Big Brother 11 Early Results Leaked – Spoilers – Updated

More details added… scroll down for news on last night and a hint on the 13th HG…

The Big Brother 11 houseguests entered their new home yesterday and the game has been underway ever since. As I hoped, we’ve already got our first Big Brother spoilers leaked out from RealityBBQ. The cliques have been rumorishly confirmed along with how previous HGs play into that 13th mystery spot.

If you’d rather keep it a surprise until Thursday, then just move to the next post. Otherwise, click “Continue Reading” to find out what happened overnight…

Okay, BB spoiler time. The HGs were split into groups again to enter the house and Russell, Ronnie, Laura, and Kevin went first. The cliques divided up almost as I had guessed. I was so close! Swap Chima into the “Brainiacs” and Casey into the “Off-Beats” and you’ve got the cliques:

  • Brainiacs: Ronnie, Michele, and Chima
  • Athletes: Natalie, Russell, and likely Jeff
  • Populars: Laura, Jordan, and Braden
  • Off-Beats: Lydia, Kevin, and Casey

Now for the 13th houseguest rumor. Supposedly, as many suspected, it’ll be a past Big Brother player, but there won’t be just one. Instead there will be 4 of them, one for each clique. The groups still don’t know who it’ll be, but the tipster says “One of them had a showmance. Another was almost an All Star.” And, most interesting of all is the tip that the first HoH will be a former HG. Shocka!

Who do you think it will be? Share your prediction in the comments below!

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Update: More news from the Big Brother house. Corner Office has returned and shared these new details on how the first night went and a huge clue on who might be returning as the 13th HG:

“As with every first night of Big Brother it was a love fest. Ronnie couldn’t hide his excitement.

During the “Getting to know you” in the living room, Laura and Braden sat in the “you got screwed chairs”.

Casey comes off as another Boogie, fedora and all.

Jeff wore the Chicago city flag on his shirt. He definitely has an accent

Michele downplayed her personal info.

Jordan is the new Jessica and everyone will love her.*

Watch out for Russell. He’s very chill and smart.*

Lydia and Laura were the first to talk game.* It was very brief and they said it’s hard to team up when they don’t know what cliques they’ll be in. Then Jeff and Russell joined them up stairs to play chess.

When Casey was called into the DR the rest of the HG made fun of him a little. Braden rapped as well as a white surfer from the OC can.

BB decided to divided the HG into their cliques after all. They found out when they entered the Back Yard for the HOH Comp

The first comp was endurance.

The Athletes seemed to have the best grip on the game over all. Not just the physical aspect but also the mental. They’re there to play.

At 11:30 the house had an HOH. You first met him in BB10 and he is sure to add a lot of drama to not only the house but to his clique as well.”

I’m thinking the HG we that we “first met” in BB10 might be Brian, last season’s first evictee. He was definitely a player whose time was cut short thanks to many unfortunate events. No confirmation though, just my guess and I could be wrong. Who do you think it might be?


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  1. Woooo-Hoooo!! 4 PAST BB players!! OMG NOWWWW I’m excited!! ;) This is going to be a great season, at first I wasn’t so sure.

    Gotta get my live feeds on soon!! =)

  2. OOOOO!!! Boy, oh boy! I sure hope that is true! How AWESOME!!! OK, my predictions are pretty common..
    Brian-Braniac, Sheila (ugh)-offbeat, Jessica-popular, Natalie-athlete. OOOOOO!!!

  3. Hmmmm just realized none of them could have been allstar… so I am stumped..

  4. For the “Almost an All-Star” that could mean he/she almost won the All-Star season, season 7. If that’s the case we’ve got Erika as the season’s runner-up. Janelle came in 3rd and good ol’ Dr. Will came in 4th.

    Oh My Gawh. Let it be Janelle. I will empty my bank account to you, Allison Grodner, if you’ll let it be Janelle. You can have all $22.36. I swear.

