have had at times?

  40. I rather Jordan goes home because she is floating badly. But if Casey goes home it is his own fault. I can not believe he blames Ronnie for him going home and not clearly see that he was the target for this week from the start.

  41. I can not believer BB has picked a bunch of kids to play this is the house that Evil Dick built I would like to see Dick and Casey together in this house and send Jessy and his homanch home.

  42. There has been a lot mention on the blogs about the very homophobic comments said in the house. Casey as a school teacher why did you take part in this? Jordan how can you be so friendly to Jeff when he has said some of the most horrible things about gay peoplez?

  43. Oh pleeeeze. Enough about them making racial or homophobic comments. Chima sure is one to talk with the crap she spews. Enough is enough, people just keep trying to pick little flaws out of the “good” people in the house to justify the total jerkwads like Jesse & Natalie for getting rid of them over weasels like Ronnie.

  44. Dawson, I think you are talking about Braden. I only heard Jeff say anything one time. Are you saying you have never called someone a name. Dont cast stones

  45. To Jordon & Casey, you are both good players. I hate to see either one of you go. The question that I have is more for CBS and/or whomever does casting. How could you pick Ronnie for the show knowing that admitted to cyber bullying a person who Ronnie said upset him. His words (Ronnie’s) more were explict, if you know what mean.

  46. Jordan,
    Why after seeing the 10 previous season’s, would you come into the house and attach yourself so tightly with another player (Jeff)? Hasn’t already been proven that when you align with someone that tight, you automatically put targets on both of yours backs? Cause this automatically counts as 2 for each of you, where the others are on there on.

  47. This question is directed more toward the entire house then just the two up for eviction. How does it make you feel to know that the only person you can seem to trust is yourself? Even if there is an aliance there is doubt about if that aliance is solid and truthful or not.

  48. CASEY -Why would you confided anything to Lydia?? She’s a bigger snake or should I say Ronnie’s twin in lying!!! I would not even have her as a friend in the outside world – she’s a very terrible person – she runs and tells everything to everybody and forgets what she said. She’s not loyal to anyone!!!

  49. If the houseguest had to have an animal tatooed on the forhead that best discribed them, what would there animal be? What would the other houseguest say their animal would be?

  50. ONE MORE THING – When or if Jeff leaves BB11 the most boring show since Jessie is there
    (so gross) I will not watch – I love Jordan – but I think they will use her and she’ll look around and say “O”… lol

    my favorites are/were-Jeff,Jordan,Laura and CASEYYYY!!! The rest “ew” Nata”lie” and her crew she just all skip to mi lou…lol

    Love this comment your wrote:
    Did anyone not see that this fiasco was coming?
    If I wanted to see The Secret Life of an American Teenager, I would watch ABC Family.

    H I L A R I O U S!!!

  51. ONE MORE THING – When or if Jeff leaves BB11 the most boring show since Jessie is there
    (so gross) I will not watch – I love Jordan – but I think they will use her and she’ll look around and say “O”… lol

    my favorites are/were-Jeff,Jordan,Laura and CASEYYYY!!! The rest “ew” Nata”lie” and her crew SHOULD just all skip to mi lou…lol

    Love this comment YOU wrote:
    Did anyone not see that this fiasco was coming?
    If I wanted to see The Secret Life of an American Teenager, I would watch ABC Family.

    H I L A R I O U S!!!

  52. @Sherry: These questions will only be for either of the evicted HGs. So you’ve got Jordan and Casey to choose from. As much as I’d like to see either Ronnie or Jessie evicted tonight that won’t be an option.

  53. Ask the evicted houseguest to name who he or she REALLY believes was behind their eviction…It’s always interesting to see if they figure it out as soon as the vote is over or if they have to go home and watch the show to see the whole truth.

  54. Another good question…Ask the evicted houseguest what he or she thinks their allies should do now to move forward in the game. For instance, let’s say Casey gets evicted. He is tied to Lydia and Kevin within his clique, and he is tied to Jordan and Jeff. Ask him what he thinks those people should do now that their numbers are one more less. Someone has to do something quick to turn this game upside down on the Jessie/Natalee/Russell/Ronnie foursome. I’d be curious to know what the evicted houseguest would advise his alliesto do if he had the chance. Cause I am sure everything becomes much clearer when you are sitting with Julie (or Ross in this case).

  55. Why cant you people put a big twist in this Thursday 9-3-09 let Kevin have his little eviction and then let Jeff walk back in the front door, he found the key and then let that nut loose so reward him dont let Kevin eviction him ,while Kevin and Nat are hugging jumping up and down with joy cause Jeff is now gone just let him walk in and when they see him it will make them faint,if he dont stay this show want be worth watching,so come on people pull this on Kevin.

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