Who Will Be First In Big Brother 10 Jury?

The eviction this week on Big Brother 10 will elect its first member of the sequester house and begin the slow boil of a crowned winner for BB10. Michelle has nominated Keesha and Libra and as we saw last night Jerry left those nominations intact, sealing the fate of one of these two ladies.

Earlier in the week it had seen a complete lock for Libra’s eviction and Keesha’s safety. That’s looking a little less certain. As of last night April and Ollie are hatching a plan to rescue Libra and bring her back into their fold.

There will be just six eviction votes on Thursday night which means we have the potential for a tie-breaker, a possibility that has yet to materialize this season. To ensure Libra is safe April and Ollie will need to secure two more votes, otherwise I think it’s pretty obvious that Michelle will give Libra the boot. One of those two votes needed has been promised by Jerry who thinks Dan can be talked into joining their side. Hmm, Jerry doesn’t learn too quickly, does he?

I don’t see either Memphis or Renny turning on Keesha and I don’t think Jerry will be able to get Dan’s vote. Should Jerry, April, and Ollie stick to their guns we could have our first tie-breaker of Big Brother 10. Won’t sweet little Michelle be thrilled to get that blood on her hands?

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  1. It’s surprising to watch as Libra can go from calm, cool, and collected to stark raving mad. Then again, this is Big Brother, so I imagine that shouldn’t be surprising at all!

  2. Oh that would be the best to see Keesha get booted , not that I am a Libra fan but they can get her next .

    Keesha is so annoying and I cannot stand to listen to her voice another episode !

    Besides who wants the predictable , lets see it get shaken up , much more fun !

  3. Keesha is my cousin people, she is playing this game the right way, April is just a back stabbing bitch, and Ollie is whipped as hell and i cant stand either. Jerry is a racist and sexist pig, he needs to be out soon or he may get shot on the way out cause he’ll say something way out of line!!

  4. I agree April is a bitch.I like Keesha. I can’t stand Jerry either.They keep saying that they need to split Keesha and Libra.What about April and Ollie? I don’t like Michelle either.

  5. Keesha’s my favorite. I don’t like the other side of the house (Jerry, April , Ollie , Michelle)
    Jerry really needs to be fixed of himself thinking he’s the best. And his veto speach was just annoying to listen.

  6. That’s a laugh! April – backstabber. Keesha is the one who went against her and got Jessi tossed. No loyalty from Keesha – period.

  7. Dear Marie – Remember when April said she would not put Jessie up and HOLY COW she did, then gets pissed off cause he actually got voted out, wow that would not have happened if she wouldnt have put him up… and Jerry, how does he get pissed off cause Dan voted for Jessie when Jerry had the POV and didnt use it, those players think they know what they are doing but they dont, if you do not want somebody to go home, then do something about it.

  8. april says she was in a movie. It had to have been porn. I feel for her family. She is disgusting, ugly bleached hair and a filthy liitle whore.

  9. I know it is just a game, as the HG love to remind everybody, but why can’t Keesha admit that booting Jessie was her idea. For someone who can’t stand fakeness (April), and for someone who can’t stand people not taking responsibility for their actions (April again) she comes off as the kettle calling the pot black. Libra is not as bad as everyone wants to make her out to be. She is playing the game, and up until Jessie’s eviction I was rooting for Keesha to win. Now, I can’t stand to hear her screeching (oops, talking). I just wish the HG would ask Dan who approached him about voting out Jessie. Maybe he would be honest and say Keesha. I have everything crossed that Keesha will get the boot Thursday night….it would serve her right!!!

  10. i agree libra should have gone home a long time ago but as an allience i like renny keesha dan and memphis together i really dont like anyone alse especially jerry i think he is pure evil how can he sit on national television and say he wants dan to burn in hell and call him jewdus i mean come on that crosses the line or when he said memphis is a womenizer pretty sure ive never seen him do or say anything that would classify him as one unlike jerry who was grabbing aprils boobs on the first night with his sick wife at home what nasty old man!

  11. this may sound weird but i like jerry yes he got out of line but that is only because he gets mad very easily compared to other people. please don’t knock him out of the game in your minds yet. if you were in this game yourself then you would get mad a lot to. everyone would… even ollie will get mad sometime in the game. like when april leaves the house he will get mad im sure.

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