Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 6

The Big Brother 17 power shift has led to an exciting potential of drama on the Live Feed as we prepare for a Battle of the Block free Friday ready to focus on some serious nominations drama.

Meg Maley is excited for these noms
Meg Maley is excited for these noms – Source: CBS All Access

Overnight the new Head of Household began piecing together the targets to go after a Backdoor scenario, but a change of heart soon followed. Find out who is going up on the Block later today.

James has been working closely with his allies Meg and Jackie with the addition of Becky wedging her way in as they worked through a strategy to make this a very big week for them.

Early in the night the talks settled on James nominating Austin and Liz, but they wouldn’t be his target. No that honor would go to… Shelli. Oh yes, James is swinging for the fences on this one. That plan lasted for a bit before Austin was replaced with Vanessa alongside Liz. Well, that got replaced too.

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James finds Meg alone in the bathroom and tells her that he’s been unable to sleep and keeps thinking about his noms. Pawns are so last week, he explains. It’s time for some upfront nominations this week. James wants to put Shelli and Clay together on the Block and “go straight for the jugular.”

There was a nice little stand up and shout “hell yeah” moment in the middle of James early talks with Meg this morning. Now we’re ready for some Big Brother!

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James: "This is #BB17 & you can bounce checks. You ready?" Meg: "I've got your back. I fought for Jason. I'll fight harder for you."

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) July 31, 2015

Why bother pissing both of them off with just one of them on the Block, James explains. Makes sense. He wants this to be a blindside and says the power couple feels secure in their position. Well, kinda.



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  1. JMac has been my favorite all season long because of how funny he is. And he may stay that way. But if James really goes all in, nominating Vanessa and Liz with the possibility of it being Vanessa vs. Shelli at the end of this week, my favorite Asian country boy might dethrone my favorite goofy dentist.

    • He’s putting Shelli and Clay up! But they’ll know sooner than he wants them to because Becky is their mole! Hopefully they won’t talk him out of it.

      • I know. She’s been wanting him gone for weeks! hahaha and look who’s still there in spite of what SHE wants? hahaha

      • Well hopefully it get’s back to him and he can repay the favour and throw her up next to Shelli after Veto. Still hope Shelli goes, but Becky would get to see the true colours of the people she’s stupidly following and running too and than Johnny Mac (who is in love with Becky, which is the only reason I wasn’t cheering for him for HOH, I knew he’d let Becky run it which would lead to Shelli running it) would clue in and ban together with the rest of the outsiders.

      • Oh no, no, no. They’ll vote Shelli or Clay over Becky. James wants to avoid that at all costs! :-)

      • Exactly Shelli/Clay would go but Becky would get the clue she’s bottom of the totem pole and hopefully align herself better moving forward. The outsiders need Becky and Johnny Mac, but Becky has this I want to fit in with the cool kids complex and runs straight to the head cheerleader with everything she hears. If both are on the block Becky can watch and cry as Shelli completely throws her under the bus.

      • However, James better hope it is Shelli that leaves, Clay will get over Shelli leaving, BUT Shelli I can’t imagine what she would do if Clay was voted out.

      • I think both will be fine. They’ll only regret that they both won’t make it to jury!

      • He can have a heart to heart with Becky (so she thinks) and inform her that Clelli told him she was a spy for them. He does want one of them out/don’t care which one. Let the house decide. BUT if anyone uses the POV on either of them, because of her rat ways, her behind is the replacement nom. Let the house decide.
        That may shut up her rat trap mouth for a few days except to plant seeds of doubt about Clelli.
        But really he won’t do that. Just let her think he will because he’s that mad.

      • Yeh, but then there will be more votes to get rid of Becky than Shelli or that wouldn’t work! Think strategically. There will be more votes for Liz (not a huge target) than Shelli or Clay…but then it all depends on who wins Veto…this is just if one of them wins it for now. This may all change if neither wins Veto. He’s hoping for the former than the latter! Still drama will commence either way! LOLOL

  2. It only took nearly half a season, but FINALLY A POWERSHIFT!!!!! YEAH!!!!

  3. James wanting to make big moves which I can commend, but man does he have a terrible read on the house. Doesn’t think Shelli and the twins are close, thinks Austin is on their side, thinks John is on their side more than the other, and thinks Clay will jump over to his side if Shelli is evicted. Yikes!

