Big Brother 11: Week 1 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Update: More spoilers for you. The Power of Veto is getting started. You can see who is going to be playing here. I’ll post up the results when they come in.

Last night on the premiere of Big Brother 11 it was revealed that Jessie (BB10) would be this season’s 13th houseguests after his team, the Athletes, won the first HoH competition. Not only did that make him the 13th HG, but also instantly granted him Head of Household (HoH) status, protecting both him and his Atheletes team for the week from nomination and eviction.

Once the premiere episode was over the live feeds turned on and we learned more about what’s going on within the house. Mostly that Jordan is a big supporter of rallying her fellow HGs to get naked and party. Yeah, she’ll be a fun one this season. Unfortunately, we also learned who had been nominated by Jessie…

The Week 1 nominations for Big Brother 11:

  • Lydia
  • Chima

So far I’m very indifferent towards Chima, but I’m really enjoying Lydia and hopefully the rest of the house is too so we can keep her for many weeks to come.

The Power of Veto (PoV) competition should be coming up today or tomorrow so grab the Big Brother Toolbar and be notified as soon as the results are revealed.

What do you think of Jessie’s nominations? Did you get a chance to watch the live feeds last night? I did and was really impressed with the new features and format of the feeds player. The 4 live camera views at the bottom is like having picture in picture for your Big Brother live feeds. Well done, RealNetworks!


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  1. @delane: Agreed. Does Jessie really think these two are his biggest threats right now? I’ll be ticked if Lydia goes home first.

  2. I will be soooo ticked if Lydia is voted out! That testosterone filled side of beefcake will suffer if he pulls it off!

  3. Jesse is a tool! A rat has more brains then he does!! Lydia rocks – hope she stays.

  4. imagine how great it’ll be if chima is voted out? she’s easily the most annoying person in the house.

  5. Notice how CBS always casts gay people who are NOT athletic. It’s not enough for the casting directors and CBS that the gay contestants are the only ones in the house and are instantly marginalized because they are gay. Big Brother = HOUSE OF HATE

  6. I agree with Rob. I hate being marginalized. What about the millions of gay people who ARE athletic?

  7. Geeezzz, anyone but Jesse! Hope he’s not around long!!
    I can’t see the feeds…the real player comes up but no picture…can anyone help me figure that out! Thanks!

  8. unless she does something really stupid that pisses everyone of, i cant imagine lydia going home over chima. if lydia goes i will be ticked off and may not watch until jessie has been kicked of. ( please let that be soon)

  9. @Eliza: I think Jessie will soon be a target. BB definitely set up the returning HG to be HoH so he/she wouldn’t be immediately targeted for eviction.

    Let’s cross our fingers for a Week 2 nomination of Jessie!

  10. stop hating on jessie he has to be the most smartest player << why not get her out first she is going to be a strong player<<<<

  11. @ashley: “[Jessie] has to be the most smartest player.” That made me chuckle.

    Agreed that it’d be a smart move, but I like Lydia a lot more than Jessie, hence my displeasure at him nominating her.

  12. @matt…. he seriously knows how to play the game but he doesnt play it the right way lol hes so cocky but its a smarttt move on his part>> hes going to target all the out beats and the brains first>>> i know how jessie is going to play. because he knows he can beat any of the beauty team members…. i just wish JAMES would have came back with JESSIE

  13. I didn’t think Jessie could by any more annoying! I was wrong! Hope he’s gone soon. I was really hoping Brian would have a second chance.

  14. For the nominations, I only agree with Chima, since as far as Jessie goes, he needs to get rid of as many of the Brains group as he can. Jessie should have made his nominations from just one team. Now Jessie has made two enemy teams that will be gunning for his. I don’t see the Athletes staying as a team for long. Russell already does not like Natalie for showing cockiness and Jessie will only heighten that dislike even more. Jeff is clueless and not much of a threat or a player for that matter.

  15. jessie is not clueless at all…. he plays dumb so peopel think he is dumb he knows what he is doing>>> and he did whta was best for him>>> i think he made a great choice cause he needs to get them down to like 1 man teams

  16. I was very upset that Jessie is back, he is tard and doesn’t deserve a second chance. But love that Chima is going up, she is already on my nerves. But Lydia – NOOOOOO!!!! she is going to be great on the show, I already love her. Put up Natalie or Laura!
    But my prediction is that Casey is going to take it all the way. He’s smart, personable and I think he could do it.

