Big Brother 10 Week 9 PoV, Eviction, and HoH Endurance Results

It’s a big night on Big Brother 10. First we’ll see the playback of the last Power of Veto competition, which we already know ends with Memphis pulling out the victory (though I’ve heard Dan threw it to him). That will be followed by the live PoV ceremony where it can be safely assumed that Memphis will save himself and Dan will nominate Keesha in his place. Then we’ll have the live eviction with Keesha expected to leave. Finally we’ll watch the launch of part 1 of the 3 part HoH competition with a fierce endurance battle. We should be able to watch the rest of that endurance comp on the live feeds.

I’ll be updating this post live during the East coast broadcast and all night until the comp is over, so keep refreshing the page for the latest BB10 updates.

Power of Veto Ceremony results: Memphis has used the PoV and Keesha replaces him on the chopping block.

Jerry and Keesha both plead their case before Memphis makes his decision. Keesha refuses to address Memphis and instead thanks Dan for his support and wishes him good luck.

Live Eviction voting:

  • Memphis : Evict Keesha

By a vote of 1 – 0, Keesha has been evicted from the Big Brother 10 house.

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HoH Competition – “Wing and a Prayer” – Endurance style:
5:50PM BBT – We’ve got our first glimpse of the endurance comp. There are three bi-planes in the backyard. If they just have to sit and not hang on then Jerry might last longer than 10 minutes!

5:53PM BBT – The competition has begun. The planes are lifted into the air as Jerry, Memphis, and Dan are standing atop the wings. Each HG is holding on to ropes to keep their balance. I’m expecting these to really start rolling.

6:00PM BBT – Waiting for the live feeds to turn back on.

6:09PM BBT – Feeds just turned on and Jerry is already out!!

6:15PM BBT – Dan and Memphis remain in the competition. Dan is telling himself to “watch the nose of the plane” as it dips and rises. Jerry watches the pair from the sidelines. He looks defeated. Memphis and Dan aren’t talking to each other just now. I imagine they’re waiting for Jerry to be let inside so they can discuss a deal on dropping. Last endurance, BB waited a long time before unlocking the door.

6:20PM BBT – Dan just told Memphis, “if it ain’t rough, it ain’t right. It’s gonna be a long night, Memphis.” I think he’s still talking it up as a front to Jerry.

6:25PM BBT – Still silence between the boys. Jerry is watching as BB blows heavy wind and probably rain at them. Dan yells at Memphis, “I bet you wish you had Jerry’s windbreaker.” Jerry had offered Memphis his windbreaker earlier in the week for this competition.

6:30PM BBT – Dan continues to talk to himself, reminding him of things to stay sharp. BB keeps the heavy wind and rain coming.

6:35PM BBT – The boys are staying strong. Memphis looks perfectly content up there, but he’s just got a t-shirt while Dan has his jacket again. Smart kid.

6:45PM BBT – Memphis and Dan are still in the game. BB keeps the wind blowing and the planes moving. This could go on longer than I thought!

6:46PM BBT – It’s over!! Memphis just dropped!

Dan is the winner of Part 1!

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Tomorrow Memphis will face off with Jerry in Part 2 of the 3 part final HoH competition. If Memphis beats Jerry then the Final 2 will be secured with him and Dan. Way to go Renegades! Keep checking back here for all the spoilers.

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  1. Anyone think Dan will be able to convince Memphis to drop once Jerry bails? I’m not sure if Memphis realized how much power Dan had until Keesha made her little speech tonight.

  2. Hahahahaha Jerry is out already. I guess Memphis made the correct “business decision” although I think he screwed himself by evicting Keesha.

  3. I think you’re right on both counts. Jerry was the easiest to beat in rounds 1 & 2 of this final HoH, but he definitely sit a bitter woman to that jury house. I think Dan might win this after all!

  4. Why did Dan tell Keesha about going on the trip with Michelle? Wouldn’t she just find out when she got to the house or was Michelle not allowed to talk about the trip just like Dan wasn’t?

  5. I think he told Keesha so she wouldn’t get to the jury house she wouldn’t then find out he lied to her. This way he did eventually tell her the truth and that’ll help keep her vote.

  6. Yeah, I definitely think Dan told Keesha about the trip with Michelle so she wouldn’t feel like he was hiding it from her. Otherwise, she would have been furious with him when she got to the jury house and found out from Michelle.

