Big Brother 10 Week 8 PoV Comp Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto competition took place overnight in the Big Brother 10 house. Jerry had nominated Dan and Keesha, so the pressure was on. When the feeds returned everyone was silent. No one was celebrating or giving indications of who won. Now that everyone has gone to sleep we’re just waiting for them to wake up and give us a clue.

Winner of Week 8 PoV is: Memphis

Memphis is making the deal with Dan that he will save him if he promises to vote out Renny. Yikes! She won’t take that well, but you can’t blame Dan as it is him or her.

The Power of Veto ceremony will take place in the next few days so watch it all live and uncensored ($5 off & Free Trial) as the HGs struggle to dodge eviction.

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  1. I just read a posting by someone who stated that Memphis won the POV. Don’t know how they know it for sure, but he seemed pretty certain…

  2. That’d be nice, but I’m still think it’s just speculation since they’re sleeping and everyone is guessing.

  3. I read that Jerry won the POV. I hope that’s true because if Dan or Memphis won it, I would be sick.

  4. memphis wins, he told dan to quit his antics for next week and dan agrees and also agrees to the final 2 and he also says he will vote renny out

  5. Jerry talked with Memphis after he won HOH and they have a ‘deak’. If Jerry beleives Memphis will keep his word, especially after what happened with Ollie, he (Jerry) needs to go to the jury house. He should have put Dan/Memphis up; Memphis wins POV; Keesha goes up. I really think this might be the end of the road for my girl Renny. When they look back on how they could have played differently, Renny will say she should have gotten rid of Memphis during her HOH; and Jerry can just blame it on Alzhimer’s!!!

  6. Karen C

    What is the purpose of paying for live feeds when all they give you are fish & bubbles.
    Julie telling everyone you get to see everything going on in the house 24/7 is an out & out misleading lie.
    It is one big rip off.

  7. I don’t see a prayer for lil Renny to stay. She is such a gem. Oh well. She saw this coming from a mile away. Jerry is such a Grade A Idiot! He made no secret that Dan was his target and Renny was the one he would least like to go. Fine. Just put up Dan/Memphis then the worst that could happen is one of them wins POV and takes their own ass off. The other one is then still there. Can’t believe Jerry is that much of a Dip. Ahh never mind I guess I can believe Jerry is that stupid. A bit disgusting though. A total waste of the HOH that he won. Jerry should have just nominated himself. Idiot.

  8. Wasn’t the deal that if Memphis won PoV he would not use it on Dan? So if he uses it on Dan, wouldn’t that indicate that he was breaking the deal with Jerry? And in that case, wouldn’t Jerry then put up Memphis for betraying him?

  9. Yes, but if Memphis uses his PoV to safe Dan and Dan then comes off the block, Jerry can put Memphis up. That is why Dan didn’t use it to take Jerry off the block because Renny told him, more or less, that she would put him up. Once the PoV is used, the only one protected is that one that it was used on. So wouldn’t it make more sense for Jerry to put up Memphis since he broke the deal?

  10. Just re-read the rules…thanks Dan G. Now this sucks. Jerry is a class A fool. Poor Renny. I just wanted to see Dan and Memphis get knocked down a peg or two. Come on Keesha!

  11. Jerry also thinks he gets to compete this week for HoH despite being HoH right now. I think he has misunderstood the situation and is screwed. It’s not until there are just 3 ppl left in the house that everyone plays for HoH, including the outgoing HoH. Instead it’ll be Keesha, Dan, & Memphis and any of them will definitely nom and the other 1 evict Jerry.

  12. I am just wondering if BB will say anything to Renny about Hurricane Gustov heading for New Orleans…???

  13. I hope Memphis makes the right decision, both for his sake and his game’s sake, and not use the veto. Memphis even warned Dan not to continue his antics like last week. Dan is too cocky of himself and has already made a big target out of himself.

  14. You people need to accept reality. Memphis is going to use the POV on Dan. It has been confirmed on the Live-feeds and it is a certainty.
    Renny is going home. . . Dan and Memphis both agreed she has to go. Memphis told Keesha that she will not be going home this week, but she lied to Renny and told her she doesn’t know what is going on.
    Jerry thinks that Memphis is not going to use the POV on Dan. He’s still under the delusion that Dan and Memphis are on opposite sides because Dan put Memphis up last week (apparently Jerry was fooled by the ruse). Anyway, Jerry is being played as the fool he is again.
    Considering everything is now set in stone, this may be a long week. It may be entertaining to see how long it take for Renny to really understand she has no hope to stay. And see how long it takes for Jerry to understand he has no power. . . what an idiot.

  15. The RIGHT decision is for Memphis to use the POV on Dan. That is the best thing to do for his sake and the game’s sake. There is no reason for him not to, Dan isn’t too cocky and he is playing a straight game, with the one exception of breaking the final part of the deal with Ollie, which he had EVERY right to do. Ollie and April did the same thing to Michelle, so what comes around goes around. Dan wasn’t the first to go back on his word – he never should have made that stupid one-sided deal in the first place. This is the perfect scenario – they get Renny out this week, and for sure they will get Jerry out next week cause only Dan, Memphis and Keesha can play for HOH. So the final 3 is the best final 3. And whatever the final 2 is between Dan, Memphis and Keesha is fine with me – they all deserve it!!!!!

  16. If D/K/M are in the final three. . .the first comp is always endurance. . . and Dan will win. . . the next elimination comp will be a toss up. . . as will the comp between Dan and whoever comes out of the elimination comp. .. .at this point the entire game is a toss up. . .