  17. NOOo im telling u jessie is going to be this years shocking player he is back and better then ever… i think they need to get rid of all the brains first>>>>

  18. Frankly, I’m appalled that Jesse was the 13th HG. is it just me, or did the producers have that set up? Why have a strength/endurance competition that would pretty much guarantee the outcome and ensure the re-entry of one specific former HG?

    Jesse made my stomach turn last summer. I can’t handle him 2 years in a row; so, for the first time since BB premiered 9 years ago, I refuse to watch.

  19. i hate Jessie..i think Jessica should’ve came back..chima nd lydia wth..the gay guy nd the surfer should’ve been nominated…i think laura will win

  20. noo i liek the surfer>>>>> and no jessica would have never made it that far with out americas player

  21. NOOOOOO….Why Jessie? I can’t stand him! I would rather Chima stay in the house annoying as she is then Jessie stay in the house. It just goes to show you that IDIOTS are a dime a dozen!!!!

  22. If Jessie has ALL the girls on his side, why did he nom 2 girls?

    Jessie is the same tool he was last time. . .. he will be going home before the end of July.

  23. I CANNOT BELIEVE JESSI IS THE SURPRIZE DAMN IT ALL TO HELL~!!!! I He better not last week 2 or I’ll be pissed! He’s not conceieded he’s convinced! and someone needs to take him down a bunch of levels! **I hate Jessi**!!!!! BB you could have made the surprize guest comp a little more on the none athletic side! give everyone a fair chance! who here didn’t know for sure that the “Athletics” would have that comp beat Bunch of BS, I would have loved to see Brain or Jessica back in the house~
    Lydia is the awesome!!! and Chima really needs to just stay quiet! her voice make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end!!!!! and I’m growing on Casey!

  24. I think Jesse made the right choice in putting up Chima. She is annoying. Just hope the the pawn, which is Lydia gets sent home.

  25. he does have the girls on his side but they chima is one that he dont so he needs to get rid of her

  26. @ashley… “most smartest player”??? “but they chima is one that he dont”???

    Wow. Back to you, Captain Syntax.

  27. @ashley, please get a life like photo cut-out of Jesse and leave us alone! Girl! your hormones have you saying the silliest things, like Jesse is smart! I watched last season. He’s a dumb tool. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Defend all you want, but he is what he is….

  28. Jessi !! How unlucky can we be.He is the most irritating, simple minded buffoon I have ever seen. I hope his stay is short lived. What an idiot.

  29. Well Jesse is back YUCK Chima should go first she has already gotten on my nerves.Russell seems to be in love with himself,Natalie is going to let her mouth overload her ass.and why after Laura paid so much for new and bigger boobs does she keep them covered so much,show them puppies girl.I like Jordan so far.Kevin is a trip,Ronnie is annoying.

  30. i think russell’s ‘love muscle’ shrivled a littl ebit when jessie walked in :)
    oh how i loathe jessie…here’s hoping the house gangs up on him to get ‘im out!

  31. I was disappointed Jessie made it back. I think the blonde (whatever her name is) should go and I do not like the Tae Kwon Do girl….she is irritating.

  32. Okay, obviously Ashley has it bad for Jessie (Smart? Really? Compared to what? A rock? A sponge? And hot? Really? He can’t even put his arms down to his sides – he looks like the Michelin Man on steroids…not attractive). This inexplicable love combined with the grammatical homicide displayed in every one her posts leads me to assume that Ashley is either drunk, a mental patient, or is 5 years old and hasn’t learned to spell yet and thinks that Jessie is a cartoon character. I certainly hope that she isn’t all three of these things. A mentally challenged 5 year old with a drinking problem would be bad… Sorry hun but you asked for this…

  33. Maybe Jesse talked to the other houseguests and it was their consensus to nominate Lydia and Chima? Maybe he asked the other 3 groups who to nominate from their group? Notice he didn’t nominate anyone from the Offbeat group…maybe they’re considered the least threatening?…which could be a huge mistake. So I guess we will have to watch and see what his logic was. As I recall, he didn’t use his brain last season when picking who to nominate when he got HOH early in the season (that vendetta of his against that old hag still makes me laugh to this day!)…so maybe he is still dumb as a box of rocks? Time will tell.