  5. OMG are you serious!!!! 4 past houseguests!!! that is incredible, this may just be the best season ever!!!!

  6. 4 past guests eh???
    lets see…
    Brainiac– Dr. Will???
    Atheletes– might as well go with Parker, he tired pretty hard~
    Populars– Gotta be Jannelle~ Luv that girl~
    Offbeats– Okay Chicken George wins that one by far~

  7. FOUR!!!! i nearly sh*t my pants…i LOVE reuniting with old ‘friends’!!:)

  8. Braniac – Brian
    Showmance Clue – Chelsia(Offbeat) / Jessica(Popular)
    Almost an allstar – Lisa(BB3) / Dana (BB4)(Athletes)??
    Not too sure though!

  9. All of the contestants in allstars WERE allstars so it has to be someone that never got in to the BB7 house

  10. I’m going with Janelle-the uber babe for the athletic leader

    Brianiacs-Dr. Will or Dan from last season*purring*

    Popular clique- Allison- just seems the type

    And for the fringe-maybe Nokomis or Chicken George as previously stated.

    Can’t W8 2 C who’s right!

  11. Im hoping. Diane from 5 or janelle. And im thinking the almost and all star is either janelle. for almost winning. or bunkey for almost getting in.

  12. i am somewhat confused…so does this mean 4 previous HG will return and the current HG will pick which one they want to keep makeing that person the 13th HG?

  13. off beat – eric
    popular – janelle
    athletic – nick
    nerd/geek – ??? help me out on this one

    those are my theories

  14. I agree with the poster who said not to bring back Natalie. I can’t stand to watch her anymore either. I almost quit last season early because she was just SO annoying! Anyone except for her and Evil Dick because he was so foul mouthed and disgusting with his spitting. Too much………..

  15. Popular – Sheila (She was a Penthouse Pet)
    Brain – Brian
    Athlete – Nick (Almost a showmance with Danielle)
    Off-beat – Nikomas(sp) (She was almost an all-star)

  16. Oh yeah, she was….

    Well here are the 6 people that didn’t get voted to all-stars:

    Monica Bailey (Big Brother 2)
    Bill “Bunky” Miller (Big Brother 2)
    Lisa Donahue (Big Brother 3)
    Dana Varela (Big Brother 4)
    Michael “Cowboy” Ellis (Big Brother 5)
    Ivette Corredero (Big Brother 6)

  17. i want cowboy. not ivette. i hated her. Capi this capi that. that girl wouldnt shut up.

  18. inside sources have already named Brian, Jessica and Sheila…..which leaves one spot open…none of those 3 were almost all stars, so it comes down to those 6 up there, of those 6 I only watched seasons 5 and up and I just hope to god its not Cowboy, he’s sooooo annoying

  19. Boy I wish they’d let us watch the show. Why are they having it without us? Don’t they think we’d find it interesting to see them when they all meet each other? What’s the sense in having it and not etting us see it? Just so they can talk about it?! That’s ignorant!

  20. Offbeat – Please let it be Evil Dick!!!
    Popular – Hopefully Janelle or Dr. Will.
    Athlete – I’d say Nick or maybe Janelle if she isn’t “popular.”
    Brains – Kaysar because he deserves a THIRD chance at this game. If not, then maybe Dr. Will.

    Janelle, Nick, and Will were all in shomances. As for “almost an all-star,” if that means almost won season 7 then it could be Janelle or Dr. Will.

    But above all, please let Evil Dick be there. Best player ever, with Dr. Will a close second.

  21. Now, I could be way off base, but could America be the mystery houseguest? We would fall under all four categories. Not only that, but it would be fun to have some control in the house.