    I will be interested to see what Vanessa does when the SS side finds out these plans. I could very well see her trying to stop it, but only time will tell.
    I can just see her saying things about “integrity” and “a blood bath” to James for breaking his vow to Shelli.

    • It must be hard to get a true read on the house, though. Even now, Becky is the turncoat and he’d really have no idea. It’s easy for us to see it…not as easy for them obviously!

      • Well, I’d say Jackie, Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa have all had pretty good reads on the house for the past couple weeks. He’s just MASSIVELY off-base on what’s going on.

      • I don’t disagree with any of that at all. Thank goodness he has a “good enough” read to go after Shelli & Clay.

    • integrity two words that should not be use together integrity and Vanessa. just ask her who went back on their deal

  4. It’s definitely the right plan to put Shay up on the block!!! Love his idea to put up Liz, if one of them comes off the block, to ensure that either Shelli or Clay gets evicted this week!

    James may be goofy, sometimes clueless and sometimes just worthless (@ throwing comps), but he’s got guts and sticks to his plans!! Yea!!!!

    • I so can’t wait for the drama to ensue after Becky (Shay’s little mole) tells them James’ plan.

      • Especially when Shelli and Clay run right to James to throw Becky under the bus as a rat! Boy is Becky going to feel really stupid. I just hope James does not take the bait.

      • I think it’s about to start pretty soon here. HGs are being woken up to the “Circle of Life” music!!! Let the Games begin!!!

    • The problem with him putting them both up (and breaking his word) is that one of them can win veto and then 6S can team up to evict the replacement. Then Clelli is still in the house and James’ word means nothing.

      • Then put up Liz as a replacement. Then it’s Liz vs. Clay or Liz vs. Shelli. Liz stays…the other one goes home!

      • He has to break his word to someone this week, or nominate himself. He granted safety to everyone in the house last night. ROFL

      • Check Joker’s update. He literally granted to safety to everyone in the house. I think it’s funny and smart. He most likely wanted to get them off of his back.

      • I haven’t gotten through all the updates from last night yet. I get mine off MortysTV, I haven’t checked out Jokers before, do y’all have a preference?

      • If shelli or clay win pov and take themselves off he should put up Vanessa. Let their side pick between shelli and Vanessa. Sounds fair to me and dumb clay will let shelli win so it will probably have to be between Vanessa and clay they would have to choose from. About time they see what bb life is all about.

      • I’d like that too…but he probably doesn’t want a tie breaker to occur…everyone will vote the weaker player to stay which he believes Liz is over Shelli or Clay!

      • I can see him putting Vanessa as a replacement, she’s won HOH twice so she can be seen as a strong competitor. If he puts up Vanessa as the replacement next to Clay or Shelli then he guarantees a big competitor going out of the game, and better odds for someone on his side to win the next HOH. He should be thinking about next week too, since he won’t be able to play HOH and the rest of his side hasn’t shown any ability to win comps yet, so it would make sense to get out a strong competitor to improve the odds that the power doesn’t shift back.

  5. James is doing the right thing but if it does not workout than send one of the twins packing.

      • While I want Van out, too, I think it’s more important to split up Shay before jury. Putting up Liz as a replacement nominee, if needed, ensures that one of Shay will leave. Both Austin and Julia will vote for Liz + James gang, means that Liz stays.

      • Oh touché. I agree 100% of you…splitting up Clay & Shelli is of vital importance to change the dynamic of the house. The 6th Sense alliance will crumble

      • I really like where you went with this, it makes a lot of sense and when you look at the factions in 6S then it would seem that youre correct in saying that if Liz is the replacement then she would stay.

