Big Brother 10 Week 8: What To Expect This Week

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There are just fifteen days left in Big Brother 10 so get ready for the action to turn up and the HGs to turn on each other. As things currently sit we’ve got Dan and Keesha nominated by Jerry. Luckily for Dan, Memphis won the Power of Veto and is planning to save him later this afternoon. This will leave just one HG available for replacement nomination: Renny.

Once Renny is nominated she’ll know she’s doomed. Dan and Memphis will be the only two votes and they’ll vote together, preventing Jerry from making any tie-breakers. Though if I were them that’s exactly what I’d force him to do. When it’s this late in the game the less blood you have on your hands the better. Instead, watch for Renny to be evicted by a 2-0 vote come Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday and misconceptions, Jerry is convinced he can play in Thursday’s HoH competition. He can’t. Only once you reach the F3 can the outgoing HoH return to play. It’s the one week out of the season where we see that happen. Memphis checked the rule book and knows Jerry is mistaken, but doesn’t want to let him in on it. I wouldn’t either.

With that in mind only Memphis, Dan, and Keesha will be able to play HoH on Thursday. Jerry and one other HG will be nominated. Unless Jerry wins next week’s PoV you’re looking at a Final 3 of Keesha, Dan, and Memphis. Excited?

The Power of Veto ceremony will take place later today so watch the action live and uncensored ($5 off & Free Trial) as the HGs struggle to dodge eviction.

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  1. Jerry would win sympathy votes, Renny would win on popularity vote, Keesha would win by luck, Dan would win because he actually had a strategy on how he could win.
    this is just my thoughts on how a person in BB10 would win

  2. Jerry would win sympathy votes, Renny would win on popularity vote, Keesha would win by luck,Memphis could win by luck just like keesha. Dan would win because he actually had a strategy on how he could win.
    this is just my thoughts on how a person in BB10 would win

  3. If Jerry is evicted next week, which I hope he doesn’t, I would rather see either Memphis or Keesha to win Big Brother. I hate Dan so much. He’s too full of himself.

  4. Dan by far has played the best game. Possibly the best game in BB history. If they vote for who deserves it the most….it would have to be Dan. He’s made alot of people mad. We’ll see.

  5. I hate to say it but Dan is the only one who has really taken chances, strategized & really played the game. Memphis & Keesha really didn’t do very much except run their mouths. Yeh, Keesha got HOH twice but she did what the others wanted, not her own game. Memphis & Keesha (Mr&Mrs Hollywood)came on BB to get discovered nothing more; they are nothing more than name droppers on who they know in Hollywood, well if they are so well connected, why haven’t they been discovered already? Because they have NO talent!!!!

  6. I am VERY excited. I think a Dan, Memphis and Keesha final 3 will be awesome, and exactly how I’ve wanted it for a long time. I don’t know why anyone could think Dan doesn’t deserve to win. He was nothing like a lot of the past HG’s or even winners as far as being underhanded, he only broke an actual deal or promise once, and I would like someone to tell me anyone in BB history who got this far without lying even once. You couldn’t do it. Dan has been very to his word, except to the one person (Ollie) who didn’t deserve it because he went back on his word himself. TWICE!! I really really hope the one who most deserves to win from his gameplay gets the money, and that is Dan. Otherwise if the idiot jury votes on revenge as I think they will (which is totally not the way BB is supposed to be played), then either Keesha or Memphis will win. I’ll be ok with that.

  7. To all of the Jerry lovers.. . .I am sick of your JerryExcuses. . .to say that Jerry has not done “anything that bad” in this game is either uninformed or deliberately deceptive. The thing that Jerry has said about the HGs in this game verify that he has a real problem and would be, in the right circumstances, very dangerous.
    Do you recall last Wednesday night when Keesha came into his room and was talking to him, and he was being all nice and receptive and they had a SEEMINGLY nice discussion for 45 minutes or so.. . . but within 5 minutes after she left his room, Jerry commented to Jerry, in a very angry tone, “her pussy doesn’t contol me, I’d rather jack off (and he used his hand to emphasis his point) than stick mine in her.”. . . . nice. . . .a real class act. . .. . . . ..
    And then there is his actions the first week. Frankly, he was HOH and got played by the mob. Instead of sticking to his word to Brian, he backdoored him. The same thing that happened to Jessie and yet when it was done then, Jerry came up with his angry “Judas” comments. Jerry is a very disturbed POS. He thinks he is smarter than the rest (he isn’t), he is sexist, racist and just an all around emabarrassment, and you want to say he hasn’t done anything “bad”. . .get real. . . .Jerry is bad for everything BB related.
    But worst of all, Jerry has humiliated his family. We really need another Double eviction this week so we can get rid of this POS. . .
    Just wondering, but after his fall into the pool yesterday, does anyone know what happens if he isn’t around Sept 16 to use his jury vote?

