Big Brother 10 Week 9 PoV Comp Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto competition took place overnight, again, in the Big Brother 10 house. Dan had nominated Memphis and Jerry, but with this week being all about the Power of Veto this is the only even that will really matter.

Winner of Week 9 PoV is: Memphis

Sounds like Dan threw the comp to Memphis, but the Mixologist himself doesn’t know that. Smart move on Dan’s part though because that makes Memphis the one vote this week. Dan is hoping that’ll divert final emotional attacks from him if he makes it to the F2 w/ Memphis.

The real danger now is for Keesha. Memphis & Dan are discussing sending her packing and keeping Jerry around! Wow. Smart move? Too soon to tell.

The PoV ceremony will take place live on Tuesday’s episode along with an eviction. In the meantime watch the Renegades live and uncensored ($5 off & Free Trial).

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  1. So not a smart move to get rid of Keesha, especially for Dan.
    The only way he [or she] has a chance of winning is to make it to final two together. Memphis will win without a doubt unless he takes Jerry.

    Keesha and Dan will be a contest of who is hated less.

  2. According to my predictions, Memphis will use the Power Of Veto to remove himself from the block during Tuesday night’s Live Veto Meeting, forcing Dan to put his ally Keesha on the block. Keesha will very well be the next contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother 10 House this coming Tuesday night, leaving only three guys remaining, which are Dan, Jerry and Memphis taking part in the final 3-part Head-Of-Household Competition on 9/9/08.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, Mass.

  3. Mark my words. If “The Renegades” are dumb enough to ditch Keesha and keep Jerry in the game on Tuesday, that creepy SOB is gonna end up winning the whole shebang right out from under them…

  4. I like Keesha so it would be lousy to see her carry Memphis all this way just to be screwed in the end.

    Perhaps she will win and perhaps she will not -but she has been promised a spot in the F3 and that’s where she should be.

    It may be “just a game” and I know there is $500K on the line, but I cannot recall it ever being acceptable to cheat and lie while playing any game excusing the player(s) from fair play and decency….

    It is assumed that the Final 3 players – play for themselves and all alliances dissolve.

    Until that time – Dan and Memphis, out of the spirit of fair play, honesty and basic common courtesy owe her the same consideration and loyalty she has shown them these last three weeks.

    So – even though I hope for Dan to win – I expect him to keep his word to both Memphis and Keesha – and win on his own merit and not at the expense of Keesha simply because he believes her to be stronger than Jerry


  6. I really would hate for them to get rid of Keesha, she deserves to be in the final 3. I want Dan or Memphis to win, but I want her to be there with them. And if Keesha goes home, it won’t be Dan’s doing, it will be Memphis’. Dan has to put Keesha up since Memphis won POV, and Memphis is the only vote. So even though they are in it together, it’s ultimately up to Memphis to decide who he thinks is better to keep. I sure hope he gets rid of that idiot Jerry.

  7. Once again, Memphis would be stupid to get rid of Keesha. He can win against Dan and Keesha [who I still maintain should take EACH OTHER for a decent shot at the big prize] but I think Jerry’s got a good shot if he makes it to final 3.

    I want Memphis, Dan, or Keesha to win, but I’d prefer Jerry gets nowhere nearer to that money than he already is.

  8. The only smart move is to get rid of Keesha.. . .some, many, most of you don’t like it and are trying to rationize why she should be kept, but if she goes, the Renegades have a 90% chance of being in the final 3. . if Keesha is kept in the final 3, she has a 30 or 40% chance of winning HOH comps and being in the final. . . .She is too great a threat to keep.. . . .Jerry is just a angry old man who poses NO real threat. . .could he win? of course, which is why I have given the Renegades a 90% (and not 100%) if he is in the final 3.

    Sorry, Keesha fans, she should and IMO WILL be sent packing on Tuesday . . .

  9. Henry –
    It is true Dan amd Memphis MAY go to the end if they take Jerry to F3 – but – they would have never made it this far without Keesha.
    At some point they will have to man-up and do the right thing. It is a game – and part of a game is playing fair. They have been in a solid alliance with her for a month and cutting her loose now is cowardly. If they evict Keesha, and Jerry wins – as he very may well be able to do – I will laugh my ass off at their stupidity.

