The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 17 Week 10

Eww. No Vote Flip. Nope. These people would rather let a set of twins who are actually a trio because of showmance stay over someone who hasn’t won a competition since Battle of the Block.

Get ready for a bunch of Ewws.


Eww. Meg Gets Evicted. WHY did Steve and John not flip and vote out Julia? DUMB!

Eww. Liz Wins HOH. Ugh. Like why?

Eww. Liz nominates James and John. Why not Steve and Vanessa?

Eww. Julia wins Veto and doesn’t use it. Oh so Julia finally wins something NOW? WHY NOW?


Eww. James Gets Evicted. Well this double eviction couldn’t have gone worse for the majority of Big Brother fans. I understand that the twins do have some fans, but according to all polls, most BB watchers are fans of John, James and Meg. So this was not a good week for a lot of fans. But hang in there. You’ve still got John to root for.

What would you say were the best and worst moments of the week?


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  1. At this point I want JMac to win- while he hasn’t made any big moves yet wait till he gets into power…… if he does….

    Vanessa’s game is spiraling out of control she’s getting way to aggressive and the jury might take that as persona;

    Steve is a moron. He pretty made John a sitting doc (note the pun) for the Austwins

    Austwins just sit there and expect the money to be handed to them

  2. Well if No Balls Steve would have just flipped and gotten Julia out we would have had a real game. Austwuss/Liz Ho would have been shaken up and Liz Ho most likely wouldn’t have won the HOH. So I guess instead of BB fans saying He pulled a Helen we can now say He pulled a Steve.

    Glad I cancelled the feeds. I have them until the 21st and only want to see No Balls get sent packing because we know that’s what’s his Sithe Lord Crazy Train wants.

  3. If Steve and John had secretly flipped and evicted Julia, Liz would have been enraged, would probably have still won that HOH comp (Meg wasn’t going to win that), and her biggest targets would’ve been Steve and John for evicting her sister. They go up, Austin or Liz still win POV (if Meg had been the one to win, she would’ve kept noms the same), and Steve or John go home. So maybe not evicting Julia wasn’t so dumb after all?

    • That’s what I was thinking, but I guess we will never know. I was really heart broken when James left tho. Who knows if he would have been able to dodge that DE if Julia would have been the one to go.

    • To be honest hindsight is 20/20, don’t count Meg out. She probably could have won the HOH comp. Also Liz ALMOST got one question wrong. What if she turned her dial a second early to the wrong answer and got eliminated. So you never know what effect evicting Julia would have had. Evicting Julia could have frazzled Liz and she could have performed horribly in the HOH comp. Who knows..

      • No, she didn’t. She didn’t mean to change her answer she thought it was correct already and she wanted to reset.

      • Watch the video again, she picked false at first which was correct. Than she changed it but Julie Chen started talking. Had she switched to true one second earlier she would have been eliminated.

    • Exactly! I don’t understand why people are saying this was such a horrible move. I know people want certain things to happen, certain people to stay or go but depending on who you’re routing for, what we want is not always best for what the player wants or needs to happen for their own game. I mean of course everyone wants Austwins broken up but at certain points in the game that would’ve been suicide for specific players to go after them. NOW is the best time and only chance to make that happen and Steve is gonna do it. Yay!

  4. The biggest “Eww” of the week was probably the fact that Julia could have been taken out, but wasn’t. Thanks a lot, Steve.

    Unrelated note: Can I offer to help proof read these articles? Without trying to insult, I think it’s safe to say that they could use a “second set of eyes” to review them before submission.

    • This site pumps out so much content each day, always with great analysis and information, for free. Pointing out any mistakes is incredibly gauche on your part.

  5. Not flipping the vote was a serious fail on Steve’s part. It seemed like JMAC would have gone for it. I’m pretty much over this entire season. I’ve mostly stopped watching and just pop in here for updates. I’m rooting for JMac.

  6. Honestly, both DE’s this season have just sucked. There’s no other way to put it. Not memorable at all, aside from Steve’s shocking noms.

  7. I’m not even rooting for John, I think he is overrated. I would like to see Vanessa win because she played a great game. Everyone else….

    • Well Vanessa is the one pouring the cool aid. Doesn’t mean everyone has to drink it!
      Wonder what flavor she’s using??

  8. Worst season ever! James and Becky both attempted to make a decent move but could not follow through. I swear they hand picked this group from psych wards across the country.

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