  34. @ Tony: Actually the only group that didn’t have anyone up was the populars. He nominated Chima (brains) and Lydia (off-beat). And to be honest i think each of the groups has a strong player, a weak player, and a player in between.

  35. It will be interesting to see Russell vs Jessie in the future. Russell thought he had no competition untill “BEEFCAKE” Jessie showed up.Then Russell had that “Oh Shit” look on his face when Jessie came in the door. Those two will be fighting over mirror time and who’s more in love with themself, lol!

  36. I agree, Hunter about your assessment of the strong, medium, weak players in each group. There is obviously already some cross-clique bonding going on.. Seems like maybe Jeff and Jordan might be mixing it up a little..
    @Cor, I have to tell ya, the not being able to put down arms straight thing.. bit of a turn off for most women..Who would carry our shopping bags??? He and Russell both are….(shudder)…

  37. Hi all. I was so tired last night I missed watching the live feeds..did I miss anything exciting? have a great weekend all!

  38. @Cor…thank you for saying what we were all thinking, only in a much better way than I ever could have

  39. thanks for the updates guys, keep me posted on the POV am packing for the weekend. expect the unexpected!

  40. I will have to admit I was disappointed when jess won. but then I thought Russell needed some one to knock him down a few pegs. they both love their bodies that is for sure. this year jessie has really gotten bigger and it makes him really look shorter and I guess we will see who eats the most, Russell or Jessie. lol

  41. 12:21 PM BBT update Nat R & C talking about Jordan going next

    12:19 PM BBT updateChima & Ron & Nat in HOH looking thur Dictionary.
    12:16 PM BBT Russell and Laura talking about how Chima might win comp because she is a journalist. NT

    OK!! Now i know i don’t like that little chick.. She wants NO female competition!! I get her.. She does not want any girls around, and wants all the guys (or the dumb muscly ones) for herself!! Ohhh!! She is THAT girl!! And i would not have pegged her for that..

  42. How does that make the two girls jordan, and lydia popular when they don their clothes for nightie’s.??? then they get the nickname of s***s. JOrdan I really liked just looking at her and boy, did she change my mind. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  43. Well we know CBS doesn’t do drug tests to enter the BB house. Jessie is taking steroids. . . maybe he’ll have roid rage and wipe out the rest of the house.

    This is the biggest collection of weirdos and societal waste that has ever been on a reality show. Just and endless stream of human debris. . . .

  44. Oh no not that idiot again!(Jessie). Hopefully, He’ll be gone soon, REAL soon!

  45. Well, this is surprising! Ronnie is thowing lydia under the bus to Chima and Nat like you would not believe!! what the CRAP is the deal with him?? Is he trying to puppetmaster or something already?? ‘
    Has anyone got a feel for him yet??

  46. I already think that Lydia is going to be a much weaker player than most of us thought, and wearing nighties was the LEAST of what she was doing that nite to try to sway Jessie,nat,ronn. Jordan, I don;t know yet.. and,, hey.. nighties cover up a lot more than say.. a bikini.. they weren’t naked.. (not yet)

  47. With all the controversy of steroids in sports, why is it that TV doesnt have the same policy? I say test Jessie for steroids and if he is on the juice, boot his muscular ass off…

  48. I don’t think that jessie will last very long.
    wait until all the games start and get into full swing, he never seemed to do a darn thing last year and now he is bigger so I don’t seeing him winning much. never fear he will be gone soon.

  49. Really ASHLEY try to have someone check your grammar before you hit the ‘send’ button.

  50. Jesse and Russell have a chance to be the next Dan-Memphis dynamic duo. Watch out for these two! Lydia is trying to play the weak card, but she is stronger than she lets on. The smartest person playing right now is Kevin, because no one has mentioned him at all.

  51. i have to disagree with you victor. even though lydia didnt take her nomination very well she might just be playing it up. i will lead the way to chima’s eviction. im sure she is a nice girl but for god’s sakes stop laughing at every one’s jokes including your own!

  52. they should of brought back James from Season 10 and paired him with lydia. lol I loved his pink hair.

  53. I stand corrected! thank you Eliza

    maybe james is peddling his way around the world.

  54. I was watching the clip of this week’s previews and it looks like the brainiacs lose the food/have have-not competition and the competition is filling up letters with goo. i dont know if its the first to get done chooses or the last to get done places a clique. However they might not play as cliques.(however i highly doubt that).

