Big Brother 11: Week 3 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 11 house. To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” for the spoilers

Michele, the winner of this week’s PoV, did exactly as we expected. She used the Veto to save herself, giving Jessie the chance to name a replacement nominee.

Jessie has nominated Casey to be the replacement for Michele.

Jordan is expected to be safe, but Casey is likely doomed for eviction.

What do you think? Which of these two should be sent home on Thursday’s live eviction night? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. OMG – What is wrong with these people. Hello, get rid of Jesse! Cut off the snakes head and the rest will die.

  2. This is the dumbest group of HG BB has ever had. They let Jessie use them in more ways then one. HELLO!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  3. i hate JESSIE. he needs to go along with Ronnie and natalie. i dont want Casey or jordan to leave

  4. Mark OMG Jesse is HOH Maybe next week. The only choice this week is Jordan or Casey. Casey’s mouth got him on the block.

  5. Why does everyone like casey? he tries to be macho all the time, and it comes off really annoying. he is 30 something and dresses like he is 17. dont get it.

    Anyway I like how Jessie wont be easily influenced by the house. Ronnie didnt lie to him, and it shows Jessie would keep his word.
    Natalie(my favorite h.g.) is playing the game pretty wise, but she might loose Jessie to Lydia.

    Jordan wont go home, she is easily influenced and she is very easily manipulated. and her “hubby” is a b—-. she wont leave. Michelle will prolly go home becaz she hasnt been talking to Jessie at all and now she is, and she is mixing up her story.

    I would like to see Lydia/Russell go home since im all in the Jessie/Natalie “camp” and Russell/Lydia will challenge that. Lydia in the house is dead weight, and Russell is the true rat. he will backdoor EVERYONE if he is in the house long enough.

  6. Unfortunately Casey will leave on Thursday…….if things go badly then I expect Jeff and Jordan to be nominated next week and the house guests will be the biggest group of losers ever to make it to the jury house!!!!! BB please throw a twist in that will allow someone to return to the house or just make sure that Jeff or Jordan win HOH on Thursday!!

  7. This season will blow if casey is gone. A bunch of goofs will be left. Jesse is so annoying, Ronnie is a nerd, Natalie is up Jessie’s ass.

  8. JESSIE is nothing but a frickin TOOL! Hate him, hate rronnie, hate natalie. Get the hello out the house!

  9. Right now it looks like casey is going home. Things can change and usually do but casey is the target for now. Jordans gameplay is nonexistant. She talks a lot of “stuff” but hasnt been able to follow through on any of it. Which is good for the “bad” side. Viewed as the weaker player my vote says they will keep be used at a later date.

  10. Casey thought he was above it all. Now he is in the game and has to fight to stay. Will he fight hard enough or give up. Jordan will fight in her on quiet way and that may be enough.

  11. If jeff gets a brain he will keep kc and vote out jorden i love her but if she stays my side is scrowed well all we can do is wach and cry this sucks

  12. Send Casey home! I don’t like Jordan either, but Casey is more of a threat. Ronnie has been playing the game and simply made his move too soon — hopefully he’s learned from this and this eviction buys him enough time to win this thing!

  13. Let’s talk game. Not GRADESCHOOL I don’t this person I don’t like that person. What moves should HG’s be making, who should be talking to who and what should they be saying. Ronnie had his groups back. Jessie was doing a lot of talk but not game talk. What he do now to save himself. What does Jordan need to do so no one switch their vote to send her home. MORE GAME TALK less crap talk Please.



  16. It’s really to bad, that one of the good people have to go, but it looks like it will be Casey. I can only hope the next HOH will be Jeff or Jordan!


  18. I love Janelle! (sp.) Where are the great players and people from the good old days? Or people like them. These (characters) stink!

  19. Well, Casey is a goner thats for sure.. However, Lydia and Kevin just made an alliance with Jeff and Jordan and they are trying to get Michelle on board so probably next week, if the ”good thing” happen either Jessie/Ronnie/Natalie or Russell will be walking outside the BB house after that its an easy way.. Really, i dont think they can survive if one of them goes home.. Just watch.

  20. This is hard…I like Jordan but, Casey is my favorite houseguest. Hopefully, a twist will happen and save Casey from his fate. The show is going to be so boring with a bunch of Jessie loving drones left in the house. I’ll probably stop watching.


  22. I think unfortunately casey will be out but… I rather see none of the nominees this week go but unfortunately it must happen. Also this seadon needs to spice it up. It is soooo one sided.

