Big Brother 10 Week 8 Nomination Predictions

Jerry’s Big Brother 10 HoH nominations should be in very shortly. In the meantime, I can tell you exactly who Jerry is nominating. The Colonel is sitting upstairs in the HoH room with Renny discussing the situation and she’s encouraging him right along. Danger! Danger, Dan!

Jerry’s planned nominations: Keesha and Dan

Dan is Jerry’s target and Keesha is in place to make sure Dan leaves. Jerry tells Renny she’ll only have to worry if Memphis gets the PoV and saves Dan. In that case Renny will go up leaving Dan and Memphis to decide who will go home.

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  1. BYE BYE DANNY BOY, nice to see that your alliance has your back. Looks like your gonna lose this round of Roulette!!!!!!!! Have a nice trip to sequester you lying backstabbing piece of shit, looks like your game plan didn’t work so well!!!!!!

  2. I can’t wait until Dan leaves. He’s done nothing but be cocky and creating a threat out of himself. I hope Jerry makes the right decision and nominates Dan and Memphis, that way if one of them wins POV, the other will for sure be gone.

  3. david, i agree with you. jerry is wanting to put up 1 guy/1 girl…which is the cowards way out. If he wants to make sure its dan that goes, he needs to put the boys up. why keesha as the so called pawn, if thats how he really wants it. mr. foul mouthed old man sure could run his mouth when talking to the other losers, ollie/manchelle, but when its time to step up, he takes the easiest way out. if dan/keesha go up, memphis wins pov, he is very likely to use it to save dan. either jerry is just a coward, stupid, or too damn old to see what is going to happen if he does that. if they throw keesha under the bus, i will no longer be watching!!

  4. Amen, I’d like to see Dan get his ass outta this little mess he got himself into. How happy are Ollie and Michelle gonna be to see Dan’s skinny ass walk through the door!!!!!

  5. Okay.
    The dahlin from New Orleans has to step it up and win POV, or Jerry, or Keesha. I’m hopeful that my F2 prediction of Renny and Keesha will stick.

    I have to admit that I wasn’t happy with Dan’s “Roulette” idea–he purposely played puppeteer with the entire house and caused chaos. On the other hand, I completely agreed with the dealmaking. Everything worked out alright. We finally got Michelle and Ollie out. So I’d prefer to see him go rather than Keesha if everything stays and if Keesha or Dan wins, I’d definitely hope Memphis goes up in his/her place and then..

    Keesha would vote for Dan to go.
    Renny would vote for Memphis to go(?)
    Jerry would break the tie and send Dan home(?)


    Dan would vote for Keesha to go(?)
    Renny would vote for Memphis to go.
    Jerry would break the tie and send Memphis home!

  6. I want to know if either Dan or Memphis is circumcised? Would definitely explain the lack of brain power–they cut the wrong end off.

  7. I just have a question…why are there so many upset with Dan? There have been worse things done on BB and yeah he did mess up his game..but that’s a risk he had to take…and another thing..what is so wrong with Keesha? I haven’t seen her do anything in the house everyone else hasn’t already done… I hope Renny doesn’t buy into Jerry’s bull..he would say anything to get her vote!!

  8. Anyone who thinks Dan is leaving is as delusional as Michelle and Oj were. The POV will be some sort of physical comp and none of the others can match him.

    In addition, since DAN and KEESHA are up, this means that if MEMPHIS wins POV, Dan gets off. . . Renegade Alliance surfaces. . .

    The are a lot of questions this week, but if you are asking if Dan will go home, the answer is NO. . . .hell, not.

  9. This whole nomination of Dan/Keesha is due to Jerry’s monster ego. He wants to be the one to put Dan out with his own vote. BUT he is going mess around and put Renny (the one he says he least wants out) in bigtime danger in case Memphis wins POV. This nomination should have been a no-brainer for him (i.e. Dan/Memphis) but then he’s proven over and over that he doesn’t have much of a brain to work with anyway. Oh well.. BB goes on

  10. Why would he warn Renny that she would be going? Did he strike a deal with Memphis? This doesn’t make sense. If he did not want Renny to go and Dan or Memphis got the POV, wouldn’t it make more sense to put the other guy? Seriously? Is there something I am missing?

  11. Yes there is a “deal” (dumb deal on Jerry’s part) with Memphis. Memphis says he won’t use the POV if he wins it and that he will take Jerry to the final two– yeah right.

  12. Oh – sounds like some sour grapes coming out here!! Everyone’s mad at Dan cause they got the biggest pieces of crap ever to play BB out – Ollie and Michelle. Boo hoo. Dan is an awesome player, and the only way they will get him out is to blindside him. Which Jerry, the third biggest piece of crap, wants to do. If there’s any justice in this world, the end will be Memphis and Dan. I just have to say again – it’s so AWESOME to see those gigantic LOSER idiots Ollie and Michelle out. C-YA!!!!!

  13. Any conversation between Dan & Memphis since the HOH & nominations to prove Memphis is sticking with he & Dan’s alliance & feeding Jerry a line till POV? Hopefully Dan wins POV & won’t have to have Memphis break his word to Jerry which would make them both safe. One of the girls has to go in that case. Next HOH is crucial for Dan & Memphis, if they are to make to final 2. Can’t wait to see what happens. I wonder if they are going to alert Renny to the Hurricane that is barreling down on New Orleans & has evacuation kicking in tomorrow. 3 yrs. yesterday since Katrina hit us. Anyone know why they can’t watch tv in the house if BB monitored what is being shown? I am sure if they had the presidential conventions on that would stir them up arguing over politics. It has to be so boring sitting around day after day.

  14. The conversations seem to be going in the direction that Memphis is going to use the POV on Dan and then they will vote Renny out. There really isn’t any urgency to HOH next time, because Jerry can’t compete, which leaves it down to Keesha, Memphis and Dan. There’s no reason to think any of them would betray the other, that would be stupid. So no matter who wins HOH, Jerry will go next week, leaving those 3 as the final 3. Then it will just depend who wins HOH as to who will be the final 2. If all goes to plan, this should be the best situation.

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