Big Brother 11: Week 3 Monday Live Feed Highlights

It was Power of Veto Ceremony day on Big Brother 11 and things sadly went just as we were expecting. There was one sad banana-man walking around the house and by the end of the day one of the guys had pink toenails. Read on to find the highlights of what happened yesterday on the live feeds.

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Live Feed Highlights – July 27, 2009:

10:50 AM BBT – Natalie warning Jessie that Lydia should be afraid of her because if she wins the HoH then Lydia is going up. Chima and Jessie are also worried about Lydia.

10:55 AM BBT – Kevin, Lydia, and Michele talking about who they’d target. Kevin says he’d put up 2 Athletes since they have 4. Kevin and Lydia trying to pull Michele into their alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Michele is a little resistant but will consider the idea.

1:00 PM BBT – Feeds are back post-PoV Ceremony and Casey has been replacement-nomineed.

1:30 PM BBT – Casey is shouting about “Teflon Ron(nie)” and calling out Jessie for not sticking to the plan. He’s asking why isn’t anyone upset if he went back on the plan, implying they weren’t surprised and already knew this was the new plan.

4:45 PM BBT – Kevin and Casey talking game. Kevin tells him if he can get the votes to stay that he’ll support him on Thursday night. I don’t think he can get the votes.

6:30 PM BBT – Ronnie has left poo all over the toilet. Kevin is cleaning it up while Natalie goes to heckle Ronnie for being disgusting.

9:30 PM BBT – Casey is doing impressions of the other HGs on request. Funny stuff. I’m not happy about his pending departure. You need laughs in the house, not Rats.

10:15 PM BBT – Natalie suggests they start hiding objects around the house to confuse the other HGs. Jessie and Chima love the idea.

11:45 PM BBT – Lydia is painting Jessie’s toenails pink while he’s sleeping in the backyard. Hilarious.

No big news other than Casey’s confirmation as the new nominee and Michele coming down from the chopping block. Kevin and Lydia are trying to get Michele over to their side, but she’s holding a grudge against Jeff for something earlier in the game. Natalie keeps on her crusade for evicting Lydia and the rest of the house continues to churn on as Ronnie becomes more disgusting every day.

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  1. Dear CBS,

    I have been a loyal Big Brother watcher since its inception. I have watched power shift, alliances form and strategy prevail. I have rooted for my favorite and cursed the opposition. I have been wrapped up in the drama and committed countless hours to following the houseguests. That being said, here’s how I feel now…

    This is the most childish show I’ve ever seen. A horrible display of humankind. This show does not teach or promote anything good. I find myself searching for a positive and come up with nothing. It’s not good TV anymore. Watching people being stripped of there beliefs and ideals, being pushed around and preyed upon. Lies. Manipulation. Your contestants may put themselves in these positions, but you pick them. You edit them. You pick the competitions to create chaos. You can call this a game, but it’s an amplification of the worst in people. I can turn on the news for 5 minutes and see that.

    Big Brother is turning nastier and nastier as the seasons progress. The houseguests are more volatile, brash and unstable than ever. I believe the original concept is totally corrupted. I feel the screening process is completely out of control. Half of the contestants truly believe they are celebrities or that this is some kind of stepping stone. The show is losing its luster. Contestants from the earlier seasons are completely different than later ones. They used to be everyday types. Now it seems everyone has some kind of entertainment resume they tote with them. They consider themselves an enterprise.

    I don’t believe most loyal BB fans agree with this. I don’t believe most loyal BB fans want to re-live this high school twist you have created. It is regression. It’s becoming painful to watch and I want to so bad.

    So I humbly say this to the producers of Big Brother…Can you please go back to putting the voting power with the people as you did in the earlier seasons? Can you give the viewing public the right to reward the true competitors? I think the dynamic may shift back to wanting/needing to win competitions opposed to lie, cheat, steal, ride coattails to win. I may be alone in my thinking, but I read a TON of the message boards and don’t think I am. Anyone who would like to add their name to this request, please do. I will forward to Big Brother at the end of the season. Hopefully it will put some integrity back into this game I loved so much.