  23. 3 days til eviction. A lot can change. The HG with power would be foolish to keep Casey over Jordan. He`s gone and never did anything in the game. Same as Laura and Braden. If you don`t win any comps or win enough people over to save you.then you got no chance in this game. JORDAN HAS TO WIN HOH (sorry no chance of that happenng) because Jeff can`t put up Jessie or Russell and Ronnie will have the votes influenced by Jessie to stay. I`ve said this on other posts, Jess and Ron have had a secret alliance since week 1 and it`s getting stronger.

  24. I am already sick of this season. Worst cast ever. I am done watching it. BB obviously thought a bunch of nimrods would be good but they were wrong. The Jessie, Natalie, Russell, Ronnie show is now officially turned off in my house. I hope others follow. Maybe next year they wont do the stupid click thing and get back to good ole BB.. See you next year.

  25. Lee MN – I hope that Casey doesn’t give up, but Jordan will be safe because the #’s are on her side.
    As much as it pains me to say it, I think Ronnie is the only one really playing the game. However, he’s no Will!! He’s trying to be with the in crowd in the house bc they wouldn’t pay any attention to him IRL.

    Jessie is sitting back and letting Natalie/Lydia do his work.

    Russell – seems like he has roid rage & talks crap when he’s safe.

    Chima – tries to make waves but it hasn’t worked.

    Jeff/Jordan have their showmance & aren’t doing anything.

    Michele – is flip-flopping to which side suits her.

    Kevin – floater but my personal fav.

  26. RONNIE needs to go he is playing everyone. now they know it they dont want to get rid of him what idiots!!!

  27. Some of you are crazy. I don’t know how anyone can say Ronnie is playing the game and should win! He’s an obnoxious little geek who is just trying to get everyone to like him, he lies to everyone and thinks he will get by keeping his nose up the Athlete’s butts! Not happening, as soon as the normal people in the house (Jeff, Jordan or Casey, whichever one stays, and maybe Michele) get HOH, it’s going to shake things up the way it should be. Ronnie is a complete moron, and did you catch his diary antics when he did the little “phone ringing” impressions about getting his pardon? What a nerdy little wannabe Dr. Will! He so thinks he is good in this game, it’s only because the same few people who know they can control him 100% keep winning HOH!! Please PLEASE let Jeff win HOH this week!!

  28. Casey is a good-for-nothing player. All he’s ever done is sit in the private Diary Room or in the backyard and run his mouth.

    Jeff? Jordan? Kevin? Lydia? Are you kidding me? What have ANY of them done in game. They haven’t even played. When Jordan did play she almost got something done but just went to the wrong person. Lydia is the worst player I have ever seen….all she causes is drama and I’ll be happy to see her go. Kevin? He’s a floating follower. Jeff? Can’t play the game…he can’t be cutthroat.

    Chima or Michelle? What have they done? Background players who will be gone sooner or later.

    People hate on Ronnie? Why? He kept his original alliance with Jessie. He and Jessie have never lied to each other. Yes, he lied and overplayed his hand but he’s kept his first word and has somehow not been evicted.

    Natalie? She’ll go home. She’s tried to attach herself to the hip to Jessie but if he’s learned his mistakes…she’ll go home.

    Russell? He’ll get stabbed in the back and rightfully so. He’s not invincible or great.

    Only 2 people have been playing this game 100% from the start. I hate floaters. I hate people who throw competitions. I hate people who try and lay low. Jessie and Ronnie have played since the start, they made their alliance, and have stuck to it. Everyone’s too stupid to play together….everyone’s too lazy and they’ll lose and rightfully so.

  29. Lisa, he doesn’t “lie to everyone.” Ronnie lied to one side because he had made an alliance with the other side first.

    The other side got gamed and they are sore about it. They focus on Ronnie? They should’ve tried to convince Jessie to toss out super-floater Michelle or annoying Chima but no. They’re too proud to play the game and now they’ll lose Casey because of it.

    This isn’t good vs evil…it’s a question of who’s willing to play Big Brother and who isn’t. The “good” guys haven’t played and have bitched and whined when they got played.

  30. Jessie needs to go this is effing ridiculous. Please dear lord let Jordan win HOH and put Jessie up and out. Lydia and Kevin would be better off joining Jeff and Jordan.