    I do think both Memphis and Keesha think they can beat Dan in the F2, so he will get pulled on. . . . .and I think the producers want Dan in the final two—so the jury house can question him–GREAT TV. . . . . .the winner is probably gonna be Keesha or Memphis, but I would vote for Dan.

  17. From what I saw of the feeds last Friday Renny has fully understood that she is so totally “gone” if Memphis were to win POV (which of course he did). She tried hard to get through to Jerry on this but the old knucklehead barely knows where he is at this point. The thing that was really disappointing to me was that Keesha basically threw Renny under the bus too by not trying to convince Jerry otherwise. She basically just laughed it off with Renny and told her that “we’re all in danger of going.” But Keesha knew she was in no real danger under any circumstance. Oh well– good game by Dan & Memphis. I’d say percentages are very high that Memphis will win overall unless people don’t want him to get the car and win the big prize too.

  18. If D/K/M are the F3, and Dan wins the 1st part of the HOH contest; let’s say Keesha wins the 2nd part against Memphis. She also wins against Dan…who do you think she will take with her to the end? We know she has a deal with Memphis, but would she stand a better chance against Dan?

  19. I hope that Dan and Memphis are the last two standing Keisha can be next before the final two. Bye Bye to Renny thursday.

  20. I posted here yesterday was #6 I believe, but don’t see it, not sure why, but as I stated I have been disappointed by the feeds and the overnite on Showtime, it seem every time things get interesting they cut to the other camera, which last night was Jerry sleeping.
    Also I’m wondering if they will tell Renny about the Hurricane to hit New Orleans tomorrow.

  21. Why do you yahoos keep harping on the “tell Renny about the hurricane” bandwagon? She entered this game knowing she was leaving during the hurricane season.. . . she’s a big girl and she doesn’t need to be burdened by this news. . .but MOST of all, what good would it do to tell her? Can she change a thing? NO. . .is her family stupid enough to stay in the path of he hurricane?

    Let’s cease the “tell Renny about the hurricane” nonsense. . .

  22. Hey George Jetson, but “nonsense” is not a word that I would use, when talking about a hurricane. However, I believe, I understand the point you were trying to make.
    Anyway, we are here to “game talk” right.? Ok..I know from posts that I’m probably going to get some boos, but I completely love the”Renegades” (Dan & Memphis) Antics or not…Dan has played such a good what if he lied. You can’t play this game with complete truthfulness. Virtue, honesty, good moral values, (blah, blah, blah) will get you sent home in this game. Memphis is really smart for letting Dan take the brunt of the backlash. I would love to see these guys in the final two, because even though I enjoy “Spoilers”, I believe the outcome would be really close.

  23. The Renegades, if they pull it off, will go into the HoF with Cooltown. . and if they whip out the red bandanas they may surpass Chilltown. . . .well, maybe not, but they will be in the same conversation.

    If these two are the final two the question session from the jury would be classic. . .beyond anything that BB has ever had.

    This is gonna be a very good next two weeks. . .

  24. Is it set in stone that Jerry cannot put Memphis on the block? I thought he could once M. used the POV on someone. I know it hasn’t been done (to the best of my recollection)but it would seem to be possible. I can’t find that in the rules. Please set me straight. Thanx

  25. I believe whoever has the POV used on them gets to pick who goes up right? Or does it in fact go back to Jerry. I think Renny will go home just in time for the clean up of Gustof

  26. Hey Nicole. Normally when the POV is used it goes back to the HOH to choose who to put up (and the POV winner cannot be put up) so in this case there is only one person remaining to choose so they automatically go up– Renny. Big Brother didn’t start out that way on the POV but they changed the rules to loosen up the use of POV and make it more interesting.

  27. JJ: Memphis CAN use the POV to veto either of Jerry’s nominations. Regardless, Memphis will be safe along with either Dan or Keesha. On the other hand, of either Dan or Keesha won the POV only one of them would be safe and Renny or Memphis would replace that empty seat. I hope that makes sense to you.

    NICOLE: If Memphis uses the POV he can take either Dan or Keesha off, BUT he cannot pick the replacement nominee. In this case, Renny is the only one left. So regardless, Renny would go up. But if Ollie were still in the house and he were safe, along with Renny, then Jerry can pick either Ollie or Renny to go up on the block, but the POV holder can never choose the replacement nominee (unless they are HOH or in this case, when only one person is left). I hope that makes sense to you!

    :) I’m loving this season. I hate to see Renny go, but it’s gotta be done. And then hopefully Jerry will leave next week. I hope DAN wins overall, I think he has played the best game, strategically!!! :)

  28. Thanks Lulu for the info. I too, want to see either Dan or Memphis as winner. Jerry didn’t really have a grasp on how the game is played. I haven’t liked him since he called Dan a Judas.

  29. I wish Renny would at least put up a little bit of a fight to try to stay in the game. It probably won’t do much good because no one wants to go up against her in the F2, but at least play the game. She could make the argument that Keesha might be harder to beat next week and in the F3. After the game is over and Renny sees the feeds she will realize that Keesha was not nearly as loyal as she thought she was. There’s a time to stick up for yourself a little bit. Sheez. Plus when they don’t play the game to try to win it makes it horribly BORING!!

  30. I totally agree, JJ. I can not stand Jerry. As long as he doesn’t win POV next week, he is toast. I am happy with the final 3.

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