  6. Matt: I don’t have twitter, so I can’t comment there. In your Jason interview, please let Jason know how much he’s loved out here! I think he has a shot @ AFP, depending on what JMac does the rest of the season.

  7. Clelli are the nucleus of the Sixth Sense, putting them up will cause cracks in the alliance. Clelli was smug with the idea of Van, twins, Austin being targets before them. They were even throwing them all under the bus to James, especially Steve. Jason though lying at the time warned them the whole house will go after him after he is gone. I am sure they are regretting their decision now. At least now James realizes Audrey was telling the truth at the end. I am so looking forward to this weekend. Also, Shelli told Clay at the pool a few weeks ago that her big fear is that they will be split up right before Jury starts. This will be the last non-jury eviction next Thursday.

  8. Also, if this plan does end up happening, I wonder the reaction of the house to it. Because James has been totally banking on his straightforward, honest gameplay so far – and this will be incredibly deceiving.

      • Oh he has valid reasons, but he also made a promise. In terms of honest gameplay, that kind of negates those reasons.

      • Did they though? Vanessa made the Dark Moon alliance, and she’s the one who put Jason up. They lied about not knowing about it.

      • Oh. Well they weren’t really responsible for that though. That should be on Vanessa.

      • I agree with you that his “honesty” persona will be shot. I think he is going to have to bank on selling himself as a Big Move HG.

      • I agree with you. But I think the route he’s going is better than his honesty. I see what you’re saying but I respect him more this way

      • Honest Gameplay??? LMAO This is BB Vanessa also made a promise to nominate and try get Austin evicted Shelli Clay and Vanessa have done nothing honest in the last 3 weeks

      • lol but I’m not claiming Vanessa is honest. I’m saying James touts his “honest gameplay” but this would negate that

      • And u think Vanessa Clay and Shelli do not repeatedly tell the other HGs that they don’t lie and backstab ??? An honest person in the BB house is rare….lol

      • DUH???? Why do u think James needs to be “honest” with those 3?? Those 3 have not been honest with anybody not even each other…

      • James has to think in terms of his long game. This move may feel good in the short term, but it’s pretty likely that it’s going to bite him in the butt later.

      • He’s willing to take a risk since he’s a target for the other side anyway, no matter how you roll the dice! Might as well go out with his head held high!

      • What’s your problem Crutman? The SS has lied to everybody in the house, but James can’t lie? Poor ole Van, hates when others lie to her. Is it because James is Asian, and shouldn’t lie to the good ole boys and girls? I know James has said he is an honest person, but this is BB.

      • There is not way to be honest with everyone is BB. At some point you need to stab someone in the back if you want to win.

        Besides, James was honest and Vanessa broke a handshake deal. He thinks it was Clay and Shelli’s fault and he is partly right. It WAS Shelli who got cold feet about the BD plan to get Austin out. Remember Vanessa teller her it was a risky move and all the risk was on Vanessa?

        This is kind of poetic justice that the blowback is on Shelli and not Vanessa – who would have gone ahead with the plan if the rest of her alliance didn’t chicken out.

        Vanessa said, “if we do this we are drawing a line in the sand”. Shelli was really brave about it then. But now she realizes she really does not control the house.

      • Yup, and in a season when people think they need “a reason” to put someone on the block,James’ going back on his word is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

      • But James doesn’t care at this point other than making a Great Move, which is what this is because he will have split up a power couple before jury commences.

  9. Shelli Vanessa Clay or Liz any one of the 4 could go and the show would continue for the better

  10. FINALLY! This would be the nomination I’ve been waiting for. Next thing I want to see is the Vanessa meltdown!

  11. Great idea, there are already cracks between Shellie and Vanessa, and she already doesnt trust Austin, she will do whatever necessary to stay in the game, even if it means voting out Shellie. Whoever gets pulled off by the POV, then put up Liz. Its a win win. win the sixth sense loose either way.