  8. Well you guys its down to it, Memphis took Dan off the block, and Memph has promised final two to everybody in the house.
    I like him but I hate him. He just plays this game so good.
    And from my posts you must know I always fall for the dark haired, skinny guy (ex – Will, Kaysar, Matt, Dan.) And from those four, Will and Dan have played the best games in Big Brother History. I mean, I can’t even believe it. I came into this thinking Dan was a little brainy boy who befriended everybody. Thats not it. He has made enemies in this game.
    Man, am I jealous of Monica!!!!!!!

    Woo, if I had a dime for everytime I have posted that. But I do LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Dan. And I do think that with guts to send Memph out the door if he wins the final HOH, he would win;)


  9. As expected, Memphis used the POV and took Dan off the block, forcing Jerry to put Renny up for eviction.

    Parting is such sweet sorrow. . .bye, Renny. .its been good, not real good, but good. . .

  10. I have a feeling that Memphis used the veto on Dan this afternoon, forcing Jerry to put Renny on the block. According to my predictions, Renny will be the next contestant to leave the BB10 house this Thursday night.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, Mass.

  11. So Kevin, you put you keen and penetrating mind to the task at hand and you came up with the equivilent of predicting that the sun would come up in the east tomorrow morning. Good job. . . pathetic, but good.

    And since your were told outright that the POV had been used, your “feeling” is akin to plagiarism. . . you must be a fan of JOEbiden.

    Nice. .

  12. Wow Dylan –

    A little harsh on Kevin, no?

    Although – i did enjoy the Joe Biden comparison…

  13. I can’t wait to see Jerry’s face when he finds out he cannot play for HOH. I think he made the F2 deal with Memphis (stupidly) thinking he still had a chance to play for control.
    Unfortunately – once again – it will be the POV that dictates the outcome…Hopefully – Dan will come through in a pinch and win the POV – that way both Memphis and Dan get to stick it to Jerry in one week! The final insult!

  14. Oh the power of editing, is about all I can say about Jerry. If folks don’t have feeds ior BBAD, no one would think Jerry was as vile and vulgar as he is. You know what folks say: “do you kiss your mother with that mouth?’ That would be my question to Jerry, do you kiss your wife with that mouth?

    I have been a Renny fan, but unfortunately, her time is up in the house. Since it appears Dan/Memphis will probably be F2, I guess I will root for Memphis, even though Dan has played the game very well. He is just to cocky for me. I also think the jury will vote personally rather than game-wise. Maybe they will prove me wrong.

  15. I do hope they prove you wrong, cause I honestly think the BB winner should be about game play. They give $25,000 to America’s Choice, which is pretty much a popularity contest. The winner of BB should be the one who played the game the best, and not only did Dan play best, but he was also pretty straight up in his play. He only lied and went back on his word the one time, and though it was a big one, he didn’t do anything to Ollie that Ollie hadn’t done to someone else (Michelle). Plus he betrayed his alliance (Brian, Dan) the first week!!! So I will be rooting for Dan, with Memphis in 2nd. I sure hope that is the way it goes!!!

  16. I feel Dan is a snake, a real snake. Being a senion citizen, I hope Jerry wins hands down. He also has played the game and got as far as he had.

  17. Granny Jackie, Dan is just a good player. Look at the comments from Felix the Cat. Jerry maybe a senior citizen but he is most certainly not a nice person!!!!!!!!!

  18. dan and memphis are stupid…if only one makes it to the final 2 thdy have a better chance of beating keesha since renny annoyed so many people. and memphis shouldve left dan on the block for putting hin up before…cause had he not won pov memphis would be gone already…memphis is dumb…dans a snake…jerry should win or renny and keesha has just riden everyone elses coat tails

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