Big Brother 10 Week 7 Live Double Eviction and HoH Results

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It’s a big night in the Big Brother 10 house with two evictions and two HoH competitions. Several of the HGs are on to the idea that this may happen tonight, but soon they’ll know for sure. I’ve made my prediction for the first eviction of the night, but I’m excited to see what happens for the rest of tonight.

Live Eviction Round 1 Voting:

  • Keesha: Evict Michelle
  • Memphis: Evict Michelle
  • Ollie: Evict Jerry
  • Renny: Evict Michelle

By a vote of 3 – 1, Michelle has been evicted from the Big Brother 10 house!

On Julie’s couch Michelle continued to insist Dan was a plant, “personally”. She must have said “personally” in every sentence. I was really amazed that Julie told Michelle that Dan was not a plant. Kinda influencing the jurors there, which I’m glad was set straight, but I’m still surprised Chen did that. Michelle also “knows” that Dan will be the next HG evicted tonight. Let’s find out!

HoH Competition Round 1 – “Big Brother Headlines”: Step Up, Step Down

  • Question 1: Everyone but Renny gets a point
  • Question 2: Ollie, Jerry, and Keesha get a point
  • Question 3: Only Jerry gets a point
  • Question 4: Everyone but Memphis gets a point
  • Question 5: Only Renny gets a point
  • Question 6: Jerry and Keesha get a point
  • Question 7: Keesha, Renny, and Memphis get a point
  • Jerry and Keesha tie!

  • Tie Breaker: How many total lollipops were on the table?
  • Jerry and Keesha guess the same number (100)!

  • Tie Breaker #2: Number of seconds of winners’ time in last PoV?
  • Jerry guesses 320 seconds; Keesha guesses 500 seconds; Correct answer was 1000+

Keesha is the new HoH!

HoH Nomination Ceremony: Keesha nominates Ollie and Jerry.

Power of Veto Competition – “Veto In A Haystack”: Search & Find

  • Dan finds the first veto medallion first
  • Dan finds the second veto medallion first

Dan is the PoV winner!

Bye bye, Ollie! I don’t think Dan will be using this Veto.

Power of Veto Ceremony: Dan decides to not use the PoV.

Live Eviction Round 2 Voting:

  • Dan: Evict Ollie
  • Renny: Evict Ollie
  • It’s official, Ollie has been evicted.

  • Memphis: Evict Ollie

By a vote of 3 – 0, Ollie has been evicted from the BB10 house!

The second HoH competition won’t be shown live tonight. Instead it’ll take place soon in the BB10 house. Sign up for the live feeds to watch what happens and then get the Big Brother 10 email updates so you don’t miss a thing.

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  1. Keesha should not have been made Head of Household because both her and Jerry was told to hurry up and Jerry rush as instructed but Keesa took forever. She should have been disqualified or they should not have been told to hurry up with their answer.

  2. @J Ford: Uh, really? That always happens. Someone takes longer. What if Keesha finished her number first? Would you say Jerry took longer and should be dq’d? Nah.

  3. WOW! I am relieved that Keesha won because Ollie’s behavior as well as Michelle’s and Jerry’s was despicable this week. Buh-bye Ollie and Michelle. Good riddance.

  4. I really hope Jerry wins the next HOH. I do want him to win. I’ve been a fan ever since the beginning, even with his behavoir and stuff; it makes good television. I would like to see Dan and Memphis on the block and Memphis

  5. How can I say this? I LOVED IT!!!!!
    This excitement come in second only to watching
    Dan “dis” Ollie in front of millions the other night!!!!

  6. YEA Keesha!!! I like them both (Jerry & Keesha) and it wouldn’t have mattered to me who won, but then again it would have because Jerry wouldn’t get Ollie Wollie out, Great job everyone.

  7. Just the way I hoped it would turn out. Anyone else think that Memphis seemed a little “out of it” during the second HOH?

  8. Jerry is a very mean old man. He’s super bitter. Ollie needed to leave and so did that beotch! Ollie can be with his fake barbie b!tch tonight! Hahaha

  9. HA HA HA HA HA I can’t tell you how sweet that is, both Michelle and Ollie out. Just like I thought. Now the game can continue with the best players in the house, and the most deserving will win the game. Hopefully Jerry goes next, but I’m just happy those two lunatics are gone, gone, gone!!!!

  10. I must be the only one on this page who can’t stand Keesha. I’ve lost count how many times she looks at herself in the mirror. I hope Renny or Jerry wins. Dan, Memphis and Keesha are asses!!

  11. Based on the live feeds during the past couple of days, I’d say there’s a better than 75% chance that if Dan or Memhis get HOH it will be Remmy going home this week.

    Jerry is no threat (even though he almost bungled his way to the HOH tonight), and is hated by all, and can’t beat any of the 4 if he is part of a final 2. As opposed to Remmy who could probably beat any of the 4 in a final two. Remmy was very disloyal since the OJ meltdown and she will (I hope) pay for it this week.

    Let’s hope Remmy is the next one to get the boot.

