Big Brother 10 Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of Veto

This week’s Big Brother 10 Power of Veto ceremony is over and just as expected, the results had a massive impact with explosions!

Memphis, the winner of this week’s PoV, used the veto just as expected. That’s when the fun started and went just as I predicted.

Instead of nominating Keesha or Renny, as Ollie wanted, Dan nominated Michelle. This didn’t go well with Ollie or Macho-elle. I believe Ollie put it to Memphis as, “you’re a f%@, suck my d@#$”. Classy game player here, folks.

Watch the Ollie, Michelle, Dan, and the rest fight it out live & uncensored.

Update: Ollie is stomping around the backyard throwing things. When Big Brother called him to the diary room he yelled back, “No! F#$% you!” Is Ollie angling to get a penalty nomination?? We’ve seen it happen before for bad behavior. Season 4 even had a HG (Scott) immediately evicted for throwing chairs.

Renny, Memphis, Dan, and Keesha are hiding in the HoH room while Ollie rampages around the house. Memphis snuck out to see the damage and reported back that Ollie had thrown all their keys across the house, broke a lamp, shattered one of the giant lollipops, and Dan thinks he punched his Memory Wall screen. They’re asking why BB hasn’t stopped him. I’m guessing because it makes for great live feeds and TV!!

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Insane Update: Ollie is back and he’s accusing BB of rigging the game against him. He’s with Michelle questioning why Dan would have put up Memphis if he just did what he did (uh, to blindside you, dummy, and it worked). Ollie says there was no way Dan could have known Memphis would win PoV, so it must have been rigged. He says his name wasn’t in the the bag for pulling PoV players. Uh, yeah, sure thing.

Paranoia Update: Michelle and Ollie have convinced themselves that Dan is a plant and is rigging the game each step of the way. They’re sure Dan isn’t a teacher, isn’t a coach, and doesn’t have a girlfriend Monica. That alone isn’t too bad since Michelle will be gone in three days. What is bad is that these two are bending the ears of Keesha and Renny. Either way this doesn’t bode well for Dan.

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  1. The Reverend and Mrs. Ollie’s Parents must be so proud- watching their fine young son working through his “manhood” issues on prime time network TV. HEHhehHEH…

  2. This really is great to watch. I never thought Ollie would take it this badly. I thought Michelle would be the one flipping out since she’s doomed. Ollie is more upset about getting “disrespected”. I thought they already evicted Mr. Respect (Jessie).

  3. Ollie is going nuts. Damaging and destroying things and for some strange reason, Remmy is cleaning up after him.

    Ollie will be removed and I would wager that Jerry and Mich are taken off the block. A new HOH will be held on Thursday and the immediate vote to evict held.

    This is a wonderful game. I wonder what kind of cellmate ollie will have at San Quentin. . .?

  4. The prettiest cellmate on the block, I bet… the one all the other cellmates are totally jealous of… HEHhehHEH

  5. i don’t get the feeds, so i can’t wait to watch bbad and the show tomorrow to see this for myself. Ollie and his “i have never drank, smoked or cursed”… guess he’s not a virgin in one of those areas now, it sounds like. that’s embarrasing he’s claiming dan took his manhood, i guess that just proves what the rest of us already knew..he has no manhood!! please let keesha or renny get hoh for the double and get his whiny ass out of there too. and for manchelle, at least at the jury house, she can have all the alcohol she wants..poor libra and april!!

  6. ronnie, i just saw your he going off that bad now?? he’s not even the one on the block, can you imagine if dan had put him up? do they find the most unstable people for this or what??

  7. amy, I think it is clear that Ollie will be removed from the house. I don’t know how CBS will handle this, but he’s out of control and a menace and danger of everyone in that house.

    This is absolutely great. . .

  8. one would think they’d remove him, but it makes for good tv, right? so i’m betting they will calm him down, warn him, maybe a penalty nom and let him stay as long as he stays calm. however, ratings or not, the other HG obviously don’t feel safe, so how can they leave him in there? from all i’ve just read that he’s doing, he’s more than unstable. the other HG shouldn’t have to live with that. or they better sleep with one eye

  9. If they leave him in the house, the other HG will be afraid to put him up for eviction, and this will tell all future BB contestants that physical threats and intimidation are allowable tools for the game.

