Big Brother 11: Week 3 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have our third live eviction for the BB11 season as either Casey or, once again, Jordan will be evicted. Jessie’s second week as Head of Household has been a frustrating one for me as I’ve watched another new favorite get flushed while the Rat hangs on to the lid.

Tonight’s eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition and there’s been rumblings that it could be an endurance competition. I’m not certain on the idea since the HGs received giant golf toys but the special shoes seem interesting and make it a possibility. If it’s true you’ll want to be ready with your live feeds and checking in here all night as I’ll be up until the bitter end as always.

Now’s your chance to vote for who you would want to evict if you were a HG this season. Cast your vote in the poll below and then leave your comments to tell us why you want to see either Casey or Jordan go home. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST.

Meanwhile, get your Big Brother 11 live feeds ready so you can watch the house react uncensored to who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can still get the $13/month discount rate. That along with your monthly $10 in free mp3s with your subscription and you’re getting a really good deal. Try it for free. Keep it for fun!

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  1. I don’t want Casey to go home because he’s at least playing the game. If it weren’t for Jeff, Jordan wouldn’t know what the heck is going on. My 12-year old understands the game better then Jordan. She’s never going to win the $$, so send her packing now. At least Casey has a chance of winning and would have played for PoV if he knew Jessie was going to go back on his word.

  2. @Michele: I think that’s exactly why the HGs will vote as they’ve planned. Casey is more of a threat because he knows what he’s doing while Jordan just seems to be going with the flow. They’d rather keep a non-threat than someone they think stands between them and a half-mil.

  3. maybe the big announcement is there is a warrant out for Ronnie’s arrest. He has been admitting to some pretty scary stuff. Jordan & Casey both stay and they turn Ronnie over to authorities!!!

  4. I dont know how troue this is but i read that there is two ways this twised is going to go if jorden or jeff win hoh the clicks are gone but if thay dont thay are all put in two new teams and jeff and jorden go to the side with hoh it was sead that the prodcers have read and know how most of us fill and are trying to make us happy sorry for the spelling

  5. The reason Jordan should be voted out is because she does not bring anything to the game. Since the start of the season, she has not been an asset to the house, just to Jeff. With Casey remaining in the house it sure to be quite interesting.


  7. I don’t want either to go home, but if I have to choose it would be Casey, because he’s going to have a stroke or something. Jordon knows what she is doing, she not as dumb as she acts. She’s doing the right thing by being quiet, Casey is digging his way out by saying rude and mean things. As far as I am concerned the whole house is one big boring bunch of people. This is the worst season they have ever had. Good luck to jordon and casey.

  8. I think that Casey will be evicted tonight, especially since the past few days he has been saying HORRIBLE things, as far as the twist, it could be as simple as getting rid of the cliques, or it could possibly be something like creating a all new clique called the “allstars”
    With that new clique they could bring in people from past seasons that could or have been an allstar, this would cause the house to freak out because they have to compete with more people that have played the game before

  9. First of all I would like to know who let Ronnie out to begin with they are the ones that need locked up.

  10. i voted for Jordan because i see her as just eye candy for the men watching the show..She brings nothing to the game.

    You use to at least pick the blondes with a little more up there, maybe not much but Jordan, i’m sorry yes you are cute but you put females to shame with your lack of mental status.

    So Casey i’d like for him to stay for it’s always the older people that go on this show too soon…and even if he hasn’t done much yet as far as being a player…he is a teacher and has a little more up there then Jordan..SOOOO..hence my vote.

  11. I don’t want Casey or Jordan to go.. but if I really HAD to choose, I choose jordan to go. If Jeff was really thinking about the game, he know that Casey will be a better player for the team. I really wish BB would twist the game that kept both them in. This has been the WORST BB ever. These guys are so boring..something has to change FAST! get Jess out!

  12. Very tired of the mob mentality exhibited by Jesse and his followers. Seen too many of them in real world – get him out! and his shadow, Natalie, as well – then, let the real game being.

  13. Casey and Jordan each have their unique styles of playing the game. Who you would like evicted depends on your taste. I prefer Caseys style to Jordans. Not so good when hes saying mean spirited things about other hg but his laid back, funny self. Jordan is funny and also laid back but maybe TOO laid back. I just want her to acknowledge that she even has plans for evicting ANYONE if she were HOH. She seems like a great person and would want her as a friend outside the house. But shes not outside the house and this is a cut throat game. A little awareness would be nice. I dont expect her to turn into the incredible hulk and bust heads, just lay some plans for future use. And keep them to herself.

