Big Brother 10 Week 7 Eviction Approaches

Tomorrow night the highly anticipated Big Brother 10 Double Eviction episode will provide us with a lot of entertainment. First we’ll have our initial eviction. There will be just four people voting: Keesha, Memphis, Renny, and Ollie. With a 3-1 roll call I don’t think we’ll get any surprises. Michelle will be evicted and there’s nothing that Mr. “I’m the real HoH” can do about it.

Speaking of the manchild Ollie, why didn’t Big Brother show us but a sample of his outbursts? I doubt they’re saving it for Thursday. With two evictions that night there just won’t be much time to dedicate to his ridiculous behavior. Also, I’m guessing Big Brother production wants to save face over not kicking his butt out of there. Past seasons have had far less happen with greater consequences. Ollie should bake Grodner a cake for letting him stay.

The second eviction on Thursday will be exciting. Dan won’t be able to compete in the first HoH competition, but he’ll still have his alliance members fighting for him. It’ll be Keesha, Renny, and Memphis against Jerry and Ollie. Of course if you look back to any previous season you’ll see situations like this never go how you want it. Then again, that PoV couldn’t have been more perfect.

Who do you want to see win HoH this week? Comment below!

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  1. OMG this week was freaking hectic :/
    id wanna see memphis win HOH
    if ollie is evicted this thurs., then itd be fun
    to see who memphis would nominate
    probably dan, but just for a pawn.
    idk…by some miracle, or whtever, keesha??

    -ignore my lack of entusiasm in grammer,
    im commenting frm my bros psp.

  2. Hah, I bet you’re right that Memphis would put up Dan just to get back at him. As long as he went up against Ollie I wouldn’t mind! I think Keesha & Renny would vote out Ollie while Jerry would vote out Dan and he’d be safe, 2-1.

  3. It should have been Ollie not Michelle on the block. The fact that he lost control like that only makes it worse. Dan needs to watch his back. His head is getting a little big and he will be the next to go! I know Ollie’s parents are proud, nothing like watching your child flip out over a game!

  4. I agree. I bet Dan was wishing he could go back and switch out Michelle for Ollie. I really didn’t think Ollie would flip out like that considering he ended up still being safe. At least Dan has the chance for Ollie to be gone this week as well.

  5. On the double eviction stage, I would like to see Keesha or Memphis win HOH. Mostly Memphis.
    Then I would want him to nominate Jerry and Ollie. Jerry only as a pawn to get Ollie out. Then the vote would probably be unanimous.

  6. I do not understand why everyone likes Memphis! He has zero personality and he is NEVER happy about anything! Keesha just makes ugly faces all day and whines! That alliance is hard to watch!

    I hope Ollie or Jerry wins HOH and gets Dan or Memphis out of there!

    Dan is obviously an idiot for making that deal with Ollie and it will come back to haunt him!

  7. This is so funny. Dan has played the most unique game to date yet and everyone is faulting him for it. He is having the most fun at it too – how can anyone fault him for that? I have had more fun watching him than in all the 10 seasons combined (I wont go there on how boring all them have been!)
    Who would I like to see win HoH? I think Renny makes the best decisions but I think Memphis would stir things up the best – I like the idea of him putting Dan up just to shake him! That would be funny — ‘Trust me Dan – Trust me!’ Oooooh too too funny!

  8. This last week has been the best, Dan is playing this game the best and making it a pleasure to watch. I think Memphis as well should win HOH, send Ollie packing with Michelle, go see April, whine about how they got screwed, Ollie can get screwed, I think thats whats wrong with him, he was used to getting it on a daily basis and hasn’t had any in a week. The only person I would feel bad for is Libra, having to put up with those 3.