    Come on Memphis, fall already. :)

  7. Did anybody else hear what was said immediately after eviction? I heard someone – Dan, I think – shout “You’re out of your mind!” WHo was he talking to?

  8. He did, then he said “if you think i am taking you to the final 2 you are out of your mind, i can’t believe you did that”. i guess he was talking to memphis.

  9. ok, so i’m confused about what dan had said when keesha left the house…i’m sure he came back in and said…ur crazy if you think i’m taking you to the finals with me!! anyone hear that??

  10. I thought maybe he was acting like he was talking tough to Keesha. That she was out of her mind if she thought they’d (or he’d) take her to the Finals. Could have been Memphis though. They’re still trying to keep up the guise of being on the outs.

  11. Dan said that because he knew everyone was watching and he didn’t want Jerry or Keesha to know that they are together. It makes dan look good.

  12. Memphis made the right decision. However he should hope Jerry can win last HOH and take him. How can he not see Dan so set him up?

    Kessha is a witch she always said people shouldn’t cry when they are on block because it is just a game but she didn’t even attempt to stay. Loser.

    Dan VS Memphis would really depend if Dan won Michelle over. If so he wins and if not I could see it being 4-3. No way memphis wins last hoh because he would lose another vote. Dan or Jerry will take the blame.

    Memphis should throw it to Dan and then Jerry and take his chances.

  13. I think Dan did win over Michelle. His 3 “no way” votes will be April, Ollie, and Jerry. I think Dan can get the other 4: Renny, Keesha, Libra, and Michelle. It’ll be tough though!

  14. I had to rewind this scene like 3 times. I think Dan was saying this to Memphis, but it is hard to tell. Because Memphis is just kind of walking around and Jerry is sitting like a lump. “I really can’t believe you did that man(possibly said “old man”)…’re out of your mind if you think I’m taking you …… OUT OF YOU’RE MIND!!”

  15. I hope Jerry wins HOH. Wouldn’t that be funny.Boy would dan be mad.His whole evil scheme would be ruined.Your right Memphis does need to throw it and let dan finally take the heat, but knowing how dan is he may throw the whole thing and let Memphis once again take the heat.I really don’t think that I would want dan teaching my kids.

  16. Dan is the biggest liar. He said “I can’t believe you just did that” “your crazy if you think I’m going to take you to the end” he said that because he knew keesha would hear it. He actually pisses me off. I liked him until I watched afterdark last night and he sat there saying all this shit about memphis and jerry playing together. He has caused all of the past few weeks to happen, if he is a christian he should feel bad inside with all the crap he has pulled. Wait until they find out he has already won 20,000 for being americas player for a week.

  17. Dan is one hell of a player tho ehh?? He’s so sneaky and good at it!!! noone has caught on to anything hes done yet!! Go Dan Go

  18. Whatever Cathy…..It’s a game and Dan has played the best game. Has nothing to do with his teaching skills.

  19. Did Memphis turn down Jerry’s jacket, or did the producers tell him he couldn’t wear it? Either way, it makes for a very convenient excuse for Memphis and a great way to oust Jerry…

    Memphis throws part 1 & blames it on the elements. Then he talks Jerry into throwing part 2 saying “I have a better chance of beating Dan in part 3.” Dan & Memphis faceoff in part 3 and, (theoretically) Jerry goes home no matter what.

  20. yuck is money really worth ruining your rep.for? What about being a teacher? and having the faculty,parents and the kids see how you played? If he is such a great christian he would have never done half the things he has done. He makes me sick, but he will probably win.

  21. Why would KIDS be watching this show to begin with, it is not Sesame Street? It is a GAME first and foremost. He has not really out and out lied he has just played the game and used every advantage he could think of to his benefit.

  22. What did Dan do that was so bad? I think he has played a great game. The other players knew what they were getting into.

  23. Amanda I know that its a game, but he keeps telling everyone what a wonderful christian he is then he lies and blames it other people. At least with mike boogie and whats his face ( I can’t believe I forgot his name)lol they told everyone that they would lie to their face and still everyone fell for it. lol

  24. I love talk about ethics in games like this. Deceit is a part of almost every strategy game. Do chess players apologize after pretending to be “weak” and suckering in their opponents. Do the Patriots apologize for lying every time they fake a pass, run, or punt?