  31. PERSONALLY,I don’t know if jeff won hoh if he would have any power at all. who could he put up.? He can’t put up jess, nat or russell, so ronnie is one that he could but would the rest of the house run him out of there? Kevin i think would stay with jeff but not lydia. she is just out to get natalie. she can’t be trusted. I don’t think any one in that house can be trusted. even michele who is trying to play each and every side. this is some year for big brother.

  32. Even when you are playing the game, you can go about it w/o being so cocky. Like Rat does when he’s alone in the diary room and thinks he’s Dr. Will. (I just got sick)

  33. I’m waiting to see if this dumb clique idea is over this week if not I’m outta here. Getting to old too watch idiot high schoolers at play.

  34. BB need to drop the cliques. Jessie needs to go. There’s going to be a cat fight between Lydia and Natalie. Natalie wanted Jessie to nominate Lydia. When he didn’t Natalie looks could have killed. Jessie is leading them on. I like Casey I hate to see him go. So what he acts silly. He teaches 5th graders. That’s how they act. If they don’t split up the cliches Jessie will never be evicted.

  35. omg jessie is just making evrybody his bitches! he wants to keep ronnie so he can do his dirty work for him!!!!!

  36. Mamabear I agree with you 100% I want Casey to stay n the house. Although I will hate to see Jordon go. Let’s hope and pray that Jeff wins HOH!!!
    I do hope the clicks end this week so that Jeff could put up JESSE. How funny would it be for him to be voted out on week 4, just like BB10!!!!!

  37. I think he did whats right for him because next week whoever gets HOH (unless brain) will focus on getting Ronnie out so he’ll most likely be safe.

  38. Jessie is not playing the game-he is getting played. Russell has set him up by talking him into keeping the rat. Jessie has been a figurehead HOH both times. Natalie & Russell chose nominees not jessie. I hope Kevin comes over to the good side but I do not trust Lydia. She is as big a liar as the rat. I hope things turn around SOON!!

  39. See I think Jessie is doing a great job playing the game. I think he is doing well. His only short coming is winning challenges. It is smart to not take Rat out. Ronnie will be target later and take target off Jessie’s back. I am actually a Jessie fan is year and I did not think it would happen. To those that say Jessie coming in was a setup because if was endurance and an athele would win. Did no one was Nat last session?

  40. Wow, this season is really frustratin! They’re nominatin & evictin the wrong people. The houseguests r all gettin played n more ways than 1 & i hope they all start wakin up soon. Between the nominees, they should vote out casey :(

  41. You can’t win Big Brother without getting your hands dirty. This game is not for the moral. ANYONE who says they can win the game without lying doesn’t know jack because guess what…you’ve never been inside to begin with.

    Ronnie alligned himself with Jessie first. It would’ve been a more deceitful move to have double-crossed him. That’s fact. Just because you don’t like Jessie and like the other side more doesn’t change the idea that it is fact. Should Ronnie have been straight up: “No, I’m not voting your way. Sorry.” Wouldn’t have hurt…nothing would’ve changed because he won HoH. Ronnie did lie to one side so what? That side was dumb for not trying to play game. That side was dumb for not trying to poke at Russell so he’d have exploded before POV nominations last week.

    What should’ve happened? They should’ve planted it in Russell. Should’ve poked at him as he did to Braden. “Oh Russ, how’s it feel to know you’ll be backdoored?” They should’ve made him explode. They didn’t and Laura got eliminated because she couldn’t shut up.

    Russ talked Jessie into it? Please. Why would Jessie vote someone out who has not lied to him? Why would Jessie vote someone out who has been on his side? Why would Jessie vote someone out who he aligned himself with during that first week?

    Ronnie’s a dork for thinking he’s cool, but give the guy his props. He stuck to his initial word (he has never lied to his original alliance: Jessie), he made a big move, and the guy is still in the game.

    Lydia is the one who should be hated. The longer she’s stayed in the game…the more annoying she becomes.

  42. banana suit boy will be going home. athletes and brains will be intact. I am not happy about it but that is the way it goes.

  43. Homer- Cut and paste your blog message about how great Ronnie is to Jesse and look at it few weeks from now when Ronnie turns on all the jocks next. If you think Ronnie didnt lie to Jesse you are watching a different show that I am. He lied to every person in the house. Ronnie told Jesse things that were so not true and also went around telling people Jesse said and he really didnt. Im watching the live feeds maybe we are watching a different show.