    In addition, watching him, this is not the actions of someone in full control of their actions. I believe if he sees Dan, he will assault him. This is not behavior that can be tolerated.

    At this point CBS is liable for his actions should he harm someone. I doubt they want to permanently destroy the BB franchise over some POS who is unable to control his anger.

    I am sure the blow up will be great TV, but anything after that, intimidated HGs ect.. . . won’t be. Its a game, not a war zone where you should have to fear for your safety. Ollie has spent his last night in the BB house. IMO

  10. agree with you 100%, ronnie, and i really, really hope you’re right. i don’t know why he’s still there now, what are they waiting for?!?!

  11. CBS is gutless and I am sure they are busy with their legal department looking at all the feeds. IMO if they allow him to stay, they are sending out a message that will come back to bite them.

    Ollie needs to go, now.

  12. I think it is time for Ollie to go (and I hope April’s family are taping all of this because this is a relationship she does not need). If he goes, wouldn’t they still have the eviction ceremony with the two on the block? I can’t remember how it went the time a HG waved a knife at someone. He was gone but did it impact the routine? This would be a good time for Michelle to go, although quieter.

  13. SInce it is clear that Jr OJ, errrrrrrrr, Ollie is staying, CBS must have leveled some sort of penalty against him. My bet is that he won’t be allowed to compete for HOH this week.

    He shouldn’t be in the game, but that would be nice.

    Also, unless Apefool’s family wants her to end up like Nicole Brown did, they need to hold an intervention with her upon her release from BB. She is absolutely in danger. Ollie is a complete lunatic. Unstable and dangerous.

  14. ronnie, i’m not totally up on the shorthand on here, so can you tell me what “IMO” is short for? and, “POS”. thank you. : )

  15. Ughh..i knew cbs would let him stay. the HG should get together & demand that he be removed for their safety. no way would i stay in there with that crazy ass!! amazing how far corporations will go for ratings!! shame on you, CBS!!

  16. I hope Ollie’s parents are real proud of him being a son of a preacher and all!!!!! I hope BB gives him a penalty and I hope the people he knows will never let him forget that he acted like such an idiot cause he thought he had “GAME”!!!!!

  17. Ronnie, somebody, like Amy I don’t get the feeds either. I have to wait til Big Brother After Dark to try and catch up. Why did CBS and Big Brother allow Ollie to destroy things and go ape shit? Why are they allowing him to stay???

  18. I have no idea. While OJ errrrr Ollie was roaming the backyard during his spree of destruction, the 4 alliance members were holed up in the HOH. . . . . .watching him on the spy camera. He broke a flag pole, smashed one of those huge suckers into a million pieces on the wall, threw the weight bench pole, knocked the refrigerator over(outside), smashed a lamp, and took all the keys from the picture wall and threw them around the house. And, although the feed didn’t show it, Memphis and Dan mentioned that he also smashed his fist into at least Dan’s picture on the wall.

    Also, when these walk of destruction was going on, BB called Ollie into the DR and he refusted to go, say something like “suck my dick, I ain’t going nowhere. . . fuck you” . .”faggots”. . .

    He eventually went to the DR, for over an hour, as best I could tell, and then he emerged like nothing had happened and engaged with that utter moron Michelle on how Michelle could get Memphis to vote for her???? Ollie was acting as if he was still controlling the game. Very delusional.

    As for why CBS is allowing him to stay? I have no idea. From the reaction of the HGs, they are clearly concerned for their safety and he poses a clear and present danger.

    We can only hope there is more to come. Things have been quite for the past 2 hours or so. . . .Let’s hope by BB After Hours things will heat up again.

  19. OMG people!
    Dan said he would not put up Michelle and he did.

    He promised Ollie over and over and even said he “I swear on Monica”
    Why do you hate Ollie? I liked Dan but my respect from him has really gone down. For a person who says he is a catholic and then just back stabs someone makes me sick. I know it’s a game but some respect to others is that so much to ask

  20. vicke, WOW. . . with all due respect, you are either not informed or a moron. I suggest you review what occurred today for any information on why OJ, errr Ollie needs to go, now.. .he needs to be removed by CBS.