    If you’re not prepared to lie and to be lied to, then you just shouldn’t play…

  25. Dan was talking to Memphis when he said, “… you’re crazy if you think I’m taking you…” I personally thought it was terrible acting but maybe it’s more obvious to me, here outside the “House.” I really HATE Dan ever since he started all his speeches and sneaky antics BUT I’m trying to keep in mind this is a game BUT I’m having such a problem accepting the fact Dan will probably win, with all the lies…

  26. ok…his lies are lies…i totally agree…but his lies are all about what happened in the house!!Personally i don’t think it would be much of a show if it weren’t for all the lies and people believing you and so on in the house .. Hes not lying about anything outside the house is what i’m saying

  27. Cathy get off your soapbox! It is a GAME and sometimes when PLAYING a GAME, you have to OUTSMART and and OUTWIT the opponent(s). Just because he has outsmarted EVERYONE in this GAME, his position outside the house eshould not be judged.
    You could use the religion card on a lot more people than those that play in these games, especially the ones that run the churches…..

  28. Liberty (by the way I like your name)(real name or internet name? either way its cool) alot of kids watch and if he teaches ( does anyone know if he really does?) then alot of the kids at his school will be watching. Jane I know he played a good game but I guess I’m just a wimp and felt bad for the people he screwed over. Keesha was so hurt and she doesn’t know that dan helped kick her out.I’m sorry I’m just a dork.

  29. Dan drove me totally nuts on Showtime After Dark last night! I honestly don’t think Memphis knows how bad he’s messing up his chance of winning with letting Dan look like the good guy. I think Memphis really screwed himself this time.

  30. I love how everyone gets so “boo hoo someone lied to me TO WIN HALF A MILLION DOLLARS” hahah who wouldn’t lie to STRANGERS to win a ton of cash?? i love this show, it’s so hateful and it’s the same every single year! people get so outraged they’re evicted hahah like “just hand me the money now, i DESERVE it” hhahaha

  31. Williebo I am not trying to be on a soapbox.I just thought this was a place to share things and not get whomped for what I was feeling. Sorry if you took anything wrong.

  32. but you know the kids in his class are gonna be rooting for him and its gonna be easy to look past what he says in the GAME!!!

  33. Dan is the man. That “Hot” note was just to let Keesha know that when he gets out of the house he’s willing to kick Monica to the curb and put his moves on Keesha.

  34. Does anyone know if their was one person that didn’t tell a lie on the show? Just wondering. Did Rennie(sp) tell everyone how she felt? I came in after several people were already gone.

  35. Last night Dan was trying so hard to make sure Keesha spent her last night in his bed. His little quote “It’s not everyday I get to wake up next to a blonde Hooter’s girl”. He had it bad for her…but he probably let his temporary lust cost him a lifetime of enjoyment with Monica.

  36. I tried out this year. First person to try out in Montgomery. I thought I had a good shot but it was a learning experience. I will try out every year until I make it for the rest of my life or till this show is cancelled.

  37. lmao! Dan won!
    c’mon jerry!



    Its driving me crazy.

  39. Go Dan Go!!!
    You’re right, if Memphis wants to win and has a chance he should take Jerry.. But I’m rootin for Dan the man!

  40. It was just show for Keesha if she was watching and Jerry so he still thinks he and memphis don’t have something going on

  41. yeah…they talked about it before hand

    they have a couple of code words too…for the HOH competitions

  42. However, memphis doesn’t know what he told Keesha about the luxury trip. Or at least I don’t think so…I didn’t see Dan tell Memphis anything about that

  43. Cathy, I can’t say my name on this website. Give me email or aol name or something and I’ll talk with you.

  44. I love Dan. I hope he wins the whole thing. A lot of people don’t understand him, but think about it, this has been the biggest allaince in BB History. Nobody even knows they are still together (Memphis & Dan), and Dan isn’t making decisions on his own, they are making them together, so how is Dan always to bad guy in these posts? Gotta love BB, there is always a twist and we won’t know for a couple of days

  45. Just an FYI- if you watched after dark last night- Dan didn’t talk bad about Memphis until after he asked Memphis if he wanted him too, to keep up the appearance that they are not in alliance together. Memphis gave Dan the go-ahead and said he didn’t care, he already knew he wouldn’t have Keesha’s vote after he evicts her.
    I think DAN is one of the best players since Dr Will-It’s all game play-I’d totally let him teach my kids!

