Big Brother 11: Week 1 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of the season’s first live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the second HoH competition. Join us right now in the chat room for discussion of everything going on through the live show.

Stay tuned here for the live updates and then stick around for our exclusive webchat with Chelsia Hart (BB9) and Missy, the hosts of “Express Lunch,” in our chat room from 9PM to 10PM EST. They’ll take your questions and talk about their thoughts on this new season of Big Brother.

I’ll be updating this post here with the eviction and HoH competition results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode!

Live Eviction voting:

  • Russell: Votes to evict Braden
  • Natalie: Votes to evict Braden
  • Jeff: Votes to evict Chima
  • Jordan: Votes to evict Chima
  • Kevin: Votes to evict Braden
  • Laura: Votes to evict Chima
  • Lydia: Votes to evict Braden
  • Michele: Votes to evict Chima
  • Casey: Votes to evict Chima
  • Ronnie: Votes to evict Braden

It’s a tied vote at 5-5 since Ronnie went back on his word to Jordan and the rest. Jessie, as HoH, will have to break the tie. Jessie votes to evict Braden.

By a vote of 6 to 5, Braden has been evicted from Big Brother 11!

HoH Competition:

  • Round 1 – Laura gets it right. Chima eliminated.
  • Round 2 – Jeff gets it right. Kevin eliminated.
  • Round 3 – Laura gets it right. Russell eliminated.
  • Round 4 – Casey gets it right. Natalie eliminated.
  • Round 5 – Laura gets it wrong. Laura eliminated.
  • Round 6 – Casey gets it right. Jeff eliminated. The Athletes are out of power.
  • Round 7 – Lydia gets it right. Jordan eliminated. The Populars are out of power.
  • Round 8 – Ronnie gets it right. Casey eliminated.
  • Round 9 – Michele gets it right. Lydia eliminated.
  • Round 10 – Ronnie gets it right. Michele eliminated. Ronnie is the new HoH!

Ronnie is the new Head of Household for Week 2 of Big Brother 11.

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on. You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds at a limited time $13/month discount rate. So far I’ve definitely not been disappointed with the show these HGs have been putting on!

What did you think of tonight’s results? Were you shocked at the eviction? What about our new HoH for this week? Did your side of the house win in the power grab? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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  1. Lydia (sp) needs to go home – I liked her – I did not judge her but she went beserk and that little Chima – she is a rascist – I think – she needs to go home along with Jessie – but that Ronnie made a mistake also.

  2. Unfortunately it went exactly as I suspected it would. Now Ronnie won’t get called on his defection vote because everyone will be too worried he will target them for eviction. The way this season is going I hope someone has the guts to stand up to him anyway.

    I’m in the chatroom but I can’t use it. It updates the screen every two or three minutes and everyone’s comments go scrolling by real fast. But it’s stuck on type your name to join on my end. Clicking anywhere just brings an hourglass. Hubby says there is not enough bandwidth between me and the chatroom but other people seem to be using it fine.

  3. This is conveniant, now it is clear to me who I hate and who I like. I hate Jessie, Russle, Kevin, Lydia, Natalie, Chima and Ronnie. I like Jordan, Laura, Jeff, Michelle, and Casey. Brayden is gone so I don’t even know if I want to watch it anymore.

  4. This sucks big time my peps are all ready heading home and i wanted to slape that chima so bad it is not funny

  5. I agree with you adam not sure that i want to watch anymore now that ronnie got hoh. Ugh— well the good part is maybe people will see him for what he is a lying snake in the grass

  6. Lydia needs to go. I liked her at first, but she totally lied about selling out Braden (not that I liked him). She acted all offended that he was mad that she sold him out. She lied that she never suggested him…when she did repeatedly and several separate occasions to Russell and Jesse. She should have just owned up instead of causing a scene….because she looked like an idiot. And if I was Braden, I’d have called her a b*tch too…because it’s what I’d cal someone who stabs someone in the back and then tries to act all righteous. I know it’s the game to lie, but she seemed to actually believe herself in her “goodbye” vid to Braden.

  7. Yeah Braden is gone!!! Booya… I think it would be cool if Big Brother did a “Rumor Competition” Everyone knows that High School is controlled by “he said, she said” So they could take statements from the houseguests and everyone would have to decide if it was True or just rumor…ha ha ha…Lovin it!!!
    God Bless,
    P.S, so maybe i like Russell now…maybe

  8. It sucks that the people I like will be the first to go, especially now that they are on opposite alliances. I also found out I dont like lydia or Kevin, or chima. I never thought I would say this but of that alliance my favorite is Jesse which is a huge surprise to me.