  2. I have to agree with the above post. You set this in motion BB by having the four athlete super team and then making the very first comp physical, insuring that an athlete would win and make Jesse king. As Survivor has discovered, having ONE nasty may be interesting; having the majority be nasty turns us off. This is the most bile filled group I have ever seen, and with the current direction, if Casey goes, the nasties have the numbers. Not fun to watch, CBS.

  3. anyone notice when Natalie said Obama spoke at her graduation..then changed it to where she “is about to go”…chima was oblivious and Jesse said “you dodged a bullet”

  4. I agree also with what has been said and if Casey goes Thursday, which he probably will, I won’t be watching the rest of the season. It is so not what it was in the beginning. Ronnie is the most despicatable player I have seen and I cannot understand why no one will put him up and get him out. Everyone knows him for his true colors and he has played them all. But yet NONE OF THEM will have the guts to put Ronnie up and get him out of the house. I hope they all get the word how America is viewing them but it will probably be toolate. BB give us, the audience, the power back.

  5. I agree with the 1st post. If they send Casey out I am considering not watching it anymore. I get so agrivated with AD I find myself having to turn it off. I can’t stand Ronnie, Jesse and Natlie!!!!

  6. Anyone ever wonder if Ronnie’s wife is reading these post, I bet she done packed up and left, he is going home to an empty house.

  7. I used to look forward to BB till this season, when Jessie came back I was furious, they hang on his every word, what does he have to say after week 4, nothing he wasn’t there. I don’t see how CBS sees him as good TV. The ratings are down and I really believe production is telling them how to play. It is so obvious when Ronnie and Jessie lie, their faces turn red, Natalie is a waste, she thinks she is in control. I needed to vent, I feel this season is the worst.

  8. We, the audience, complaining about the houseguests, is what keeps BB on the air. Ive been a loyal fan since season 1. Have always had complaints about certain houseguests. Never liked Evil Dick and thought he should have been thrown out but i still watched the show. The more the message boards light up, the more successful CBS has been.

    We all agree that manipulation, backstabbing and lying are part of the game. But, we like to see players that can manage this without losing complete control of their morals. Not every hg will stick with their convictions, just like every person in life when confronted with the same situation will stick with theirs. Thats part of the appeal to the game. We compare ourselves to various houseguests and sometimes feel superior and sometimes come up short. This, i believe is what drives us to watch.

    I realize all hg have the same agenda. To be the last man or woman standing. It seems though, that winning $500,000 is not enough anymore. They all want to become “stars” and take Hollywood by storm. Bring back the everyday folks whose life would really be changed by winning the big prize. They would be just as interesting and i guarantee ,as easy to hate, as the wannabes we see now.

  9. I agree, It’s getting a little too sad to watch. We need to bring back some real people, more diversity, and people who want the experience to help them grow as individuals, not grow into celebs!

  10. I agree Cat, but evil Dick was entertaining, these fools are far from that. It was fun watching to see what Dick would do next, but here you already know, they are going to lie, cheat, and manipulate everyone in the house that isnt an athlete. I think the whole clique idea was bad from the start, and the comps havent really been fair to all the hg’s. I realize that is what it is all about but when you put 3 athletes hanging on a toilet seat against all the other who are definately weaker, it just doesnt seem right. Anyway nuff said!!

  11. I’M ADDING MY NAME TO THE LIST. Very seldom have I responded to any type of chat line but in this case… CBS and BB, I have to agree with what “BBPetition” has said and I hope for the sake of future seasons, you wake up, sit up and take notice and seriously considered revamping the show.I love BB but producers, when you even up the playing field, I’ll start watching again. This season is pathetic.

  12. IM just sick an tired of jesse walkin around like he has grapefruit balls when its really grapenuts

  13. was not touched in the recap but it seems Russel got hurt last night jumping in the pool got a stinger and a cut on his head was complaining his neck hurt. during after dark he was called to the diary room because production was worried.