  46. This is a game of PUNKED and 11 people got punked.. . and the final one to get punked, the old racist, is going to be the best one. . .

    Renegades now and forever. . . .. dealwiththat all you weak kneed liberals. .

  47. Ditto Kathy…. I love Dan, and he’s a sneaky, smart, cool, thrower of competitions ,awesome player

    AND….I’m with you….he can teach my kids anytime :)

  48. Pensacola got a new comp. so aol is not on it yet not giving you email on open forum. If you do get it let us know then you can give us your first name. Go Pensacola lol

  49. Those bb games were funny. I loved when mike boogie and will would talk in the diary room. I thought it was funny that they told everyone they will lie and people still fell for it.

  50. keesha got screwed..big time!! punk, coward ass memphis too scared to compete against a girl..makes me sick!! she covered his ass sooo many times, even flipped the house to keep him in (over jessie) and then he does this. if he wanted to take dan to the final 2, thats one thing, but let her have her shot, like she would have done for him…but to keep jerry over her?!?!? of all people, jerry?? total coward memphis is. has won no hoh’s, hasn’t done shit other than ride along on others backs. i feel sorry for his girlfriend..what if she needs him to defend her sometime? good luck with that one!! he’s not a man, he’s a pathetic BOY.

  51. I hope Memphis remembers what comes around goes around…what a POS for doing that to Keesha, if it wasn’t for her he would have been gone instead of Jessie, that is what turned the whole game around….I hope his ass is next in the Jury house!! Go Dan to win it all!!!

  52. amy, in case you weren’t aware, this is a game. . .why would you make a move in a GAME that would expose yourself to danger? Keeping Keesha would have been a STUPID move. . .and since the Renegades are stupid. . . well, Keesha is now in the jury house.

    It is clear to everyone that Dan is BY FAR the best player in this game. …in fact he now rivals Dr. Will in strategic play. . …

    A lot of you are going to be mad, but Dan is going to win and Dan is going to laugh at all of you. . .

    Even Memphis is getting punked by Dan. . . .How sweet it is!!!!!

  53. Not since Dr. Will and Mike Boogie ended up as the final two has Big Brother had two more despicable finalists. I think we can assume the Renegades will follow through and evict Jerry. If only it was possible for the evicted jury members to say “Neither one gets anything!” It’s sad to think that Dan, who slimed, manipulated and schemed his way through the whole show, will probably end up winning the grand prize. Not that Memphis deserves anything either. I think this will be the last season of Big Brother for me. It’s way too depressing to continue to watch such undeserving people end up winning big prize money.

  54. Anita, Memphis and Dan are probably the 2 most normal people in this house. I’m glad they are going to make it to the final 2. The other people are just fakes.

  55. This is a game people, and Dan is playing it perfectly. So what if he is a teacher? (He teaches high school by the way) He has definitely watched the show in the past and has learned from all of the others. I hope he wins. BB is about strategy, not friendships.

  56. Pensacola, you and I will have to agree to differ on what we consider to be “most normal”. I found both of them loathesome.

  57. Dan’s religion should not hold any baring against his format to play BB10. Scheming, backdooring, and lying are three sure fire ways of outwitting your competition. All players involved have done their fair share of backstabbing, so why should Dan be singled out for doing what is required to win the half million prize? As a spectator, (and avid BB fan), I believe he’s shown that it not only takes intelligence but wit to overcome his competitors. Play big, Dan, you’re making us all proud, buddy!

  58. I have watched every episode of every season and hear the same complaints every year about how people lie and manipulate and still get far. Bottom line…it is a GAME. It is a competition. The stakes are high, the prize is big. Renny is a great example that kindness, nurturing and humor are not enough. You have to be observant, clever, ruthless, and manipulative

  59. OMG this is going to be CLASSIC.. . that racist old fool is going to get punked on National TV and his heart may not make it. . . . No matter what. . .this fool is going to go on NATIONAL TV thinking that either Dan or Memphis is going to take him to the final 2. . . . and then, they are going to whip out their RENEGADE bandanas and he’s going to get sent packing. . . . .CLASSIC. . .THE best moment in BB history. . . maybe the best moment in the history of reality tv. . .