  9. Or “he said, she said” have a statement and the houseguests will have to decide who in the house said it…fun

  10. Jessie sucks. Russell sucks. Lydia I liked, then disliked. Ronnie is a flake. I like Kevin. Go Kevin!

  11. oh come on please. i cant believe people wanted braden gone that are outside the bb house. braden was the nicest person in the house. i can understand that people r hating on lydia but shes still one of my favorites. and people have to understand the name of the game and thats to outwit the other houseguests.

  12. wow. braden gone and ronnie new hoh. this week is/will be very interesting. he’ll obviously target a popular person or an offbeat unless soemthing changes with his athlete/brains alliance. russel should go next. im glad kevin stood up for him and lydia that was interesting

  13. Laura is a smart girl she has figured out exactually what ronnie is up to now if she can only convince the rest of her alliance they will not trust him and like Casey said we’ll see who he nominates. How you gonna get yourself out of this one ronnie–maybe his persuasive talk as come to an end–but i highly doubt it -although i think the jeff, jordan alliance-etc. is smart enough to figure him out-or i hope at least they do –laura is alreadly there hurry up the rest of you get with it alreadly.

  14. So, I am not surprised.

    Ronnie would never go against the athletes, because they have very strong personalities and attitudes. Russell and Natalie naturally go off on people and act bullyish; I teach high school and see people like them on a daily basis. In a nutshell, no one like Ronnie will ever willingly go against a bully and will always try to talk his way out of it with anyone nice.

    Instead, he will claim to the athlete group that he let Jesse make the decision and take blame off of him so that Braden’s buds will continue talking to him, and then he can bring the info to the athletes. He will then claim to the Braden bunch that creating the 5:5 tie was to protect himself and keep an “in” with the athletes for the sake of all others and all the information he can take to them.

    Now my biggest concern…

    When Chima (who seems very pissed at those that voted for her to leave) played the race card, she opened a HHHUUUGGGEEE can of worms that now will taint the house, I’m afraid. Look carefully. Anyone with ethnic blood is on the athlete side of the house: Lydia, Kevin, Russell, Natalie, Chima. Chima and the others will use it to their advantage now.

    Kevin was honestly insulted by Braden’s outburst and epithets, and rightly so. However, I don’t think he uses his race, sexuality, or anything else as a crutch. If he did, the “bitch” in him (that he readily admitted to preseason) would have come out with claws. Lydia, on the other hand, has been empowered by Natalie and Russell’s big mouths. So, she is playing the bully bitch to the hilt.

    I predict Ronnie will initially nominate one member from each group to keep his middle man persona going, convince someone to use the POV, and then backdoor the target of the strongest group. I think that target will be Jeff.

    One disclaimer though, I am waiting to see who switches sides this week. This is a very volatile group. Jessie could begin to feel threatened and move a little, and Casey is trying to maintain his own turf rather than pick a side.

    Anything could happen at this point, but I am willing to bet HoH will go to Ronnie’s head and he will make a big mistake somewhere with someone this week.

  15. Ronnie is gonna cut off his nose to spite his face (is that the right term? LOL) He’s book smart, but not “street smart” he’s not a good “liar”.

  16. What in the world did chima say that was bleeped out? Did Braden say something about Julie Chen????? Ronnie is a worm!!!!

  17. I agree with Michelle, Ronnie May be book smart but he doesnt seem to be socially smart but doesnt realize this. I think that someone didnt have enough practice socializing in high school.

  18. who knows what ronnie will do.. it’ll be a last minute decision.. and I guarantee you that it won’t be prudent…just saying…and thanks, Andy…..I’m usually unique with my thoughts, so it’s nice to see someone see what I see….LOL

  19. Sorry about that last post, not tootin’ my own horn….I am (as my husband says) a bull in a china shop. I just don’t have many people agree with my whacked out opinions.

  20. I think he will initially put up Michelle and Natalie, get Michelle taken off the block, then backdoor Jeff.

  21. @BBHappy64

    He can’t nominate Michele. My bet is he’ll nominate Casey and blame him for the tie-breaker vote.