  14. Jesse never gave his word to anyone that ronnie was going. if you watch Jesse sat
    there and listened but said he thought everyone
    needed to play the game. Jesse said he wasn’t
    going with the MOB and he was able to win HOH
    so he played the game and didn’t let the MOB
    rule the house. I give him credit for sicking to he’s guns.

  15. I still think that a former player should be not in the game when he knows the in’s and out’s of the game better then a green player. but…..jessie is there and we have to make the best of it. hopefully no one like kevin, lydia will back stab jeff and jordan. but….there is an announcement tonight so perhaps there are no more cliques. that may give the good guys a chance. I still like jordan no matter what. she brings sweetness to the house like no other.

  16. I really don’t want either of them to go, but I think that Casey has the better chance to mess with the game of Jessie, Nat, Ronnie & Chima. It is time to screw with their world. I would like to see BB switch to UK rules this week and We select who leaves not the HGs.

  17. i like jordan i just want more action on the live feeds see sry jordan i really like u but dont c u giving much action in the house i hope it is up to us and u will b leaving the bb house :)

  18. i like jordan but i want to see casey stay so that he can put jessie in his place and i think he could turn the house upside down

  19. I have a feeling Casey will be the next person to leave the Big Brother House tonight, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  20. Much rather see Jordan go home and Casey win HoH. Then he could put up Russell and Natalie, and BD Jessie. At least one of them would go home, no matter what. Need to break up the cliques. All of them being safe is making for a boring game.

  21. Really explain to me how to play this game w/out lying, w/out gaining false confidences, w/out letting people down? Come on it’s a game. This is why Casey will go tonite. With that look for Ronnie to around awhile and little lying of age -though she does act like a little girl- Natalie, doesn’t she get she’s not Jesse’s girl?


  22. I think Casey should stay!! If he goes home the meatheads will rule the house. Casey is the only one who has balls to break-up the meatheads!

  23. Boring and yet sad! Really don’t want to see Jordan or Casey go, but, this house has been dictated by Jesse from day 1. Sad! I really did not think by getting a second chance that somebody would be treated like a PRINCE or even better, maybe a KING! It has made my viewing options limited…I really do not want to view anymore. Boring!
    Lets bring back true Reality TV to what it stands for Reality!

  24. In order for this show to remain even slightly amusing, Jordan needs to go. Casey is the only one in the house that can rock the status quo and create the necessary mayhem.

  25. I think that the house guests lack the MOXIE to defeat Jessie and Natalie. They will just keep picking all you off until they are the final 2. They will vote out Casey tonight and Casey is the ONLY one who can stop Jessie.

  26. I would like to see Jordon leave. She is a true blond bimbo. Just wait till she gets evicted and sees all the nude pictures of her on the internet. Shes gonna flip out and it serves her right for being so lame.

  27. This is my first time watching bb, and i love it. Maybe it is boring to the ones who have watched more seasons. I like Jordan’s ditzyness, i find it very funny, (and I am a female) just think she makes things lighthearted in stressful times. I like casey also but I think he will be going home tonight. I want russell, jessie, natalie, and ronnie GONE.

  28. I vote for Casey to stay. He will bring havoc into the house, that is what we all want from the GOOD ones,Jeff,Casey and Jordon if they both are able to stay.Casey knows he has too go after the BAD ones.I don’t blame him for being so angry.I think YOU all would be angry being place in that situation. Casey had done nothing wrong to start with. He was just PLAYING THE GAME to his best ability.You people that thinks Casey is doing wrong…PLEASE LET US SEE HOW YOU WOULD PLAY THE GAME !!!

  29. I want to see Casey stay. Not that I don’t like Jordon, but Casey brings more to the game. He is not afraid to stand up to Jessie and Nat. Jordon just hides behind Jeff all the time. This season has become instead of BB to Jessie’s House. It is getting boring, and something needs to turn around to make it interesting again. It would be nice to see
    that they hold a contest tonight and first to fail would leave, rather than them being voted
    out. Or to take America’s choice to go home,
    rather than the house vote.

