Big Brother 11: Week 3 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

Big Brother 11 was back in full form yesterday on the live feeds. No rest for the weary as the fights and lies were flowing like wine with Natalie confronting and Ronnie doing what Ronnie does best, lying like he was running for office. Check out below what happened in the Big Brother house on Tuesday.

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Live Feed Highlights – July 28, 2009:

9:00 AM BBT – Natalie comes in and confronts Kevin about if he’s coming after her. He swears he’s not. Natalie scurries off to the HoH room to tell Chima about the discussion

10:00 AM BBT – Natalie, Chima, and Jessie plotting their evil plans while trying to figure out who is after them and how they can blame as much as possible on Casey after he’s gone

12:40 PM BBT – Casey ranting to Russell about how he was cool with Jessie but then he went back on his word. He wants to campaign to stay but Jordan is such a nice girl. Casey is still going to try and fight for his survival. He’s asking Russell to check around the house and see if he has a chance to stay.

2:30 PM BBT – Casey trying to talk to Kevin but he’s afraid to say too much or even be seen talking with him. Casey says that if everyone is so scared they should buy a dog. I’m gonna miss this guy’s humor.

2:50 PM BBT – Jeff, Lydia, and Kevin agreeing that they have to win this week’s HoH and break up the current power ring. They still agree that Ronnie should be going home this week.

3:20 PM BBT – Kevin goes back to Natalie to continue their morning confrontation. She says she’s aligned with him and will believe him. Natalie goes back to Jessie who tells her that Kevin is lying to her. She gets upset and wants to do some more fighting.

4:00 PM BBT – Natalie is now gnawing on Jordan’s ankles demanding to be told who told Jordan that Natalie suspected them (Jordan/Jeff/Lydia/Kevin) of trying to form an alliance. Natalie is relentless but Jordan doesn’t want to give in. Chima telling Natalie to backdown, but Natalie keeps barking.

4:40 PM BBT – Lydia getting angry at Jessie for telling Natalie everything she had told him the night before. He’s denying everything and trying to dodge her bullets. The whole thing ends with hugs and kisses.

7:30 PM BBT – The HGs have new toys, big oversized golf clubs, likely for the HoH comp this week.

8:30 PM BBT – Kevin and Lydia feel they’d be safe if Jeff/Jordan win HoH this week.

9:30 PM BBT – Ronnie and Michele discussing next week. Ronnie really wants Kevin gone soon and Michele agrees. Says Kevin walks around with an unearned cockiness. Hah!

10:30 PM BBT – Casey and Russell secretly listening in on Lydia, Kevin, and Ronnie having a bitchfest. Jordan comes along and listens too. Now everyone is getting word of this conversation and how they can hear everything perfectly. Ronnie going on about how great he is and how he has them all fooled.

10:45 PM BBT – Casey and Russell bust into the room and Casey is one angry banana! Gotta watch this one.

11:30 PM BBT – Ronnie goes into the HoH and tries to spin what he was saying when he got caught. He’s blaming Lydia for the situation, but who knows who really believes the junk that comes out of this guy.

Despite all those events things still look like a lock for Casey’s eviction on Thursday. Ronnie continues to expose himself as a rat when he can’t keep his mouth shut, but will it finally lead to his nomination? I hope so!

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  1. If any of the powers to be are listening……please , please bring casey back in a suprise twist in a future episode. He is the best thing about the show to watch. Having to sit and watch Ronnie and Jesse’s bull#$@%&* is sickening. Casey actually makes me feel good to watch.

  2. Can some one tell me what was sead in that room last night i dont have live feed or after dark this is so looking up can wait

  3. @ monna I totally agree if it wasnt for him the house would be boring. The athletes are so dull and not fun to watch. Split them up PLEASE!!!!! let Jeff win HOH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeff needs to grow a pair. He really is trying too hard to fly under the radar and needs to get into the game and show some damn personality or something…I mean, say what you want about Ronnie but at least he’s playing the game and putting himself out there and showing some balls – and that’s saying something since I’m not even totally sure that he’s actually a dude! Come on Jeff, this guy has bigger balls than you and he may not even HAVE a penis!!! MAN UP already!!

  5. Since Im on the Jessie/Natalie team forever and at times the Chima and Russel team Im rele hoping Lydia cant form this alliance. However

    Ronnie, oh ronnie this guy just lies and lies and lies. he told jessie 60% of the truth and just lied the rest. watching nat’s, and jessie expression on the face, u cant tell if they think he is lying or not. (poker face). I wanted to bust through my tv last night and tell them lol

    But nat doesnt trust Russell at all so if he is trying to save ronnie, she will atleast catch on. that big forehead is there for a reason.

    Russell is doing a good job of selling he doesnt have a relationship with ronnie tho, as he is punking him little by little.

    anyway hopefully jessie can continue to dominante with nat, and ronnie doesnt get a chance to screw them over, cause he is working on it.

    Its just amazing hopw this guy will spit out a lie so easily. i mean how does he remember all the stories he tells? jeez.

  6. Can’t wait for the whole house to turn on Jesse and get him out. I was excited he was coming back, cause at times last season I thought he was a jerk, but then I felt he kinda redeemed himself. I thought it would be interesting with him back in the house. He’s just a cocky jerk who is ruling some really insecure nerdy people, and the time is going to come when he has the biggest target on his back. Hopefully Ronnie goes first, then it can be Jesse, and Chima and Natalie can follow right behind. I hope the nicer people in the house, the ones who are interesting without being cowards (how easy was it for Jesse to get Braden & Laura out, when they were just the nicest, easiest to get along with people?)like Casey (too bad he’s likely gone this week) and Jeff. They need to win HOH and make this game interesting by sticking it to those jerks who think they own the game!!!

