Big Brother 11: Week 1 Live Eviction Episode Tonight + Chelsia Live Chat

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have our first live eviction for the season as either Braden or Chima will be evicted. So far an overwhelming majority of you want Chima gone, but up until yesterday evening it looked like a lock for sending Braden home instead. “But first,” before that can happen it seems Jordan has worked her magic and Braden just might be saved!

ChiBrad has a great recap here in the Diary Room where he shows how things have shifted in the house. Jordan, Jeff, Laura, Ronnie, and Michele were convinced to keep Braden over Chima, but that would only leave them with a 5-5 vote and Jessie would break the tie, sending Braden home. The last vote they needed was Casey and it sounds like they may have it. Wow!

The big unknown right now is how the rest of the day plays out in the house. Considering how much things shifted overnight we could see even more of that on the live feeds today leading up to the live vote. If the meat heads get wind of what’s about to happen then be prepared for another Russell rampage!

So tonight after the live eviction, since we won the Live Feeds contest, Big Brother Network will be hosting an exclusive web chat starting at 9PM EST here in our Chat Room with the hosts of “Express Lunch,” Chelisa (BB9) and Missy, joining us to take your questions and give their reactions to tonight’s eviction.

Everyone is welcome to join in this exclusive chat. You won’t have to register to pose a question to Chelsia and Missy, just stop by at 9:00PM EST and join in!

Meanwhile, get your Big Brother 11 live feeds ready so you can watch the house react uncensored to who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can still get the $13/month discount rate. That along with your monthly $10 in free mp3s with your subscription and you’re getting a really good deal. Try it for free. Keep it for fun!

Here’s your last chance to vote for you who want to see evicted tonight on Big Brother. Be sure to sign-up for the free Big Brother email updates, register for the Big Brother Forum, follow us on Twitter, and grab the free Big Brother Toolbar.


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  1. I don’t care what color she is, I can’t stand her laugh. Of the two, Braden is more entertaining to me.

  2. @tired: “Again”? You mean “again” as in for the second time in 11 seasons? Mega was the first person to be evicted in Season 1. If Chima is the first evicted in Big Brother 11 then that would be the first time an African-American was evicted first in the past 10 seasons.

    Get your facts straight before making racist comments.

    You can check for yourself with a quick scan through Wikipedia.

  3. Race has nothing to do with it! Chima is a real whiner and acts like she doesn’t even want to be in the house.

    She needs to go home

  4. Wow, how ridiculous, pulling the race card. It has nothing to do with her race, she’s annoying and boring to watch!

  5. I like Braden more, but i want him evicted because I want Jessie/Russell/Natalie to go far

  6. I’m an african american woman and i will be the FIRST to say that Chima needs to go.
    this has absolutely nothing to do with race at all.. shes just a b!tch. if she was white,yellow, blue, purple, green i wouldnt want her to be there because she doesn’t even wanna be there.
    this is the first time in all the years i’ve been watchin Big Brother that i want a black person to be out the door first.

  7. Its really annoying when people pull the race card pointlessly, like, last year, nobody said look at that, a white person is the first to go for the 9th time in a row. I mean, really, there is no difference.

  8. I think we can all agree that the commenter was out of line and made an ignorant statement.

    Let’s move on and instead focus on how awesome tonight’s live eviction will be because anything could happen with the vote being this close!

  9. I think Braden needs to leave. Since everyone on here is so stuck on race, why does he get off smoothly for calling Kevin a beaner? And since we’re on the bigoted page, what about Jeff? The guy’s homophobic and has said Fag many times in the Big Brother house like it’s nothing! And yet these two are like America’s favorite? Bullshit!

  10. To be honest, I haven’t mentioned his use of the word Beaner, because I don’t know what it means lol.

  11. @Kaleb: Braden has hardly gotten a pass on his racist comments to Kevin. It was covered here on the site and across most all Big Brother sites and Braden was raked across the coals for it, deservedly so.