    As for promises? Where have you been. . . ? This is a game of unkept promises. . . . if every promise was kept no one would ever be nominated or vote out. . . get a grip.

    OJ is a lunatic and needs to leave. . and you need to catch up on today’s actions prior to making such a nonsensical post. . .

  21. I am up to date and if errr you have been watching there is more then one side. Are you telling me that if someone you trusted back stabbed you would not be pissed off.

    He is PISSED OFF his manhood has been taken away
    I hope he wins hoh and gets at least one of them

  22. If you are up to date, you are a moron. . . .with all due respect. You simply don’t understand the game. Every time someone is evicted, some promise has not been kept.

    In the first week, it was OJ who turned on Bryan. . .and now, karma has caught up with OJ. .

    Manhood?? Are you kidding? The Ape took his manhood on national tv. . . what kind of a person has on camera sex with someone they don’t know? What kind of hypocrite claims to “not cuss” and cuss’ like a sailor the second turns against him. He is suppose to be the son of a preacher, yet he lies, cusses, has sex with a stranger on national tv, and he is unable to control his anger to the point that he destroys proerty and makes homophobic comments and animal threats. OJ is a very pathetic person. And he is getting exactly what he deserves. OJ had no manhood for Dan to take away. . . it was gone long ago.

    This weeks HOH comp will be on Thursday’s show so it will be a mental contest, and since OJ has a non functioning brain, he will lose. . . .and then, he will go home. . . or to jail, what ever place is closer.

    Vicke, I am sorry you don’t understand the game. . . and it is a game. . .

  23. Ronnie,

    Totally agree with your comments. It is a game and you have to break your promises if you want the $500,000. OJ behavious is terrible, but its great TV. OJ has not been playing the game, he has only been having sex with April. I hope he is the next to leave after Michelle. It would be great if they left together this week Double Eviction

  24. Vicke is obviously a little delusional. It has nothing to do with Dan going back on his word – he NEVER should have promised him all of that. That was the most ridiculous deal ever in the history of BB, and they both knew it. Smug Ollie even bragged about that. One thing that I think is completely being forgotten is that his precious little sex buddy April did EXACTLY the same thing!! She promised Michelle that she and Jessie were safe, then nominated Jessie right from the get go! Where was Ollie’s fits and self-righteousness then? Didn’t he feel guilty? Should Michelle have torn up the house over it? Ollie is a loose cannon and needs to go pronto. Dan is the nicest player in that house, and even with nominating Michelle, is STILL the most honest, straight forward player there!!!!!

  25. Ollie is crazy and what is all this crap about respect. I don’t understand, should everyone respect him for acting like a whinny baby. He needs to go, then he and April can whine together until the end.

  26. ronnie, i have to thank you for your commentary..i read some of these others and just have to wonder what world they live in. you say everything i’m thinking and in the best way possible!!

  27. Ronnie – I agree 100 % with what you are saying!
    This is a game people….lying is part of it….why Ollie acts so surprised when he thinks he’s being wronged….he’s wronged people in this game to.
    Ollie needs to wake up and grow up – and CBS needs to toss him out – he’s a threat to everyone in the house – don’t even send him to the jury house – right out of the game…

  28. I agree with the point that Ollie should be pissed. After all, Dan broke his word. BUT, it is just a game. And the end does not justify the means in this circumstance. For someone to act as destructive and irrationally as Ollie has, he should not be rewarded to stay in the game. Great tv or not, 4 people hid in the HoH room out of fear. A line has been crossed here and if viewers/CBS can’t see that, than it is very sad.

    Remove Ollie from the game. For the safety of the other house guests, for his safety and well being, and in honor of the game and as a message to further house guests. If they do not, and this type of behavior is deemed as acceptable, then what will it escalte to next season?

  29. In watching more of the feeds, I realize how unstable and completely psychotic Ollie really is. All that about being religious and a good person was all bull. He is nuts, ranting about Dan being “a plant” and being so upset about the exactly same thing April did! She got Michelle to drop with the same promise, then went back on it immediately, and I didn’t see anyone freak out like that. Ollie is a frickin whack job.

