Big Brother 11: Week 3 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

Big Brother 11 was quiet on Sunday save for the Margarita Party in the evening thanks to Casey’s actions which may explain his banana suit. As the day worn on Jeff and Jordan became suspicious of Jessie and his betrayal of the Ronnie-backdoor plan. Take a look at what happened Sunday in the Big Brother house.

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Live Feed Highlights – July 26, 2009:

1:30 PM BBT – Ronnie and Chima talking game about who they want out. Ronnie really wants Casey and Jeff gone as soon as possible.

2:30 PM BBT – Chima is having her birthday event. Big Brother approves for the Have-Not’s (Brains) to eat cake for the next hour.

4:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Lydia start formulating a plan against Jessie. They want to upset Natalie to break her and see its impact on her alliance with Jessie. Kevin and Lydia decide they should team up with Jordan and Jeff.

4:20 PM BBT – Russell and Jessie patting each other on the back for targeting Casey this week.

5:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan talking and both agree that they still expect Jessie to stick to the Ronnie backdoor plan. They mock Jessie’s attempt at being smart and how he talks gibberish.

7:20 PM BBT – Jeff is getting concerned because Ronnie isn’t acting like someone worried about his safety in the house. Backyard Margarita Party starting up, but the Have-Not’s can’t drink.

9:00 PM BBT – Jordan confronts Lydia and Russell about the plans to evict Ronnie. They swear (lie) that they think that’s still the plan. It’s not.

9:10 PM BBT – Jordan, Lydia, and Russell discussing their favorite positions. Jordan demonstrates with Jeff. The explicit talk goes on for awhile.

9:45 PM BBT – Casey and Jessie finally have their big talk since Casey is fairly confident that Jessie is going back on his word now. Jessie is sticking to his new plan and isn’t letting Casey sway him at all. Casey leaves dejected.

So for now it looks like Jessie will not nominate Ronnie as the replacement nominee. Casey will go up instead. Get on the live feeds this morning as the HGs will be up for the morning PoV Ceremony. I’m expecting fireworks from Casey and I don’t think he’ll let us down.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the reaction of the HG’s once they know that Casey is going up and not Ronnie.

    Has Lydia finally woken up and seen that Jessie is using her? Kevin had the “Line of the Night”, ‘Natalie likes Jessie; Lydia likes Jessie and Jessie likes Jessie’.

  2. Lydia hasnt really yet. Last night they were shown flirting and Lydia was trying to get him to do things to her.
    But she knows not to trust him with her life in the game.

  3. The sheep will react as they always have; just being pitifully grateful to Jesse that it wasn’t them until the day that it IS them, too unperceptive to realize that they could have at least banded together to change the game if they’d had the intelligence to do so. Ronnie has a lot to answer for in reneging on his vote last week, setting the stage for the Jesse show. I’m over this. Once Casey’s gone even the possibility of overcoming the numbers game will be over. The sheep will be led one by one to the slaughter until the final infighting between Jesse and his favorites as to who will last the longest with him, Nat or Ronnie. Am hoping for a BB twist that will act as a reprieve for Casey, but am not holding my breath.

  4. Lockdown is starting now. But Jordan was telling Jeff just now that Kevin and Lydia do want to team up with them. If they can win HoH this week they will have the numbers to get some change done in the house.

  5. Matt, why is it taking so long to pick or tell who the replacement will be for Michele??? I thought it was going to be done on Sunday afternoon.

  6. When are we going to find out who Jesse put up instead of Michelle? I’m going crazy waiting!

  7. If we were lucky he would put himself up but since thats not happening hopefully jeff will win hoh an knock jesse on his ass next week.

  8. Veto is underway right now. It appears it’s going to be Casey, but we will know for sure in a few minutes.

  9. I couldn’t agree more, Laura. I was refreshing the live feed blog site with my fingers crossed. I would have even been okay if Lydia, the skank, was put up. I know the J/J alliance needs her, but I can’t stand her act. BBAD and her darn stuffed unicorn. The coy act doesn’t fly with me.