  22. I think one of them will be Ivette, she never quite got on the Allstars, got a strong feeling about that one. Hopefully Janelle. Cowboy or Eric may be picked, and natalie from Season 9, or Sheila, because they both got close to final 2

  23. brainiac-dr.will booger-ie was a loser shirt tail dr. will let him win.athlete-danielle.populars-EVIL DICK PLEASE BE EVIL MEAN & HONEST LOVE beats-haha,gerry,but jenn is in.

  24. I agree, maybe it will be America. We deserve to have some control of the game.

  25. i agree with jeff-cowboy did he ever win anything?he sucked he was a liar and let everyone else do the opinion thats not a gamer thats wuss w/ a py9& 10 were the worst seasons ever but i watched because im a loyal fan.never missed a season.

  26. Hey, does anyone know when the live feeds will actually activate?
    I am not a big Janelle fan.. i hope it is not her.. I do love E.D, but can’t see him doing it again, or Dr Will, either..

  27. Also, we have been seeing a lot of Chelsia lately who i can’t stand! So maybe her? hope not.. I would like to see Eric as a brainiac up against Dan as a gamer.. now THAT would be an interesting competition…

  28. brian – athletic or brain
    sheila – off beat
    jessica – popular
    ??? who is the last one from all stars ??? maybe will or janelle. or cowboy??

  29. 3 days is waaaaay too long .. i think i might die. i just rewatched. season 2,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 for the 3rd time!!!!

  30. What about seeing MArcelles and Kevin trying to outdo each other?? With Marcelles making the biggest mistake in BB history, might be him?
    OOOOH!! I can’t stand this.. I can’t even work!! This is ridiculous!! LOL!

  31. Ok, Evil Dick, Dr. Will, can we bring Jerry back? And Jen?

    Good luck to everyone – I can not wait to watch!

  32. What is with this Kaysar crap? He sucked. He went home. I do not want him back. COME ON EVIL DICK!!!!LET’S WATCH THEM ALL PEE THEMSELVES.LOL

  33. Go to I found out who two of the four are. One is Jen, the other is Jun. I can’t make out who the other two are.

  34. I read almost an all-star as in they almost made the cut for season 7 but it may very well be some1 from season 7 that just didnt win, please please please please please please please be dr Will…………..

  35. i want to see heads & dweebs in the next bb.evil dick can be the ring leader,now theres some drama-action showmances.i hope dr.will patent on the word showmance.

  36. I cant wait!!!! Bring it on!!!
    I cant wait!!!! Bring it on!!!

    I heard EvilDick and Janelle will be hosting the after show….

  37. The left side of the screen titled “Leather Bandolier” and “Slop” on

  38. I think Nick will be one for the showmance, but don’t have a clue on the other 3 !
    As if the BB fans don’t have enough “STRESS” to worry about just waiting for BB 11 to start on Thursday, now these LEAKS to force our brains into yet more STRESS!

  39. Go to, click on shows, then click on Big Brother. You will see some video clips that you can watch.

  40. It’s not media day if you click on the “slop” and “leather bandolier”. The other one is media day. The other 2 are showing the houseguest including Jen and Jun.

  41. jen was in media day. and jun wasnt jun. it was a girl that looked like jun

  42. is there anyway to get the livefeeds w/o a credit card…??? Paypal??!!
    i do not own a credit card. capable of, just chose not too..but now i regret that decision!! I WANT LIVE FEEDS!! anyone know how?!! (legally of course!!)

  43. The same people that bash Cowboy for never winning anything and letting other people do his dirty work, all hail Dr. Will…

    Ummm…McFly? Dr. Will was the king at not winning anything and getting other people to do his dirty work. And he has to be one of the biggest liars in the history of the game.

    I loved Dr. Will, but come on…don’t bash Cowboy for doing the same thing.

  44. No one has mentioned Ollie? Ex football player… Had a Showmanice… And from season 10!!!

    “At 11:30 the house had an HOH. You first met him in BB10 and he is sure to add a lot of drama to not only the house but to his clique as well.”

    “One of them had a showmance.”