    Anyway, I am glad Braden’s gone! Does anyone here actually watch the live feeds? If not, then you are all blind by CBS’s editing skills. Braden called Kevin a beaner! It doesn’t matter if you apologize! That’s the same as saying Nigger to a black man! It’s not right on any level and BONUS! He called Julie a ho two nights ago. That is what Chima was trying to tell everyone and I’m glad she did because CBS just sucks at editing the show.

    Chima totally scored points with me on that one. I didn’t care who went home, but after that speech, I was like “Please let Chima stay!”

  22. Ronnie can’t put Michelle up, right? No one from brains can be nominated. Totally see the backdoor coming for Jeff, though. Too bad..

  23. I like Lydia. Yeah, tonight’s episode, she came off bitchy, and lied about putting Braden up, but last time I recalled, this game is called Big Brother where EVERYONE lies. She was covering her own ass..

    (If you were nominated, you would probably try to get off the block.. even if others assure you that ur safe –> reasons why pawns usually get evicted.) If you see things from Lydia’s perspective, everything she does makes complete sense.

    I like Kevin for standing up for himself and helping out his friend when she was being verbally attacked.

    Jordan and Jeff are also favorites for being so nice and standing for what they believe in, however in the Big Brother house, this isn’t going to cut it. Nice guys never finish at the finish line in Big Brother.

  24. Good of Kevin to stick up for his friend, but could have done so in less of a junior high way.

  25. Laura is the only one to see that ronnie is lying to everyone–like i said get with it people

  26. It truly is interesting to see how vested people’s emotions get when watching other people! I really liked Braden, too, but realized he probably would be the one to go home as the personality as a whole in the house is quite immature and volatile. Hopefully the quiet ones will wake up and start taking out the bullies early.

  27. Ya’ll are right, he can’t put up Michelle. (THis clique thing confuses me, because I don’t seem them acting on it.)

    My revised guesses are Jordan and Natalie, get Nat off the block and backdoor Jeff.

    And I’m sorry, but I don’t like Natalie. She reminds me of a yappy, ankle-biting little dog that acts like it is a great dane.

  28. I CAN’T BELIEVE Braden is gone, oh my god, and now Ronnie, is HOH..WT?..yaknow right, i am just speachless, first lets talk about Braden, You will be missed, im so sorry to see you go..
    Second, Was that the shortest HOH game ever. it was 4 minutes, and over..BB listen make them sweat it out,, i have live feeds, ill watch til 2
    third.. Ronnie is such a DORK, like his tshirt said..and when is the baby due? and just lie to everyone, and swear to it.i hope Russell beats his AS?..Fourth, I am pulling for Heart Throb “Jeff”, always loved Jessie but cmon, lets have some brains, lay off the energy drink, it doesnt produce brain cells..ok
    Fifth.. Natilie needs to go home, she walked in being a devil…most deserves this $500,000 is Kevin, he stood by his friend, and that was priceless, although, he didnt have to vote Braden out..but understood why..names in first few days man…WOW what a season already to all my fellow BB followers out there, LOTS OF HUGS..Lets see how this turns out in a few days..ill be here watching…

  29. when they were eliminating casey should have took out ronnie and let jeff throw it. ronnie is over-playing this game BIG TIME and i expect the nominees to be Casey and Russell. He’ll tell both that they’re a pawn. Then when the veto gets used Ronnie’s true colors are gonna shine again.

  30. Think Lydia will be giving Ronnie any ‘afternoon delights’? Jessie may even suggest it.

  31. i dont like natalie either,her first sentence was a lie her age.she is cocky i guess when you know kungfu or whatever it is you can be.ronnie is living up to his nerd heritage.and lydia shes a nasty nasty girl.i think ronnie will put up casey-jeff.he thinks he is safe w/the athletes but russel and jessie arent threatened by him. they know he weasled.i think they got rid of braden cause he was better looking. oh can we change our predictions braden was my 1st to go to the end.

  32. I agree with Mike. IT’S A GAME! who cares if Lydia is a total bitch. She is playing it smart. She is securing her place in the game by throwing Braden’s name. Everyone is taking it all too seriously! I like the populars. i like the brains, (i love michelle!) i also like the off-beats (They seem kinda quirky.) I only like Natalie (she’s very bold and frank,) for the Athletes.