  10. Katrina Gustav, well said you took the thoughts right from my mouth.. And if M & D do dump Keesha out from the F3, then maybe the old man should win the big money, Dan 2nd and M out, it seems M is the one talking to get Keesha out more so then D, or am I wrong on that.

  11. Katrina, who cares? Are you telling me that suddenly D and M are going to get all reflective and award K her ticket to the final 3 because she helped them along the way? Come on. . . .that’s silly on its face. This is not a team game. . . .it is all about the individual, and at the end of the day, D is keeping M because he thinks he can beat him in the final two, and M is keeping D because he thinks he can beat him in the final two. . . . . . and for that same reason, K is a goner. . .. .Mostly, I think because D & M don’t think they can beat her in the final vote, but also because I don’t think either of them believe Jerrky can beat them in the final HOH comps.. . . K could . . not probable, but could. . .Jerrky simply can’t.
    Keesha is going home. .. . if it was Dan with the vote, I could see him keeping her, but Memphis is cold hearted (not being mean, just observant) and driven and he will take out Keesha because he sees her as a real threat to his chances at 500k. . .. no matter what she has done for him in this game. . .

  12. One thing is for certain though, if they take Jerry to F3, the house will be boring as hell. It is now with the four of them there. They don’t like Jerry, don’t want to talk to him, so why keep him. At least with Keesha in the house, they could have some fun. If Jerry makes is to the F3, I can see Dan winning the 1st part of the HOH, which is endurance; Jerry could probably beat Memphis in the 2nd part ’cause Memphis doesn’t keep up with what happened when. That leaves Dan and Jerry in part 3. Jerry said he knew all the answers to the last HOH comp, so he could pull it off again. Then, of course he would take Memphis with him to the F2 or would he?

  13. Reflective?

    What is there really to reflect upon Henry?

    The boys needed Keesha’s help to oust all the HG’s that were in their way. Both Memphis and Dan would have been long gone without her and would be in that raggedy jury house right now had she not stepped up!

    They made a final 3 deal and she lived up to her end of the bargain – even though Renny begged her to get rid of one of them long ago! Now it is time for Dan and Memphis to honor the arrangement they made with her in good faith.

    Award her a ticket? Are you kidding? How is it an award when one person honors the agreement and the other two back pedal because they feel insecure about their position in the game! lol

    I still would like to see Dan and Memphis make it to F2 – and I perfectly well understand a game is a game. But when 2 men conspire against a woman after she makes good on a promise – I find it cowardly – and indicative of weak moral character.

    You see it differently?

  14. Katrina. . maybe you don’t get the GAMES core concept. . . ie “using others to help you advance in the game and then EVICT them when they are no longer useful or they pose a danger to you getting 500k”) Keesha is no longer any help to the Renegades and has to (IMO, “is” going) go.
    The only case to keep Keesha is by someone (Katrina) who wants her to win.
    At this point there is no advantage to keeping her. . . none. . . nada . . . zero . . .
    Rationalize all you want, but Keesha is going to the jury house, and is is because that is in the best interest of Memphis. . . . and to a lesser degree, Dan.

    You call it cowardly, and that is not only a gross mischaracterization, but silly, but it is the smartest game play, and that is the only thing that matters. If you want to see fair treatment, this is NOT the game to see it. . .
    I see it correctly, you see it as you want it to be.

  15. Edie, what makes you think the house will be “boring” with D/M/J in the F3? ANY and all of the moral constraints that are keeping this old man at bay because of Keesha being in the house will be totally lifted.. . . It think Jerrry may just totally melt down and have a breakdown. . . .Do I want this? YES!!!!!!!!!! absolutely, he deserves to not only amuse us, but also to have his anti social behavior immortalized on National TV. …even futher than it already has been.

    I hope this guy goes home to angry crowds and a wife who hands him divorce papers.