  14. I agree. If Casey goes that will suck! Hey BB – have you considered letting Casey return if he gets voted out- you did this before and it added an interesting twist to the game. I would love to see Casey come back and come after that Jesse and that nasty”Rat”.

  15. Lisa, I agree with you Ronnie should go up It does much of a player he a big tease and talks a lot of hot air. The Athletes hanging on a toilet seat come on how hard was that anybobody could have win. BB always had phycial games. Enough of Evil Dick

  16. Pls add my name to the bbpetition…I also hv been a loyal supporter of BB since the beginning. However this season is really bad. In the past although this game makes one lie, cheat, etc…they also had to use their brains to think. I also realize our comments also makess the producers think that they can keep this type of show going cuz we will still watch. I also USED to watch bachlor, however no longer. I firmly believe the producers of control the shows…they planned what Jason did. So pls bb producers…clean up this season, I truly enjoy BIG BROTHER, but I agree with the rest…either clean it up, or cancel your show…

  17. I completely agree with all of the above posts. There is no point in watching the game if the athletes continue to dominate the house.

    Almost all of these house guests are completely unlikable. All of the more likable characters are being targeted by the bullies/athletes.

  18. click on the name “BB Petition” in blue above or paste

    to circulate. it is important to sign or comment there. that is what i’m sending to CBS. send to friends or whomever. post on other sites. if you don’t comment on the above link, your name will be lost. NOTE: it seems you have to paste the link in the address bar to arrive at the correct blog. hope this changes something.

  19. I have become sooo..saddened by this whole show. I would be ashamed to have my daug/son act the way most of these houseguests are acting and portraying themselves on national TV.

    What has happened to you BB or to you CBS to allow this to continue in the downspiral that this show is taking?!

    Thank goodness I did not pay for the live feed ahead of time and I have not since and after watching BB after dark 1 time I no longer fill the need to continue to be bored.

    You would think that after almost not coming back that the show would have been filled with regular everyday normal people(since the economy and job losses across the country gave a larger pool to choose from)Except for Jeff, Jordan and Kevin,(who are left) NONE of the others deserve to win the money.

    WAKE UP CBS AND BIG BROTHER, before you lose the majority of your fan base this year……

  20. You know what is funny — I have been watching this show only for 4 years and every year I hear the same things as the first post. People saying they can not believe this and can not believe that. There will always be someone who says that.

  21. yeah when something does not go away everyone complains we dont know other twists and I think some feel the jessie click will win i think everyone should wait till the end then complain because this goes on every year and things seem to work out. if they dont then lets sign the sheet

  22. I totally agree with you. I hardly ever write but had to add my name. I was just thinking the same thing this morning that they should go back to the beginning..when the show was good. This season is the worse.

  23. Last night on BBAD casey was very entertaining, Jeff said Ronnie thinks his wife looks like Denise Richards, Casey said the only way she would look like Denise Richards if she ate her. I agree it was mean but funny at the same time.

  24. Add my name to the petition. I dont watch the show anymore.I cant stand anyone but Jeff Jordan Casey. Kevin is just there. Michelle and Lydia are so wierd. Ronnie makes me sick. And the rest are just bullies. Michelle was letting Jesse totally bully her but trying to make her think he was being nice. How stupid is Jesse. His body makes me sick. Would rather look at Russ and I dont even like him.

  25. I,too, agree with the first post. I do not like the back-to-high school theme at all. It sucks.

  26. Add my name to the petition too. Big Brother sucks this season. They have made it where the atheletics are going to stay on top. Everything is set up for them!!!! and Big Brother is in control and the other constants don’t have a chance!!!! Clean up the show and get rid of the thugs!!!

  27. They don’t even qualify for thugs or bullies, the are just posers. Posing to be strong muscle heads. No brains and certainly no brawn.

  28. You can add my name to the list too. I turn off my feeds when Jessie, Ronnie, Natalie,Lydia are on.

    You can add my name to the list too. Jessie, Natalie, Ronnie, Lydia are so devious and self- righteous. Everyone is supposed to bow down to the glory that is them!! Don’t think much of Russell or now Michele either. Who wants to watch this trainwreck if it continues.