    Jerry the being named FOOL of the Year on National TV. . . .absolutely mag-fuckingggggg-nificent. . . . .

  60. Henry, while nothing would make me happier than to see that old fart get the smirk wiped off his face…and yes, it will be a great moment…one of the greatest BB moments was when BB allowed the jury to watch the entire season in the jury house! Classic TV! I believe they voted for June, but no one spoke to her or Allison at the finale. It was great!

  61. Linda, I remember that and is was VERY good, but it won’t compare to looking at the old racists reaction when he realizes he’s not only not getting 50k (which is what he thinks is his WORST case scenario right now. ..) he won’t be getting 500k (which I think he believes right now he is going to get. . .. .and in his racist mind is already spending).

    No other time in BB history have two people completely fooled an entire cast. . . but what is better, the grand fool will be Jerry. I have concerns for him losing his old racist mind. .. ..

    Absolutely magnificent. …..

  62. Oh my gosh, you guys are nuts. First of all Anita, Dan and Memphis are loathesome? I don’t know what show you think you’re watching, but this is Big Brother. Where you have to turn on people, it’s just the way it is, only 2 can make it to the end. I think Dan and Memphis are the two nicest HG to ever make it to the finals. Remember Evel Dick?? He played an awesome game, but certainly wasn’t nice. Jerry is the grossest pig ever to be on BB. Do you want him to win? Dan hasn’t done a single thing to say he has gone against his religion or shouldn’t be a teacher, he has played a respectable game, and his students should be proud. Has Jerry acted like a real military man with honor? I don’t think so. Has Libra behaved like a good mother should? Has Renny been honest and loyal? She turned on people left and right, other than Keesha. There isn’t one person in that house who hasn’t lied or had to turn on an alliance – the fact is, Dan has played the BEST game, and should win!!! Oh and FYI, Dr. Will is the best player of ALL TIMES, and his season was the funniest and most entertaining, so you need to lay off of his character.

  63. Memphis is a total ass he has done nothing in this game Keesha atleast deserved a shot she would have given him that. He was sooo scared to compete against a girl, BOO HOO Dan is gonna win this and should. It would be funny if Jerry won and took Dan I would Laugh my ass off .

  64. I will admitt that the break-up of the 3-some alliance was sad to see, however ITS A GAME people!!!!
    And obviously they made the right move to compete against Jerry – he’s already lost part 1. I beleive Memphis and Dan have a deal that Dan would make Memphis look bad to Keisha, so Dan would gain her vote,–in exchange for Memphis throwing the 3 hoh comps. so that Dan would have to choose Memphis, therefore Memphis would secure Jerry’s vote in the jury house. You know, 1 for one? I think that answers everyone’s questions about Dan talking bad about Memphis in the house, and the comment about “you’re crazy if you think I’m taking you to the final two”

  65. People get a life about the christian stuff. It is a game and don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing if you where in the house. Dan is the best player in the house. I really hope him and memphis go to the end.

  66. This has been the best season yet, and I’ve watched them all. Dan had a stratagy going in to play weak and lay low until close to the end. We could have blown his whole game with the America’s Player thing, but he was able to pull it off and somehow maintain his “weak” gameplay. He has been fun to watch and has a brilliant mind. He deserves to win it all!

  67. I believe Dan was ready to play when he took off his cross. At first everyone thought he was too religious to lie, etc. When you play the game you play to win. Evel Dick was so wild I wanted him to win from the git-go. Dan seemed a bit wussey but when he finally let us in on his game plan it was great. I feel he will take it all. He can do penance (if he has to) later.

  68. If Jerry had watched all the BB shows he should know that when it gets to the finals you can trust no one. as for Dan I think he played the game to perfection. made all the right moves at critical times

  69. dan has played the perfect game and if you can’t see that you are blind! he has lied over and over but it is big brother and that is what happens if you don’t like it then don’t watch, but on dan and his teaching that has nothing to do with big brother, he came on this show for one thing and one thing only the money. the people that know him and truely know him will understand and know that is not hte real dan he is just playing for half a million dollars!!