  9. Dan is the best player there is at Dr. Will that is. He makes the game fun and he had the best HOH ever. The POV ceremony was GREAT*-*

  10. Dan is the best player in the hs. of BB after Dr. Will that is. He playrd the game to perfection

  11. I’d like to see Renny win HOH again. I’m sure glad that Michelle is being targeted because she is just nasty – and I don’t mean the way she looks – it’s the way she speaks on the live feeds, because they sure couldn’t show that even with bleeps. Disgustin representation of women. The accent doesn’t help her. Ugh.
    And as for Ollie being the second person voted out,I hope not because I sure would feel sorry for Libra having to put up with Ollie and April (and Michelle) together in the Jury House. Ugh. By the way – it was absolutely disgusting the way everybody ganged up on Libra, very, very undeserved.

  12. I’d like to see Ollie or Jerry win. That’s the only way to keep things exciting and on edge. I don’t want the final four to be buds, I want some sort of conflict and uneasiness happening. Othewise, it’s a boring finale.

  13. God Bless You Ash, Personally the only one of the Four I do like is Renny, but to me she’s guilty by association. I also hope either Ollie or Jerry wins and the Faketastic four can be put on the spot with seeing who really has who’s back. Come on BB Gods Ollie’s due!!!!

  14. I like the alliance of Keesha, Renny, Dan, and Memphis. The person that I would like to see get HOH is Keesha. Maybe she would nominate Ollie and Jerry. With Jerry hopefully getting evicted. Talk about people that are hard to watch, Michelle is definitely hard to watch.

  15. What are the Faketastic Four gonna do in a couple weeks when they have to turn on eachother??? What are they gonna do volunteer themselves onto the block. They’ll all hate eachother soon

  16. Trucker mouth Man-chelle needs to be sent packing so she can get back to her girlfriend in RI. HoH can be either Memphis, Renny, or Keeshah so they can kick out baby DOllie next. Then all that’s left is Jerry the Mutt and they should have no problem sending him home. Then rest can fight it out for themselves. Pity those stuck in sequester with April and DOllie and having to put up with their constant humping.

  17. What a great game Dan is playing and how funny is it that O/M/J think he is a plant and all the senerios they are talking about.. LMAO.
    I would like to see Dan & Renny final 2 but I don’t think anyone can beat Renny, she is too well liked. Love to see Renny as HOH… Bye bye Memphis..

  18. I don’t understand why eveyones so mad at Ollie, yeah he went overboard, I would’ve done the same thing if not worse. Dan gave him his word, Lying is absolutely the worst thing you can do to someone, and the way he did it too. Lying to his face, at least be a man and tell Ollie, look I know i made a deal but im gonna have to break it. Then Ollie would have at least respected him for doing it. Dan is a piece of shit in my eyes, one of those guys nice to your face and then stabs you in the back. And then to sit there and laugh about it with everyone else. What goes around comes around Dan!!!

  19. Why are ppl upset with Dan for lying? He’s finally playing the game. Everyone in that house has lied. You can’t play a game like this and be’s bluffing, tricking and lying and it’s all allowed. Dan’s not in the real world or sunday school. He’s FINALLY playing the game and making BB worth watching. Ollie on the other hand got ‘favored’ by BB..and it sux..his butt should be kicked out and THAT would have been exciting. GO DAN!

  20. Memphis win HOH, I hope. If there is gonna be a double evection I thought Jerry was gonna go home too. How does all that work?

  21. DIon, you just don’t get it. This is a game.. . .a game where you have to LIE. . . . if no one lied in this game, no one would ever be nominated and no one would ever be evicted. It is how well you are able to deceive and play others that allow for success in this game.

    As for Ollie. . . he lied to Bryan the first week. . . .were you on these boards then saying that he was a liar? He got played by a smarter better player. His reaction to being played should have meant that he was removed from this game. He is a very dangerous person who is unable to control his anger. Every player in that house is in danger so long as he is allowed to stay. He belongs in jail.

    Dion, you really should get a better grasp of this game, it is apparent you don’t have one at this time.

