Big Brother 17 Episode 32: Official Photos Of Double Eviction & Competitions

Another brutal Double Eviction for many fans as a top favorite, James Huling, was evicted soon after Meg Maley by none other than the less than wildly popular Van Austwins.

Big Brother 17 - Double Eviction - Episode 32 - Source: CBS
Big Brother 17 – Double Eviction – Episode 32 – Source: CBS

Things might not have gone to plan, but it was an exciting Big Brother episode for the drama factor alone and for those really disappointed in how the show went they should be sure to check out who won HoH overnight. Here’s a look back over last night’s episode.

Now with Meg and James gone the remaining six HGs will continue to battle it out in the last three weeks of the season, but for now we can look back over Thursday’s episode and see what all went down with these official CBS photos from Big Brother 17 episode 32.

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Source: CBS
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS


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  1.’s a twist- Production should replace Austin w Evil Dick-Liz probably too stupid to realize the switch- then let the games begin!!

  2. My daughter has been watching Big Brother from the very beginning, she is obsessed with it. So this year she talk her Dad into watching it. Well after watching the first, what is it 11 episodes, I am convinced that BB is fixed and the producers must be making deals with all the house guests each week to keep the viewers watching. I based this on a number of factors but the biggest one is that Vanessa is still around. 15 intelligent people would not keep this individual in the game unless they were be convinced by the producers, during the “secret off camera” conversations, to sway the game in a certain direction. Even my daughter thinks this is the worst season ever and is sorry she convinced me this year to watch. Reruns of Deep Space 9 are more interesting.

    • One of the problems is this year CBS decided to bring in 11 recruits and only six players who actually applied to be on the show. The recruits have not watched season after season and had no clue about how to play the game. Plus you let loose a bullying, overbearing personality like Vanessa against pure innocents, and this is what you get. Vanessa took on the “mother hen” role right from the start and convinced everyone she had *their* best interests at heart, all the while systematically getting rid of everyone who was a threat to *her* game. Now she has them exhibiting symptoms of abused spouse syndrome, and they won’t recover until they are all out of that house.

    • They brought in easily one of the weakest casts yet, so not exactly the best season to start watching BB.

    • Key words INTELLIGENT PEOPLE, these people are not very bright lol. These people make Natalie (Season 9) look like Einstein.

  3. Worst Big Brother ever. I really think it is all fixed. Who ever would have let the twins & Austin stay in the game so long if it wasn’t. Not even going to watch the rest of it.

  4. Julia on Steve: “Go f*cking sleep with your stupid teddy bear!” Liz: “Julia, shut up.-from joker

    Julia: “The fact that Johnny Mac is going to scoot on by another week makes me livid!”- FROM JOKER

    How bitchy can that girl get, and you’re a floater (Meg 2.0)
    Also, what a hypocrite, like what did u do in this game HUH.
    You’re just gonna float to the end.
    i just imagine what Julia’s jury speech is going be like

  5. Liz hugs Austin: “We’re the Clelli!” Austin: “It means more airtime!”
    Attention seekers MUCH! Just ew!
    Clelli is way different( i mean better) compare to liztin.
    Everyone is plenty DISGUISE about Ur ” show romance”,like no one cares about u two.
    yeah OK, just wait till this boring season is over, and lets see how many BB fan loves you.

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