    Ollie is one of them… Athletes

    Oh and for the Almost and All Stars… I’m pretty sure it’s Bunky… I got a feeling… But I hope it’s Kayser…

    For Popular it might be Jessica or Jen (Both from BB8)… More likely to be Jessicasince Jen was a part of Media Day Coverage of the BB11 house…

    And for the Brainiacs, I would guess it will come from season 9… Not sure who though…

    BUT OLLIE for sure… And Im not a huge Ollie fan… But I just know

  45. ahh come on dr. will had game a plan not to mention a personality. cowboy was not a gamer he just slithered no game.your right about ollie,i wish he would have showed more of his muscle instead of screaming like a girl over birds above him. haha

  46. Okay..changing my predictions to:

    Athlete: Jessie
    Brain: Eric
    Popular: Sheila
    Off-Beat: Cowboy

    Definitely not Bunky…he’s doing the show with Keesha. Ollie was way to boring for CBS to want him back. Jessie was hated, but at least he WILL add drama to the house!

  47. oh i like kaysar, just to docile for the show.jessie was hated.he would ause some great,keesha was a good player i still think her & danielle are sisters.evil dick where were you.

  48. I’ve watched seasons 9 and 10 so I’m not familiar with most of the names being thrown around. However they all sound better than Sheila or Brian. Sheila is washed up and will once again only talk about how she is a single mother and deserves to win SOOOOOOOOOOO much more than everyone else. And Brian is a dime a dozen, you can go to any college campus in America and literally find thousands and thousands of Brian’s. I can’t believe they casted someone so bland to begin with and I REALLY won’t believe it if they bring him back AGAIN. That’s just terrible casting if true. I’m probably in the minority but I’d rather see Sharon from season 9 or Angie from season 10 back.

  49. Oh and Keesha is a “good player” is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Her and Sheila were exactly the same, weak players carried to the end because Adam/Ryan and Dan/Memphis knew they would be easy to defeat. I laugh at how often people confuse players getting carried with players playing well. Dan was a good player. Keesha/Sheila needed all the help they could get.

  50. lets see
    showmance could be diane bb5
    an almost all star could be brian or one of the 6 not selected by america and the producers to not play in all stars. that could be dana cowboy lisa ivette monica or bunky.

  51. donna, dr will never won a challenge but he was still easily the best big brother player in the history of the show. I think it’s better to not win challenges most of the time, or at least win certain ones strategically when needed.

  52. victor your right he didnt. i absolutely agree w/you.the other players tried to copy cat him.they had no personality or stamina.everyone needs to win those challenges.there always sneak attack or a twist.they can only stay at bay just so long.

  53. I want to know also, if there’s a way to watch the live feeds without paying? Anyone know how?

  54. Welllll … if big brother keeps the cliques even on male and female members then the populars and the brainiacs both need one more male, while the athletes and the off-beats need a female … so as for the “almost an all-star” clue, which obviously means one of the six who didnt make it into the house since the season was called all-stars the ones in the house were all voted in as “all-stars”, It most likely is not bunky or cowboy since the cliques needing males are populars/brainiacs and neither would qualify as either the only group they could be is off-beats really, so that leaves the four females that didn’t make it in the house that season, Monica, Lisa, Dana, and Ivette … and really lisa is the only one who doesnt really make sense in on of the cliques needing a female which would be Athletes and Off-Beats, however Dana (a karate school manager at the time of her season) makes perfect sense as the athlete, so she is almost a guarantee reuturning player in my eyes however i would not be completely shocked if it were Monica or Ivette as an off-beat, even though my guess for the off-beat is actually Renny at the moment

  55. Based on rumors and speculation. I would hope the returning players were Brian for brainiacs, Jessica for populars, Shelia or Monica for off beats and anyone but Jessie for athletes.