  30. Personally, I can’t stand the alliance of Dan/Memphis/Keesha/Renny. I understand Olliie’s frustration, but common sense should have told him things weren’t going to go the way Dan had promised him. Now, everyone thinks Ollie should be kicked out…at least BB didn’t have to come take the knives away like they did when Keesha went on her rampage (prior to Libra’s eviction). I realize this is a game based on lies, deception and fraud, but where I draw the line is when the HG swear on the Bible (which Dan didn’t do with Ollie), the children, mom-dad, girlfriend (which he did do). Memphis and gang talk plenty shit but see how they run. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen…Ollie didn’t approach any of shittygades (nothing like Evel Dick did in his season) so why are they sooooo threatened? If Ollie punched the picture of Dan, who got hurt by it? Probably Ollie’s hand, more than Dan’s face!!! I know Ollie is going overboard, and if he was my son, I would probably fall over for embarassment and anger at him, but I swear those four could make a saint sin!

  31. Um….deal or no deal – Ollie wasn’t HOH. All I can say is Dan IS the HOH, he stayed on that swing. Ollie didn’t. Ollie is psycho. Its a freaking game. Dan is playing it – like him or not.
    Ollie had no power, and probably made the stupidest mistake ever thinking he was HOH BUT not being HOH! DUH!

  32. Uh, Edith, where did Dan do anything that Ollie’s precious tramp April didn’t do???? She did the EXACT same thing, went back on a promise made during the HOH endurance, made Michelle drop, told her that she and Jessie wouldn’t go up, then nominated Jessie. Hello, are we watching the same show??? Did we forget? Ollie has ZERO reason to be mad, you get what you give. Karma baby. He did worse than swear on his girlfriend, he lied by saying he is religious and doesn’t cuss, blah, blah. Now look at the rampage he is going on. Breaking property that isn’t his, threating other people’s well being. He is a loose cannon and a total jerk. Keesha, Renny, Memphis and Dan have played a straight forward game, have only had to break promises or lie when they needed to. The rest of the house is far worse than any of them. Look at Jerry and his crazy looney tunes rantings?? If I heard Judas out of his mouth one more time, I wanted to punch him square in the face. Don’t know how anyone has any other opinion about Ollie than the truth – he is a TOTAL PSYCHO!!!!!!

  33. Edith, stop with the “OJ” excuses. Why were the HG threatened? Are you shitting me? OJ was a division 1 football player and he lost complete control of himself, and was breaking property, smashing his fists into the wall, making homophobic rants, making specific threats. . . and you wonder why the HG felt threatened? Are you shitting me. . ..

    And last night, HOURS this unstable tirade, OJ was still calling Memphis a “faggot” and making threats. He is unstable and needs to go. Everyone, and I mean everyone, Jen included, understood ED rant was an act.. . but, I guarantee you that if Dan or Memphis had ventured into the back yard when OJ was having his meltdown, Dan or Memphis would have been physically assaulted.

    It is curious why anyone would defend or make excuses for OJ’s actions, but not surprising. You are the same people who made excuses for Ted Kennedy when he killed Mary Jo Kopechne and when Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick. Shame on you all.

    This game has been altered because CBS has allowed a dangerous unstable psycho to remain in a confined house with other human beings. . .ie victims. And they have paired him with a moron named Michelle and a angry old pervert named Jerrry. CBS has ruined this game.

  34. One thing you “Ollie Defenders” (i.e. Edith) are either forgetting or unaware of – earlier houseguests were removed from the house for the same thing. Why should Ollie be allowed to stay? In Season 2, Justin Sebik was removed for breaking the #1 rule – no threatening of physical violence or intimidation of other HGs. Uh, did Ollie do that??? That’s a BIG yes. In Season 4, Scott Weintraub was removed for having a violent outburst, which included throwing furniture around the house, yelling and ranting around the house, and refusing to go to the DR. Is that not EXACTLY what Ollie did?? Again, another big yes. So why is he still there? Can you explain and defend that one??????