  55. more info on the competition. they have to build a pipeline that will hold up well enough to transport goo to letters. I know one of the letters is H so i dont know how that letter is in big brother other than HOH and i dont think they would have already done the next HOH competition.

  56. Can’t wait to have Jessie on slop. He’ll have to drink protein drinks if he doesn’t eat slop and that gets old soon.

  57. So, does this mean that Jesse heard everything that was said before he went into the house? You know,like their real age/being an Olympic medal winner, having a PH.D.????

  58. hmmm, we have seen one show and a lot of you have such strong feelings of who you like or dislike. What’s with that?

  59. Natalie is becoming way to cocky to soon it may be her down fall. I think Ronnie is playing both sides and michelle and kevin haven’t really decided whos side they are on –it could really be interesting to see which way it goes–i thinks who stays is up for grabs. I am seeing another side to Jeff-

  60. Jesse can go and leave his body (not his head) to If we wanted re-runs we would have watched copies of BB10. Jesse go home. If he were smart he’d be voting out the smartest people and strongest which are male. (most of the time) even some on his own team want him out. I wish Brian would have won HOH.

  61. Ashley, PLEASE, calm down. When you get in a dither over Jesse, your spelling goes all to heck.

  62. I pray Jessie the egotistical freak show and Russel ‘love’ Mussel beat each other senseless…..

  63. I truly hope that Jesse doesn’t stay around long! Love Big Brother and haven’t missed a season – BUT can’t take Jesse two years in a row! UGH! What on earth were the producers thinking when they brought him back??? So, if he does stick around for more than a week or two – I won’t be watching!

  64. Hey Rob remember the gay bull rider in the big brother house?? If thats not an athlete then what is ??? dumb ass!!

  65. Just finished watching BB for the first time tonight…. please….what the heck is going on with those Tammy Faye lashes and big azz teeth!!!


  67. Serious to God! Shut the fuck up about Jessie being in the house and constantly complaining!

    He’s in the house so just get over it! It’s not going to change no matter how much you bitch!

    And don’t let one douchebag ruin your season of BB to those who threaten to not watch the show until he’s gone. That’s just flipping retarded!

  68. watching the live feeds after tonight’s alot calmer and most of the gals are doing their hair in the bathroon and laughing. nice in contrast to all the yelling a few days ago.

  69. he is not a bad person he is playing the game and back dooring bradon was the best thing so far in this game…. cant wait to see what else lies in this game with jessie

  70. Well Ronnie need to wake up because he should get rid of Russell or Jessie you they are players in the house.
    I have an idea for Veto The person who gets the veto can have a choice pick a person to take off the block or they can keep there Veto and use it anytime during the game. That will make people worry in the house. Can you imagine? How the houseguest will try to be friends with the person who has the Veto.

  71. jeannette that sounds like a great idea. like to see how that plays out. of course there would be more then one by the time the game ends and then they would be pitting their veto’s against one another. so don’t know how that would be towards the end of the game. but still a cool idea.

  72. I would like to see a picture of Ronnie’s wife. If that is true that he has one. just like Natalie said she is 18 when she is like 24.
    Jeff gets so depressed when things don’t go as they all have planned. so glad to have seen him happy with jessie and russell and casey last night on showtime. Natalie was in the spa and she did not like all the fun they were having. so she called her special little meeting with her click. then showtime ended. don’t know what went down after that. maybe some one on 24/7 would know.

  73. so Jessie Runs the house>>>. ronnie had his chance to break up the alliance and he didnt stupiddddd moooveeee hahahaha

  74. On July 17th, 2009 at 9:19 am, “ashley” wrote:

    “he is not a bad person he is playing the game and back dooring bradon was the best thing so far in this game…. cant wait to see what else lies in this game with jessie and as – ass ronnie as hoh”

    I dislike Ronnie as much as the next person, but I would NEVER resort to calling anyone the F-word. Ashley, how old are you? Did you grow up in a house where you were taught that it’s okay to call people nasty names? Do you use the N-word too? Why don’t you just grow up?

  75. hey JT why dont u mind your business this has nothig to do with me its about big brother .. ill say what i want but i never said the F word in my last comment so dont know whta your talking about.. btw jessie is hoh againnn hahahahahahah

  76. Hey ashley, yeah you DID say the F-word in post # 90. The moderator deleted that part of the post. Besides, everyone here who clicks on “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” saw it in THEIR e-mail too.

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