  33. ronnie is being smart but he is overplaying at the beginning, the first week is not the time to do all this 2 sided switches etc.. its just putting attention on him and now he won HoH russell and jesse are probably going to think , “hey this guy might actually not be the pushover we thought” , think jesse will let ronnie take heat and turn against him pretty soon, jesse will outlast ronnie in my opinion which is funny

  34. just finished watching BB. Had to DVR it. Can’t believe Braden home. Sure he was opinionated, but the others say things just as bad. I don’t always like what he says, but he was a little more likable than botoxed Chima. She is such a diva and should have been sent home first. Lydia has lost all my respect. I really liked her at first. She couldn’t even own up to throwing Braden under the bus to saveher own a**. Kevin, don’t even get me started on him. I have lots of gay friends, but none of them act like him. His nose is so far up Lydia’s butt, it will never come clean. Then there is Ronnie. I don’t think I would have trusted him if I had gone to school with him. He is sooooooooooooooo shifty!!!!!!!!! His whole head is inserted up Jessie”s and Russell’s rearends. But as we have seen before, you can only play both sides for so long. Can’t believe Russell believed him when he questioned him about how Braden found out about being put on the block. Too many steroids has gotten to his brain I guess. Well guess it will be Jeff and Michelle this week. Unless Ronnie switches sides again.

  35. Don’t be mad at chima she had to save her butt or if she went home go out “Guns A-Blazing”. She’s not racist just had to try to use Braden’s words against him. Be mad that he use those words for them to be thrown back in his face. I don’t like Diva Chima but Doofus Braden I disliked more. I would have been glad either way. Glad Ronnie is the HOH. Maybe he will knock the Athletes a few pegs and show how a real HOH works. Because he is his own man and is going to play how he wants to play.

  36. Jeff was really funny on the after dark broadcast tonight. He basically told his whole group to stop whining about the other group because they just out played them. Jordan is too sweet for this game. What is disapointing about that group is that they seem to think the game is over for them because of one bad fist week. Jeff actually said “I suck at big brother.” Hilarious… Casey is a goofballs, but may be my best shot at having so done I lime make a run at this.

  37. I think this Big Brother is too volatile. Ronnie is a weasel. Chima should go home. Lydia is two faced. Russel is smart, but can’t trust him. I like Jeff, Laura, Michelle, Casey,and Jordan. The rest are not to be trusted. If the good ones go home, I will quit watching.

  38. Lol, Hopefully he will put up Laura and Jordan. I Don’t Like Jordan!! (nor Laura)

  39. Good God..Ronnie is such a bore. Most of the people in the house are a bunch of bullies. It’s so typical for them to get out the most likable and popular people first. Natalie is the No#1 low-life. Chima, what f@#king egg did she fall out of. She is so fugily, and has a shitty personality. Russell is a bully and Jessie is still the loser he was on the previous show. Lydia is everything that Branden called her. Why do you think that she got so pissed off. Everything about her is so distressed looking. Her bleached dry hair (definitely wrong color), tattoos all over her body. I wonder what she is hiding from. People like her have low self-esteem and are desparately looking for approval from society. Eventually the in crowd will turn on each other. That’s when interest will be revived for me. What a bunch of losers Big Brother picked.

  40. Braden was kind of dingy. But sad to see him go. Ronnie, OMG, he’s not a brain or nerd, but just a loser. Watching BBAD, will Natalie please, please such the heck up! And I just love how they(the bullies) are all being totally fake about how he sounds like the crazy cat lady. I own two cats myself, but come on. I hope CBS ratings go drop so much after this that they have to switch up this messed up show. Jeff, my new hero, better make it far. Michelle, please don’t sell your soul like Lydia.

  41. I CAN’T STAND NATALIE…..How FN Annoying !!
    I want to punch her in the face when she talks.
    She’s so gross. Yuck! Someone needs to get her out ASAP. It would make it easier on my stomach.

  42. It’s going to be Casey and someone else. Ronnie has already laid the groundwork. The question is will he pick Jeff or Laura to be the second. Or will he actually talk one of his crowd to be the pawn. I think Michelle has targeted herself for that position running to them after Jordon used the “fag” word supposedly insulting Michelle in the process.

