Big Brother 10 Winner: The Lesser Of Two Renegades

After two months of alliances, lying, scheming, and backstabbing we have finally reached the end of Big Brother 10. After evicting 11 of their fellow houseguests only Dan, the school teacher, and Memphis, the mixologist, remain to face off for the half million dollar prize. These Renegades began their alliance in week 4 and, despite their ups and downs, have remained faithful to their promise to reach the end together. Now it’s time for the BB10 Jury to decide which one has played the better game and deserves to be crowned the winner.

It’s no secret that Dan has made a lot of enemies in this game. His methods and motives may have been effective, but they weren’t always clean and it could end up costing him. Did he send more than 3 angry HGs to sequester?

Memphis’ game has been quieter and kinder, but was his passive approach sometimes too passive for the jury to consider him worthy of 4 votes?

All it will take for either HG to win is a mere four of the seven available votes. While past seasons have presented an option of selecting the lesser of two evils, this time around they’ll have to select from one of two renegades whether they like it or not. Before I break down my vote predictions let me note that I’m a Dan fan, so perhaps my own hopes have biased my perceptions.

  • Libra: Ostracized from her original alliance she has no loyalty to either remaining HG. I think she’ll be more impressed by Dan’s gameplay and will vote accordingly. She’ll vote for Dan.
  • April: She’ll be voting in-line with Ollie and considering Dan’s betrayal of Ollie I don’t think there’s any way that April won’t vote for Memphis.
  • Michelle: Evicted after Dan went back on his word with Ollie, Michelle was quite vocal over her exit. Was Dan’s wise choice to take her to the beach enough to buy back her vote? I think it was and am expecting Michelle to vote for Dan.
  • Ollie: Any discussion here? Dan betrayed Ollie. He’ll vote for Memphis.
  • Renny: Renny never liked Memphis much and voiced her desire to see him gone throughout the game. Combined with her motherly relationship with Dan I only see her voting in favor of Dan.
  • Keesha: Evicted by Memphis she left with harsh words for her executor. Will the realization that Dan manipulated her situation change her vote? I doubt it. Keesha will vote for Dan.
  • Jerry: Judas, anyone? Jerry thinks Memphis was really trying for him and he’ll vote in his defense.

My prediction for Big Brother 10: Dan wins by 4-3 over Memphis. You?

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  1. while i hope you are right in your predictions, since i’m a dan fan also, i think memphis will win…

    he just didnt piss as many people off. the better player of the two won’t win unfortunately. that’s just the way it goes sometimes, dan will still go down in BB history as one of the greatest. and if there is another all stars edition, dan will definitely be invited…

  2. I broke it down in my head the same way. I think all of them will vote personally rather than strategically except for Libra, bringing it down to a 4-3 vote in favor of Dan.

    At least I HOPE.

  3. I also think it will be a 4-3 vote but in favor of Memphis. Which makes me very upset because dan should win. However Dan was worried about Renny after the jury questions the other night. I think he thinks he won’t get her vote. He really seemed genuinely concerned about it. But I do feel that everyone else will vote the way you predict. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Dan, (the true champion of the game) actually wins the game. Go Dan Go!!!

  4. I think it basically boils down to Michelle. Cause I still think Keesha, Renny and Libra will vote for Dan (because I think they be more rational and level-headed, but then again, who knows in this game). I think Jerry, Ollie & April will vote for Memphis, because I think they are idiots, irrational and will vote strictly on their convoluted revenge theories, they really have no sense of what this game is supposed to be. So that leaves Michelle. Whether she’s going to be stupid and follow April, or she will vote for game play and Dan’s great move taking her on that nice trip, is yet to be seen. I hope she votes smart, but these HG’s aren’t the most intelligent group. I will be happy if Memphis wins too because I like him, but I really feel Dan should win and I hope he gets what he deserves.

  5. Not that I know anything, but this is the way I see it. Dan has no chance in hell at this point with the jury in my opinion. Memphis did what he had to do. He didn’t win one single HOH, but won some POV’s. He should have been gone. He did exactly what he had to do to make the Final 2. However, Dan played everyone. For half of the game, he laid low and let everyone use him as a swing vote. He said that he was going to start playing for real once it was necessary and that he did. He made enemies. He said some dumb things. He should have been sent home several times. He escaped eviction over and over. The jury was stupid and should have gotten rid of these guys when they had the chance. The way I see it:

    IF: Memphis vs. Dan
    Libra: Dan
    April: Memphis
    Michelle: Memphis
    Ollie: Memphis
    Renny: Dan
    Keesha: Dan
    Jerry: Memphis

    I have April, Michelle, and Ollie voting pretty much the same way. Michelle will be a wildcard since she was taken on the luxury trip with Dan. While it was nice and all, I don’t think she will get over how she was evicted and if she remains true to her original alliance with Memphis, she will vote for Memphis to win. Keesha will be key because she said that she will not give her vote for someone who voted her out. She will not vote for Memphis. Keesha will vote Dan out of spite. I don’t see Memphis getting votes from Renny after he voted out Keesha. The only way I see Ollie voting different from April is if she decides to vote for Dan on his gameplay and not on the fact the he was why Ollie was voted. Ollie will vote for Memphis. Ollie saw Memphis as a threat and did not do enough to get rid of him and since Memphis outlasted him, Ollie will vote Memphis. Libra is going to vote Dan because she was the competitor and she will throw her vote to the most competitive person. Expect her question to be what each of the Final 2 felt was their most strategic move in the game and why. I will be surprised if she votes for Memphis.

