The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 17 Week 5

Week 5 in the Big Brother 17 house was a little all over the place as the plan to backdoor Austin backfired and Vanessa picked Jason as a new target for no good reason.


Basically this was a week filled with a lot of Ewws and very little Awws. So this is going to be a tough one to balance out the good and the bad. Anyway, let’s get down to what I thought were the best and worst moments of Big Brother 17 Week 4!

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber)

Eww. Jason loses the HOH to Vanessa. I knew at that moment the week had the potential to be bad or boring at least.

Ahh. Jackie won the other HOH. At least someone from the other side of the house won along with Vanessa, so maybe something crazy can happen? No.

Vanessa Rousso controls the plan on Big Brother

Eww. Jackie and Vanessa decide to work together. Boring. More proof the Battle of the Block is never going to work as it was designed.

Ahh. Operation Backdoor Austin is set in motion. This could get so good, thought a majority of Big Brother fans.



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  1. I was extremely bored by the twin twist. I don’t think I was watching the first time they did it but I would have been bored then too. It would have been way better if they had to go 5 evictions unnoticed like many of us initially thought was the challenge.

    • It’s been a long time (like 10-12 years) since the original BB Twin Twist. From what I can remember, NO ONE had a clue so it was great when they entered the game. The shocked expressions and all. Of course…like I said, a long time ago, and I was young, so my memory could be corrupt and not remember it right. XD

      • I don’t think I was watching then (little young for it) but now I’m sorry I missed it. It’s a shame that the twins told people, it would have been way better to keep it a secret (for them and for us).
        It also would have been way better if they cast twins who looked more similar so it would have at least taken longer to pick up on it.

      • Twins didn’t tell until after most of the house knew. Once Da figured it out and told Jason, who told Meg, who told Clay and Clay spread it around, almost everyone knew. (James may have been between Meg and Clay in that telephone game.) The twins just confirmed it to Van.

    • Maybe the sisters will get into cat fight or two as long as they’re both in the house …

      • They did little last night over her defending Austin. I just wonder if Liz really likes Austin and she is just pretending to not like him to further her game without being noticed as a couple. Well, Austin screwed that one up big time.

    • You wouldn’t have been bored the first time they did it. No one figured out the twist, and the look on everyone’s face when one twin was sitting on the couch and the other walked in from the diary room, was awesome. It actually was one of the best episodes ever of BB. Not only was the twin reveal great, it was the implementation of the 6 finger plan, which changed the way veto players were picked every season after.

    • Let me help! I’m going to complain about all the whiners these season …. Becky, Shelli, Van. Boo Hoo! Things didn’t go according to exactly what you wanted. Get over it! There isn’t enough cheese in the house to go with all of that whine. :)

      • It looks like James is set on his decision to put Clelli on the block…straight up.

      • Oh, Cyril, please be right!! Come on, James, put up Clelli, Then, if it comes to that, backdoor Vanessa. Please.

      • James is headed to sleep. His plan is Clelli. If one comes down during veto comp, he’ll put up Liz to ensure one of Clelli goes home.

      • Seriously James is going back on his word to not put them up? That is so cool. Haven’t been watching feeds much.

      • He gave everyone in the house his word that they were safe. The only way to not go back on his word would be to nominate himself. LOL I think he just wanted everyone to leave him alone and let him think.

      • Oh, I can’t stand the power alliance right now. Not because they’re boring, but because they’re annoying. Shelli can’t stand not being in power, Clay isn’t even a real player, Van has to justify EVERYthing, Austin is more obsessed with a girl than half a million, Liz is one of the cruelest people I’ve ever seen, and Julia… well I have nothing to say yet.

      • Actually, Julia seems to be more level-headed than Liz. Time will tell if she has the mean-girl syndrome that Liz seems to have. She also seems to be the more dominant one of the two. I thought it was a little interesting when, not long after she came into the house, Julia told Liz that she needed to put a bra on. It was like she’s been there and had to do that before. I’d say Liz is a handful in reality.

      • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Their personalities seem very different – Julia seems more considerate and conservative – Liz is spiteful and doesn’t mind messing with people (Austin). It will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out.

      • It could have something to do with Julia moving out and Liz still living at home. Julia is probably more mature because of it.

      • That is a thing of beauty. I actually watched BBAD for the first time in weeks. It was funny watching Austin propping himself up on that bench in the room when the twins were trying to have a conversation. He looked like a little lost, lonely puppy dog begging for attention.

      • On feeds last night, he follows them everywhere. lol Restless heart…………………….can’t believe I was up at 6

      • Yep, last night, or this Am was a late one. My sweet, loving, very ill Dad was in the ER most of the night, so it helped pass the time. Everyone please say a little prayer for him. His name is Jaye. Thank you.

      • I’m so sorry, Karen! You, your dad and your whole family are in my prayers!!! I hope he gets better soon!

      • I can see Julia defecting to the other side to try and even things out. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the woman balls for both Shelli and Vanessa. Maybe even a blow to the lady part’s for Austin and Clay as well LOL.

    • How about most of them being clueless, nobody being able to keep a secret, rampant paranoia, or no one’s word meaning a thing? :P

      • I agree, these people need to learn that knowledge is power in the Big Brother house, and your word is all you have.

    • Vanessa??? How about David still in sequester??? That’s all I have for you.

  2. So glad that this isn’t a steamroller week!! Counting last season, it’s been at least 20 weeks of steamrolling in a row! LOL Bring on the paranoia! Woo Hoo!!!

    • Hey 6th sense, do ya’ll need some aloe vera? Because ya’ll just got burned.

  3. If Shelli goes home this week, who will Clay start snuggling up to. He seems to really like the attention and I don’t think he will go two months with out flirting with the other girls.

    • Jackie said Clay is much more likable when he isn’t around Shelli. Meg seemed to think the world of him before she found out he lied to her face twice. The guy sure does seem to have charisma with the ladies, and even with the guys.

      • I think he actually does like Meg & might just go to that side. They had a great conversation by the hot tub last week (his Mom was napping!) about visiting each other after the show, etc. : )

    • My guess is Julia. That will put a target on his back from Austin and then let them evict their own people.

  4. Why does everyone keep saying Shay brought up Jason’s name when in fact they tried to get Jackie put up. Vanessa was dead set on Jason. Yes Shay went along with it but did not want him up. They had a good thing with Meg and Jason.

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