  12. I thought he made a deal during the comp to not go after Clay or Shelli? Wouldn’t it be easier and smarter to go after Austin, Vanessa or the twins this week? That way he would “prove” to Shelli & Clay that they can trust him and he would get out a big player without being in such a sticky position next week?

    • He may not realize it but this is the best move he can make. Its going to result in a lot of backstabbing. Clay and Shelli will do anything to stay including throw Vanessa and the 6th Sense under the bus. Because they are a showmance and want to at last make it to jury the stakes are really high for them so getting even one more week is a hue reward but it will mean taking huge risks.

      James really has them by the balls – if either of them really had balls.

      There is no risk to James. He was a target anyway.

      • And Vanessa will throw her alliance under the bus too let’s not forget!!! hahaha

      • I actually think his best move here would be to get rid of Vanessa. With the power he has right now, he could use this week to get Clay and Shelli to flip sides – and then have a group of 5 moving forward (James, Meg, Jackie, Clay, Shelli) with a power duo target protecting him as a shield (Clay/Shelli).

        He definitely can get Clay/Shelli out this week, but he, Meg and Jackie will still be screwed after. Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Clay (or Shelli – whoever doesn’t get voted out), John, and Becky still massively out number the other side. He’s thinking too simplistically and just wants to make a big move. That’s fun to watch, but it’s not the smartest move.

  13. OMG!!!…I can’t wait til after the nominations…James blaming Clay and Shelli for backstabbing them… And then it begins…IT WAS VANESSA…. IT WAS SHELLI….. Blah blah blah… Lol…

  14. I was mindboggled that James considered putting up Steve. If he faces the vote on Thursday, he’s gone and James has wasted his HOH. Good thing that Meg finally made herself useful for the first time in this game by telling him that was a bad idea.

    I can see an out for Clay and Shelli, though. If they get nominated together, they need to tell James casually that they completely saw it coming…and then sell out Becky and tell James that she told them that they were going up. If they create confusion and make James worry that there’s a “rat” in his midst, he might consider changing targets and get Becky instead.

    • I did say last night that Meg would help guide him! She may be a floater, but she’s smart and she has Jason to thank for those tips! hahaha This is going to be so much fun now!!!

    • Clay and Shelli will definitely throw her under the bus as soon as they find out they are going on the block. But I think Meg and Jackie will keep him from going after Becky at this time.

      • If Clay or Shelli are about to come down, James can’t be misted into renoming Steve, Austin, or Becky. If any of those three go up, they go instead of the really big threats.

    • James came up with putting up Shay on his own after thinking about it. He told Meg that putting up pawns is “so last week.”

      • And I can see why since he’ll be a target for them either way might as well male a huge impact while you still can

  15. OK now I’m starting to get really pissed at Becky! Come on Becky the Sixth sense is only using you they don’t need you! If I was James I would just stop talking immediately whenever she’s around

    • They will, right after she runs to Shay and then Shay lets James know. She will be excluded from the James Gang.

      • Yes hopefully but they can get rid of her another week. This week is all about big targets! SLAY them all James and have them begging at your feet! ^__^ hehe

      • Becky will have no one once this week is done. She is not a big target. She neutered herself.

      • Yes and she did that all on her own! Your fault Becky you should have stayed with a much smaller and reliable alliance! You know one that doesn’t go against their word and plan on nominating and evicting one of their own ^_^

      • “Oh Sherman, Sherman, Sherman!” Clapping here like Sherman’s mother did on the Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy!