    Peace out

  22. I agree with you Ash!!!!! Memphis and Dan need to go! And I really would LOVE to see Keesha go! She seems to have some issues with not knowing ho to handle herself. She is so whiney and dramatic!! I hope Ollie wins the double eviction this week! Michelle shouldve been the last one standing!

  23. Ashley, so, you agree with yourself? Did you forget to change your name. Classic. .. .. there is no wonder that you support a complete moron like Michelle. .. you know she is smarter than you (you might be the only person she is smarter than). . .

    If Michelle had won the 500k the only thing she would have done is buy a bigger double wide for her and her family. Michelle is the worst this country has to offer. She is human debris.

  24. Come on Pee-Wee how the hell is Ollie Dangerous, im sure everyones intimidated by a 5ft nothing man that throws things around and hasn’t won a thing in the game. Its one thing to lie to someone but when you give someone your word, game or not, that one thing that a real man(or woman) shouldn’t do. Lets all sit back and let Hermann tell us how the game should go cause he seems to think he has a good grasp of how the game should be!!! Get a life loser!!!
    Peace Out

  25. I just don’t get all the Keesha bashing. She is by far one of the best players in the house…her along with Renny, are fun to watch. They are by far not as nasty as the Michelle-Ollie-Jerry alliance, I have trouble watching the 3 of them…they are just plain nasty especially Michelle(cant wait to see her gone) with Ollie and Jerry right behind. The fab 4 are so fun to watch and they are hysterical. Remember folks this is a game and what Dan did this week was play the game…Ollie was just plain dumb to trust him…Hello…Dan is trying to win.

  26. I hate the white girl w/ the black name, Dan the queer, and Moppy Memphis (who by the way is NOT hot)….I love Bryan (Ollie), Renny and ever JerJer. If the first three win HOH on Thurs…I am done w/ Bb. They definetely have been feeding Dan….and that shit ain’t cool.

  27. Keesha needs to go back to Hooters…cause that all she’ll ever be…a frigin loser Hooter’s waitress. And Dan is a back-stabbing, man with no balls. (I heard his gf Monica is infected).


  29. Are you kidding Dion???? You have to be, there’s no way you’re serious. Ollie’s due for what, an arrest and conviction??? Ollie and Jerry are the nastiest people to ever play this game. Jerry may be trying to get sympathy now, but that whole week he thought he was hot shit with all his Judas comments and thinking his alliance had the power, when they are all just a bunch of morons who never had loyalty to anyone, just bounced around and made idiotic demands. As far as Dan lying to Ollie’s face, uh, hello, isn’t that exactly what April, and Ollie by being basically one person with April, did to Michelle? She dropped being promised Jessie was not going up and was safe, lo and behold, he was immediately nominated, and then evicted. Talk about pieces of crap. Ollie is an uppity, loud mouthed piece of crap in need of anger management. I can’t WAIT to see him go, poor little baby had “his manhood” taken away. What manhood??? He never had any. Or what he did have was “in” April! He’s such a liar with fake religion. Karma baby. Can’t wait to see it come back on Ollie, Jerry and Michelle!!! GO DAN, MEMPHIS, KEESHA AND RENNY!!!

  30. Right on Lisa, you’d fit right in with the Fagtastic Four!!!! Diane you hit the nail on the head, all Keesha will ever be is a Hooters Girl. With the exception of Renny, how could you look at the other three and cheer them on, Keesha has stabbed everyone she had an alliance with ie(April,Keesha) I am gonna love it when they have to turn on eachother, its gonna be great!!!!!!!!

  31. And you Dion, fit right in with the lying, backstabbing, crazy looney tunes, name-calling, fit throwing alliance of whack jobs, Michelle, Ollie and Michelle. You cheer on someone who yells death threats over A BIG BROTHER TV GAME??? Ok, someone needs a dose of reality. April stabbed everyone in the back, Jerry made everyone hate him with his crazy rants, and Michelle is just a plain idiot. I don’t know if she has an education past elementary school. Me too, I’m going to love it when the four turn on each other to get to the end and the eventual winner, cause that means the nastiest, biggest morons that ever lived in the BB house will be GONE already!! Looking forward to that happy day! First Michelle this week – buh bye. Then Ollie and then Jerry. C-YA!