  56. I thought there were only going to be 13 HG’s? If 4 past HG’s came back to the BB House then that would be 16 HG’s. I need help!! lol

  57. i know this is great cbs is making up for seasons 9 & 10.4 former house guests hopefully from season 8 and so caught up in this bb11 thing i actually scare my self maybe i need a 2nd job.haha i would just tape it.

  58. I just read on Jokers update that during the HOH competition each clique had a former houseguest playing with them. The former houseguest of the winning clique entered the house as the 13th houseguest and new HOH

  59. I like the idea of america (us) being the unknown houseguest/ more likely to be another BB past houseguest. As for those asking about watching the live feeds and not paying for it try the u tube videos. Last summer I saw alot of the late night antics with Remmy, she was alot of fun! fortunately we only have a few more days to find out!

  60. America being the 13th houseguest is a horrible idea. We get to see everything. It takes away the scheming when one of the houseguests has all the info….that is what happened on season 8 and many feel that was a blown season because of America’s involvement.

    Just keep America doing the phone messages, food restrictions, and luxuries….leave the voting, scheming, and alliances to the houseguests.

  61. Maybe the body of Michael Jackson is the 13th houseguest? Who really knows what happened to Michael Jackson? No one really knows.

  62. Does anyone know where I can buy dvd’s of all the past Big Brother shows from, seasons 1 thru 10?

  63. barbie u can download torrents of them all or just go on youtube and there are some channels with all seasons and all episodes

  64. i really hope america is not the 13th houseguest, they would make stupid decisions such as evicting evil dick for being mean, evicting dr will for lying or evicting james for winning veto comps non-stop, which are things you need to do to advance in the game but mainstream america wouldnt understand that

  65. Brian’s myspace says “BB 10 Brian closing his myspace soon. Very soon” last login June 27th. So it looks like that is confirmation he is in the game.

  66. Shelia from season 9 has not been active on myspace since june 28th. That’s two houseguest.

  67. Goodness. I hope not Hunter! Where are all the hot girls at?! The two casted “hotties” both have fake boobs. Which is a turn off for a lot of guys including me.

  68. Haha i could care less boobs are boobs. But, i know what u mean, if Jessie comes in I may just commit suicude, lol. XD

  69. @Patty: Jen was part of “Media Day” the other week which was a group of press members spending 12 hours in the BB house. It’s was just a promotional event.

    It is still possible, I suppose, that Jen could be #13, but the video you saw was pre-BB11.

  70. If it has already started, Then are the live feed really live?? or are we getting ripped off?

  71. ohhhh…so jenns not a house guest & gunther wont be getting his butte kicked& the chick who refused to put her face in the slop & got the pass .that as all fake.agghhhh

  72. Populars: Jen (8)
    Athletes: Dana (6)
    Offbeats: James (9) Showmance (or Chelsea but isnt she hosting a show this year?)
    Brains: Brian (10)

  73. I don’t want to April or Ollie. I have enough of that crap last year. I actually had to turn that ding bat off. I thought Natalie was bad. April is a complete idiot and way to cocky for a Nellie look alike.

  74. Jess-ie the meat head, like i said he hasn’t been on his myspace since June 26th. Just like Sheila and Brian..

  75. shiela is a guaranteed houseguest, she wrote an ad saying she was going on vacation and needed someone to watch her dog for 3 months and she only had 2 days to find someone (she did it on the 25th of june and on the 27th of june the houseguests were sequestered)

  76. I hope it’s Evil Dick..he’ll spice thinngs up, or Brian, cause he’s HOT! So cool to have 4 past BB players..

  77. Sheila – off beat
    Brian – brain
    janelle – popular
    and someone else

    the reason i think these is… janelle got third which means she almost one all she was in a showmance. brian and sheile because these are names ive heard alot of. plus if you havnt noticed.. each clique right now is either boy,boy,girl or girl,girl,boy.. so it would be aubvious to make it even by adding one of the lease gender ppl into the group. brian is in brains.. so is chima,ronnie and michele. 2 girls a guy and brian makes it equal … etc..