  12. Yep, there aren’t too many on here that hates Keesha. And Ollie, Michelle and Jerry are the asses. Thank goodness that they are GONE and hopefully Jerry next!!! Memphis and Dan to the final 2 for sure!! They deserve it. Keesha can be in 3rd.

  13. I hope Dan wins. But I won’t complain if Keesha or Memphis win. Renny? No, I don’t think she’s played the game well enough to win. Keesha showed her metal in the HOH tonight. . . .and Memphis is the POV last week. .. they were “MUST HAVE” wins, and both came through.

    As for Jerry. . .effff that old man. He’s just a dirty old POS. Wash your hands old man.

    I think Keesha could probably use the most of all. .. .but Dan and Memphis are needy as well. But Keesha should be able to cash in via outside deals more than Memphis or Dan if she doesn’t win.

    I look for Dan make it very far. . . .any physical challenge I don’t see the other 4 being able to keep up. That is a HUGE advantage for him.

  14. Now wait a minute, that Cajun Queen is the one that is deserving of it. She is 100% coonass, and for those not from LA that is a complement. She tells it like it is and if your paying close attention she is on the mark. I will agree the Ollie Wollie thing was the worst move she made, but it made a good shock factor for the show.

  15. jerry won hoh, i am watching big bro after dark, and he has the key on. they are talking about how worried they are and who he is putting up… this just sucks

  16. Should be interesting now that the “fab” four and Jerry have to play to see who stays in the house, especially if Jerry wins the upcoming HOH. I personally would like to see Renny “sweat” it out since she was questionable during her HOH ( not nominating Ollie) and wanting to put Memphis up! and not wanting to be straight forward with Dan when he asked her who she would put up if he used the POV to take Jerry off the block ( because he wanted Ollie on the block).

  17. I guess I took too long thinking of my comments , Jerry has already won HOH….should be interesting!!!

  18. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I love me some BB!!! Things could not have worked more perfectly…KARMA!!! If the rennygades had evicted Jerry, their plan would have worked like a charm. Guess that’s what happens when you get too cocky. Of course they will try to sacrifice Renny, but I hope Jerry has enough sense to put anyone BUT Renny up. I really don’t care who goes, Memphis, Dan or Keesha; although Keesha ranks pretty high on my list. I also think this might be the first time the jury vot,e not on game play, but a more personal level.

  19. I can’t stand Dan!! why does he yell when he’s talking to the camera? Ollie was very dumb to make a deal with Dan, as well I don’t like Keesha or Memphis, I would like either Jerry or Renny to win, since Michelle is gone, she was the one I wanted to win.

  20. Did they really do an HoH last night? Really didn’t Keesha long, did they? LOL…What was the competition? I thought they would let them rest a while before doing it. Details!!! Please? :D

  21. Does anyone think it is odd that neither Ollie or Jerry got an POV symbol. I mean Big Brother set up the lanes and Dan’s POV signs were right there for him. Also HOH was staged. Jerry was about to win and then they make a wierd question. They would have went again Jerry’s answers with anyone. I think when they do HOH like that, they should put the answers on the screen if everything is on the up and up.

  22. JB, I thought that too. I wondered after, if Ollie knew his wasn’t there and that after spending a hour in the diary room, that he agreed to that so he could leave the game with some “dignity”. What they showed last night, was nothing compared to the live feed. Ollie was out of control. I wonder if he struck a deal with them so as not to embarrass his family any further?

  23. @DaveNL: The results are in on the second HoH, check out the winner…

    @JB: Come on, there was no “up and up” issue with the second tie-breaker between Jerry and Keesha. Jerry guessed just 320 seconds for TOTAL time spent in the PoV comp Round 2 (time for each player combined). That was obviously too short a time as it works out to just 2.6 mins. Jerry just had a very lowball guess and that’s why he lost. It was not rigged.

  24. Matt I agree with that question. But I am talking about the “American voted” questions. I can only think of one person in the world that would possible say Keesha beats Jesse in an arm wrestling contest as an headline. And that person would be Keesha herself and she is the one that needed the vote to tie Jerry. If Keesha was the answer they should put it on the screen. They should put all of the American voted type questions on the screen.

  25. I knew they sould have voted Jerry out…he is so much better at the competitions than Ollie

  26. Dan and Mephis bottom TWO!!!
    They are in it to win it and they are!!!!
    They are my pick if not.. then Keesha needs to be there. Get the old goats out!! They can’t go all the way!!!
    DAN and MEPHIS are gonna win!!!

  27. If indeed Jerry has was HOH (unconfirmed – confirmed only as above), then he WILL nominate DAN and MEMPHIS. One of them WILL go home. Of ourse, if either DAN or MEMPHIS win POV, we can expect them to take themelves off the block… the big question is who Jerry will nominate to replace them? Most likely RENNY as a vendetta? Either way…. the group will get rid of either DAN OR EMPHIS next week… without blinking an eye… RENNY hates MEMPHIS… nobody trusts DAN.

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