It’s Eviction Night in the Big Brother 10 house! Shouldn’t be any surprises here as we narrow down to the Final Four in BB10. Will Memphis finally win his first HoH or continue his record of dodging that bullet? I’ll be updating it all live here.

We finally got our first look at the Jury House. Libra says she’d love to see April walk in the door and voila! Here comes delusional April who talks about how she still has all of her dignity and respect intact after leaving. Seriously? Did she not see the big brother feed like we did? Libra then calls the next evictee as Michelle and once again she gets it right. As the homely pair of Manchelle and April sit with Libra and watch the provided clips they compliment themselves and attack Keesha’s figure. Classy dudes gals.

Live Eviction voting:

  • Memphis: Evict Renny
  • Dan: Evict Renny

By a vote of 2 – 0, Renny has been evicted from the Big Brother 10 house!

HoH Competition: True/False, Step Forward/Backward

  • Question 1: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 2: Dan gets a point
  • Question 3: All get a point
  • Question 4: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 5: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 6: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 7: All get a point

Dan is the new HoH!

Wow. That was not Keesha’s game. Congrats to Dan!

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