  78. aha!!!!
    popular – jessica
    off beat – sheila
    brains – brian
    athlete – dana

    maybe — just a theorie

  79. Thanks, Hunter, I’m a little confused.. So, the show Thursday is not live at all? they are already in the house?? AND had an HOH comp? Also, does anyone know when the live feeds will activate?

  80. Brian(Season 10)- Brains (Popular Pick)
    Jessica- Populars (She had a Showmance)
    Cowboy- Offbeat (He was ALMOST an All Star)
    Jessie- Athlete- (Possible HOH winner)

    -Shiela has been confirmed that she isnt on Big Brother 11-

  81. thank you pj … i dont like the jessie hoh part tho. god i hope its jessica who won hoh

  82. @Janet: The show on Thursday may be hosted live by Julie Chen, but they’ll be showing a lot of prerecorded clips since the HGs have been in the house being busy since Sunday. We’ll see lots of stuff that’s all new to use since the live feeds haven’t been turned on yet, but it’ll be prerecorded.

    The live feeds will turn on Thursday at 9PM Pacific Time (Big Brother Time) since that will be immediately following the west coast broadcast of the Big Brother 11 premiere.

  83. theres a news clip from hawaii with julie chen saying only one mystery guestthat we will know and the house guests will know

  84. sorry very new at this ..didnt know there were so many people out there that likes bb as much as me ..

  85. also heard that wakeup for hg this am was MJ and that casey did some of thriller in backyard

  86. hey bob watched the clip.thank you.ive rethought my plan-i think the 13th guest is going to be booger-ie.if it is they better watch that backs,hes slimey. i think if he stays he will use jorden.

  87. I think its crazy that they will put in four additional past members in the house, that means there would be sixteen people in the house… it would be cool i guess and i think if they bring them back they will slowy bring one in every week one at a time to help out their clique but not allow then to play for the money..thats my guess but if they do bring all four of them in i hope its janelle,nick,evil dick,and jessie

  88. Thanks for the clip, Bob! That is interesting.. Only one mystery
    hg and not only they will know, we will know. I wonder if that “we” is fans of the show, or anyone at all. That opens it up quite a bit!!

  89. Thank you for the info, Matt! I am in Central Time Zone so may just have to watch BBAD in the am, then get on live feeds after.. OOOO One more day!!

  90. First off….Please….No Evel Dick….For me the season would be ruined…..I’m not a big fan of returning HG’s….I seem to be in the minority on that, but I just would rather see new people….and we need new people for All stars 2!! Anyways….I’m getting a bad feeling about Sheila returning….my question is why her? I mean why is she even being considered? I really think she’s one of the worst players of all time in this game!!

  91. Im so addicted that i had a dream that julie chen showed me all the previous houseguests comming in. but what was strange is there were 2 from each click.
    off beat – sheila, howie
    popular – jessica, janelle
    athletic – diane, nick
    brain – adria, brian

    maybe its a sign XD… it was really weird tho. once i had it i had to get up and post this.

  92. The returning house guest is a man from BB10 according to the website. Lets hope its a good one. Who ever he is won HOH already.

  93. How do you folks find out info such as what song was played for wake up and who did what in the backyard? The feeds aren’t even up yet.

  94. @Melissa: There are always leaks each preseason, but that info about the music actually came from BB’s official tweets.

  95. has anyone seen the video w/ross matthews he is really funny.anyway 1 more day.

  96. hey i forgot about matty,i did like him mostly his smile.i would like to see him w/ more game tho.

  97. its either brian or jessie in the house right now…. becuase one of them won hoh.. jessica and sheila prolly returned but their cliques didnt win, it think that
    brian – brains
    jessica – popular
    jessie – athletic
    sheila – off beat

    they came back .. the ahtletic clique won so then jessie returned.

