Big Brother 10 Week 9: PoV, Live Eviction, & Endurance Tonight At 8PM

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This is a reminder for all Big Brother 10 fans. Tonight on CBS BB10 will not air at its usual time of 9pm, but instead will be an hour earlier at 8pm. Not only that but tonight’s episode will be no usual Tuesday event. Tonight will be non-stop action as we’ll be treated to the PoV comp, ceremony, live eviction, and the start of the first of three competitions for the final HoH.

Yes, that’s right. We’re so close to the end of this season that we’ll be starting the final leg of the three part end game tonight. But before we can get there’s a little matter to take care of: eviction.

Memphis is the holder of all the power this week. He scored the Power of Veto, giving himself the option to save himself from eviction, which he will, and then wield the solo vote of the night. Memphis’ option will be to either evict Jerry or Keesha. Initial plans had Jerry slated for eviction but things have a way of changing in that house.

Tonight when Memphis reveals his vote, expect Keesha to be on the receiving end and watch her walk out the door to the jury house. Once she’s gone the three remaining players, Jerry, Dan, and Memphis, will head out back for the always intense, final endurance competition. I’ll be recapping the whole thing live, here on Big Brother Network, so come back and chat with us throughout it here in the comments section. Last time we had over 400 comments in what was a very fun back and forth discussion. Don’t miss it!

The plan between Dan and Memphis is that Jerry will be easier to defeat than Keesha in the final two physical competitions. So as long as they can lock down parts 1 and 2 the Renegades will have secured the Final Two.

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  1. I am a keesha fan so I hope that this blows up in there faces and that jerry has to compete in the second portion of the HOH and beats them. And then sends memphis home. Jerry has a good a chance as keesha in competing in this final hoh. I am also getting tired of a guy winning the whole thing. Keesha, should not have given up once Renny was out of the house.

  2. I am very disappointed in how this game has turned out. Keesha doesn’t deserve to go, she really has saved Dan and Memphis. Jerry will end up winning and I will be totally disgusted.

  3. How can anyone be “disappointed” in how this game has played out? I mean, really, how? The two best players are heading toward a final 2 vote, and after last nights discussions, the best player looks like he may even win. Now, how is that “disappointing”?

    A sign of the times, I guess. Everyone wants the inferior rewarded for doing nothing and the superior penalized for being the best.

    Frankly, I think, some, many, most. . . of you have screwed up thought processes. ts, you have humiliated yourself. ..

    Renegades, now, tonight, the 16th and forever…..dealwiththat tards.

  4. Carrie, just for your information, if the 2nd HoH comp is between Jerry and Memphis, the winner does NOT get to send anyone home. The winner merely gets to compete in the final HoH comp and the winner of that gets to send someone home. Just for your information so you don’t go around with the wrong notions in your tiny brain.

  5. I still like Dan – and would like to see him win. However – I have to agree with Carrie – It would really be sweet to see Jerry come in and make fools of the Renegades…

    It is interesting how some people are so willing to sell their soul for money. To me – a deal is a deal regardless of the financial gain/loss. Many people think that it is okay to screw someone over because it is just a game. But the last time I played a game – I didn’t screw over the other players just to win!!! Yikes – who didn’t learn that by the time they were 5 years old?

    Why is it okay to be disloyal and deceitful when playing a game for money?? And how much money needs to be involved before it’s okay to do someone else in – $100, $1,000, $5,000??

    It seems like $4,000 is Memphis’ magic number -He not only wants to screw over Keisha – but also screw Jerry out of his measley $4K


  6. Wow Dr Will –
    Sounds like your mother breast fed you just a little too long…. angry about something?


    Who even uses that word anymore?

  7. a big Dan fan, not a memphis or Jerry fan but i have been a fan of keesha for quite sometime and i’m not happy at all with keesha being evited. i wanted Dan to win and keesha 2nd place at least. every season i am let down at the end of every BB. Not such a Dan fan right now……they guys are chickens…cowards…by not giving Keesha the chance SHE DESERVES.

  8. Wow Katrina it sounds like you spent too much time getting little air when you came out of the womb. “Tards”? I think that is a term reserved for spineless pansies like YOU. You have posted her often in the past 10 days, and I have yet to read one word of one sentence that added to the overall debate. You are a true, TARD. Dealwiththat, spanky.

  9. Hasta La Vista KEESHA, Keep those Wings coming!!!!!!! Blindsided just like Michelle was, don’t be sad its part of the game remember. Maybe if your dumbass would’ve kept Michelle you wouldn’t be in this predicament, HA HA HA HA what goes around comes around!!! Don’t worry your gonna make tons of money in tips when you get back home and throw on those beautiful orange shorts!!!!!!!!

  10. It will be interesting to see if BB show clips of Dan’s trip to the beach with Michelle. Do we know if she ever went or not?

  11. I hope they do to, and It would be nice if it was her idea to backdoor Keesha tooo!!! I saw a commercial for the show earlier and I believe they do show Dan and Michelle!