  30. I know it won’t happen but I would have preferred for Jordan to leave. I like her and she’s pulled a few good game moves (like rallying the house for the Braden vote) but she is too naive for this game. It told me a lot when I saw her say on the feeds that she does not have internet at home and didn’t even have an email address until she had to get one for the show. No wonder she doesn’t understand her nudity will haunt her the rest of her life.

  31. Oh… and unfortunately Casey will live with regret the rest of his life that he did not really try in the Veto Competition because he believed Jesse was backdooring Russell. You ALWAYS try in this game because after what happened with Kaiser you know the other people are NOT going to keep their word. Casey was trying to be nice getting a margarita party for the house and that was his dounfall.

  32. If I were a HG, I’d vote to evict JORDAN; she is an idiot and a total bore. Casey, on the other hand, is a hoot; he is a really funny, interesting, unpredictable guy.

  33. Casey sure did make a great speech. Everything he said was true and for me to sit and watch ans see Ronnie’s laugh on his face was just enough to really dislike him. Ronnie is talking about people and how they are acting in the house and Ronnie is just plain a dirty player. He has talked about Casey as a teacher and his career and how Casey should not be a teacher. Ronnie is attacking Casey on a personal level and using his career, that is how Casey provides for his family.

    BB should have went and looked into Ronnies past and could see that he is in fact a cyber-bully and if he was looked into furthur Im sure BB would not have Ronnie on the show.

  34. Casey’s speech ruled!!!…he is the best ever alongside of Evil Dick of course!!!…he ZINGED jessie and ronnie so awesome!!!

  35. I have to add this…..Jessie is JUST FRIENDS with Lydia??? lol what about the other night and morning when they screwed around…like huh, is it so small he forgot?? lol he is such an ASS!! Way to go casey for your speech!!

  36. I love Casey! Casey’s Banana Suit $19.99, Ronnie’s Smugness $1.00, seeing the look on Jessie’s face while getting dissed by Casey on Live TV,Priceless!! For everything else there’s MasterCard!

  37. I LOVED CASEY’S SPEECH! that was probably my favorite of all of them just beating out Chima’s. I hope Jeff gets the Coup D’etat. i wanted jordan but then thought jeff would be smarter.

  38. Wow! This is truly turning into good vs. evil. Three of the most despicable people – not BB contestants – people, live in this house. The sense of entitlement amongst Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie is nauseating! When they have the house power, they are hideously stuck up, arrogant and in need of a whoopin’! Now, J/N, condemned to the have-not room, are whining and complaining like the jackass customer who hides behind the phrase that should die – ‘the customer is always right’. Just like that customer who thinks they could do no wrong so they act a fool, these two whine and complain incessantly like they’re above the placement. Then, the putrid Jessie (WAY TO GO CASEY!!!!!!!) whines in his dorky voice, ‘it’s not fair – Jeff’s name was picked!’ ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU PIECE OF #$%^??!!!! Jordan had the power to choose three and she was trying to be as fair as possible – she was being too nice IMO. She was entitled to liberties and she should have removed Jeff from consideration immediately and you think he owes you one because she picked his name. IT’S OFFICIAL – YOU ARE THE WORLD’S BIGGEST JACKASS. Then there’s the disgusting Natalie repeating, “I want to win’, “I want to win’ – oh really? And complaining about everything in sight. Then Ronnie the Rat, the overbearing egomaniac who’s thinks he’s righteous when he’s pure evil, actually believes he’s so special, that he’s creating scenarios where he’d be safe. “America sees what a great player I am so they may vote for me.” And on and on and on about himself – telling it to the two scumbags that he thinks are his protectors when they are just using his fat ass. Wow, I never write this much, but knowing I share a country with jackasses like these makes me feel much less patriotic.

  39. Ronnie the ratt needs to go! I left a comment day or so ago about Ronnie Talbot admitting to cyber bullying a person whom he claims upset him. In true Ronnie RATT fashion said it in more colorful words. He was trying to get on another reality show, & Ronnie Talbot admitted what his cyber bullying of this person. What is most sad is he is proud of what he has done.

  40. I hope cbs casting or whomever reads this will delete this again. Hopefully some of you honest people see this. Thank you for time.

  41. I THINK chatsworth NEEDS TO GET A GRIP.


    IT’S A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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