Update: The live feeds are exactly that: LIVE! Click here to start watching now and see what’s going on inside the Big Brother House! What might you be missing? And I quote, sayeth the half-naked girl, “everyone needs to party in their panties.” I kid you not. It’s going to be a good season on the live feeds. Have you signed up?

Update 2: Oh. My. Gawd. Jordan just announced “we’re going to run around naked tonight.” Lydia is following her around during this. Is this Lydia’s plan to make out with another girl like she said? I may stay up a little late tonight…

Big Brother has returned like that old friend we were all anxious to see again. Best of all it started out with a bang as we met our new household of wonderful favorites and boo-hiss villains who we will follow for the next few months.

My villain might just have to be the mysterious HG who is not so mysterious anymore, is he?? That whole twist did not turn out as I had hoped. Ugh, another season of Jessie (BB10)? Yes, that’s right Jessie is our 13th HG!

So far I’m digging Lydia and Casey. She seems cool and he’s busy making funny jokes. Both are in the “Offbeats” group so hopefully they’ll team up well.

I’ve got my live feeds set up and ready with the clock counting down to 9PM PST when Big Brother 11 will flip the switch and turn it all on. Are you ready to watch it all? There’s still time to get the 3-month, $13/month discount rate.

Now I want to hear your reaction to tonight’s premiere. Who’s your favorite now that we’ve had to chance to see them in action? Which HG will be your love-to-hate this summer? Share your thoughts and discuss in the comments.

If you missed tonight’s season premiere you can watch the whole episode online here at TV.com.

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