  70. I agree. It drives me outta my f*%&#@g mind when players and fans get all hell bent when they find out another player lies. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME??????
    ITS BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lying is the name of the game!! Its all about lying and playing head games!! Anyone who goes on the show and tries the whole “honest the whole game” approach is a retard. The name of the game should be BIG LIAR, cause thats what its all about. That why millions of people tune in every year for 10 years!! I mean come on people, if eveyone told the truth the show would be stupid. It would be like watching a group of seniors playing majong!!

  71. Anita, are you kidding me…Does any here remember Danielle and Dick Danato? UGH…no that was a detestable two to end up in the finals. I personally would have to agree with Pensacola Dude–At least Dan and Memphis (more so Dan) weren’t as awful as some of the other players that could have made it to the end. GO DAN! :D

  72. Yea, Evel Dick was pretty intense, but I’ll tell you one thing about him – he was honest!! You don’t like what he says, but he’ll tell you like it is. I didn’t love his disgusting mouth, but hey, I still wanted him to win. Danielle – not so much. If you compare Dan and his game play to most other seasons, you will see he’s played a pretty straight game, only lying when he had to, but staying loyal to the ones he aligned with. When did Dan ever switch alliances?? He never did. The only backstabbing thing he had to do was vote out Jessie, and that was AMERICA’S fault, not his. As far as turning on Ollie, that was classic!! LOVED it! Ollie and his cocksure attitude, he was such a flaming idiot, I loved when Dan went back on his promise. It’s not like Ollie wasn’t against him the whole game, they were never aligned, so it was a perfect BB move. I love Dan’s game play, and I really hope he wins it. And I hope Dan and Memphis are rightfully in the final 2.

  73. And Lisa, no one remembers that Ollie broke the deal first when he wanted Dan to put keesha on the block. Even Ollie does not acknowledge that.

  74. Dan is the best sneaky player since Dr. Will. He’s smart, coy and skilled manipulator of people emotions. This doesn’t mean he’s like this in the “real” world. It’s a GAME that everyone signed up for. Trusting anyone in the house is a bad thing in the end.

    Memphis SHOULD tell Jerry to throw Part II of the competition so that it would be Memphis vs. Dan….then backdoor Jerry!!! That would be THE perfect STING. Jerry would win the money if it were up the the Jury so he’s GOTTA go!

  75. Yeah, I remember that dumb move on Ollie’s part. He thought he had Dan just where he wanted him until Michelle was put on the block. Dan did honor his promise as far as I’m concerned. The PK broke the deal by telling Dan to put up Keesha when at the start he was told he (Dan) would not put up K. As for Danielle she wouldn’t have made it as far as she did without her dad. He pulled her along all the way.

  76. My thought on Dan saying “hot” to Keesha was that he was telling her he was upset—(hot)about her being voted out so she would vote for him, then I figured he said the other to Memphis to make Jerry believe he was upset with Memphis.

  77. I completely agree with all of you who say that Dan is the one who should win! He has definitely played a perfect game! And I agree that he has only done what was necessary to get people (deservedly) out of the house, how else do you win the big prize???!! I have believed this from the beginning of the show. Don’t even get me started on Jerry, I agree with those of you who say he is nasty/gross and really not smart in thinking he can trust Memphis or anyone at this point. He has basically floated his way to the top three, with a couple of lucky wins along the way. He needs to go! As far as who he will vote for, if he takes time to think back on everything, he should realize that Dan is the best player. One more thing, if you all remember all the other HG’s kept saying was that Memphis won the car, so that made him non-deserving of winning anything else. That may play some part in the final decision??

  78. I love BB. I have been watching since season 1 and loved the diversity of the houseguests this year. I must say I have been a fan of Dan’s since the beginning. I love how he layed low and acted weak to receive sympathy when he did something to make the others mad and the way he acted a weak player, then brought out the guns! I loved it when he took that smirk off Ollie’s face with a game of POV Roulette and I can’t wait until both he and Memphis takes the smirk off Jerry’s face when they pull out the bandanas and vote him out. Yes, he has lied and deceived others but can you name one player who doesn’t know when they go in the house that that is what they have to do to survive and succeed? Go Dan!

  79. I just want to see the look on the jury’s faces when they find out that Dan was America’s Player and that’s the only reason he voted out Jessie.