  35. Shame on CBS for letting Ollie remain in the game. First Evel Dick, now Ollie.. CBS is going for a Jerry Springer Audience. You’ve lost a viewer.

  36. Do you remember last year when everyone was reading the bible? Do you really think “God” is paying attention to the game with all the other problems in the world. It’s like a movie, God doesn’t pay attention to scripts. Dan has done a wonderful job! He is better than ED. Look at the past winners, they too have lied and backstabbed. I wish I could be on BB11, I’ve learned a lot about how to win! Ollie needs to be put out or CBS faces lawsuits from others that were ejected for less. C’mon and root Dan on, he is the only one besides Keesha (mastered Jessie’s eviction) who have flipped the game around. Bravo!

  37. OJ claims that he has some sort of marketing job. . . .I find it is curious that if he has a job how he could just leave a job an move to Phoenix with a girl he doesn’t even know.

    I doubt that he was even employed. He doesn’t have the mental make-up to hold a job. He’s a lunatic. . who thinks he’s entitled. . . he has shamed his family and anyone who every supported or knew him. He should have been removed yesterday.. . CBS had better hope he doesn’t harm someone.. .

  38. Ronnie Ramjet, do you know me? Cause I truly don’t know you, so how can you say:

    “It is curious why anyone would defend or make excuses for OJ’s actions, but not surprising. You are the same people who made excuses for Ted Kennedy when he killed Mary Jo Kopechne and when Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick. Shame on you all.”

    I could have sworn this was a board about BB10 and not a political board. Obviously I am wrong. I can respect you opinion even if I don’t agree with it. I try not to make blanket statements such as yours. So have fun with this message board. I have never been on a board where any opposing views were attacked so vehemntly as this board (#23, #25, #27). Remember, this is just a game!

  39. Edith, If I knew someone like you, I would disassociate that relationship immediately.

    This is just a game, but your views, while welcome, are bizarre and reflective. Your views reflect a deep seeded inability to accept reality and understand truth. While the rest of us see a blue sky, you are arguing the color is orange. You are free to post anything you want, no matter how delusional, but you must accept that the rest of us are free to respond to you drivel.

    I am having fun. . .I enjoy addressing mental inferiors like you. . . I enjoy discussing this game with delusional liars like you and I enjoy pointing out to people like you, that you don’t know WTF you are posting. I feel sorry for you. . . you look but you can not see, you listen but can not hear and you post, but make no sense.

    Edith, you haven’t got a clue, accept it, deal with it, and move on.

    Peace out

  40. Edith and Ronnie, you have both made your points. And obviously there is not going to an agreement there, which is fine. But can the personal attacks stop, and leave the BB10 discussion board to, just that, BB10? Seriously, by continuing this, you both are discrediting yourselves.

  41. I think its funny Ollie is so mad that Dan didn’t keep his word. I mean, it was Ollie who didn’t keep his word during week one. (Brian-Dan-Ollie alliance)

  42. DaveNL, why do you care about what I post? If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you what to comment, fine, but be prepared for a in kind resonse.

    STFU, you stupid moron. Edith, made no points, which was my point. If you think she make some valid point, cite it, or STFU.

    Seriously, you are a tard. . . thanks for proving it.

  43. Ronnie, I am surprised that you are not taking up for Ollie, since you act the same way he does on this website. You use such disrespect because someone may disagree with you. For your information, I was agreeing with you in the Ollie debate. I was just getting sick of your personal attacks against others. And quite frankly you can call me a “tard”, “moron”, etc, but anyone who has read these posts knows the difference.

    And with that, I will end this discussion with you and ignore it, as I can see Edith is doing as well. And as typical, as I say you are, you will follow this up with another childish rant in which you call me and who ever dare makes a comment against your opinion. And I will read and laugh, as I am sure others you read it will as well.

    I hate to encourage this behavior by commenting, but I felt someone needed to take a stand. And I apologize to anyone else who is reading this, and assure I will not converse with you or about you on this site any further.