    Jesse is keeping people who are always around him all the time telling him what to play next. Jesse is not playing his game, his game gets him evicted week 4, this is all his followers game. Only thing Jesse has done is get Laura out and that wasnt dont on Jesse’s watch it was Ronnie who did it because Laura called Jesse out all the time (she was my fav player).

    Really watch what Ronnie does to all those jocks coming up in a few weeks and you will see how Ronnie should have went in week 3 when we could have sent him packing. Cut and paste you message. There is not one person in the house this year who is 100% loyal to anyone including your boys Ronnie and Jesse.

  44. Crazy season. I can’t believe Ronnie is staying. He will probably control the game. If Casey leaves I will miss him. Nat is driving me crazy she needs to quit speaking for Jessie.

  45. It’ll suck to see Casey leave over Jordan. I think he had potential to flip the house, if he’d tried a little harder. Jordan doesn’t really have much game play in her.

    Although I really don’t like Jessie, he’s doing an alright job. He’s playing Natalie and Lydia hardcore. Though maybe Lydia’s starting to see sence after making that deal with Jeff and Jordan. Whether she’ll stick to it is a whole different story.

    Natalie is pissing me off! She’s done nothing but suck up to Jessie and run her mouth. Time to go! Russell is just a loose cannon, nothing more to say about that.

    Ronnie was playing a game, a little farther into it and he could have succeeded in screwing everyone over. However, he played his cards too early and people in this house seem to hold grudges, so if anyone but Jessie or Natalie is HoH, bye Ronnie.

    Personally, I’m rooting for whoever stays this week to win HoH, or if BB drops the cliques thing, Jeff.

  46. This GAME is called Big Brother not Best Friend so why should the person that deserve to win must be liked or America’s favorite. Those houseguest are stuck in that house and most are being someone that they are not. In that house you have to lie, you have to fly under the radar or for some stay on top of the radar. Ronnie Clearly deserve to win now do I want him to win hell no, but he is playing the best game although he did get caught ( that was the only dumb part in his game ). Everyone need to put their personal opinions aside and think about the GAME and on every level except for physically he deserve it. Give him a break it’s only a game, he is probably a very different person outside of he house. Now I wouldn’t want to work with him because he probably would steal my job. lol

  47. OMG are you kidding me. I cant believe that Jessie didnt back door the dork Ronnie. I mean seriously, Casey isnt a threat compared to Ronnie the super LIAR. If Casey, then Jeff and Jordan get evicted— Lets just say that will be the last time I watch BB11 on Sun, Tues, Thurs and I will not watch BB11 on showtime after dark. Ill cut that off too. It will be BORING.

  48. michele thanks for the shout back.

    Jessie will say the group made me do it.

    Natalie will get over confident and say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

    Russell will try to drive a wedge into his group to soon.

    Chima will blow up when some one else is in power and will not go along with her ideas. She may be left out in the cold by herself.

    Jeff/Jorden/Kevin/Lydia could make a good group, if they can keep down the infighting, but Kevin or Lydia would have lead the group.

    Michele would then be the fifth member of whichever group was in power.

  49. Tracy, as dayday said the game is Big Brother, not Best Friend. I’m sorry I don’t have the live feeds and know that CBS is showing a different show than anyone else. Is Jessie playing? I dunno, he seems to have a different way about him this year and it’s working better than last year so far. Ronnie’s a dork but he’s outplaying everyone. Everyone else is stupid for not getting him out.

    I know that Ronnie should’ve gone out this week and if he makes it to the end everyone will point to this as the dumb move of the game. It almost always happens in BB.

    My comment on Ronnie’s lying and loyalty is just to show that Ronnie was never on their side to begin with and people should shut up about that. The Jeff crowd wants to cry about it…what good does that do? It happened now adapt and figure something out. They forget they are on a game that is based on what happens inside those walls. Bitching and moaning won’t do jack. Will people side with them? Yeah but guess what? Ronnie will have the big cash prize they signed up to win in the first place.

    You may not like Ronnie, but damn you gotta respect his game right now because he’s making everyone look foolish. That’s the key…it’s a game, not a popularity contest.

  50. Tracy you are right. Ronnie lied to everyone. Lying IS a strategy but only if you dont get caught. Ronnie couldnt control his lies well enough. As for jesse, his strategy is using flunkies to do his dirty deeds. Works for a while until they turn on you. Im hoping week four seals his eviction. Would really be priceless to see him get no further than last year. There is no loyalty in the BB house. Only to yourself if you want to win. Im beginning to think there are no morals either. Whats up with all the porn scenes we’re sujected to starring lydia and jesse, russell and chima? I know the selection of activities is limited in there but really..get a hobby.