  16. I agree that a game is a game, and you do what you have to to get to the final 2. I think Dan and Memphis pretty much have that locked, so I think there is no reason to get rid of Keesha. I think they should honor their agreement, if anything to secure her vote, because if by some incredible miracle that Jerry gets to the final 2, he already has enough votes, but he will get Keesha’s too. I think they won’t lose anything by keeping Keesha, she hasn’t really won many competitions and I think both her and Jerry have equal amount of chance to win HOH. I think Dan and Memphis should be confident enough in their ability to keep the power, and then take each other to the end and see what happens. They should just get rid of Jerry, because he is just a total ass, and keep the one who has been by their side all along, just to keep peace and not make the other HG’s hate them even more!!

  17. If they ditch K then I pray Jerry takes the whole 500,000 and leaves whoever with the 50,000…. and I hope the whoever is not memphis after all the help K has given his way… Dan doesn’t deserve the whole enchilada anyhow IMO, and so more power to J if they play Keesha!!

  18. I think it would be ironic if they keep Jerry -then loose the big prize to him!

    Payback would be such a bitch!

    I think if Jerry wins – they suffer humiliation along with the half million loss

    Men can be such poor thinkers!

    Once Keesha is in the jury house with Renny and the others – there is no way a Renegade wins the big prize if Jerry is part of the F2.

  19. “Men can be such poor thinkers”. . .I will agree if they keep Keesha. . . if they don’t your sexist hypothesis will have been proven wrong and you will have been exposed as sexist debris.

    I don’t care if both Dan and Memphis laugh and Keesha when they kick hurt ugly wide ass out the door, she, Renny, Libra and (either Dan or Memphis) would NEVER vote for Jerrry. . ..

    Let me remind you of a golden classic from Jerrrky’s greatest hits. . .
    “her pussy don’t control me (talking about Keesha), I’d rather jack off than put it in her. . . ”

    My mantra in life is, “people who brag about buying Korean girls for a month never win 500k”. . .I think it is a universal given.

  20. LISA, have you watched the same game? Why would you think that Keesha is no threat? She won the biggest comp in this game the night of the double eviction. . . in a comp that will similar to the final two HoH comps. Keesha is a real threat if she is allowed to stay in this game.. . as opposed to Jerrky, who is not. Keesha is in her final 48 hours in the BB house.

  21. Yikes Pedro!

    60 days of game play and those are the quotes you take from Jerry to make your point…

    His nose picking, disgusting personal hygeine, backstabbing various HG’s, and leeching onto others collectively is far more unappealing than one of his many rididulous statements.
    What did you call them?

    oh yeah….Golden classics – lol

    Perhaps you should have THOUGHT about what your point actually is/was before spewing nonsense in a blob.

    I apologize you feel my opinion is sexist???
    It’s just that you remind me so much of Jerry –

    He wouldn’t be a relative ot yours would he?

  22. Katrina, you drivel is not sexist because I say it is it is sexist because your words confirm it is.

    I don’t have time to list all of Jerrrky’s transgressions, just as I don’t have the time to list all of the points in your posts that have humiliated and exposed you as a sexist and piece of societal garbage. But, feel free to add to my point about Jerrrky, and feel free to continual with your nonsensical posts and narcissistic belittling. Its sort of funny, but then its sad that such an insufferable know it all like yourself finds it necessary to embarrass yourself on a public message board.

    Your name calling is projection and the mirror is where you can find the Jerrky clone. Too bad, so sad… ..adios

    Peace out

  23. Yes Al Bundy, I AM watching the same game. And how many HOH or POV comps has Jerry won? I think if we look back, he’s actually won more than Keesha. So if we look at quality over quantity, I think that may be a mistake. I think that both Jerry and Keesha have the same chance, neither one has done any good at physical or endurance, so basically they would have their chance at mental competitions. Where has Keesha proved more a threat than Jerry? To me, Dan and Memphis both have WAY more chance than either of them, so to me, their best way to have less people against them is to stick with their deal with Keesha. It’s not like they are taking her to the end, just to the final 3, which is all she should expect. If either Dan or Memphis won, you would think they would take each other. If Keesha won, then more power to her, she would deserve it. The fact is, I would WAY rather Keesha sneak in and take it all over Dan or Memphis than Jerry. I HATE Jerry, he’s a piece of crap, and I wouldn’t want there to be even a 1% chance for him to take the half mil. I want it to be Dan or Memphis, but if not, then Keesha. I watch every season, and I think it’s about time someone who played the game right and isn’t a total ass wins. Dan played the best game, and I hope he takes it.