  43. What is up with the people that are watching this show???? Laura, Michelle, Jeff, and Jordan are not the nice people in the house. They are the whiny oh woe is me people in the house. I don’t like any of them because they play this game to emotionally. This is the 11th season and you would think that people would know that lieing and scheming are part of this game. I like Chima, what is wrong with being a Diva, I would whether be a Diva then a whore like Michelle, Laura and Jordan are. A lot of you people must not see the Live Feeds because those girls talk about some nasty stuff. I personally don’t care but I am tired of all of the negative comments about Chima, Lydia, Kevin, and Russell especially from people who don’t know the entire story. Get all of the facts first before you make a judgement on someone. Your all american-white girls are not nothing “nice”. Also Michelle made a mistake in turning on a clique member, it was too early for that. Also Casey needs to do some damage control or he may be on the block with most likely one of the remainder “populars”. GO CHIMA, LYDIA and KEVIN!!!!!!!

  44. Big Brother where is your school spirit??? Since big brother is a high school now, they need school spirit!!! They should have a competition dealing with the past season!!! Big Brother has ruled the ratings for 11 season, so show your pride!!!
    P.S I love how America got to vote on the last competition, makes everyone who loves Big Brother feel like they are part of the action!!!

  45. Study up Big Brother, your finals are here!!! Toward the end of school students have to take finals, sooo should the big brother house guests…dealing with a recap of the season…who was the second BB to win HOH…go nerds!!! Oh but wait, not gym class…

  46. מאי אלוהים יברך את הדירוג של 11 אח גדול, כל כך יודע את כוחו של המשיח …אלוהים יברך … ישוע הוא הדרך, את האמת ואת shines אור על העולם …

  47. Casey and michelle will put their heads togather an come up with a plan to flip the house. I hope casey or jeff wins. I cannot stand natalie…………………….
    and russell needs a good man to love him.ha.
    jessie will lose again because he is getting sick of natalie the princess’s mouth.


  49. I still have a problem liking any of these people. Lydia is a skank, will she have sex with anyone that puts her on the block (including the women?)Time will tell. Ronnie is, in his own way, as full of himself as Jesse. So far Casey seems the most level headed of this house but then he should be at 40 or whatever his age. Immaturity seems to be the name of the game here.

  50. I think Ronnie made a big mistake last night and it will come back t bite him in the ass.As far as lydia goes sdhe is a back stabber and needs to go home along the meat head Jessie. I am surprised Jess and Russell don’t try to compare who has the biggest body. They both love themselves.I think it was awful the way Russell attacked Jeff for no reason.

  51. I thought I would be annoyed with Laura but… she’s now my favourite along with Jordan, Jeff, Casey, and Michelle. Lydia, the athletes (minus Jeff) and Kevin needs to go home ESPECIALLY Lydia. What an annoying piece of crap.

  52. meek i totally agree with you, i thought that laura..because she just seemed so….i dunno stuck up and snotty…kind of maybe…i dunno. but i love jordan and Jeff from the beginning.but after seeing them vote to evict chima…i now like casey and michelle. I think it’s funny how Michelle seems to be doing pretty good just going about her busness…and keeping to herself.

  53. Natalie is such an instigator!!!! She needs to stop getting into everyones business. Chima is a BITCH! Lydia, I lost respect for. Kevin better open is eyes!

  54. Jesse needs to go. He had his chance and blew it first time round. Ronnie is a DORK and will get his in the end. I used to like Lydia but she is a liar, and a baby. Who cares that Jordon didn’t cry when she got nominated. The only ones there that have any common sense are Michelle and Casey.

  55. I do not like the way that the game is going so far… I hate that Jessie is back!! And I don’t see how this high school thing can go on for too long. Ronnie will shoot himself in the foot this week if he isn’t careful and I hope that Casey doen’t go home.. So far he seems like the most level headed person in the house and he is funny. Lydia gets on my last nerve

  56. i hate jesse,i hope he got an infection from lydia &to leave the show.her to.maybe ronnie will get some of that walking std.i like casey but,athletes will make weasel boy put up casey,jeff.natalie is a follower,i hope they open eyes & get these low lifes out. russel is the brain musle behind jesse they both should go up so 1 of them will leave.

  57. I think the Jeff-Jordan-Laura-Casey-Michele alliance should play Ronnie now. One of them should go to hothead Russell and tell him Ronnie totally gave the heads-up on the backdoor of Braden. Russell will have it confirmed that Ronnie lied to his face. He won’t be able to control himself — he’ll let Ronnie have it and then intimidate him on making it up to the atheletes. Then, if Ronnie’s so smart, he’ll realize he’ll never regain the atheletes trust and he should backdoor one of them to get back in with his original group.