  12. Millmull, I saw a promo where D was w/Michelle in a canoe typo of boat and then eating at beachside. The shots I saw appear to make Michelle delighted to see Dan. . . most likely cut to make it appear that way, so who knows. ..

    I disagreet that Keesha will make tons of $$ after she gets out. .. her 15 minutes of fame just hit 14.45 and is ticking. . .. a year from now, she will be the answer to a very difficult trivia question that no will know. She’s going to be a very fortgettable character. . .

    And judging from her behavior in the house TODAY,.. .she’s going to go out crying a wimpering. . .just pathetic. . .

  13. Dear Room of People –

    I am sorry I used the word “tard”. (even though Dr Will used it first)

    I know it is cruel and politically incorrect to mock the truly mentally challenged. Unfortunately, retarded people have always had to deal with these horrible slurs and insensitive remarks and I know what I said was wrong.

    I am embarrassed by my lack of couth, but as you can tell from my posts – I have had very little formal education.


  14. Thanks Dion and Dr Will!

    I think BB will certainly show the HG’s Dan’s trip with Michelle. This may be the interesting twist we have been waiting for!
    Still may not save Keesha but will make Jerry and Memphis crazy.

  15. Ok, I don’t see how so many people see Jerry winning as a “great punishment” for Dan and Memphis playing a great game. First off, so many of you forget what a total insane piece of crap Jerry is. Just because he’s mellowed out in the past few weeks because he’s truly alone with no one to egg on his stupid rants and name calling, he has to eat crow now by being nice to people so he gets further in the game. Nothing about his playing has been true, loyal or even tactful. He’s an idiot, and the sooner he leaves, the better. That said, Dan and Memphis have done nothing wrong, and don’t deserve anything but to be in the final 2. Do I think it’s wrong for them to boot Keesha so early? Yes I do, the 3 of them have been loyal to their alliance and friends for a while now, and I think it truly wouldn’t hurt them to keep her. I don’t think she’s proved to be any more of a competitor than Jerry, and I think they both have an equal chance. So why not keep Keesha and stay true, and look better in the eyes of America and the other HG’s? Unfortunately it probably won’t happen, but either way, it doesn’t make me think less of them or think that they don’t deserve to win. Especially Dan, he’s played an EXCELLENT game!

  16. I think of the ones left, Dan has played the best game and deserves to win. Everyone acts so surprised when someone is back-doored or someone didn’t keep their word, etc….have you never watched this show before? that’s the name of the game. I don’t feel too bad for Keesha, she willing sat back and let Libra be blamed for what Keesha instigated when Jessie was given the boot.

  17. What is really lame is stealing someone’s name by adding a letter and then attempting to impersonate the real person.

    I would say that person is a tard and is retarded.. .aka societal waste.

  18. Kelly – I agree. Dan is a very good player and has played the best game so far – I think he feels bad about Keesha because he realizes what great allies they have been. I am no longer a fan of Memphis and although I cannot stand Jerry for another moment would love to see him beat Memphis. But I predict that if Memphis wins – he will take Dan to stave off further humiliation. Jerry beating him would be a huge hit to his ego.

  19. I agree, Dan has played an excellent game and should win. He won when it counted, and I give him that. I really wanted to see Dan and Memphis keep their word with Keesha because they would have still would have made it to the F2 together. However, since Memphis screwed Keesha the way he did, I wonder if he might do the same to Dan, which would be absolutely stupid of him. I agree Katrina, it isn’t okay to be disloyal as Memphis has been. If Keesha hadn’t stepped in, Memphis would have been gone instead of Jessie. Libra took the brunt of the house hatred during that evictation, because of Keesha. And this is the way he repays her? Of course, Dan ain’t no saint in all of this either. In comforting Keesha, he just assured himself of at least two votes. However his egging Memphis on to try and takeJerry’s $4000 is pitiful. I mean, how much is enough? When Memphis said he would feel bad about duping the old man, Dan replied, where is Memphis, will someone send him back. One thing is a fact, if I was Ashley or Monica, I would wonder about any future with these two guys who are so ruthless, and seemingly conscious-free!

    Now that I am off my soapbox, I still hope Dan wins!!

  20. Renagades all day.
    After 10 seasons how can you STILL be disgusted by what people are gonna do for money? It’s the game. It’s always been the game. Would anyone watch a game where everyone sat around hugging eachother, then mutually decided in a first-class, respectable fashion who to send home? No, because 1 – it would be mega boring. and 2 – people would still be pissed when their time came to go.

  21. Dan’s big mistake will be taking Michelle on the trip. When they all find out about it he’ll look worse. Jerry is going to be the one they would both take to the end baecause they think they will beat him in votes. I don’t think so now. Wanted Renny to win but now I just don’t want to see Memphis win. Counldn’t believe he was trying to take Jerry’s money now.

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