Big Brother 10 Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of VetoThis week’s Big Brother 10 Power of Veto ceremony is over.

Once again, Jerry did not use the Power of Veto. This leaves the HoH nominations as originally announced: Libra and Keesha.

Word is that Jerry rambled far too long about Dan and his betrayal with Jessie’s eviction. Apparently Jerry wants to turn Dan into his white whale this week. Will it last? Or will Jerry run it into the ground until everyone is sick of hearing his rants? I’m guessing the latter.

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  1. They’re giving Dan way too much.
    All of them are going to against their word once in a while. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL.
    Michelle said,
    “You have to lie, cheat, and steal in this game.”

    Soo…. why is she mad?

    Dan better want it BADly this time around.

  2. I bet if it was Memphis that had cast that vote Jerry wouldn’t be treating him that way. Dan needs to tell him to shut his old ass up

  3. Didn’t Jerry go back on his word in the beginning of the game and vote out someone to whom he had pledged his allegiance? It’s always amusing to me that whenever we point the finger of blame at someone we have three others pointing back at us.

  4. April,s family must be horrified. she is a little whore who should get a role in porn movies…Go cbs, anything goes for those ratings..

  5. Jerry has the be the biggest friggin idiot ever… not to mention the biggest suck up!! He should just grow a pair and throw Dan up and stop talking about it!!

    Don’t get me wrong, Dan is my absolute favorite in the house and I want him to win.. however Jerry needs to man-up and stop sucking up to everyone!

  6. The family that should be ashamed is Ollies!! He is sleeping with April on TV and said that he would have sex with a Donkey for a ton of money… Don’t get me wrong, I would too.. however he is the son of a preacher!!

  7. Sorry, guys, but the knife cuts both ways. When you deliberately bring your religion into the BB house as part of your strategy, you open yourself up to criticism when you’re slippery or deceitful.

    Dan is trying to play a game that involves dishonesty and trickery while hiding behind the bible and his cross to appear more ethical and moral to the others.

    Religion doesn’t belong in BB — it’s playing with fire — you may get burnt.

  8. I haven’t seen one point where Dan has “brought his religion into the house as part of his strategy”. Jerry and others are looking like bigots. Memphis called it like he saw it, he’s partial to winning and doesn’t care but they look stupid and overly judgemental, I didn’t see Dan doing that. Remember what Jerry did the very first week going back on his word to a fellow soldier. Religion doesn’t belong in BB? That’s BS, they are playing a game and they need to recognize that, it doesn’t mean they have lost their identity. In fact, Dan is being a good example within the confines of the game, he is one of the few that is not running around judging others and criticizing their beliefs.

  9. That throwing his cross up comment was so dumb. Jerry is being an emotional child, I disliked Memphis from his dumb tyrade against Jerry over being called a “womanizer” (who cares in the first place), but Jerry just went down a couple notches, he was playing the game the first week, now he’s getting so emotional, reminds me of the annoying emotional girl from last season that screamed about stuff when she left the house. It’s a game, Jerry of all people should understand what that means being a fellow military vet.

  10. Jerry is stupid, he has lied and deceived in this game also. Who does he think he is God!! He talks about everyone disrespecting him. He does not deserve respect he is not the almighty head of this house hold. He doesn’t seem to have any respect for anybody but whoever is HOH for the week, he is such a suck up. He said that if Dan was Americas Player then he is scum, well what does that say to us as Americans? Jerry needs to go he is to stupid to be in this game

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