  10. Jessie has put up Casey. Im so over this. Jeff or Jordan needs to get HOH this week

  11. I don’t want Casey to go! I don’t like “showmances” so I wouldn’t mind if Jordan went home. Hopefully, someone who will make this season interesting wins HOH. I can’t take much more of Jessie/Natalie/Ronnie.

  12. I hope it’s Jordan who goes. I like her and all but she has no chance of getting HOH. Casey has a way better chance to change things in this game. I’m so sick of Jessie, Natalie, and Russell. Someone needs to knock them off their high horse.

  13. That is very possible! Although there is some talk about a “zinger” Jessie said when he put Casey up. Wonder what he said. Anyone know?

  14. I agree Jen! Russell will talk shiz after he’s safe. Jessie thinks he’s king and sends his ‘subjects’, aka Natalie and Lydia, to do his dirty work.

    Lydia is making a fool of herself on TV by following Jessie around like a lost puppy, making his shakes, snacks, etc. A tough exterior doesn’t mean that you have a tough interior.

  15. I hate to say it but I’d rather see Jordan go. She is too innocent for the game and has no chance whatsoever of winning it. I’m not a fan of Showmances either. In 11 years not one showmance that I know of has survived for long after the show ended. For a season that started out with so much promise this season has really been the worst ever up to this point.

  16. Not happy with the way things went . I thought that Casey would be put up, he is a threat to Jessie and his followers.I just hope that Casey comes back full force!!! We never know from one minute to the next what will happen.All I know is that if B.B doesn’t do something GREAT one of the idiots will win, than how will the jurors pick the one to win it all ???

  17. I agree that Jordan going home would make a better game. That would leave Casey to seek revenge. Which I hope he does!!!!!!! If Jeff could get Lydia and Kevin to their side, then Casey win HOH, they could put up Russell and Natalie, then BD Jessie. Perfect plan if it could happen.
    Lydia needs to stop making a fool of herself. Fawning after Jessie and sex under the covers. Come on how long have they known each other? JESSIE IS NO PRIZE. He was actually being abusive to her last night. Holding her down on the bed by her arms. He has no respect for women at all. Evident in the way he talks to them.
    Come on BB brother, we need a shake-up in this game.

  18. I’d like to pop Jessie’s head like a pimple.He is such a jerk,so full of himself.I really like Jordan,but Love Casey.I hope all goes well,but I think Casey is a big threat to Jessie

  19. by the way jeff can’t do much if he is hoh! he can’t put up jessie, nat, or russell. so what does he have to work with. if he puts up ronnie the rest of the house will vote for whom ever his partner is on the block. the only hope is to have kevin win and maybe he will put up the the other side for a change.

  20. Come on BB, where’s the twist that saves Casey? Jeff is the only one who might win HOH but can’t put any athletes up! So once Casey’s gone, it’s just Jesse and Ronnie, the Roid and the Rat, winning the comps and marking time until the end. Who wants to watch that?

  21. Jessie needs ronnie in the game he knows he can hang him self so why should he do it. He did nothing to jessie so he needs to keep him on his side. From what I have seen from the past the men put up the women at the end. Natlie is playing both sides with her mouth. Kevin is sitting back he has not been doing much of the game,

  22. Just finished watching tonight’s show….it was so disgusting,I wanted to throw-up!!! That Jessie and Ronnie in the diary room think that they are ruling B.B right to the END…B.B. just WHEN ARE you going to step in ???? We ALL are so tired of the BAD players, it is getting hard to watch another of B.B!!!!!

  23. C’mon everyone….do you really think BB is gonna step in and save Casey, or do anything to derail Jesse & Co. ? Not while you all are glued to every episode !!! I QUIT WATCHING as soon as Jesse won HOH again. I just now checked the sight to see wahat’s going on and I’m glad I quit!!!! Watch FOX cartoons on Sunday and cable tv on Tues and Thurs and show BB we won’t stand for this !!!

  24. cheri

    I am a reality TV junkie and have notice the people I like they never win the show(s).

    The networks love the controversy and for that reason they always go forward with what people would not like to see. They keep the people we dont like on purpose.

  25. what i cant really bellieve is that u all really quit watching i didnt and i still come here

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