  16. Can someone please take Becky and knock some sense into her! Like this is seriously getting ridiculous!

  17. As to the debate of whether to put Vanessa or Liz up on the block, if the minority side is going to attempt to confront Clelli this week, they cannot leave them both in the house. That means if James even puts one of them up, one has to go. If you put up Vanessa, she might not be able to secure enough votes within her alliance and Shelli or Clay could survive the eviction. With Liz, you guarantee that Austin, Julia, Meg, and Jackie are going to save Liz. Not five votes, but you could swing over Steve or Vanessa giving you five votes against Shelli or Clay. Here’s the voting scenarios with each renom, assuming that the minority still guns for the one still on the block.
    Clay or Shelli vs Liz
    Meg, Jackie, Austin, Julia vote to evict the Clelli nominee
    Clay, Becky, John vote to evict Liz
    Vanessa, Steve undecided (Presumably Clelli nominee)
    Clay or Shelli vs Vanessa
    Meg, Jackie vote to evict Clelli nominee
    Clay, Becky, John vote to evict Vanessa
    Austin, Julia, Steve, Liz undecided (Presumably Clelli nominee)
    May be off a little, but there’s definitely more guaranteed votes against Clelli with Liz on the block instead of Vanessa.

    • James is already set on his plan. He’s going to put up Shelli and Clay. If one of them comes down, he’ll put up Liz. Austin & Julia + James Gang will save Liz and either Shelli or Clay goes home. (Preferably Shelli)

      • I think JMac and Steve will see this as a great move for James and more than likely side with him as they’re true Superfans of BB!!!

      • Yeh, but what James or others don’t know is that Steve voted for James to be evicted instead of Audrey! Remember? I hope James doesn’t rely on that!

      • I thought that he was doing that just to put up a hinky vote and mess with the house.

      • We’ll never know, though. We can only go by observation. Unless you are a mind reader? hahaha

      • Oh that would be the perfect plan! Let’s just hope that this week plans actually do go perfectly instead of the disaster that happened last week

    • Maybe for fun, James should ask Jmac in front of everyone if it would be okay to put him up as a pawn.

    • What James needs to do is to make sure one of Vanessa, Clay and Shelli goes home, preferably Shelli or Vanessa. If he puts up Clay and Shelli and either of them come down, he has to put up Vanessa. If Liz goes up, Becky, John, Steve, Vanessa and Shelli or Clay will vote out Liz. That is 5 votes.

      James doesn’t know this of course unless Shelli and Clay throw Becky under the bus.

      The worst case scenario is if Vanessa wins veto and takes Shelli off the block. Then Liz has to go up.

      In this case only Meg, Jackie, Austin and Julia will vote to save Liz. They need one more vote and it has to be either John or Steve and I don’t think either is ready to cross Vanessa and Clelli yet.

      • I don’t think Steve would vote out Liz. He seems to have a pretty strong connection to Julia and it would be foolish of him to vote against her sister.

      • Beforehand, tell Clelli that Vanessa is a BD plan and the only way to guarantee enough votes to make it work, is to put up a house favorite against her. Otherwise, Steve/Jmac/Becky/twins/Austin would go home. Promise that if James/Jackie/Meg wins POV – whomever wins it, James will ask that they use it so he can BD Vanessa. So as long as Vanessa doesn’t win POV, she’s outta there. If she does & saves one of them, then they’ll have to decide who goes up in their place. Needs to be a big target though. He knows he’s done after this week (what he tells them) and he came to play BB so he’s going out with a trophy kill (Austin/twins or whomever) but hopefully Vanessa.
        That way IF either is saved by POV, they will be campaigning/planting seeds against Vanessa, hoping she’s the real target.

  18. If the noms stay the same, who do you think is more likely to campaign for themselves, Clay or Shelli?

    • Me too, but don’t think that’s in James’ best interest this week. Save it for next week! hahaha

      • Lol yes as much as I can’t stand Vanessa and I hate seeing Austin and his disgusting ways, this week is all for getting rid of the power couple!

      • Yep, bigger prey needs to go this week and next week. James may take out Shelli this week & Jackie can take out Vanessa next week. Then duke it out amongst themselves. But important this week and next to plant those seeds of paranoia and mistrust among the rest of 6S.

  19. Oh wow, so James was actually talking some serious game last night. this could be most interesting, since either way a major move will have to go down and expose a few people, considering he is playing both sides. the lines have already been drawn, but now there will be writing on the wall.

  20. I most impressed that James came to his own conclusion about putting both Clay and Shelli on the block. It was perfect that he went to Meg with it first and she totally backed him up that it was a good idea. I also like that Jackie is very fired up to get rid of one of them.