  7. I still think that Luc Bertrand had the BEST idea of whom ever they vote out will stay and be the next H.O.H !!! THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!! Man would you see the fur fly than!!! EVERYONE would be chumming up to Casey in order to be safe next week. The two going up would be Jessie,revenge is sweet, and the slob Ronnie. They both are so filled with themselves,they make us all sick !!! They are nothing more than snivelling rats. That also goes for Natalie,Chima,and Michele.They need to be taken down a bit so they are not so cocky !!!!


  9. Phyllis & mamabear: such great ideas so you know BB won’t use them! What’s really funny is that the athletes do nothing but lay around and sleep. At least Evel Dick was always coming up with creative physical games to keep busy and active. This group haven’t a clue.

  10. They want casey out. I do believe the twist this week is america and right now it looks like Jordan is leaving. Dont want who to go out. Would love for jeff/casey to win hoh.

  11. I am so curious about the teaser on the twist tomorrow night. I am so hoping that the cliques will be gone and Jeff can get his “teammates” on the block. I think the fact that I can’t stand Ronnie IS what is keeping me watching…hoping he’ll get his comeupance. That would be the best episode this season thus far. The only ones I am really rooting for are Casey/Jeff/Jordan. If the twist allows them to stay, I would be overjoyed….but, it looks like one of my favs will be going home to watch. I am happy that the Jordon/Jeff relationship has stayed at the level it is. It show mutual respect and friendship…before lust. Yeah for romance!

  12. I THOUGHT Lydia was going to be a take charge kind of girl. She CAME off to be independant and a one of a kind person with some brains. She SEEMED that if she WAS going to have any kind of romance on the show she WAS going to be the person who WAS going to be in charge. She LOOKED like she was going be alot of fun. Lydia SEEMED that she WAS going to use her sex appeal to her advantage and WOULD be the one to play the guys (and girls too in her case) in the house. What happened to Lydia???? What a disappointment?

    Lydia is needy, likes attention at all times. She comes off a little unstable such as staying up all hours of the night and sleeping all day tyical bi-polar behavior happy one minute and upset and alone the next. Jealous of Nat and blames Nat for being jealous of her. Her “baby” voice is so annoying and uncalled for, it is not cute as she may think it is. With all this being said I will not even mention Lydia’s disgusting acts with Jesse under the home-made tent.

    What a disappoint Lydia is and for her to take Kevin down with her really stinks. Kevin has been taking it easy the first few weeks which to me wasnt a bad thing is this house alot of people playing hard very fast usually in BB it take you far in this game. Kev has alot more game than Lydia and it all will be ruined.

  13. My favorites are jeff/jordan and I like casey but when jeff/jordan are gone I wont watch it anymore. I hope casey and jordan stay but the way it looks its our votes that will count like I said earlier.

  14. Jennifer…do you have inside info on the twist, or is that just your gut feeling? I only heard the voiceover talk about a twist that will shake up the house….do tell! :-)

  15. i say that if casey leaves, we boycot watching the show live (we can watch it online, but the ratings will go down) that way they want to bring casey back.

    he’s definatly the best. he’s funny, smart, a teacher, and a dad. he deserves it the most.

  16. I like Jeff and Jordan too. I expected Natalie and Lydia to be more take charge than they are..I am sick that ronnie is not going home. Casey does not deserve to go home but its out of our hands. Natalie is making herself a pair of pants out of a trash bag..guess its a slow night there.

  17. I forgot about the idea of bringing a houseguest back…oh snap that would be great..maybe casey will be saved..we can only hope

  18. Has BB ever done a no eviction week. That would be awesome. Since their in “high school” give casey a suspension, don’t let him play for HOH, but he stays in the house another week.

  19. I think that casey should stay and that ronnie should be the one to go home because he is such a rat. These athletes have to do something else than sleep all day, this is the most boring houseguests in all of big brother.

  20. casey cannot go home! :( how the hell will this show make it in terms of ratings if he does? so far this season is very blah and nothing has been very creative or exciting so having casey has made me watch. when he goes i will see who wins hoh and decide if i even care to watch. i wanted casey to win so i could care less if he leaves. some foolish, young, spoiled liar will win- what’s new? i will def support casey with america’s vote however and hope y’all do as well. casey is top banana! his fam, friends and students should be proud- he’s good people.

  21. CASEY…CASEY..will be there in the house!!!If one has to go let it be Jordan. I like her,but I think Casey is a much better player. I also think he would keep things going against the BAD players,Jessie,Ronnie,Natalie,Chima,and Michele.They are the worst!!! I really think that Jeff and Casey could go to the final two.Now that is what I call a GREAT SHOW for tonight.Anyone else think on the same lines as I do ???

  22. Everyone that has not liked the B.B. so far will be in for a treat in tonight’s show…so PLEASE keep watching!!!!Things are going to change big time !!!!

  23. what’s the point of having live feeds if they are not showing it, at least not where i am, I’m just getting music, yet i see people twittering about what’s going on? how are they getting the live feeds? I paid!!! and I’m pissed!!!

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