Big Brother 10 Week 8 HoH Competition Results

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Last night after the Big Brother 10 Double Eviction episode aired the second HoH competition of the night took place. Once again, the oldest HG in Big Brother history proved he was a serious threat when it came to competitions. Yes folks, the winner of this week’s Head of Household competition was Jerry.

After watching Jerry nearly secure the first HoH competition of the night and thereby scuttling my hopes of a Michelle and Ollie combo eviction, the old man came back to finish the job. Of course the feeds were cut for the competition (stupid move, BB), but when they came back there was no question who won. It seems to have been a mix of a physical and mental challenge as Dan says he made a mistake in both categories, unless he tripped himself while trying to write on his chalkboard!

Had anyone but Jerry won this HoH comp there’d be no question on who would be targeted. Now we’ve got to consider some other options. Renny seems most concerned about eviction and I don’t blame her. But if I had to guess flat out on nominations I would have predicted Dan and Memphis. Keesha is likely the most safe this week. If it does stick to Dan and Memphis it will be close as Renny would vote for Dan while Keesha might vote for Memphis, leaving it up to Jerry.

Overall this won’t be easy to predict other than narrowing it to three of the four HGs. Who do you think Jerry will nominate? Are those two HGs different from who you’d want to see nominated? We should know today who will be in the hot seats, so keep checking back!

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  1. Worse case scenario was Jerry getting HOH. For Dan to stay, Renny needs to go up because I believe Memphis & Keesha would vote her out over Dan. Dan & Keesha go up I think it will a tie for Jerry to break & he would send Dan home. If it is Memphis & Dan, I think the girls don’t trust Memphis as much as Dan so Memphis would go. I wanted Memphis & Dan to get to the end, let’s hope whoever is up can when the POV. I had thought it would have been Renny & Jerry if one of the 3 was HOH. Oh well it also looks like they didn’t do anything to Ollie for his fit. Or did they?? I wonder if there was any POV’s in his haystack???? He didn’t find not a one & was first to the hay. Makes you wonder?????

  2. Absolutely worst case. I agree. Really disappointed that in a 3 against 1 scenario they couldn’t beat him. Rumor is that Dan only lost by 2 points, but on what scale that is I don’t know.

    I would have enjoyed a Dan & Memphis F2 as well. I was saying after last night’s episode (before the second HoH comp) that I’d be thrilled to see a F4 of Dan, Memphis, Keesha, & Renny since I’d be happy with any of those four winning. Dang. No way that can happen now.

    Haha, good call on Ollie’s PoV haystack. I’m surprised he didn’t flip over his couch next to Julie and accuse BB of that!

  3. I hate that Jerry won HOH.Sometimes I wonder if it might be rigged.I know last nights show went to good.It makes you wonder.

  4. Dang it…I would hate to see Jerry the hypocrit win BB. After Evil Dick won I said I was done with BB because it has to be rigged but I broke down and watched this season…if Jerry wins it, I am finished with this show.

  5. I would hate to see Keesha win. She has done nothing in this game except evict Angie (cause she was jealous. Basically, she’s been tugged along by Memphis and Renny.

  6. I would love to see Dan or Memphis go home. If that happens, it truely will be anyones game. And do you really think Jerry will target Renny. Yes, she put it up, but he has been on the block for the last three HoH’s LOL. I think he will put up Dan or Memphis, with Renny. Knowing if one comes off the block he will replace with another. Renny will not be his target, just like she was not his.

  7. This is definitely the worst case scenario. I want Jerry out over any of the other 4. For Dan or Keesha to go home, would truly be sad, but the worst situation is for Dan to go home. He really deserves to be there, and I really wanted him to win BB. I so was hoping for a Dan and Memphis final 2. I think the HG’s are stupid for getting Dan out right now, becuase with the sour grapes the jury house is feeling, I don’t think any of those jerks would vote for Dan in the final 2. So they should keep him around anyway. Who knows what will happen, I really really hope Dan wins the POV!!!!!

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