    One thing that I think Memphis and Dan missed in the whole equation is that you can lie, lie, lie for a while, but you start being truthful after the jury starts to be formed so that you don’t create enemies late in the game. Dan would have been better off taking Keesha to the end because that jury would not give it to her except for Libra, Renny, and maybe Jerry. Dan is not going to win this thing, though he could if the jury is as dumb as they have been this whole season. I wanted to see Jerry win so that it will teach the young bucks to come on future seasons of Big Brother that if you don’t want the old people in the house, you better get rid of them FIRST! Memphis has played the perfect game in my opinion. Should he win the final HOH, which would be his ONLY HOH win, and with perfect timing, he deserves to win. I would be kicking myself if I was in the jury house and I watched Memphis slide through each week without winning a single HOH, win one of the 3-part final HOH, and make the finale…hate him or not, he is deserving. That is all I have to say.

  6. Dan, should win on game play alone. But it will be intersting to see if he answered Keesha’s question about him throwing the final veto competition honestly. Becuase if he did she will realize that it was him and not memphis that single handed her demise, and thus not gave her a chance to win the money. It will be interesting to see if he gets Keesha and Michelle’s vote because they are the 2 that he backstabbed the most. It could be that april, ollie, michelle, and keesha will vote for memphis. I am a keesha fan so I feel bad for keesha, being played that way.

  7. I didn’t want either of these guys to win and I never liked Keesha. It was probably a mixture of her laugh and stupidity. However when the votes come down I think that Dan will win. I think even though we know how Dan played Keesha and lied to her face, in her stupidity she won’t recognize him for the two-faced frenemy he is and vote for Memphis. I would really prefer Memphis to win because he was dead honest with everyone throughout the game and I don’t like to see deceit rewarded. I don’t think that Dan made a distinction between game play deception and lying.

  8. Not really sure who you could have liked in this game if you didn’t like Dan, Memphis or Keesha. They were the only ones with even the slightest bit of integrity, and they were the most normal. Memphis was a really nice guy through most of the show, Dan was as well, but he pissed off a few people. But he pissed off the biggest idiots in the house, and they deserved it. Plus he was spot on in his game play (with the exception of the dumb replacement roulette speech, I could have done without that). Keesha was the only decent, honest girl in the whole house. Who else could you possibly have liked? The tramp and her lying, uppity anger management boyfriend? Michelle the looney tunes? Jerry, the senile, name calling, loud mouthed ranting, disgusting pig? Libra, the total B—-!?? Anyone who left before that deserved to, with the exception of Angie or Brian, I could have been happy with them going further. Anyway, point is, the final 2 is exactly how it should be, and Dan played the most awesome game, without having to sacrifice his integrity much, he deserves to win without a doubt. But I won’t be too disappointed if Memphis wins instead, I think he was a great player and the nicest person.

  9. I wholeheartedly support Dan, but I fear Memphis will win. By any standard, Dan played a better game. By any standard, Dan took chances that changed the game (ie if he would not have agreed to change and vote to evict Jessie instead of Memphis, Memphis wouldn’t even have made the jury. . .. and don’t say it was “America’s vote”, it was, but. . . .if Dan had not agreed to vote Jessie out in that meeting with Libra, Keesha, Renny and Memphis, none of the others (LKR) would have taken the chance).

    If/when Memphis wins it will only verify how pathetic the casting was in this season. These people have no respect for the game. . .The only thing OJ and the Ape were interested in is having things given to them and making a providing porno shot for BBAD for Showtime. . . Keesha came into the game at the last minute-she didn’t even apply for the game!! … Renny came on to flaunt her quirkiness . .. Jerry came on to get a respite from his ailing wife. . . Michelle came on to get famous and escape her horrid existence . .. . Angie came on??? to, smoke in the BY. . .she certainly didn’t come on the show to play it. . . . Brian. . he came on to play, but he had no tact. . .. . Simply a horrid cast of famous wantabees. . ..

    I hope the return to casting people who are on the show to play the game. .. ..people like Dan. . .

    Peace out

  10. I really wanted RENNY to WIN! My second choice is DAN! Dan played an exceptional game. He backdoored Michelle to make a few people in the house ANGRY so that they would take him to the END of the game. He did not think anyone would take him to the END if he was liked by all of the houseguests so he had to make a few people ANGRY! He used very good STRATEGY in every move that he made. I believe his coaching skills HELPED him a great deal! I think that the house guests will recognize that he was the BEST PLAYER in the game and will reward him accordingly. I also think that Memphis played a good game staying under the radar. Someone stated in an earlier post that he NEVER lied to anyone. Memphis did LIE to people. He told several players that he would take them to the end…knowing full well that he did not plan on doing so. He played Jerry! I HOPE Jerry does not vote for him! Finally..May the BEST MAN WIN! DAN don’t spend the $500,000 all in one place!

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