Big Brother 10 Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony – Preview: There’s A Storm Brewin’!

Later this afternoon the Big Brother 10 house is going to reach critical mass and when that happens you’re not going to want to be anywhere other than in front of your feeds. The Power of Veto Ceremony is set to take place late this afternoon and it’s going to be huge, so let me set the stage for you.

Last week Dan made a terrible deal with Ollie that lead to him giving away far too much power. Today the last part of that three part deal is supposed to take place when Memphis, this week’s PoV winner, uses that Veto and Dan replaces him with Ollie’s named nominee, Keesha. Problem is, that’s not going to happen.

On Sunday’s show we witnessed Ollie roll out his delusion carpet and walk around on it. He believes he’s in complete control, the “HoH without the title.” Well that’s only true if the real HoH does what you ask of him. Unfortunately for Ollie, his luck just ran out. He just doesn’t know it yet.

When Memphis uses the Power of Veto Dan will disregard Ollie’s orders and nominate Michelle, the player Ollie had deemed as “safe” this week. Dan has confirmed this plan with his own alliance: Keesha, Renny, and Memphis. This move will place Ollie’s 2 alliance members, Jerry and Michelle, on the block and negate his voting powers as it will be 3 against 1.

Look for Memphis, Keesha, and Renny to vote out Michelle come Thursday in part one of the Double Eviction night. This is going to be one awesome week in the Big Brother 10 house! Why aren’t you watching this??

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  1. I really hope Dan has Manchelle do his toenails before he backdoors her. That would be so awesome.

  2. this has probably been the most exciting week all season!! When Manchelle gets nominated, I envision it like when Chelsia was nominated the week she got the boot. It should be interesting.

  3. @ts: I bet you’re right. If anyone in there has the potential to pull a Chelsia it’s Macho-elle.

  4. I can not wait for her and Ollie to get out of that house. The Showtime was getting sick just watching Ollie and April in bed all the time. Ollie should be the one out that door this week. Michelle should go next week. Then Dan, then Memphis, Then Jerry,

  5. I can’t wait for Ollie to be out too. But the order named is completely wrong, actually opposite. After Ollie, it should be Jerry, then Renny, then Keesha, leaving Memphis and Dan as the final 2! They definitely deserve it.

  6. A few weeks ago didn’t April and Ollie go back on thier word not to put Jessie up but did? That is how Jessie got kicked out remember? Who doesn’t keep the promise? Is Ollie playing that up like it was April’s fault?
    Dan should have just put Ollie and Michelle up in the first place. Show a little manhood Dan. Then he and Memphis could have had the secret alliance with Jerry they are seeking now.

  7. I just read somewhere, Ollie said he will get physically violent and hit Dan if either of them goes up, oh how I would love to see that!! Not wanting Dan to get hit, but Ollie to get kicked out! I’m kind of worried about the double long as Dan is final 2 then I will be happy.

  8. I would love to have seen Ollie get up and state that he was replacing Memphis with Keisha, and then have BB immediately call him into the D.R. and tell him that only the real HOH could replace nominations. To quote Memphis”what was Dan smoking”.

  9. As stated in your post above, “Look for Memphis, Keesha, and Renny to vote out Michelle come Thursday in part one of the Double Eviction night.”

    I’m curious how you know that Thursday is going to be a “double eviction” night?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  10. After Dan’s nominee is evicted, the house will go into a rapid HOH competition. The next HOH will immediately nominate two for eviction and the houseguests will cast their votes immediately- and with no chance for consultation…

  11. when does the ceremony usually take place? I’m like a kid at Christmas, I just am getting antsy waiting!!!

  12. You are, well, WRONG.. . It is not Michelle getting the get the fuck out of here notice, it will be Ollie. . . .

    Just how magnificent is that? Bye, Ollie, you POS.

  13. pleaaazz get that ol’ creep out, did you all see him in his shorts, he had shit stains ewwwwwwww gotta go gerital by by

  14. michelle got nominated, and ollie went off on dan complaining that dan took his “manhood”. .. .Ollie asked dan if that was his plan and dan said, “yes. it’s only a game”. . .

    Actually it was the ape that took ollies “manhood”, but it was Ollie himself who humiliated his family. .the preacher boy had sex on tv with a stranger and then he cussed like a gansta this week. . . .

    Ollie is a self made joke.

  15. yeah sex with no protection, after knowing some hood rat after a few weeks..gross. I would laugh if she got pregnant.

  16. Does anyone know if Ollie calmed down or did he get kicked out. The way it look as if he was out the door by BB standards.

  17. I think all of the HG’s are soooo stupid. Did they really think they would walk through the door and become life-long buddies with everyone?? What is sooo funny is that they all seem to forget that it is a game….hello…for $500,000. If I ever went into that house, I would take on a totally different persona and cause as much trouble as possible without getting caught. Power to Renny/Keesha/Memphis…sorry for you Dan fans…he is a little annoying to me….hope Renny/Memphis are the final two….I would vote for Renny…RR out.

  18. Ollie needs to be evicted by BB – he didn’t just hoot and holler, he broke things – don’t send him to the jury house, just send him HOME

  19. Kathy, Julie told the audience last week it was double eviction week this week…and i agree why wasnt Ollie and Michelle just put up espicially since ollie thinks he is so well liked …he would have been safe…NOT… ollie, Michelle and jerry need to be kicked to the jury house……DAN AND MEMPHIS ARE A sure final 2 i think…dan plays the game right….he uses his head not his heart….so watch out renny and keesha…..

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