  51. I am so sick of Jessie talking in the third person about himself – STOP IT! Natalie, get out of Jessie’s ass. Ronnie, stop wandering around like a hurt puppy dog. Jordan and Jeff – kick all the assholes out; I am counting on you two to be the in the finals!

  52. I don’t know why you all want Ronnie, Jessie, Russell, and Lydia out of the house. Like sure, as they attack who you want, but wouldn’t you want someone you know no one likes with you to the end so you know you’ll be more likely to win?

  53. Ronnie will not last too much longer he cant keep is mouth shut one thing people notice he like to tease and he goes to far. The only reason Nat. is there because she with Jessie that will change as soon another person wins HOH. The game changes all the time, after POV and a new HOH. I think Casey will be sent home. Some of games are won by luck so Jessie has been luck two times so I think he should be backdoor by the next HOH because if you wait to long it will be hard to send him home. Also to athletes have more people so it did not even start fear. What going to happen at the end does the teams stay together at the end? then some of the people have a free ride and did not have to nothing.

  54. I sooo wish there would be a twist where Casey was saved. Just watched the first half hour of BBAD and most of the HG’s were out in the yard lying around (except for Jesse, Nat and Ronnie the Rat) and it was hilarious to watch. Casey was laughing at himself in the banana suit and singing a little song, but the funniest was watching him doing imitations of the houseguests. Everybody there was cracking up. Will so miss him. No one else is even slightly entertaining.

  55. yea to let Jesse use them all of all ppl?!…it just shows all of America that these ppl are true losers and idiots…the only ppl i liike in their that are up to any of our levels is Jeff, Jordan & Casey!…the rest can go to hell and i will tell them right to their ugly A$$ faces!!!

  56. If he worked at it Casey could make either or both sides think that he would be a stronger player to keep. Will he try? The other HG’s must decide who is better for THEIR game.

  57. Casey, ur da man!…i only live not even an hour away from u…so when u get evicted we can hang out and talk shit about the rest of the losers in there!…peace homie!!!

  58. What the hell is up with this hero worship being paid to Jesse, he’s a bonehead. How can so many idiots be picked for one show in one season? I’d love to see Jordan and Jeff make it to the final two…it’s doubtful, but they seem like the only two with any normal behavior at all. Jordan isn’t the sharpest tool, but she is sweet, and so is Jeff. Get Jesse off there, and that dumb biatch Natalie too. And Ronnie, what a complete douchebag he turned out to be. I actually don’t mind Russell too much, he needs anger management but aside from that, he’s a good player.

  59. What even makes these boneheads more stupid is, they keep the strongest players and are getting rid of the ones they could beat in the end…they have to stop judging by personality and pay attention to what might win them the game. Jordan wouldn’t make it against Jesse, or probably even Natalie because endurance won’t be had by her, and that’s always the last challenge. They’re just really playing the game stupidly.

  60. we WILL SEE WHAT CBS DOES? If they keep on letting “PEANUT HEAD JESSIE,NATALIAR,LYDALIAR, RUSSOID, AND RONNIE LIAR continue to do as they please. The show will end! CBS WAKE UP! !

  61. In a sickening season, one of the most sickening things I have seen is Ronnie watching with adoration Jessie and Ronnie doing pullups on the stairs. HE has one of the biggest man crushes ever in the history of man crushes I have ever seen! Guys, I am getting tired.. Tired…

  62. WTF..I would like to see Jordan leave over Casey but this game changes every time. Kevin, Lydia, Michele, Chima, Jeff, Jordan or Casey…it’s time to work together and evict Jesse, Ronnie, Russell and Natalie before it’s turned into a jock competition only. If the non-jocks minus Ronnie win HOH Thursday, evict Jesse quickly because he has played this game before. Evict his ass first and then go after Ronnie. Casey is no punk bitch so get in there and rally the troops for war!

  63. I like both casey & jordan so whom ever goes home i will be sad, i cant wait untill b.b splits up these cliques so the real fighting can come out =)

  64. I am done with BB. Jesse,ronnie and Natalie have got to go. Only the good ones go. Wake up cbs

  65. AMEN Jami! I wonder if BB reads these remarks or even cares there are so many people wanting the cliques to end??!! I have never seen so many negative comments about ALL of the players. Some have a few good points but the majority just plain SUCK!