  44. Maybe I don’t understand everything because I don’t get the live feeds, only see BB After Dark. However, I thought Ollie broke the deal first, as the power he thought he had, went to his head. When they made the deal and gave Ollie all that power, Dan’s part was that he couldn’t put up Keesha. Ollie knew that it was part of the deal. Yet in his power trip he insisted that Dan replace Memphis with Keesha. At that point, wasn’t the deal already broken. I think Ollie broke the deal first. I’m sure Ollie understands this because as he lay on the sofa last night he mused that maybe he should have told Dan to put up Renny and then he wouldn’t have been asking for something Dan had excluded in the deal.
    Please let me know if this is wrong.

  45. i just have to add in regards to the ollie/brian/steven alliance in the beginning..please people remember that ollie, yes, ollie was the first one to betray that alliance and he is the only one who didn’t pay dearly for being part of it. now lets remember why…because he blew it up to get his christian ass inside of april’s, then hid behind/under her skirt while the storm blew through. karma is a bitch!! he is only just now getting a fraction of what that spineless freak should have gotten long ago!! ronnie..keep up the awesome work!!:)

  46. First off – I didn’t appreciate Edith including me on her “vehemently attacking” comment by adding #27 to her list, I didn’t go off on a rant, nor did I mean to personally attack, if one comment saying that your comment was “delusional” is an attack, then you need to get some thicker skin. I didn’t attack you, I just said that I feel you aren’t watching the same show, and that your views are wrong in my opinion. I stand by that. I don’t see how anyone can defend someone who tells people over and over in the house to “suck his ___” and “f you this” and “f you that”, he’s supposed to be a pastor’s son, but he’s a liar and he’s worse than any of the others. He didn’t keep his word week 1 (thanks CD, I forgot that!) where he completely threw his alliance under the bus right from the first few days. He was basically one person with April when she went back on her word the same way to Michelle by nominating Jessie. Then he sleeps with some piece of trash, all on camera and everyone knows about it, then he cusses everyone out, makes threats and discriminating remarks, calls Dan out on a lie (calling him a “plant”? If that’s not offensive!). I don’t see how anyone can think Ollie is anything but a uppity, loud-mouthed bully in need of anger management!!! What comes around goes around – I hope he gets it GOOD!!

  47. Ronnie & any other BB feed fans,…

    Has BB come back and issued a penalty to Ollie for his tantrum after the POV? Have they said he can’t participate in the HOH comp this week?

  48. How did any selection criteria allow filth like Michelle to qualify for this game? CBS should be ashamed. As for OJ, he’s a real POS. I think, judging by what he has said since yesterday’s meltdown, that he knows he will NOT be eligible for HOH this week as a penalty for his meltdown.
    He has not once mentioned being HOH next week. . . he must know it won’t be him because he won’t be eligible. . .
    Should be good.

  49. I sure hope he gets some kind of penalty. It’s obvious that he isn’t being removed, and by the way they kept Evel Dick, Jen, Jameka and Amber from the one season after all the horrible things they said and the physical assaults they did on each other, obviously it takes an act of God to remove them these days. I think the HG’s are getting more and more whacked each season, and it’s out of hand. Ollie is definitely the one with the worst anger problem, cause none of his behavior is an act – he’s a serious psycho.

  50. Post #33 Edith. Your post was interesting and not a duplicate or echo of all the others on here so I liked it. I think you are spot on about how last seasons evil dick had anger problems too. Didn’t he pour something over was it Jeniifers head (water or juice ??) and confront a lot of people. As far as using the F word let’s really go down memory lane and see it being used by alot of hg’s and abused by some (evil dick) and many of the ladies. Renny does a good job with it. I think dan is the most brilliant player to date.
    Ollie does need some management with his anger and he should have had more common sense than to believe dan would just let him have the power of hoh to himself. Then again dan did promise and say he is giving his word which to some viewers might be seen as meaning something giving that he advises others in the occupation he is in.
    That being said I have a question since I haven’t followed all of these seasons and it doesn’t matter in the sense that it should happen but does anyone know if a black person (male or female) has ever won big brother?