  98. I will jump for joy if Janelle came back. I just need her to come back!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I’ve had a shitty year. This could possibly make it all better lol

  99. i think i figured it out. the 4 previous hgs will play in the first hoh competition. the winning clique keeps their previous hg. This gives a big help. my guess is Brainiacs=brian, Off beats=Sheila (her last myspace check in was yesterday, AFTER THE FIRST COMPETITION), Athletes=Jessie (wins competition and is first HOH, definitely adds drama), and Populars=Jessica (Had Showmance).

  100. please shut up about dick. yah he brought drama. but i hated him. and he is not comming back. he already one!

  101. 3.WE WANT MORE EVIL DICK..HAHA i think this will be my line up-brains-nakomasgerry-athlete-daniell,she was good.-popular-dan-off beat-gerry-i really really hope ed is in there somewhere any catagory will do.

  102. thank you matt for putting it out there about evil & janelle just went there i cannot wait for that.that might just be the best part of bb11.25hrs & 26 min.

  103. watching BB live on real player right now and they have def ruled out Sheila. She is NOT in house and WOW!! steven just called in and said that he, Sheila, and…..Brian!!! are doing an event next week and he says so Brian could NOT be in the house either!!!! WOW!!!

  104. Please Please Please don’t let it be Natalie! I cannot stand that girl. I will quit watching if she comes back!

  105. Yeah i just found where steven said that,janet. i think its jessie for the athletes. I think the rest are sheila, jessica, and maybe brian. However those three i believe get eliminated in the first HOH competition.

  106. Hey Eliza! I feel pretty sure about that too after all that was said on that show. That show was kinda strange, huh? Like they just set up in their living room or something. Could you ever figure out who those girls were?? I am SOOOOO excited!!!

  107. I think it is jessie. even tho i hope to god its not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I dunno who is coming in as our kick ass past guest, but it better be good~ BB needs to keep us talking right?? Thats the only fear I have about them bringing in an old guest, it might not be someone we care to see~….
    Here’s hoping not, but you never know “expect the unexpected”~
    Cheers to all you BB nympho’s out there~

  109. @Rebecca: I’ve read the rumors and right now I believe them. It’s not one of my more favorite HGs, but perhaps a year can change a person a lot…

  110. will we see who it is tonight or perhaps all 4 hg.or are we going to be left in the dark because its pretaped ?

  111. @Donna: I am expecting that we’ll know both all 4 potential HGs and the one that gets selected.

    Since we usually find out the first HoH in the first episode I believe they’ll have to show us who becomes the 13th HG.

  112. I would soooooo love for it to be dick…but i doubt it will be…probably jessie though!

  113. Oh Lord I hope it isn’t Jessie either. He was completely annoying!!!! I would love to see E.D. or Natalie (LOL). I cannot wait till 8PM!!!

  114. i sure hope its evil dick but, i know it wont be especially if he is doing that show with janelle matt told us about ( he said she said ).so i will be watching that.

  115. I would like to see Dr.Will teach these new guys and dolls a thing or two.they could learn alot about the game in a week.

  116. “he said she said”? MATT
    HELP! WHEN is it on and how do I get to it? lol!

  117. im almost positive its jessie though. however, there never is a sure way to tell. there is a slim chance for sheila jessica and brian.

  118. @Samantha: No word yet, but I’ll put out my Big Brother feelers and try to get some sort of confirmation on that. It’ll be an online event, possibly with RealNetworks’ SuperPass involvement so you’ll need a live feeds subscription. As soon as I know, you’ll know.

    @Eliza: Sigh. Yes, I’m feeling positive about that rumor too. I would have loved for it to have been Brian though.

  119. Well, what a surprise last night! ronnie the traitor. well, that is the way he is playing his game. but what venom with those girls. geeze! had laura crying under the pressure. I hope that Jordan, Laura, and Jeff have learned something from all of this. now start playing the games guys!

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