  80. everyone is talking about how dan is a liar and he is just playing th game. he is possibly the best BB player ever. you have to lie in the house. have you seen anybody win without it? Dan deserves to win he has played the best game and is very smart in the game

  81. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the comments. Even though this is only the third season of Big Brother (I was a late comer) I am amazed that fans who have watched much longer than I still think there is something “wrong” with lying. We all have people that we like and dislike but we have to get in touch with the fact that this is a game of deceipt. In my opinion Evil Dick bordered on doing things in the game that were “wrong” with the way he talked to people. I think that Dan and Memphis have both ended up playing a really good game…Dan has probably played a little better from what I have seen (I don’t have the 24 hour feeds but watch after dark and read the gossip and spoiler sites). I don’t feel like Dan or Memphis have done each other wrong – they have agreed to portray to the other guests that they are against one another and I think they have pulled that off brilliantly – they had agreed to stage a fight after last nights eviction to continue to make Jerry think they are not together. Sending Keesha home was a good move for both of them as she would have gotten more votes (for the wrong reasons) than either of them. They have a pretty level playing field when it comes to “guessing” the votes – I say “guessing” because my opinion is that the votes went the wrong way last season (I thought Ryan played a much better game than Adam). One advantage that Dan and Memphis have over the other players is the fact that they have not played an emotional game – I don’t think Dan has ever lost his temper and I think Memphis only did that one time with Jerry over the “womanizer” comment.

  82. I’m upset keesha wasn’t one of the last two. i’m kinda let down ‘as usual with the end of BB’….i liked Keesha ALOT. but i do NOT like Memphis. i wanted him out after he won the car. and remember though, it IS a game.

  83. my dream two would have been dan and keesha with dan winning, but since that is not happening anymore, then dan and memphis for final 2! i’m more of a newcoming to bb as well. this is my third season watching. i’m so insanely addicted to this season! i absolutely LOVE dan! best player i have seen. he is just very intelligent, which had made him extremely attractive to me. if dan and keesha were not both in relationships, i would have LOVED to see a “sho-mance” between them. DAN FTW!!!!

  84. Does anyone think that Dan will throw the 3rd competition to let Memphis win HOH and have him be the one to send Jerry to the jury house? If so, I am worried that Memphis will turn on Dan and evict Dan because he can only win against Jerry.

    Go Dan – one of the best BB guests ever!!

  85. I don’t think Dan would through it. I don’t fully trust Memphis. He can not win against Dan and he is stupid if he thinks he can.

  86. Yes he will be eliminated, but then Memphis and Dan have to battle it out. Whom ever wins the HOH will then nominate/evict Jerry. I understand what TK is saying, if Memphis was to win HOH, he could decide to evict Dan and take Jerry if he thought he could get more votes than Jerry. Hopefully he won’t do that, I don’t think he will do that. But you never know!

  87. Dan is smart enough to know you can only trully count on yourself and he has proved that when needed he has won and pulled through. Jerry just needs to go

  88. IMHO Dan has everything to lose & nothing to gain by pushing it off on Memphis to vote Jerry out. Remember to Jerry Dan is a Judas. So hopefully Dan will do his own work this time. Why anyone would hold it against Memphis winning a car is beyond me. Someone had to win so why not go for it? Is the rampant jealousy for a car clouding the issue???

  89. The plan was for Memphis to try to get Jerry to throw the 2nd part of the comp because Memphis would stand a better chance of beating Dan in part 3. Then Dan would win final HOH, evict Jerry, and Memphis has not lied to Jerry. I just hope Dan does win part 3 cause I don’t trust Memphis…..

    BTW, will Dan still win the 20K as AP if he wins the grand prize?

  90. Regarding Dan Danoto, like him or loathe him, at least he was upfront in his behavior. He worked hard for those HOH’s as well as the POV’s he won. Dan coasted from day 1, initially by pretending to be a weak and insignificant player and then later by aligning himself with enough people to keep himself protected. Memphis used the same strategy. He completely road to where he is now on Keesha’s back. Had Keesha not protected him (and Renny saw through him from the beginning), Memphis wouldn’t have even made it to the jury house. Sadly, as much as I dislike Memphis, I dislike Dan even more. He lied and schemed and he did it all under the guise of being religious. That’s inexcusable. I don’t care if Big Brother is only a “game”. It goes to the character of a person on how the game is played or, in the case of Dan, a complete LACK of character.