  51. I hope Dan gets evicted!!! He screwed himself over with his alliance and now I guarantee once Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle are gone….he will be the first to go! He is a liar and all he likes to do is stir up stuff and try to make himself look like the smart guy! He is an idiot and makes up excuses for everything he has done! If he wasn’t going to keep his word with Ollie and everyone else knew it…why wouldn’t he just man up and tell Ollie he was breaking the deal instead of making some big scene at the POV ceremony? He is a coward in my mind and I would have been pissed if I were Ollie too! And by the look on everyones face after Dan’s little “game” at the POV ceremony, I would say he is as good as gone! Everyone can see he is a liar and all he does is stir the pot! He is a loose cannon and needs to go!

  52. Norman, in answer to your question, the answer is no. I think it is just the way the cookie crumbles. Personally, I would love to see a more diverse group of HGs. They always have the cute girls and guys, throw in one oldie, (Chicken George, the retired FBI guy, Evel Dick). I’d like to see a house with HGs that had the 20ish ones were in the minority. But then again, I have worried about Jerry and some of those competitions!

  53. I am not sure what all the fuse is about but I have after dark and all it is is the stuip shit that the hg do when they should be sleeping. No they would rather f*ck and start s*it then to do that. then someone could win the game and not have to put up a fight for it. It makes it fun to watch, but damn if people are going to get out of hand they may not be a BB 11. Does any body feel me r am I alone on this s*it? I really love to watch the show it passes my time and it fun to keep up with but man they need to chill out in there.

  54. Seriously, is that an issue? Who cares if there has been a black winner, or any other ethnic group, all seasons are fair. Not even sure why that was brought up. There haven’t been that many girl winners either. And FYI, Big Brother U.K. has had a black winner.

    Ash is delusional. Dan stirs the pot? Dan is a loose cannon?? Oh, I get it, it was a typo, you meant to type Ollie. Yes you’re right, Ollie is a total loose cannon and needs to go straight from BB to jail, before he hurts someone. He lied just as much if not more than anyone in that house. He lied the FIRST WEEK and broke his alliance. Nice upstanding person. He lied again, with April, about the exact same thing, the exact same situation, had Michelle drop, told her Jessie wouldn’t go up, got him evicted, and not once did he or April face anyone to tell them they were doing it. How is that ANY DIFFERENT??? He’s a nice son of a preacher too, doesn’t cuss, has good values….isn’t that what he said??? Oh yea, good values. I’d love to have him around my kids!!

  55. OK, for those of you with your ethical, moral, and spiritual high brows, do you not believe it is difficult for these “normal” (yes, they are normal) people to go into this house and challenge themselves to do what their parents, priests (and Nuns for those catholic school kids like me), pastors have told us we would burn in hell for. They are on Holiday for goodness sake. They get to lie, cheat, fantasize, and plain gut their opponents. They are on hiatus from the real world and they are in a position to win $500,000.00 dollars doing what they wouldn’t think of doing on the outside. With the exception of Ollie’s melt down, no one is really hurting anyone. Get on with loving the game, maybe you couldn’t do it but I could. I think Dan is brilliant. He and Will would make awesome opponents!!!!!!

  56. I thought the Reverend’s son doesn’t “curse” (at least that’s what he’s always claimed).

    Ollie’s a suck. A suck showing poor sportsmanship. He can’t play without his sidekick – AKA the “other” suck – April. They’re made for each other. They’re spoiled, whiny brats who think they can do no wrong.

    Dan’s move this week was risky but the best in this game so far. Dan is playing the game!! I hope he wins.

  57. Ollie just now started playing the game now that hes not getting laid. He was hiding behind April and using her as his minion. He stood behind her and laughed as the girls (Libra, April and Keesha) all went at it. He was at least intelligent enough early on to know that he would have to rely on others to do the real work. Only problem is…his sex pillow got ousted. Dan is playing the game and has been from the beginning. I don’t think he could compete with Dr. Will though. He was a genius and had the girls all wrapped around his finger.

  58. I agree with post #60. Dan & Will would be great opponents. :) I really hope Renny, Keesha, Dan or Mephis wins. I don’t care for Ollie or Jerry. Personal attacks just aren’t cool. They need to be thankful they even were part of the show. What a privledge! If you win, wonderful, if you lose, it’s just a game!

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