  24. I believe Memphis will honor his promise to Keesha. Not only because it’s the right thing to do but because no one left can stand Jerry. I believe M. may even take K. to the final 2 except he has a better chance against Dan for the 500 grand. Dan has made too many enemies to get the votes. Nearly everyone in the jury house hates him. April, Ollie & Libra wouldn’t vote foe him on a bet & Jerry still looks at Dan as a Judas because of the Jessie deal. I wonder if he’ll still feel that way when he finds out Dan was America’s player. As stupid as he acts he probably thinks Dan could have said “no” until someone tells him there was no way.

  25. I’m not sure that Memphis will take Keesha. The Renegade alliance has been pretty solid up till now, and Dan hasn’t gone back on anything he’s trying to do. He’s loyal to Memphis. The other HG’s don’t realize it, but everything they do is for their alliance. Dan has a lot of enemies, but Libra doesn’t hate him. April and Ollie do, cause they are total idiots and won’t vote on game play. But then again, Dan may sway Michelle’s vote, and she could possibly try and sway April and Ollie. You just never know in this game. Jerry on the other hand we know is a total moron, and he can’t get past the Jessie thing, even though he himself didn’t like Jessie, and doesn’t realize Dan was AP, and like you said, probably still won’t comprehend it when he’s told. You would hope he would vote on game play, but he’s a senile, insane old man, and a loose cannon – he would never give Dan his vote. I think it should be Dan and Memphis, and see if people vote on personal or game play.

  26. Lisa, I agree about Dan & Memphis. They are close or seem to be. Renny is no fool & maybe she knows it’s M. who set her up. So if K. is in the final 2 she would have a better chance than either Dan or Memphis. I think Renny can be very convincing when she wants to be. M. should keep this in mind on the choice of Keesha or Jerry. I’m just really tired of Jerry & didn’t know J. said such nasty things as Pedro talked about. He’s worse than pond scum.

  27. On the live feeds, M/J have just struck a deal to take the old jerk to the final 3. M tried to get the jerk to give him some of his money, but the jerk wouldn’t do it. Anyway, a DEAL is set. Now, whether or not M goes through with it is another question, but it does appear M will stab K in back. M has terrible body language around K and she is picking up that something is wrong. The old jerk is acting like he got a shot of adrenaline and is bouncing around the house in a very good mood.

    At thi point I think K has to go, and that it is the smart move for the Renegades. . .but. . . after seeing the old jerk act so smug and cock sure of himself after the “deal” with M, I think it would be so classic if M would pull the rug out and send his bigoted asssss to the jury house tomorrow night.

    Also, the HG have been told the POV is tomorrow night.

  28. Jerrky hasn’t won a single HOH or POV that was really critical in this game. The last HOH he won was 100% LUCK. If Dan ball had not taken that freak bounce and went from 32 to 19, Jerrky would not have won that. And as it turned out, it was great that Jerrky did win. . .his reign as HOH resulted in doing the dirty work of getting rid of Renny.

    M and D have won every HOH or POV that was critical in this game. . . every single one. And there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Jerrrky can beat the Renegades in the final HoH comp. He has virtually no chance. Keesha?.. . she has a 10x better chance than Jerrky does. Sadly, Keesha is spending her final 28 hours in the BB house.

  29. This site is updated WAAAAY to infrequently.. Apparently there is a live eviction tomorrow and Dan took his trip with Michelle.. Wish you guys would send many more updates to your awesome site..

  30. Thanks for the update Pedro. It would probably be a good move to get Keesha out as she’s a better player than Jerry. I just hate looking at him & his oh so patriotic hats. He’s like no Marine I know, just a dirty old man. I didn’t like any of the players in 9 and there were very few to like in 10. Long live Evel Dick!

  31. I agree that Jerrrky is the worst of the human condition. In fact, I am really surprised he was able to pass any screening to get on this show, but, if I am D or M and I am looking at all the obstacles that stand in the way of getting both of them into the final 2, the Jerrky obstacle is much weaker than the Keesah obstacle. Now, if he were to somehow win the HoH comp, it would just be tragic, but odds are, that won’t happen.