  91. I think the most fitting ending that Big Brother could have for this season would be Jerry winning the second part of the immunity and telling Dan a/k/a “Judas” precisely what he can do with himself. Jerry is disliked by most of the people who were in the game; but I think when the jury people start discovering how Memphis played them all, at different times, it might inspire them to vote to give Jerry the lion’s share of the money. I just would love to see Dan lose out on the ENTIRE Big Brother prize money. I doubt that it will happen since I’m not convinced that Big Brother hasn’t been helping Dan all along. I still wonder how he knew to put on his rain jacket during one of the competitions when no one else thought to do so…. Dan losing out entirely would be (to me) the best and most fitting Big Brother ending.

  92. I think Dan played a great game! This season is one of the best because of him. How boring if everyone was honest with each other.

  93. Anita – your opinion is pretty much a minority. But you sure have a lot to say! Nice comment by the way, when you called Dan a.k.a. Judas. You are the only one I’ve seen that doesn’t think Jerry is a complete ASS for saying that!! Even HG who didn’t really like Dan thought Jerry was a jerk and way out of line. Keep in mind, Jerry also made the Judas comment after Dan voted out Jessie. Well duh, did you forget that WE, as in AMERICA, is the one who told him to do it??? So how did he do anything wrong?? You said it perfectly, Dan PRETENDED to be weak, because he really is teh strongest player in the house. No one protected him, and religion has nothing to do with a game that has a result of winning $500K. If you don’t really know how BB is played, you shouldn’t watch it. Dan is not the only one who has lied in this game, he actually lied less than most of the people in the house! Too bad, so sad, but you won’t see Dan lose out on the entire money, and BB has nothing to do with it. Another one claiming conspiracy theory, that is so pathetic. Dan will win either first or second place because he played the best game, was the strongest player and was the most straight forward, and if he gets second place, it’s only because of personal revenge on the jury. Either way, Dan will win something, and he so deserves it!

  94. who else believes dan is a little vulnerable right now?

    if he ends up losing to memphis in the last part of the HOH, he COULD end up being hosed by memphis. and if jerry ends up winning somehow, he definitely wont take dan to the final (right?)

    i think Dan should try his best to win and take the heat for booting jerry out of the house. better safe then sorry, right?

  95. I don’t think Dan will really care for taking the heat of booting Jerry, first off, Jerry would never vote for him anyway. Secondly, there was never any talk of Dan or Jerry taking each other, so how could he feel betrayed by Dan? It seems that Dan and Memphis are loyal to the end, hopefully that’s the case. Dan should definitely try to win to ensure that though, just in case Memphis decides to do something underhanded. At this point I don’t think so though.

  96. A couple of seasons ago I vowed I would never watch BB again. I watched for the heck of it at the beginning of BB 10, and I have loved it. Loved Keesha, Reny, but in particular I love Dan. He seemed doomed at the beginning, but he has played a very, very intelligent game. I guess I would hate it if someone like Jerry won, he has done nothing at all to earn it. Dan is one of the smartest players I have ever seen… and he deserves to win. Would hate to be playing poker, or chess for that matter with him, he would kill me1

  97. I heard Memphis won Part 2. If he wins it, he could take Jerry, because its the smartest thing to do. If he takes Dan, Dan will win the game no matter what.

  98. Dan needs to win 3rd part…He shouldn’t trust Jerry to take him to F2…he hasn’t gotten this far for nothing…He has out thought and out played any previous HG…and he is just so entertaining, and playing the game perfectly…give the guy his due. ;)

  99. Wow, speaking about someone having a lot to say about this season’s Big Brother….
    Dan winning sure means a lot to you. Are you a relative? The way you ardently defend Dan’s method of playing the game makes one think that he’s related to you. Most people either are happy or unhappy he’s made it this far. PERIOD. Most don’t go around calling other people “nuts” (#84) for expressing a different opinion. Time to chill, Lisa. Will I be disappointed if Dan wins the big prize. Heck, yeah! But I know there is nothing I can do about it except to shake my head and say “Yet another undeserving player has won”. But, if Memphis did win the second part, hopefully, he will do to Dan what he did to Keesha….

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