    • Lol let’s all Thank Jason for putting it in their heads now that getting them out when he’s gone would be the perfect move for them!

  21. I think its a very bold move and could kill his game in the long run, BUT I dig the aggressiveness. James stated the first week that he loves blood on his hands. Its good to see that in the game. This also helps my little Meg go farther in the game.

    • Not if the alliances starts fighting among themselves. He needs back up his nominations by instigating distrust in the alliance. That should be very easy now they they are all so paranoid.

    • You know, Meg is starting to charm me, she is quite cute and I hope she remembers that her friends were evicted for being clueless, so take a hint Meg and keep your head in the game, Jason was right, she does have the potential to go far.

  22. As far as the Shelli/Clay deal he made during the endurance comp… why should he honor that if they didn’t honor their deal with putting Austin up last week? I’m fine with James fighting fire with fire.

    • Exactly! You don’t honor my deal I made with you last week so I won’t honor yours

      • He thinks they changed Vanessa’s mind – which they did.

        And he is right anyway. They need to break up the power couples. Shelli is clearly the stronger player as far as comps. Look at how long she lasted last night.

        This is a very wise move by James. He is a target anyway. He really has nothing but maybe an extra week in the game to lose.

        He cannot waste this HOH on small potatoes targets like Liz, Julia or Steve and he is not going to get Vanessa out until the numbers are move even.

      • And that’s just it right there. When you know that you have nothing to lose you play hard because you know that your life depends on it!

      • I think Crutman was making a dig – Shay and her are one in the same when it comes to deals, making or breaking them! hahaha

      • Vanessa vs. Liz on the block – Vanessa goes home. Hypothetically if that were to happen

      • Not necessarily. Liz would have Austin and Julia’s votes, but no one else. The James Gang knows that Liz hated Jason. Shelli (and therefore Clay) acts like she’s Van’s sister. That leaves Becky, who will follow Shelli, Steve, who will protect Van, and JMac, who will vote with the majority.

      • Liz will also have Steve’s vote too because he’s flirtmancing her sister now!

    • Not that he has to explain, but I would say “I forgot” or “I thought it was for NEXT week”

  23. Clay and Shelli would still be in a safe spot had Shelli’s paranoia not gotten to her last week. She worried that since no one threw a party for Clay winning veto that meant there was a secret plot to evict him. With Liz’s help she convinced Vanessa to target someone on the “other side” instead of Austin. Jason got put up, Shelli and Clay were exposed as liars. Then exposed even further when their two votes could have kept Jason in the game, but they insisted on doing “what the house wants.” News flash, if the votes are enough to save someone, isn’t that what the house wants.

  24. Ugh Becky :/ They are just using you for information..
    Glad to see James in power. He will make the move we all want to see, Shelli and Clay up there on the block. Yes its risky that they’ll both be playing POV but they are big targets.

    • I really hope Becky doesn’t tell them James is putting them up. They are expecting a blindside of one of them, the could still be shocked to be put on the block together.

      • I hope so too. But knowing Becky she will scamper over to them this morning for her bit of cheese.

      • I posted this earlier but fits with this too. Hopefully if she does (she will, she has a I want to fit in with the cool kids complex and runs to the head cheerleader with everything) James finds out puts here up after Veto and she can realize she is bottom of the totem pole and make better alliances moving forward. The outsiders need her and Johnny Mac, the only reason I wasn’t cheering for JMac last night is I knew Becky would run his HOH which would mean Shelli was basically HOH again, I want Becky to realize she is being used and take Johnny Mac with her to the other side and even some numbers up.

      • Otherwise next week it’ll be James,Jackie,Meg against the rest, with only 2 playing for HOH.

      • Yeah I can see your point but when word gets out that Becky’s a mole then she’s no longer with James and the crew

      • Once she realizes how bad Shelli is throwing her under the bus (this assuming they are on the block together) she will need new allies once Shelli leaves and I think and hope James and them would realize they need her and Johnny Mac regardless and work with them.