    Also, I think that if by some BB miracle Jerrky would win the final HoH and make it to the final 2, both D and M would beat him. . .as opposed to K who, if she would somehow win the final HoH and find herself in the final 2, she would beat either D or M.

    The smart play is to get rid of Keesha, now. The nice (stupid) play is to keep Keesha and get rid of the human debris, that is Jerrky. Sitting out here, the choice is obvious, but its different in there. But this is a game, and the object is to win 500k. . . so Keesha?. . well, she’s got 24 hours left in the BB house. . . and judging from her attitude in the house the past 8 hours, I think she knows it.

  32. Of course there is option 3. Memphis could pull a Marcellus and not use the POV, which would leave it to Keesha to decide who goes. She, of course, would evict Jerry because of her deal with Memphis and plus Jerry has been real nasty to her. That way Dan and Memphis have no blood on their hands. They would then get rid of Keesha and be F2. I know, I know, I’m dreaming…lol

  33. Edie. .. .you just haven’t been watching this game if you think Memphis is as effffing stupid as Marcellus was/is/will always be. Not an option.

    There is blood on everyone’s hand right now. . .

    Keesha is going to join Renny. . .tick tick tick. . 23 hours and counting. .

  34. We’ll see. I guess just hoping to have 3 of the nicest HG’s staying in the house for final 3 is wishful thinking. There’s always that scare toward the end that some idiot that we hated through the whole game will win the money. This time, I would be happy with any of M/D/K winning, although in order, I would most hope it would be Dan, then Memphis, then Keesha. I just want that moron Jerry out so there is no surprises and no chance for him. He is such a POS, and I can’t stand looking at him another week!!!

  35. The only idiot left is Jerrky and he has no chance to do anything except get angry and spew his filth or have a coronary. Nice? Come on; was Dan “nice” when he played his POV “roulette” game? Was Keesha nice when she lied to everyone and led the ouster of Jessie? Was Memphis nice when he uttered the angry phrase, “F U old man”.. as others were holding him back from attacking the old man; None of these people are nice. .. . Dan and Memphis are the best players. . . Keesha played the game using the right alliances at the right time, and Jerrky, well he just got pulled along because in everyone’s dreams he will be in the final 2 with each one of them. This game proves nice guys finish last. . . Angie was nice. . and where is she? Steven was nice, where is he?

    Ok, get this, right now on the feeds Memphis is reading the Bible!!! He is about to stick a huge ‘get out of here, Keesha, knife) into her back and his is finding religion. . . interesting.

    Jerrky is just one of biggest tools in the history of reality tv. . . .I would guess that he has used 14 minutes of his 15 minutes of fame.. . . he thinks he’s gonna make the talkshow rounds when he gets out (he also thinks he’s gonna win the game). . . No talk how (north of Springer) wants a sexist, racist, angry old fool on their show. I predict after the month of September 2008, we will never hear about this cretan again. . . what an idiot. .

    21 hours from now Keesha will be “evicted from the Big Brother house. . .”

  36. Lisa, I disagree with you on one point, I want Jerry to stay one more week. . . I want to see him get so close and then get booted. . . I want him to see Memphis and Dan rip out their Renegade bandanas and punk him in front of millions of people. . .I want to see him get played bigger than OJ got played. . . I want him to realize he is a HUGE fool. . ..I want him to understand he hasn’t controlled anything for the past 6 weeks. . . . I want him to know he’s just an old fool. . . . .

  37. All of you owe Pedro an apology. . . right now, as you BBAD viewers know, Keesha is in a total meltdown. . . she knows!!! What a democrat. . . she thinks she is entitled to go on?? what a dumb blond. . . what a great show. . . .only in America. . . baby

  38. The RENEGADES. ..!!!!!!!!!! It will be so great when these tools figure out they were played for the past 6 weeks. . . . .keesha turned out to be a dumb blond after all. . . ..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  39. When will these girls realize it will always be brows before hoe’s.
    I want Dan and Memphis final 2 and i want Jerry the rediculas old perverted, foul mouth man to go home. when Jerry gets to the Jury house he will realize he was an old 75 year old fool. I feel sorry for his family.
    I agree with DR Will

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