  32. And before you comment on it, I meant the alliance of Michelle, Ollie and Jerry. Sorry, typo.

  33. According to my predictions, Michelle Costa will be the next contestant to leave the Big Brother 10 house tomorrow night by a vote of 4-0.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, Mass.

  34. Dont be so sure of yourself Lisa, Crazier things have happened, Ollie and Jerry could win the next two HOH’s and then we’ll see how good of friends they are. Until then enjoy watching the 3 lamest houseguests ever continue to act like they’re Cool

  35. I’m pretty sure of myself. But yes, crazy things happen in that house. So as long as Ollie doesn’t end up killing someone or just get kicked off BB for his idiotic outbursts (please, please!) and Jerry doesn’t keel over from his senile rants, then hoping he can get the people he attacked to feel sorry for him, maybe they can win something. I doubt it though. Count on psycho Ollie and Whackjob Jerry to be out in the next couple weeks!!

  36. Ollie has been sucking at this game since day one. He blew his alliance with Bryan and Dan the first week because he wanted to hook up with a slut. Then he was her personal lap dog for the next few weeks, and now that he’s on his own he’s just proving what a dumbass he is. THE GAME IS BIG BROTHER YOU MORON! You cant trust anyone. He got out played and now he’s crying like a little girl. When 500 grand is on the line you hold on (HOH comp)not make a deal with someone whos not in your alliance dumbass just ask kayser how that went for him. Dion its just a game honey chill.

  37. Dion, either you are stupid (my choice) or you are just being dishonest. If you watched OJ on the live feeds damaging everything he touched OR if you listened to his theats. . . there is only one conclusion-he was threatening members of the house AND he had the means to carry out those threats.

    You can himm and hawww all you want, but when you are threatenting punch people’s face, and telling others to “suck your dick” and calling people “faggots”.. . .you have a problem. He can’t control his anger. . . and why??? because he got Played. . .. I am sure it was not the first time in his life that that has happened.

    Dangerous? You bet. . . .he should be in some holding cell instead of endangering the members of that house. We will read about him again. . . I just hope he stays in California so we can see his trial on TV. . . because we haven’t seen the last of that temper . . .

    Peace out

  38. I love how everyone keeps saying and repeating its a game and they are supposed to lie! So during any game we play in life its ok and expected to lie, manipulate and be deceitful during it. Granted its a game and there are other ways to play it and keep it fun without compromising who you are UNLESS those characteristics are your true personality?? I don’t beleive its an absolute must to be an a**hole to get through this game?! What Dan did was just shady! I don’t think it was good game play, he hid behind everyone else! He doesn’t even compare to Dr. Will!! Dan is missing his balls, maybe when his girl sent that ridiculous shirt, she should have sent his nuts back too!

  39. Basically everything you said was off on that Mitchell. First you said we shouldn’t lie during a game of BB. Then you said he doesn’t even compare with Dr. Will?? Well first off, no he doesn’t, Dr. Will was the best BB player ever, but he’s still a great player. Second, all Dr. Will did was lie and be deceitful!!! And yes, in BB the way you win is to try to get through the game any way you can, there aren’t many who got all the way through and won without some kind of lie in the game. The best players lied a lot. Don’t worry sweetie, you don’t have to lie during Monopoly!!! But if you want to win BB, then that’s the way it is. And I hate to see what Ollie is if Dan is an a-hole. Ollie lied too, went back on his promise with April to Michelle and did the same exact thing when they nominated Jessie, and he physically destroyed property, made physical threats and cussed everyone out, after swearing he doesn’t cuss and has good values. Shady is as shady does.