      • Forget Becky. She can be all the rat she wants to be but we all know she is being used and will get a good kick in the face from Clelli. Its just another wonderful moment of viewing for us!

    • When he does the noms of Clelli, tell them using Becky as their mole just ensured their nomination. He considered working with them as they discussed (ha!) but knowing they sent Becky in to spy on them after that – I can’t just pretend that didn’t happen. Put Becky on blast so the Clelli survivor knows Becky is damaged goods going forward and won’t really let her in/count on her anymore. She’d have no value (for anyone) other than a vote.

      • Exactly! I just thought too, if Clay and Shelli go up together they can totally rat out Becky and convince the house she knew about Jason going and she’s been spying on the other side then reporting back to them. I think they would def do this to Becky and screw her over.

  25. I’m thinking James might just plan on staying in bed to nominations. He seemed pretty set on what he was going to do last night, so why give anyone the chance to change his mind.

    • Plus, he’s been up all night. He could use some sleep. (Sorry, the mom in me comes out sometimes. LOL)

  26. I just want James to include in his nom speech, “I said I wouldn’t stab you in the back, so I stabbed you in the front.” It would make my week.

  27. Thank you, James, for winning and possibly pulling a big move by putting up Chelli together. And if one wins, put up Vanessa. Let the SS alliance crumble! It’s going to be a good week for sure if things keep up the way they have been.

  28. It’s simple James. Take the names Clay, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa. Nominate X and Y. If one of them comes down, renom Z. If Z wins veto and pulls X or Y, renom the last one. Simple.

    • Don’t include Austin in that. After last week I suspect James knows that Austin is expendable. Just use Clay, Shelli and Vanessa. If only one remains on the block, put up Liz, since she would have the votes to stay.

      • And give heads up to Austin that Liz is only a pawn to ensure he/Julia vote out Clelli. He “wouldn’t do that” to Austin after the way Van did him last week (Austin). He (Austin) is “obv” expendable to Van/Clelli but he can’t count on Austin/twins to vote out Clelli unless he uses Liz as his insurance policy this week. (Even though James would nom Clelli anyway). This is just to make an inroad with Austin/twins and ensure the demise of Clelli.

      • Exactly! One or the other will be going home earlier, not making it to jury together!!!!

    • I don;t see Austin as a power player. He is a big talker but he is so enamored with Liz he is really worthless right now.

      Besides, they can deal with him by telling him Liz doesn’t like him and is just using him. Julia will probably help them with that.

  29. I hope during nomination after Shelli and Clay don’t get a key. James nomination speech all he says is Karma is a bitch and thanks Shelli for jumping off. Smiles and *drops the mic* haha that would be awesome

    • Lol that would be so epic! And James would find his self on my list for fav player along with John and Jason!

      • Yea he would and just seeing Shelli starting crying and Clay with a dumb how did this happen face would be priceless

      • Lol personally I’d like to see those faces after the veto has been played and they’re still on the block! ^_^

  30. It will be interesting to watch James shoot up the player rankings if he follows through on his plans this week.

  31. Omg I can see it now! James locking the HOH room whenever someone from the Sixth sense try to come up and talk game, and when they try knocking he’ll just scream ‘Leave now I don’t wanna deal with you’!

    • James should actually use this opportunity to speak to anyone willing one on one. That will create panic and give him (some) ammunition. It is so funny that we write scripts and scenes for a reality TV show!

      • Lol I find it hilarious also! If only they were able to read some of our messages

      • Exactly. Imagine Shelli and Vanessa watching the door from downstairs to see who goes in and comes out. James should actually summon them up a few times each to make it look like there is lots of stuff going on. Then he could tell each of them the otehrs are throwing them under the bus to save themselves! It would be priceless.

        Regardless of who goes home this week, if he can get the alliance to blow itself up it will be an unbelievably successful HOH.

