Big Brother 11: Week 3 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll see what happened in the PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the golden medallion. Of course, if you’ve been following the spoilers here then you already know all of that.

The tension and stress are high in the house right now as the pressure mounts while Thursday’s Big Brother eviction creeps closer. If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Try it for free and then keep it for just $13/month.

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  1. I just hope after hoh 2morrow that jeff wins and next week jesse gets to pack tired of jesse goin around like he has grapefruit balls when really its grapenuts

  2. But if Jeff wins, he cant put up Jessie, they are on the same team, (Athletes), unless bb changes the game before then.

  3. If a member of your clique wins HoH then there should be a price to pay by the other members of the clique. If you can’t be nominated for eviction, you should not be able to vote who is evicted. I wonder if CBS thought of this?

  4. Just watched AD on DVR. Casey is hilarious with his impressions of everyone. He has Kevin down to a fine art. Since when did Russell become so stupid as to jump in a shallow pool head first. He hit his head on the bottom. Has a cut on his head, was feeling pain in his shoulders, and dizzy, Guess muscles do make you stupid. Are Russell and Chima an item? They were hanging all over each other. And Lydia and Natalie now sharing time with Jessie. YUCK!!!!!
    Looks like Casey is going home. Best for Jeff to vote out Jordan and keep Casey. Then Casey win HOH and put up Russell and Natalie. Then BD Jessie. They are much stronger contenders than Jordan.
    Hope they get rid of this clique thing and have everyone play for themselves. Tired of this mass safety play.

  5. Just thought of something. Wouldn’t it be cool if the one who wins veto and takes someone down gets to make the nomination of who goes up? Interesting twist!

  6. click on the name “BB Petition” in blue above or paste

    to circulate. it is important to sign or comment there. that is what i’m sending to CBS. send to friends or whomever. post on other sites. if you don’t comment on the above link, your name will be lost. NOTE: it seems you have to paste the link in the address bar to arrive at the correct blog. hope this changes something.

  7. I can’t find the bbpetiton,can anyone tell me where to find it. I really hope the producers follow the suggestion of another viewer, and let AMERICA VOTE like we did before. This could be the TWIST that the hg’s expect. If America votes, maybe the hg’s will soon realize they have to start using stragerty for a change…I hope the producers realize that a lot of us are getting really bored/tired of the way this seasons is going, I for one will stop watching soon….

  8. @Big perm: This site blocks any comments with url links in them to prevent the daily flood of spam comment attempts it receives from bots.

    It’s worth noting that you haven’t actually created a petition, just a site to share your thoughts on this season. If you’d like to actually create a petition there are many excellent and free sites to do so, like the following:

  9. there is a very slim chance for Casey to stay…i would love it if he does but it dont look good…the 1 thing that is lookin good though is this thursday the cliques will most likely be done with since every1 in America is very mad about this season…they finally listened to us all and are gonna get rid of the musclehead power and then they can get rid of all the losers who think they are the best…like Jesse the a$$lip, Natalie the chihuahua, Ronnie the Rat & Russell the gay muscle

  10. At the end of tonight’s episode on TV they did say there would be a big twist Thursday that will change everything. We can only hope!

  11. This has been the boringest BB I have ever watched..should’ve had catergory.. weinies n’ weasles..Jessie n’Ronnie would’ve both fit either..

  12. Quit whining everyone. This season is great, you have to admit Jesse and Ronnie are running this place. I am sorry but this is good entertainment watching them pick the “good” people apart. I love it!!

  13. U think them women n’ Ronnie bedding Jessie cause “he is the man”…OH PLEASE GET REAL..I seen better on a bad day n’ was not looking…I like a little brains with my brawn…Jessie got no brains..he actually comes across as slow witted…lol

  14. ya Mike, u tell ’em. YOU whine about whinners whinning. dude, you watch a show about people living in a house with a potato sack race jammed in there to see who can sleep in a king size bed. you’re a loser.

  15. Did you hear jessie say that “there are winners, and there are people jealous of the ones on top. thats where you fall casey.” All i was thinking was, “There are good people, and then there are stupid douchebags. Thats where you fall Jessie.” Jessie has turned into the Coach of big brother. Begone Jessie before you give America heart attacks from all the hate.

  16. Hey Chuckles, you sure know alot about this game for someone who doesn’t watch it. What kind of loser comes in here and posts if they don’t watch the show. Now that really makes you a loser if this is all you have to do with your time. What a putz you are. No wonder you go by Chuckles, everyone who knows you probably laughs (or chuckles) when they see you. LOL!!!