  40. Give me a break Hermann, If you truly think Ollie’s gonna hurt someone your outta your damn mind. First of all, im sure they have some kind of security around, second Memphis is twice his size. I’d expect anyone that has that happen to react the same damn way. I guarantee if that was me i probably would have gave Dan a Haymaker, but Ollie yeah he was upset but your retarded to think he would physically abuse any of the houseguests. I wish you were in the house so I could see you hiding in a corner crying for help you Puss!!!!!

  41. Lisa and Hermann, its people like you that make me sick. Your the ones that are always gonna root for whoevers on top, in this case the Fagtastic Four have the numbers so you feel obligated to jump on the band wagon, either that our you suck as a person like them??? You tell me!!!!

  42. Are you joking Dion? The sad thing is, we have all tried to repeat the same thing over and over to you, but it’s always over your head. You’re probably not going to be able to comprehend this, but I guess I’ll try again. Ollie did THE SAME DAMN THING when April was HOH. They made a deal with Michelle. They made Michelle drop. They told her they would not nominate her or Jessie. They said Jessie was safe. She nominated Jessie. He was evicted. Did I spell it out for you easy enough? Do you think you might be able to understand that now? Too bad someone didn’t give him and his tramp blonde airhead girlfriend a haymaker. No one is jumping on the bandwagon, we root for the nicer people, the ones who play the game right and straight forward. You on the other hand root for the dumb blonde slut, the crazy dyke that eats pig’s feet, the old senile man who calls everyone names around the house for no reason, and the worst one of all, the pseudo religious guy who swears he doesn’t cuss and is a good person, yet he threatens everyone, throws tantrums like a baby and sleeps with some slut on national TV. That’s who you root for? Who sucks as a person? I would think that would be Y-O-U.

  43. This is almost like a PUNKED episode. . . .can a human being really be as stupid as Michelle? I mean a human being without major head trauma? I bet when she gets to the jury house she will still be rationalizing how BB is going to bring her back for the big “twist”. She, like OJ, is delusional.
    Dan has proved he able to be several moves ahead of everyone in that house. Is he lucky? Of course he has been, but mostly he’s just smarter. Certainly he’s light years ahead of the ApeFucker. . . who belongs in prison. . .
    It’s time to accept that OJ, Jerry and Michelle are not only bad BB players, they are also very bad people. Would you want OJ, Jerry or Michelle living next to you??? Hell no. . . you wouldn’t.

    As or Dion. . . .thank you for you last post. . . it confirms you are gutter trash just like Michelle. . . the whole “birds of a feather” theory. . . . .human debris, no more, no less. . . .

    I am for any of the 4 over the 3 losers because the 3 loser represent the worst of this society. . .angry bigots, uneducated deviants, and societal waste. . .. too bad, so sad, but true. . . accept it and dealwithit. .
    Peace out

  44. NICER???????? You gotta be kidding, Unbelievable. So lying is playing the game right huh, what does Michelles eating habits have to do with the game?? Ok your right, your cool. You are fool of Shit!!!!

  45. Michelle, Ollie & J Man all the way! Cmon fools you don’t want Dickhead, Retard, Kumquat & Moran to go all the way to the final 4 do you That makes for boring TV. BB will stack it so that either O or J will win the’ll see. They also rigged this crap

  46. I’m “fool of shit”? Wow, where did you go to school? Yea, you’re pretty much a fool. And once again you didn’t get anything I said, which proves your intelligence. So I’m not going to try and make you understand anything, it’s a losing battle. But lying is obviously playing the game, cause Ollie and April did it BUT GOOD!!!! You lie first, you get it back. Ollie’s just crying cause he got outplayed!!!!!

  47. Difference between Dan and Dr Will…Dr Will had charisma and Dan…well, just a poor, poor sap. Wonder if he’ll tithe. DOUBT IT..hypo…hypo…hypocrite!