  66. I don’t think Jeff/Jordan/Casey are mad that Ronnie played them, they know he is a good player and, therefore the bigger threat. THAT is why they want him out and Jesse is a FOOL for not seeing it!!!

  67. Wow! Lydia just ratted Kevin out to Jessie, telling Jess that Kevin said he uses girls to do his dirty work.

  68. This season of BB is enough to turn even the biggest fan off…..Why the cliques? Dumbest thing they ever did! One meat head is too many never mind 2! And, this hoochie fight between Natalie and Lydia is ridiculous. You can totally see Natalie is only 19. I can’t stand her. I like Jeff. I think he is smarter than people give him credit for. Jordan is just a dumbass….she reminds me of Kelly Bundy. LMAO maybe she will win 500,000 “G’s”. BB11 just sucks. Plain and simple.

  69. BB12Houseguest: FYI Natalie is 24 she lied at the begining to give herself an edge. Mentally she’s about 15. I think it was Braden who told her she looked more like 25 & that she was lying about her age. No one seemed to catch it when he said it though.

  70. @JJ: You’re right, but I believe it was Kevin that said that during their meet & greet in the living room the first night.

  71. When the “rat” did his imitation of Dr. Will, I actually threw up in my mouth. Is he so delusional that he thinks America likes him or finds him entertaining. I agree with everyone about BB11 being the worse season ever. What were they thinking? Jesse wasn’t liked last season so why would they put him on this year? They are running true fans away very fast. I would rather watch paint dry than watch this show minus Casey, Jordan, Jeff and Kevin. This cast is so mind numbing, frustrating and pure ignorants. I hope BB has learned a lesson here and quit messing with a good thing..Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke as the saying goes..Agree or disagree?

  72. i totally agree with u there Melanie…if they keep this crap up it will be the end of Big Brother!

  73. @Matt- you are right, i cannot believe no one else has called her on it.. She messes up all the time. I guess everyone knows she is so immature that it is plausable..

  74. I don’t think neither one should be evicted, Jessie and his crew need to wake up and realize who is the threat and lier in this GAME!! DuH… Ronnie needs to go along with Jessie and Russell!!!

  75. I like casey and jordon both. I hate to see either one of them go. I wish it was Ronnie or jesse or natalie or Russell or chima would be the ones going home. I hope Jordon wins HOH and puts up Ronnie and Natalie or Jesse or Russell with Ronnie. Ronnie needs to go home. He just hangs out with Jesse and them to make himself you look good. Jesse can’t play this game without Natalie and Russell making him look soooooo good. I hope Jeff or Jordon wins the final game.

  76. Can someone tell me how on EARTH it benefitted Lydia to tell Jessie what Kevin said about him using women to do his dirty work. My hubby thinks it is because she wanted him to assure her that he wasn’t using her that he really liked her a lot.. Now the whole HOH crew has confronted and gone after KEvin, and decided they would pin it on Casey. Then they started trash talking Michelle. I don’t really care about that because she picked her side, so… lie down with the devil….
    Guys, guys, guys.. Jeff or Jordan HAVE to win HOH.. There is no ifs and or buts about it. The dispicibility (is that a word??) of the other people in this game just keeps getting bigger and deeper. I want to see a tiny ray of hope… please…

  77. I think they should get rid of the cliques also. If they go on with the cliques and the Athetes keep winning HOH they will never make this game seem like it is going fairly. We need to get rid of Jesse and his little butt kissing pal Ronnie. And Natalie can’t get her nose out of Jesse’s butt long enough to see what is going on right in front of her face. Jesse can’t play this game without Natalie and Russell telling him what to say or do. I don’t think that Jesse or Natalie or Ronnie can play this game on their on. I also don’t think Chima is playing the game that well. Some of you say that Jeff and Jordon are’t playing a good game how about taking a good look at some of the other players in this game. I think Jeff played a good game last week when he won POV. Michele can’t make up her mind whos side she wants to be on but I like her. If we get lucky the next few weeks Jesse, Natalie, Ronnie, Chima, and Russell will be out of the house.

  78. Casey will be voted out and I hope on his way out he punches Jessie or Ronnie in the nose. I know he can’t do it but I would still LOVE to see it.

