Big Brother 10 Week 7 Eviction Prediction

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Another Thursday, another Big Brother 10 eviction. But unlike the previous six weeks of BB10, tonight will be special because we’re about to be treated to a Double Eviction extravaganza!

Not much has changed in the BB house since yesterday when I noted things looked like a lock for Michelle to join the other ladies in the jury hour. The only question is will Ollie vote for his partner in crime, or will he side with the other HGs and vote out Michelle 4-0?

Once the formality of sending away Michelle is over the excitement will spike as we’ll have our first HoH competition of the night. Dan will have to sit on the sidelines and watch as Ollie, Jerry, Renny, Memphis, and Keesha compete for the Head of Household position. From there we’ll rush through a week’s worth of events, culminating with the second eviction vote. I certainly haven’t hidden my preference to see Ollie or Jerry hit the road in round two, but I’m all for a little power balancing as well.

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No matter who leaves for the second eviction we’ll be treated to yet another HoH competition. With a full week’s worth of time behind this one there will be more wheeling and dealing to work through. Dan will be able to compete this time around while whoever won the first HoH comp will have to take a seat.

By the end of the jam-packed one hour episode there will be a huge set of twists and turns. Check back tonight during the show for a live, play-by-play recap of the action. See you then!

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  1. Michelle is going to get sent packing tonight, but she still believes she’s safe. I am willing to wager that 2 months from now, after the game is long over, she will be sitting a the bar closest to her trailer home and she will be telling the bartender that she’s just waiting for the phone call telling her that she really won and that her “eviction” was just part of the game. The “twist” in the game, she will rationalize, was that CBS didn’t name the real winner during the show, they are waiting to call everyone back and tell Michelle that she really won.

    She will be home a year from now, sitting by the phone waiting for the phone call telling her she really won, or running out to the mail each day looking for the 500k check that CBS will send her for being the official, non official winner of BB 10. .

    Michelle. . . a compete wack job.

  2. I wish all the shows were as jammed packed as tonight’s show will be. They are so slow paced with little content that I tape them & fast forward. Unfortunately I believe this is the final BB series. I have found these boards more interesting & informative than the show itself. I hope the pace of the show tonight continues to the finale. That would be a great way to end the show. Hopefully Ollie is reprimanded in some way for his actions, Michelle goes, & Memphis gets HOH.

  3. I am very excited for tonight! But here in Cincinnati I wont get to see this episode due to the airing of a preseason football game. So BB wont air here till 1:37 am. I am not happy!!! I will be checking site all evening! Thanks for spending your time keeping people like me up to date!!

  4. The best outcome tonight, IMO, would be for Keesha to get HOH. . I believe she will honor the D/M/R/K alliance and get rid of OJ. This would leave both Dan and Memphis to compete for HOH next week. . against Jerry and Renny. . .and if one of them can’t beat those two, the Renegades don’t deserve to be standing in the end.

    I also think if it goes as I hope, the final 4 will be Keesha, Memphis, Dan and JERRY. . . . If the feeds are any indication, both Dan and Memphis have had all they can take of Renny. . .in addition, they know neither of them could defeat her in the final vote.

    I, like Dan, want to see that dumb bitch Renny gone as soon as possible.

    Peace out

  5. what’a trailor home ever do to you Nostradomis
    ?………i just want Dan to win…and Ollie OUT.

  6. The ONLY way dan can win is he takes keesha with him to the finals. Thats if he makes it that far!

  7. I doubt that OJ will even be allowed to compete in the HOH. But if he is, this will be a mental challenge and since OJ has the intellect of a yard ape, he will lose. Let’s hope at this point he doesn’t go Columbine on someone. . . . OJ is a very unstable POS. . societal waste

  8. Sorry Vicke, sorry Dion, sorry Edith, and sorry Ash. You guys were WRONG!! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! Your sweet little Michelle & Ollie – C-YA!!!!!! I am SO happy, I can’t contain myself. I knew the best players would stay in the game, and the whiny, paranoid lunatics would be out. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass!!!!

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