  29. Some of you just get off on whining. I need to stop reading these pages, because I can’t stand you holier than thou whiners. Blah blah blah. Just stop watching the show if it is so devastating for you to watch.

  30. HaHa….you’re the odd man out. i agree, you should stop reading these things.

  31. I think the fight is on was reading jokers updates and Nat hates Lydia wants to confront her about some stuff. Lydia sucking up to Jesse. Now they say next out is Kev/Lydia and

  32. Hey Big Brother get with the fans, break-up your uneven groups. Let everyone play for themselves. It would make for better T.V

  33. I would much rather have Evil Dick in the house any day,than the pea brain Jessie and the slob Ronnie !!!!

  34. I agree with the petition, but I more agree so with waiting to see the outcome of this season. Too many times have people complained about how Big Brother is running, yet the ‘twists’ in the game is what makes it interesting.

    I will vote to have the american votes back, other than what slop they eat. That I could care less about. America’s player should have returned! I am hoping and praying that there will be a possible twist to where America gets to vote someone back into the house (Casey) and then Casey or Jeff win HOH and send the athletes to the hot seat! Let them squirm on their own demise!

    Really, Big Brother & CBS…I know someone with your company has been reading these posts. Please take our thoughts into consideration, we are the reason why the show must go on!

    After tonights Veto meeting, I am hoping the ‘big twist’ will be that the door to the house will be locked when Casey or Jordan try to leave! Please let something like this happen! Otherwise, the rat-pack (Jessie, Natalie, Russel, Ronnie) will be running this show and not Big Brother.

    I don’t think they should have brought back any past players, into the game. That ruined it for someone else’s chance to be picked for the BB House.

    This all makes me wonder if it is worth it to submit my application, IF there is another season. I am not wanting to be a part of the downfall of Big Brother.

  35. I have been a loyal viewer since show #1 and never thought the day would come that I would be disappointed in the casting of this program. Firs tof all, Jessie is nothing but a conceited, arrogant, bully. He has taken all the players who need to be protected under his wing for a pirce – “Do what Jessie tells you to do”. Jessie has made it impossible for anyone to get anywhere in this game and players like Natalie make me physically ill with their superior attitudes. Casey is one of the FEW people that really deserved to be in this game. As far as Ronnie the Rat is concerned, he is the perfect ally for Jessie. He is a sneaky, ridiculously stupid player who for some reason is reliving his high school days vicariously through Jessie (thats sad). Past players have an obvious advantage over the other players from the beginning which isnt fair. Jessie had his chance to win and lost it fair and square. If Big Brother does not change its casting practices, I fear you will have no viewers in the future which would also be sad.

  36. Wrost BB ever.BB need to learn how to pick people .I think the comps and fix and they are told who to put up and get out of the house.They knew all along that Jesse would be the one to come back.Get real people and let them play the game there self BB.

  37. I agree with the first post. Add my name to the BBpetition. I have a question. Why did they bring Jessie back from last season?

  38. Add my name to the list.

    I’ll be honest here, when I first heard that Jessie would be joining I was happy thinking that no one would want him there and drama would happen and stuff. he’d be gone 2nd week. but no, everyone there has half a brain.

    jeff couldn’t do anything, and now its too late. you should want to cliques to stay awhile, so he’ll be safer and could get more people by getting them to hate jess. BB stop telling people WHAT TO DO. remember season 1 was a “social experiment”.

    also i heard michelle is bi. is tht true?

  39. why are we seeing ‘reruns’ on the live feeds. I am seeing and hearing the exact argument that casey, ronnie are having then Lydia storms off..what exactly are we paying for?

  40. I absolutely agree with the first post….something has to give. Being a BB fan since the beginning I’ve seen the difference in participants…Standards have to be raised. Jessie is so into himself it’s sad, I wonder how long he’s been on steroids??? Natalie is so far up Jessie’s rear end it’s a wonder she can breathe! and then there’s Ronnie!!! who has yet to come out of the closet!!! His wife better keep an eye on him cause this flaming you know what is more gay than Ellen DeGeneres.

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