  79. Jordan is a true Blonde. She needs to go home. She doesn’t even know how many Quarters are in an hour. Vote her out…….Then Lydia

  80. Yes, Ronnie is a RAT, but he did start being one to early. His back stabbing moves have made it so there is a stronger click, they have the power to control the house and who gets evicted. This happened to early.
    Now there is really no competition. THAT LEAVES US THE SPECTATORS, just watching who will Jessie evict next!
    Big Brother needs to rename the show to “WHO WILL JESSIE EVICT NEXT. This is a boring show!
    BB if you read these blogs PLEASEEE111111 do something to get some REALLLL111 competition going and next time git some real players.

    blog you latter

  81. Are you kidding me.Casey is back doored.What is going on with BB 11 this year.Bring back Dick and Jen for God Goodness.BB11 is just to stuped this year.Dump players.

  82. i think this series is the dumbiest of them all they are so boring i don’t watch the showtime after dark any more who wants to watch someone sleep or just sitting there doing nothing. Big Brother did wrong by teaming up like this, i don’t care if i watch this show any more or not, it won’t start getting good until BB breaks up the teams and everyone is on there own,what a borning show this has turned out to be,

  83. I am sorry, But this BB sucks. I have watched everyone.I think a bounch of you dum asses talking shit. Should go on Big Brother and see how good you would do.

  84. I dont watch anymore just read about what is going on. Have better things to do with my time. CBS really screwed up this time

  85. 1st of all, I love your comments…thanks. I hope BB reads all comments and do something about this horrible season 11. Believe me, if this was the 1st season, it wud have also been my last one watching. BB producers, you still hv time to save your show…do something, break up the clicks, better yet let America vote like u did b4..this wud really suprise and upset the hg’s and really make ur viewers happy…pls listen to our PLEA’S……


  87. jessie looks like he has a turd sitting on his head,oh wait thats his head on those gross shoulders and arms.ronnie looks like he came straight from the mental ward,watch how he walks and how he covers his mouth when he giggles(so pathetic)I LOVE JEFF,HE MUST WIN..

  88. I agree, Jesse has to go. The athletes cannot win HOH again. Pls get rid of the cliques. It is very boring to watch. I am from canada and cannot get the live feeds, thank God, from what I am reading, I am glad I can’t.

  89. I’m out of my home state this week on assignment and don’t have access to BBAD or live feeds. However, I read these and other comments to keep up with things. But I wonder if half of us even realize how we sound in our posts? All too often, we sound as juvenile as we accuse the houseguests of acting. I, too, would like to see more game discussion and less complaining and bitching – we sound like Chima.

  90. @JJ and @Matt

    I do believe it was Kevin who said it directly to Natalie the first night, but it was swept under the rug by almost everyone. Even Kevin hasn’t mentioned it again, I believe.

    However, one night as Casey sat on the porch with Jeff and Jordan, I think, something was said about Natalie’s age. Casey said Natalie was 25 and “watch n see”. Matt, do you remember or did you see that? I remember, because they didn’t really react to it, and I was surprised it wasn’t pursued.

  91. 1 Well i think that like i said only people that have game win this look at how Will won it also with his friend Mike boogie shit and they were people that play the game good as hell it wont surprise me if Ronnie win this hell

    2 yall talking about yall like all the other seasons of big brother but BB11 yall hate

    3 i did not like big brother 9 or 10 hell to the no they were boring

    4 Big Brother 8 wich was the all star addition was the best with Dr Will and Mike boogie and Daniell and that Arab dude and it was the best big brother ever to me

    only the bad the lieng the muniplaters win this game in sometimes floaters

  92. OK, relax people!! CBS is going to make a big announcement on thursday`s live eviction show that is supposed to turn the house upside down. AND, there is just enough tension on the power side of the house to maybe sway votes to keep Casey.
    Ronnie and Jessie`s bragging and gloating about how their in charge of the house is gettin annoying, but not enough to stop watching. We need to keep watching and supporting anyone to win this game except ronnie, jessie, Natalie, Lydia and Russell in that order. Meaning if either of the last 2 won, that would be better than the first 3 winning!

  93. HAHAHA! YES f— casey! he is going home for sure now!!

    i was worried he might no because of lydia and kevin but thats no longer an issue

    now hopefully natalie can when HOH and send lydia home!!!