  58. looks like the houseguests are just rising. Jordan, Jeff and big boobs up in the HOH room talking about how tired they are and every day feels the same. Jesse and Natalie are upstairs on the couch talking stratedy (voices muted) he is pretending to massage a sore shoulder. chima and the rest in the kitchen complaining about the toiler paper and how it must be organic..everyone laughs.

  59. Not everybody can get live feeds and everybody is entitled to their opinion (right or wrong). Basic internet chatroom rules for the person who criticized both. Otherwise great comments. I read all 70 of them and do get the AfterDark feed every night. iF YOU LOOK AT THE PAST 4 WINNERS, they were either floaters playing both sides or master manipulators. S o even though i don`t like manipulators, people like Russell, Ronnie and Natalie should be favorites to win. My original final 4 picks were/are Braden, Laura, Michele and either Natalie or Casey. We can see how good i`m doing so far, huh? Natalie has the hottest body in the house, but geez, she`s annoying. Her age lie will be her downfall and don`t think Jesse (who does know her real age) won`t use it aginst her down the road. Finally, Ronnie might be the enemy to some this week, but he could be the savior to those same people next week. Or hell, even by the weekend!

  60. Why do people assume that we are not watching the feeds if we like the good guys? (Jeff-Jordan-Casey-Laura) It’s because we ARE watching the feeds that we know they ARE the good guys.

    Let’s see – Jessie – Sexually involved with Lydia while playing nice with Natalie but actually more in love with himself.

    Russell – Attacked Jeff for no reason thinking he was Evil Dick and would “unsettle” Jeff. A huge bully. Has called Kevin a faggot. Appears to me to be wanting a piece of Lydia for himself.

    Natalie – a small bully who loves to scream and attack other people but only when she’s got 3-4 people to back her up. Claims to be in love with her boyfriend at home but attached at the hip to Jessie.

    Chima – a whiny diva who doesn’t think she deserved to have to play the game since BB evidently approached her to be on the show.

    Lydia – a skank who flat said she would hook up with anyone to further her game and is openly sexually involved with Jessie on national tv. Called Bradon a “white gringo” and Jordon a “white bitch”. Guess that’s not racist in her opinion.

    Kevin – I think is potentially a good person and just got hooked up with the wrong people. But he also called Bradon (I think it was) a “cracka”. He needs to get away from Lydia.

    Now on the other side we have –

    Jordan – has a bit of an exhibitionist streak because she just got her new implants and feels more confident of her body. Has had a few dirty conversations but no inappropriate behaviors with Jeff.

    Jeff – hasn’t done anything bad to anyone. Upset that he trusted a rat. Likes Jordan but has not disrespected her in any way.

    Laura – has had a few dirty conversations but keeps herself covered up, cares what her parents think of her behavior, and is showing she has brains too.

    Casey – really went out on a limb in his own game to keep his word.

    That leaves –

    Ronnie – the rat. Playing both sides but in line to get burned bad if he doesn’t make his choices carefully this week.

    Michelle – I liked her to start with but besides her dirty conversations she is running from side to side too. She has made of point of letting everyone know she is bi-sexual. Since she is married you have wonder what her purpose is in that.

    Yeah, I think we are watching the live feeds and know who we like and who we don’t.

  61. There are no good guys in BIG BROTHER!!!!!! Everyone is talking stuff behinds everybody’s back. I think the annoyance is coming from this good guys VS bad guys stuff. Also I like Chima who cares if she has a Diva attitude she still did all that crap. I agree with her it would suck to sleep the way that she had to and have all those cold showers….. GO CHIMA and KEVIN!!!!

  62. one thing i like is we all have different ideas on who these people are and their game.i watch the feeds but i read all of it,my take on the game maybe different from someone else no one in general.we like who we like & love to hate those we dislike.i dislike jesse natalie russel lydia ronnie laura .but if they win their challenges to keep them in the game then they deserve to win.

  63. Currently unemployed so i have way too much time on my hands. BB needs more Asian women in the house. I`m watching 20+ hours a week and in chatrooms. Give me what i want to see. Too bad Jordan exposed herself twice between 8:30 and 9pm two nights go, but when showtime went on the air:NOTHING for 3 hours!

