Big Brother 10 Week 8 Eviction and HoH Results

It’s Eviction Night in the Big Brother 10 house! Shouldn’t be any surprises here as we narrow down to the Final Four in BB10. Will Memphis finally win his first HoH or continue his record of dodging that bullet? I’ll be updating it all live here.

We finally got our first look at the Jury House. Libra says she’d love to see April walk in the door and voila! Here comes delusional April who talks about how she still has all of her dignity and respect intact after leaving. Seriously? Did she not see the big brother feed like we did? Libra then calls the next evictee as Michelle and once again she gets it right. As the homely pair of Manchelle and April sit with Libra and watch the provided clips they compliment themselves and attack Keesha’s figure. Classy dudes gals.

Live Eviction voting:

  • Memphis: Evict Renny
  • Dan: Evict Renny

By a vote of 2 – 0, Renny has been evicted from the Big Brother 10 house!

HoH Competition: True/False, Step Forward/Backward

  • Question 1: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 2: Dan gets a point
  • Question 3: All get a point
  • Question 4: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 5: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 6: Keesha doesn’t get a point
  • Question 7: All get a point

Dan is the new HoH!

Wow. That was not Keesha’s game. Congrats to Dan!

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  1. Dan & Memphis are getting too cocky they need to be taken down a notch, I use to like both but not so much these past few days. I pull for Keesha to win over D/M/J

  2. I totally agree with you..It would be a shock if Keesha won HOH and then put the Renegades up and then what would be the iccing on the cake would be if she won POV and then decided to keep the nominations the same..

  3. Truth, justice and the American way. . . which is why DAN is HOH. . . . .dealwithit. . .

  4. I totally agree with wehop and the TommiCat. Dan is my number one hated houseguest, but Memphis I wouldn’t mind getting second place if Jerry is place. But still, Dan winning HOH means Jerry and Keesha up on the block. I sure hope one of them wins POV and evicts Memphis, because Dan gonna have some competition during the final HOH if both Jerry and Keesha stay.

  5. Still love Dan…

    But truly – the best part of the entire show was April saying how she left the house with respect and dignity – unlike the other house guests…She just kills me!

  6. I think I would rather watch the antics of the whack jobs over at the jury house rather than the boring foursome in the BB house.

    Libra is totaly entertaining – It probably would have been a much better season had she been able to stick around….and April – WOW – look up the phrase: “Gag me with a spoon” and there will be her pic.

  7. All right, people, listen up. I just read three best possible jury scenarios. If it’s between Dan and Memphis, Memphis would win by a 6-1 vote. If it’s between Keesha and Memphis, Keesha would win by a 4-3 vote. If it’s between Dan and Keesha, Keesha would win by 6-1. So Keesha has it in the bag.

  8. April, gag.. Ollie gag… Manchelle gag… Jerry gag… Dan needs to wash his pants, gag…. Bye Renny it’ll be boring the rest of the way without you…. Keesha I hope you can win POV girl and pull it over on the guys.

  9. Get off the Dan bashing, there is not one person who can say he didn’t play the best game. And I don’t know where anyone gets that he’s a big liar or cocky. He didn’t lie any more than anyone else in the house. And he never switched alliances, unlike most of the others. Keesha switched a million times in the beginning, and Jerry switched every time a new person was in power. Sorry to say, Jerry is out, and the most likely final two will be Dan and Memphis, and they DESERVE IT!!!!

  10. I have loved Memphis, Dan, Keesha from the get go!! I rootn 4 either of them to win. I felt sorry 4 jerry in the beginning but soon realized why he got under ppls skin…I 2nd somebody slappn April!! Remember when she said Keesha was jealous because she was prettier!! She looks like a 40 yr old man in a dirty ass wig.

  11. Wait until the Ape gets out and understands that she is the most hated HG this year, and possibly in history. . .and that’s not the worst news she is in store for.

    She will have to endure the humiliation of knowing that her family and the rest of the country watched her have sex on TV. . .nice.

    She has humiliated herself, her family and made herself a catch phrase laughing stock. . . WOW. . .is she in for a reality check when she gets back out . . .

    I just can’t wait until she comes back here to Nebraska. . .(hint for the Ape; Don’t). . . Arlington is doing just fine w/out you. . .ay yi yi. .

  12. So pleased with Dan and Memphis! … despite the mass amounts of hate that they’ve apparently accumulated?! Geeeze guys… hate the game not the playa….

  13. Memphis will NEVER beat Dan 6-1.. . if it was between those two, there is no way Renny and Keesha won’t vote for him. .. and I suspect so would Libra. . .. . .giving him 3 votes. . ..and then the three delusional morons, OJ, the Ape and nutball Michelle against him. . . .with the deciding vote being Jerry. . and if upon reflection Jerry, who claims to be a BB expert, doesn’t see that Dan played the best game, I will be shocked.

    This game is Dan’s.

  14. Have to agree with Morgan.

    April and Ollie both should be ashamed of their
    behavior in the BBH. And the dirty ass wig on a 40 year old fits her really good. Most hated in BB10, slap her for me too…Keesha to win for me..

  15. I don’t see how Keesha is a shoe-in if she makes it to the F2

    Keesha will never get a vote from April or Michelle – that means Ollie “if I only had a brain” will also deny her a vote.

    Because Libra can’t stand April she probably will vote for Keesha and it then goes without saying Renny votes for her also.

    That’s 2 votes for Keesha – that’s it. I think you under estimate the pettiness of the women in the jury.

    So David – I am not sure how Keesha comes up the winner no matter what – I say she wins only if it comes down to her and Jerry and is able to pick up the votes from Memphis and Dan!

    That’s 2 votes for Keesha and one is just a maybe…Then throw into the mix that it is either Dan or Memphis that unfortunately ends up in the jury house – their vote goes to Keesha only if it is between her and Jerry

  16. What the hell are you talking about MOMDRGFLY,Keesha did not have sex on National TV, April and Ollie did. So how can you say she is as bad as April. Are you watching the same show as everyone else or are you just not liking Keesha. So dont compare Keesha to April. You dont know what you are talking about. So turn up your volume and put on your glasses.

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