Big Brother 10 Week 9 Nomination Predictions

Big congratulations to Dan on his Big Brother 10 HoH win last night. That win secured him a spot in the Final 3 which practically secures him a spot in the F2 as well. Now that Dan is back in control he’ll have to make a few decisions which he’ll reveal later tonight.

I don’t think there’s any question here that he’ll remain faithful to The Renegades and keep Memphis safe. That being said, we can expect Dan to nominate Jerry and Keesha. Neither of them will be surprised, especially after Memphis’ move last week to save Dan with the Veto.

Once the nominations are in place it’ll be up to Jerry to save himself from eviction. He’ll have one shot with the PoV. If he wins that a lot of plans could change as Memphis will be the only available replacement and Jerry will be the one eviction voter. Dan and Memphis will have to win the PoV themselves to keep them both 100% safe. Can they do it? I’m betting they can.

Along with the nomination ceremony tonight we’ll also get details on a Luxury Competition. We briefly met the Sumo wrestler last night, but it wasn’t until later that Dan snatched the card that he was sitting on. There has been speculation that it could be a trip to the MTV VMA’s which goes on Sunday night. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Who do you want to win? Vote below.

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  1. I think Dan, Keesha and Memphis should throw the luxury competition – Give it to Jerry. The outing will certainly not match the 50K or 500K final two prize….

    then –

    Make him go on the trip alone.

    This way Dan and Memphis can limit Keesha’s exposure to Jerry and assure her it is Jerry they want out.

  2. I swear if Jerry wins the POV, I will be so estatic. Jerry is my man, the arguments he had just made good television. I hope he makes the final three.

  3. Luxury comp went to Dan. Not clear, but it seems he gets to take one of the others w/him out of the house. Discussions about whether it was best to say F&*k it and take M or take K to save her from the old jerk. . because M could hold up better being alone with him than K.

    Summary; Dan win Luxury comp.

  4. Why do people still like Jerry? Maybe these are the people who didn’t get to see After Dark or really hear all the vile, disgusting things he said to everyone throughout the season. I liked the old man in the beginning – I came to realize what a total pig he was, and that whole senile Judas rant he did just proved he is completely insane. I don’t care if Jerry wins a single thing – I just want him gone this week!!

  5. Gosh nomination predictions could one of them be Jerry? Surely that would be a surprise.
    Dan has played this game to the hilt he deserves the win.
    He played the part of the incompetent at the beginning and slowly became unbeatable.
    Go Dan.
    Only if hes in final 2 will he win against keesha or memphis. Don’t know he has made a lot of the jurors mad.

  6. #3…Dan decided to go alone on the luxury comp. trip. It is to a private beach. I just went to and the nominations are in. It ain’t who we thought it would be either!!!

  7. I just went to and folks over there are saying Dan could take one of the HG or one from the Jury House. He is considering taking Michelle and hopefully influencing her to vote for him if he makes it to the F2. The majority seems to feel as if she wouldn’t change her mind and vote for him since he BD’d her.

    Norman, I agree Dan has played a good game, but for some reason I just don’t want him to win! You know how April was harping on Memphis’ $50,000 car, I wonder what they will say when they find out that Dan won $20,000 as AP?!? I hope they have America’s Choice and it goes to Renny. I thought she did exceptionally well in the game. Jerry needs to just go home and get the tapes & transcripts of the show so he can see what a disgusting, vile person he was in the house.

  8. Voting Keisha out and keeping Jerry around would be one of the very dumbest decisions ever made in this show’s ten seasons. If Jerry makes it to the Final Three he will go on to win the whole game- and that truly would suck.

  9. I think dan should win, he has play the game the smartiest… and I think it should be Keisha and Dan in the final two!! With Dan winning the dame… Go Go Dan

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