  64. I hate the team thing…it will save people who need to go and ship people out when they deserve to play the game. Bad move BB.
    I hated Jessie the last time around, but he seems better this season. Russell plays a good game but I hate his bullying. Natalie is a devious instigator!
    I liked lydia initially, but have lost respect for her. Kevin will be sorry he teamed up with the bullies.
    Casey will be on the block, because Ronnie will try to get him out to cover his lying butt. Ronnie will also be found out and sorry he teamed with bullies. Michelle is the dark horse. Jordan is sweet?? OMG whoever thinks that obviously did not watch live feeds.Jeff’s days are numbered, a shame because we haven’t seen what he is really made of. Laura I was ambivalent about at first, but I think she sees what others do not. How could people be blind so blind to Ronnie?

  65. love your comments Sweetbabe! russ better slow down or he’s getting his butt kicked out next week. he too volitale a creature. enjoyin the feeds – right now the houseguests are in a competition and the feeds have stopped.

  66. suzanne, i agree with you! I don’t like the team thingy either. I sure hope that jeff, Laura, Jordan, Casey, and michele get there game plan together soon or it is going to be quick one week after another and there won’t be any left of there team to compete. Ronnie was a traitor and he lies really good. with a straight face on top of it. if that is his game plan to win then I sure would not want any part of him at all. but he will get his in the end I’m sure but it won’t be the big mony.

  67. I absolutely hate Ronnie, Natalie and Lydia. Natalie looks and acts like a weasel, Lydia makes me always want to take a bath, she is dirty looking. Ronnie is a horrible human being. A liar to beat all liars and I cannot wait until he is sent packing.

    My favorites are Jeff, Laura, Jordan, Michelle and Casey. If Jeff, Jordan or Laura go home, I will not watch the show any longer. I will just wait until BB12, this winter.

  68. I have heard the powers that be want Jesse to win this year, and they always get what they want. I am still ticked off that Jesse not only got to come back and play again, but got to be HOH, how unfair is that.

    I loved last year’s show, hate this years so far. I can’t see how any of the people I like have a chance to stay. It will end up being all the people I cannot stand.

  69. oh noooo, plz get Jesse out of that house! couldn’t stand him last summer. I also am not a fan of the teams..eventually they will have to play as individuals, what will happen when just one athelte, off beat,etc. is left? (maybe pair up with season 10’s jerry? lol)Remember the winter show when the house guests started out as couples then we able to play seperately? hey check out the clip of jeff trying to teach jordan how to tell time..its hilarious! enjoy all!

  70. I’m with Adam with who’s his faves! If Ronnie is even HALF as smart as he thinks he is, he will nominate Jessie and Russell. Then, when one of them get the power of veto, put Natalie up and boom! you’re automatically rid of at least one of the meat for brains!

  71. Apparently when they do food, luxury, veto and HOH comps, the live feeds on the internet are turned off, thus forcing you to watch CBS edited 3x weekly broadcasts. I guess the lovely Julie Chen needs to restate her 24/7 promos. Is that “not so” 24/7 feed like $13?

  72. It seems to me that Ronnie will not put up Michele because she is on his team. so he can’t do that. so he will put up casey and laura or jeff and jordan. he won’t pick anyone who he sided with at all. so he will be forced to pick the “good guys” lol so to speak! what was today the food comp?

  73. I don’t think we’ll know who Ronnie is putting up until the words actually come out of his mouth. This afternoon was the have/have not competition and the Populars (Laura/Jordan) lost and are in the have not bedroom and eating slop.

  74. After the convo between Jordan and Russell, I think I have an idea why Russell hates Jeff so much. JORDAN! Remember he raised his hand when someone asked who all in the house has a crush on another houseguest? Plus, watching his body language and reaction to Jordan, I think he has a crush on her and just plain is jealous of Jeff! Anybody agree or disagree?

  75. Of course Natalie just had to pretend to overhear the whole thing – and she wasn’t hiding in the room. Like I said before, she is like a little ankle-biting and yapping dog that won’t hush!

  76. You were right Victor. Laura and Jeff are up.

    Are you watching right now? Russell is flipping to the other side after his conversation with Jordan in the storage room.

  77. BBhappy…LOL!! I was thinking the same thing of Natalie, I was calling her the chihuahua of the house biting at the ankles. I can not believe how bad she is lying. She will get caught.

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