  17. And by the way Chuckles, learn how to spell. Whinning? What does that mean? I think you mean whining Einstein. LOL!

  18. oh Mike, how did i know you’d be back to sound even dumber than before. my dad can beat up your dad. who’s the “whinner”? hey mike, make sure you check this post for the next ten years loser. maybe tell the kids at the playground about how you totally owned the boards last night. here us (the world) and here’s you…getting laughed at.

  19. Chuckles I am sure you dad would like to do more than just beat up my dad. Obviously being gay runs in your family. That’s why you are so obsessed with me. I am sorry dude but I am just not interested. Go have fun with your little brother when you get done responding to this. LOL!

  20. Chuckles you are an idiot. Mike is bringing up very good points. If you don’t like the show then what are you doing here loser? Get a life.

  21. Not sure why people are fighting like 5 year olds, but these boards are for people who watch the show. Some have positive things to say, most are disappointed and/or disgusting with the way the show is going this season, and I think that’s the majority. If they want to stress their opinions, they can. My opinion is that I don’t want losers or total jerks doing well on this show. Evel Dick was a jerk, but he was also smart, and honest (believe it or not), and won the game fair and square. People like Jesse don’t deserve to win, and all of his crew of followers are just sheep, and none of them are very smart. Ronnie is the biggest, geekiest moron I’ve ever seen, and he should just go away and make the show more interesting. Some of us actually LIKE the good guys to do well!!

  22. I am confused, what is your definition of a good guy? To be honest, all these people have faults. Braden used a racial slur and Jeff and Jordan are homophobic. The way I look at it, they are all pretty low character individuals so I just root for the people that bring the most excitement to the house. It would truly be a snoozefest it Jeff and Jordan were the final two. I think I would shoot my t.v. if that happened.

  23. Good guy? Well someone who doesn’t get rid of people just because they are nice. Like Jesse did with Braden and Laura. And where do you get Bradel was saying racial slurs? Because psychotic drama queen b**** Chima said so? She is crazy. And Braden was nothing but civil and sweet when he was evicted for no reason. There’s no snoozefest just because stupid people aren’t on there. Ronnie is a total geek who is trying to think he’s a wannabe Dr. Will and actually thinks he has game, Jesse is totally into himself when there’s nothing to be into, Chima is just insane, Lydia is disgusting and Natalie thinks she’s hot because she follows Jesse around like a puppy when she’s just an idiot too. Yea, I’d like one of the decent people to do well, like Jeff, Jordan or Casey (who is NOT boring at all). I think the most excitement that could happen in the house is for everyone to turn against Jesse. Now THAT would be entertainment!!

  24. Jessie,Natalie and & Lydia have been up all night (i coldnt sleep). Jesse is worried he really screwed up putting Casey on the block. Also, tonight there must be some kind of change whether or not Jordan goes home bc she is the only popular guest there. My guess is they will all play as individuals. what;s up with the ‘have nots’ food we vote on? it sucks and we should have more choices to give the house guests. I agree the group is boring this summer bc they have issues they have never resolved in high school! Let’s hope the ‘twist’ tonight will be an interesting one. catch you guys after the show.

  25. @Lisa, I totally agree with you! It is a game of manipulation, everyone knows that. However, it does not have to get as nasty as it has gotten to still be a game. This has been the JEssie show, with Jessie doing absolutley nothing but sleeping, mooning over Natalie, while sleazing with Lydia.(gross, BTW) Braden I can let go with not too much of a problem. I think Laura did not deserve to go,and she was going to be a force in the house if the tables had turned. Now, we have to face this week. If they break the cliques tonite, like we all think they will. Jeff is in serious trouble. All of the athletes are very threatened by him..Jessie is pooping in his pants over it, because he knows that Jeff is PISSED that he kept Ronnie.
    This week is CRUCIAL to J/J’s game. It is make or break and Jeff finally knows it. ESPECIALLY if they break the cliques, he knows he will have to fight for his own life.. I think he can do it, don’t ya’ll???

  26. I really hope Jordan,(if she’s there)get’s the HOH.Then she can get rid of Jessie or Natalie.If Casey is left in I believe he will go after Jessie since he went back on his word.I think Jordan is going to get booted

  27. I’d like to see Jordan go if for no other reason than her voice makes me want to drag my eyeballs along a concrete sidewalk…and anyway, she’s already had her 15 minutes of fame – not that she’d know it because she has no concept of what 15 minutes means. Go ahead, ask her how many minutes are in 15 minutes. She has no idea…

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