  48. Well yes – Dr. Will was awesome, best player on BB ever. Dan doesn’t compare, but he’s definitely in the top players. Ollie on the other hand??? Bottom of the heap, lowlife piece of crap. Probably on the bottom 10 players ever on BB. Total a-hole. Needs to go to anger management!!

  49. Here ye Here ye. ..what’s ye all talkin’ bout? My boy, Ollie is a righteous fellow. .. .his homophobic feelings are the product of being rapededdd by his first ball coach. . . .pooor ollie. .

    Michelle is a great gurl. She wants the bestest for everyone, cept those that she don’t like. She could be a Playboy centerfold, she had the toes for it. I think Michelle would do just fine in Playboy.

    Jerry is a great guy. I say him last year at the KKK convention. He’s a great guy givin that colored boy his time. Jerry likes everyone. I think Jerry even use to own a couple of them in the 70s.

    Leave these three players alone. They’re all righteous.

  50. Christian, pardon, but the “real” OJ was charged with murder. He just wasn’t convicted in criminal court. But was held liable in civil court. So, your cute post isn’t so cute after all. . . .uniformed posts rarely are. Too bad so sad.

    Michelle knows where she stands-her delusional hopes, not withstanding-and she knows she will be standing outside the BB house door in 23 hours. Michelle may very well be not only the dumbest person in BB history, but also one of the uglier. She is absolutely not a good looking woman, but worse, her personality is ugly and nasty.

    And Last, she is a HORRIBLE player. Why would she ally with OJ and the APE? It was the Ape that put Jessie on the Block. She can blame K/D/L alll she wants, but it was the APE that put him up. She could have put Keesha or Dan or Libra up, but she didn’t, she put Jessie up. Good player? Come on, she’s a horrible player, but then she’s limited by her lack of a functioning brain.

    In addition, the week that the Ape put up Jessie, she promised Michelle that she wouldn’t put either Michelle or Jessie up. So Michelle knew that the Ape and OJ weren’t honest. . . yet, she allies with them?

    Michelle. . .may not be the worst player in BB history, but she is on the short list.

  51. Wow, I love Big Brother as much as the next person but most of the people on here are taking it too far. Your acting like you got backdoored or lied to. Most of you need to take chill pills and get over it. Maybe read a book or something. Just stopped getting so worked up over such little miniscule stuff like Big brother.

  52. The OJ referral is due to “ollie” behaving in a manner similar to how OJ SImpson did during the 911 call the Nicole Brown made when OJ broke the door down in her house at Bundy and was ranting and raving in the background of the call. OJ(Simpson) came off as an idiot. . . .just as OJ(ollie) did after the POV ceremony when he got “Punked” by Dan.

    Just as Simpson was out of control during that call, so too was OJ(ollie). So is OJ an “insult” ? I would certainly regard it as an insult if I behaved like he did and then people started referring to me as “OJ”. To me, calling someone “OJ” is akin to telling someone they are an out of control animal. So, if you don’t believe being called an “out of control animal” is an “insult”, so be it, but I do/would.

    The game won’t get back to normal until OJ is out, his presence has altered the game. The remaining players are frightened for their physical safety. . and that is not how this game is suppose to be played. He has to go. . .CBS should have manned up 48 hours ago, but they didn’t so now the players will have to do it themselves and hope OJ doesn’t resort to his base instincts. . . he’s a filthy animal.

    Bye OJ. . . .see you on the police blotter, very soon. . bank on it.