    I’ve heard that Jeff was calling someone that word which isn’t cool either. But to say he is homophobic as a result is presumptuous. I would rather infer he is insensitive to its implications, especially with someone like Kevin in the house.

    While I agree he shouldn’t be using that word at anyone I can’t exactly reach in through the live feeds and tell him to stop it. But if someone shows up here and cites ignorant racist comments I can.

    Here’s an article slamming both men for their choice of words:

  12. Race should never be a factor in evictions. I just think Chima is an annoying diva. She thinks she is too good for the house. Let’s talk about other annoying habits. Casey picking his nose constantly and his bleching. Grow up already! And who taught these kids to eat with their mouths open. I don’t want to see their chewed food nor hear them talk with their mouths full. And take your butt off of the counter where food is prepared. They all talk about gaining weight. How about not eating constantly and late at night, then going to bed. I think these kids were all raised in a zoo. No manners at all. Race doesn’t enter into that.

  13. @Adam: The slur “beaner” is intended to refer to Mexicans for the common use of beans in Mexican foods. Yeah, it’s a pretty stupid one.

    If someone called me “pizza” I’m not sure what I’d do, but probably be confused and think they were offering me some. Now if they yelled “hey, fructose corn syrup!” I’d probably get pretty pissed off.

  14. Gosh, I wonder what extremely intelligent person came up with that insult, that’s like PHD worthy, but seeing as this is a Big Brother comment thread I have another question. Its obvious Laura had a boob job, but is it true that Jordan did too?

  15. @Adam: Oh yes, Jordan definitely had implants done just weeks before she came on the show. She proudly shared this information repeatedly during preseason interviews.

  16. okay first off with all the racism. it has nothing to do with the game so why bring it up now. the object of the game is to outsmart somebody and win the money. if your gonna be a racist get the heck out of the house and go on some vh1 show. but also if your gonna whine all the time and act like you wanna be voted out then dont be suprised when you get voted out. its a toss up tonight really i want chima to go home but truthfully the way things work in the house you never truely know but i think it will be chima.

  17. It is terrifying to think that the whole vote rests on Ronnies narrow shoulders. I honestly cannot get a handle on what he is going to do! If he votes to keep Chima, it will be entirely because he is intimidated by Russell. In which case, the rest of the people who GENUINELY like him will turn their backs. If he sides with the goon squad, they will use him up and then spit him out. Is he as smart as he says he is???

  18. i completely agree my fingernails have turned into nubs and the episode just started. having braden up and him being one of my favorites is so hard.

  19. oh boy here we go all drama unfolding. what happened i thought braden and lydia were allies but braden just screwed himself over.

  20. what a mistake not getting rid of chima–especially her speech,give me a break–what a drama queen,good luck with her big brother house unless she starts to chime in with a group she is a done deal–too bad she is still there

  21. Okay i completely agree with somebody for the first time. Chima ur a drama queen. You seriously need to grow the heck up. Your own clique doesn’t even like you. Ronnie is a total piece of crap because he goes and he swears to God and he swears on other things that should never be sworn on. I can understand the whole “fingers crossed” rule but when your taking it that far somethings gotta give. Ronnie is no doubt gonne put up:
    Jordan and Jeff. Hopefully Laura or Casey will win the PoV if ther playing in it and take of one of them, but unfortunately one of them will get evicted.

  22. i dont think that they had to evict braiden.. it was so random & pointless..

    im just wondering whats going to happen this week,we all know the HOH jessie is probably gonna put ronnie on the block, but who else ?
    or will he put someone up for kicks ? because everyone is going to vote ronnie, if hes on the block..

    oh yeah i hope someone puts natalie on the block.. she went and told russel what ronnie was going to do, like put him on the block (who ended up being laura) then she ends up voting for jordan anyway.. when she calaims she was never going to vote got laura ever..
    shes a huge shit disturber.. and thats why russel despite him only have the POV like once… he manages to pursway everyone else into doing what he wants..


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