  94. Im so confused why everyone is hating on jessie, nat, and russel.

    like rele? ur hating on him becaz he is buff and caz he is playing a perfect game?

    why??!?! jessie is doing exactly wat ur supposed to do. he is romancin natalie and lydia(yuck) and he is dominating the game

    this wont last ofcourse (damnitt) but why is he so hated? he doesnt act like a tool, he pokes fun at himself. like i honestly think it becaz u guys look at him him like a meat head.

    natalie is playing the game great too. im not just sayign that becaz she is my favorite.

    u guys say its a horrible season, why? because after 3 weeks 2 ppl are dominating the game.

    thats stupid

    if any of u guys saw BBAD tonight u would knoe things are just bout to heat up.


    jessie didnt get rid of ronnie caz ronnie never crossed him

    obviously ronnie is gonna go home because he is making the same mistake twice and he only has russel on his side. dumbass.

    but yea u guys are lethargic.

    jeff and jordan? they dont do shit! jeff doesnt do shit but mispell words, and jordan just looks good. thats it.

    F— casey! all he does is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and say the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over!!! get his ass out!

  95. save Casey..i think if jeff gets hoh..he will evict jessie or ronnie..yes i doooooooooo! jeff is quite however he is just waiting for that moment!!!!!!!!!

  96. I don’t like the way this new season is set up…it favors one group and is predictable. Not much sense in watching when you can predict the outcome.

  97. Marcus: The reason Jesse is disliked by so many is his ‘tude same with Ronnie. At first I was looking at Ronnie & feeling a bit sorry for him but his ego knows no boundaries. I thought “Poor guy he’s in over his head”, then he started his brags & how very smart he was, etc. to the point of GAG! Jesse was in last year BB & he was an ass then & he’s gotten better with his personality NOT!! Did you see him pose like Superman when he thought he’d won POV? That dear one is attitude to the nth degree! Most of the people on this BB are just not anyone you’d want as a friend, well, maybe Jeff. Jordon is as thick as a brick so conversations would be a none starter. If you’re a guy it wouldn’t matter but someone so dumb they don’t know how many quarters in an hour (maybe she knows in a dollar?!) is no one I’d want to chat with. Stupid is as stupid does. ANYONE can get an education & get a little smarter unless they are mentally challenged. In short & to wrap it up I find it hard to care about the majority of the HG. If it stays as boring as it has been after Thursday I won’t be back.

  98. Please send Natalie home next week, this week is a given Casey is gone and I know alot will be disappointed in this, one thing bb11 done wrong is let Jessie back the house guest this year would of been fun to watch but as you talk to everyone noone likes Jesse and we are all just watching it as we love Big Brother but send Natallie home all she does is hang all over Jesse and stir up problems and let others do her dirty work she is more of a rat than Ronner so Natallie and Ronnie gone then Lydia would love to Jeff, Jordon or Kevin to get this

  99. Marcus….you talk about how dumb Jeff is….did you read your post before sending it????? I agree that Jessie is playing the game the way it is supposed to be played. I said that in one of my earlier posts. Ronnie drives me crazy but he’s playing the game. Lying and cheating is all part of it and if the HG’s aren’t smart enough to take what people tell them with a grain of salt then who’s to blame? Them for being the dumb ass or the person who is telling people what they need to hear for them to stay in the game? BB has been around long enough for people with any IQ to realize they shouldn’t trust anyone in the house! I agree with you Demond about the Allstar BB!! That was the best!! I loved Evil Dyck….But, hey, every BB is slow at the beginning. It never gets REALLY good until a few weeks into it. But, again, like everyone else, that’s only my opinion……

  100. Annie, if Jeff gets HOH he can’t evict Jessie or Nat or Russell—unfortunately. I hate Natalie. When are people gonna realize whenever they start talking game, she listens for a few minutes then takes off to tell what is being said??????????

  101. Casey should be sent home, even though he is funny sometimes, Love Jordan and Jeff together, so cute


  103. They shouldve brought A-baller back. He was the best BB house guest ever. Jesse is a douche. Like Jeff and Casey only. Jeff needs to break ties and vote Jessica I mean Jordan out.


  105. Jesse kept Ronnie hoping everyone will want to get Ronnie and he is safe. But I dont think it is going to work out for Jesse He will get evicted. Even if Ronnie is still there I will laugh at Jesse because he is stupid and ugly

  106. Marcus you must be a bonehead to like Natalie. She can’t play this game without being up jesse’s big butt. They make me sick. If Lydia is smart she will forget about Jesse and try more to get rid of that little turd Natalie. I agree that they should not have let Jesse back in the house.

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