  53. Ollie truly lost control but if blame is to be placed anywhere, he should just open his door and let it walk on in. On BBAD, folks asked him questions about past BB’s/comps and he could answer their questions. So evidently he forgot about…..Kaysar! Any true BB fan would tell a houseguest never give up a HOH comp. Any promises made, probably won’t be kept. Can you say…..Kaysar? And all that aside, Ollie really hasn’t played the game; too busy being busy with April. If the next HOH is mental, don’t know if he has been paying attention to house events..too busy with April. As for Dan, I understand what he did, and even why he did it. I know this is really, really trivial, but I can’t stand his Diary room confessionals. I am not deaf, why are you screaming?!? And he does think he is Dr. Will incarnate. NOT!!! Renny can’t look into the camera on her DR’s…she looks left, right, down…. Keesha is my least favorite HG. She doesn’t lie, she’s not fake, she doesn’t talk about people, blah blah blah. Just don’t let her get drunk, BB had to remove the knives the last time she was. She’s a legend in her own mind. I thought Jerry couldn’t get any worse, but I was wrong. I hope his great-grandson is in bed when BBAD is on, or else he is going to have an extensive 4-letter vocabulary. Memphis is just Memphis: and I am not impressed and I am in Memphis!! At this point, my F2 would be Dan/Renny, with Renny winning.

  54. If Memphis wins HOH, there is a good chance he would nominate Dan for eviction,if no other reason,just to show him how angry he was at being put at risk for eviction by his fellow renegade. Renny is a wild card,so Keesha winning HOH will probably save Dan. The pathetic thing about Dan is that he could have accomplished his goal in a more mature mannner. Instead he has lost three more jury votes. Why Dan would want to emulate Willie the Weasel kirby is beyond me. Willie and his puppet mikey ruined two BB seasons for me.

  55. Dan will never win BB..cos he will have only two people in the jury to vote him.think about it.Hes not a good player.he gat to join Ollie and Michelle.Else,he gonna be in trouble to win the final prize.

  56. Dan is an immature ass…I would have rather seen a donkey play this game than his “I am holier than thou” punk ass.

  57. Ok Herman! You are an idiot! Ash and Ashley are two different people! So you look like a jackass!

    Dan makes up excuses for everything he does! When he wasn’t winning…it was his “strategy” and now that he is winning comps it is his “strategy”! He is a complete idiot! His little game at the POV ceremony was pointless and he just acted like a complete ass! He isn’t a man at all! If Memphis hadn’t won POV…this would be a completely different game and Dan would be screwed! But he got LUCKY and Memphis won! Can’t you see that his “game play” really isn’t strategy at all??? You all are so ridiculous for believing that! As soon as his alliance has to split up…they will all be after him because he just showed he is the biggest liar and fool in the game! Haven’t you watched this show before? Don’t you know how it works? He is acting exactly like Brian did the first week! He is acting like he controls everyone and being a complete dick about it! He will be gone as soon as someone gets the chance! Just watch! I will be laughing!

  58. First off – Will was the best BB player ever, so that was an idiotic comment. Dan IS playing the best game, he was nice for most of it, but now that he’s actually coming out of his shell and playing the game hard, you fault him for it. But if monkey boy Ollie throwing tantrums and crying cause he got out played (oh my gosh, someone went back on their word in BB, the shame, the shame!!!) What a total moron to believe that someone would honor such a one-sided stupid deal, especially when Dan would have won HOH anyway!! Ollie is a weak loser, who only went along in this game by sleeping with the ugly slut for half of it. Oh, I think I will destroy BB property, and everyone will like and vote for me!! Especially since I claim to be religious and not cuss, but have done nothing but cuss the last week!! What a piece of crap. Everyone in there basically is except Dan and Memphis, and maybe Keesha. Oh, and DAN is the holier than thou punk ass??? I’m so glad you used that statement, cause that couldn’t be a more perfect statement to describe Ollie. He thought he had all the power, and his cocky ass thought he’d brag about it – I’m so glad that got shoved down his throat. He so gangsta now. What a loser.

  59. Lisa dear, you have a dirtier mouth than Ollie! Yes people go back on their word, that’s the name of the game! BUT…If Dan was gonna walk around like he was so hard…why didn’t he just tell Ollie he was breaking the deal? Instead…every time Ollie would ask him about it he would get scared and say “oh yeah the deal is still on”! All I am saying is…I don’t care what you say…it is bad game play on Dan’s part! His whole alliance is going to see that he can not be trusted and they will turn on him in a second! And even if he does make it to the final two (which will never happen), the jury house will never vote him to be the winner of BB10! It’s not about just playing in the moment…you have to look ahead and realize that their are people in the jury house watching every move you make! So to say he is playing a good game is a joke! If he was really smart…he would have kept his mouth shut when he was making the deal with Ollie and just won the HOH competition without making deals and then going back on his word! So for those of you who think he is smart…get a clue!

  60. First of all, Ash “dear”, how do I have a dirtier mouth than Ollie? My post did not have one single cuss word in it, other than “ass” that I was just quoting for someone else’s post. You’re a little nuts. Secondly, I don’t tell people to “suck my ___”, and “f__ you” ever 2 seconds like Ollie. Is there something seriously wrong with you? If you are defending Ollie in any way, then obviously there is. He gives Evel Dick a run for his money – at least HE didn’t destroy personal property, BB should have thrown Ollie out for that. And as far as why he didn’t tell Ollie he was breaking the deal??? Why didn’t April and Ollie tell Michelle when THEY were breaking the deal to nominate Jessie??? They promised Michelle, had her drop, told her they wouldn’t put her or Jessie up, then they did. So where was the honestly there? You get what you give honey – and Ollie is a backstabbing liar with anger issues, and he deserved exactly what he got. Dan on the other hand, is a very smart player. If people feel threatened by him, then oh well, nothing you can do. As far as the jury, there was a time when people on the jury were smart and voted strictly on game play, never on personal opinions, but the last couple seasons, the HG’s have been morons. So unfortunately the idiots from this year will vote on revenge. But that’s ok, cause I promise you, other than April, NO ONE in the jury house will vote for Ollie either, they all will hate him, so he’s as good as done in this game too. Best to get him out before he hurts someone.

  61. Oh and by the way – I think the HG’s would be stupid to evict Dan at this point anyway. You think they will all get him out because they don’t trust him, but that would be dumb, and I’ll tell you 2 reasons why. One, he IS a good player, and a good person to align with. Two, if all these jury members vote on revenge or personal likes, then they will try and get back at Dan by not voting for him. In that case, any HG in there should want to keep him to the end, cause they would win against him. Either way – I hope Ollie and Michelle love life in the jury house!

  62. So who’s crying now, huh? Dion?? Ash?? Diane?? You guys were WRONG!! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! Your sweet little Michelle & Ollie – C-YA!!!!!! I am SO happy, I can’t contain myself. I knew the best players would stay in the game, and the whiny, stupid, paranoid lunatics would be out. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass!!!!

  63. I am SOOOOOO glad that Michelle and Ollie are gone. I AM, however, VERY disappointed that Jerry got the HOH! That just ruined EVERYTHING that they strived for. I hope that Keesha, Memphis or Renny win!!! This group wasnt as entertaining as past households –

  64. I don’t understand why eveyones so mad at Ollie, yeah he went overboard, I would’ve done the same thing if not worse. Dan gave him his word, Lying is absolutely the worst thing you can do to someone, and the way he did it too. Lying to his face, at least be a man and tell Ollie, look I know i made a deal but im gonna have to break it. Then Ollie would have at least respected him for doing it. Dan is a piece of shit in my eyes, one of those guys nice to your face and then stabs you in the back. And then to sit there and laugh about it with everyone else. What goes around comes around Dan!!!

    Dion – Its a GAME! Ollie LIED from day one! You are right – what comes around – goes around! The best thing that happened was Ollie getting the boot! If he was THAT gullible to BELIEVE Dan, then, he deserves to be booted out! Its big brother – its expected to ‘play the game.’ Also – no one through a temper tantrum when Ollie LIED and manipulated!

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