      • Yes plus it would mean another week for him and possibly his alliance with the Sixth sense group falling apart and nominating their own players

      • Yes and even if it’s BS he’s talking…who’ll believe it? If he talks to Becky about her family and Clelli interrogate her after she comes down and says they just discussed her family, that’s all. They know she’s a rat anyways so they won’t believe her.

  32. Does anyone else have the fear that word of Becky’s rat tactics will reach James and he’ll use his HOH to instead get rid of her?

    • Ehhh thats a small chance since he now has Jackie and Meg leading him down the right path. Let’s just hope he sticks to his plan

    • Nah, they’ll just blame Steve, because they’re convinced he’s everywhere

      • But they don’t tell Steve all the information that they tell Becky, so they’ll know he wasn’t the one to spread the info because he doesn’t know anything… Just a thought.

        On a side note, I do hope Becky continues this. Rats are annoying, but they sure are fun.

    • Nawwww…he knows she’s probably a rat anyway. I think he’s testing her right now. He’ll stick to the plan he’s made no matter what Becky does…he knows Shay will throw her under the bus to save their own skins.

  33. I’m one of the few Chelli fans (I know I know), and I just knew that the Jason nomination was going to come back to bite them. They should have fought like HELL to make sure he wasn’t the replacement nominee. They were sitting pretty with basically everyone in the house before he got put up. Now everyone thinks it was their idea when really they were very reluctant to it. And Vanessa has done them absolutely no favors by telling everyone it was a “group decision.” All a group decision means for Vanessa is “I don’t want ALL the blood on my hands.”

    I had a feeling this would happen too. James seemed disingenuous when he promised safety to Shelli on the wall. It was more like “yeah yeah you’re both safe now fall off already.” They might have a chance of staying if Shelli can pull herself off. I think people would be more willing to keep Clay if he were on the block. If Shelli is still a nomination by Thursday, she gone! If Clay is up to someone like Vanessa or Austin, he’ll have a chance to stay.

    • They didn’t even have to fight for him not too be a nominee, all they had to do was vote for Becky to leave!!

      • It’s not as easy as that. If they vote Becky to leave, then they lose their 6th sense alliance. They would’ve lost allies to gain some. Would’ve been a wash…

      • Remember, they were blaming everyone but Steve…which could have been Steve’s plan all along…but who knows really since Steve never told anyone. Great BB move on his part…keep them guessing!

    • Won’t need to backdoor…just need to take out one or the other before jury…he’ll accomplish this this week!

      • But what if Shelli or Clay win Veto..if he backdoors Vanessa, his plans will be for naught. They’ll keep Shelli or Clay over Vanessa. He wants one of the couple to GO!

      • Yes, but James believes Shelli and Clay were the ones influencing Vanessa! Vanessa is more than happy now to working behind the scenes than becoming a bigger target than those two!

      • The numbers wouldn’t work to letting Liz go, though…you got Austin and Julia to think about in that equation. Meg will want to keep Liz as will Steve.

      • Me either…but Julia will see to it that she stays and get Austin to go before Liz!

  34. Yes James, put Shelli and Clay on the block together. Then they’re forced play Veto for themselves and not one another.

  35. I hope one of them wins, and he puts up Austin and he goes. HEHEHEHE

  36. YES! Please follow through with this, James! Even if one comes off the block, you can just replace them with Austin. I’d rather not see Vanessa go home. I’m sorry, but I still kinda like her…don’t hate me. But, yes, screw the deal you made with them; Shelli and Clay don’t keep their own deals, so forget it! This is Big Brother, not the playground where you promise not to tattle on someone to the teacher. Go straight for the kill. Nominate both of them and hope one leaves this week, ironically right before jury! Love it!

    • The only one that would keep Austin is Liz…James would get more bang for his buck this week putting Liz up over Austin and see Shelli or Clay out the door! Think about it. Liz will ensure the votes from Julia, Meg, Austin, Jackie and possibly Steve than Austin ever would.

  37. DaVonne just piped in on the BB17 tweets. She’s wondering why Becky is going to Clay and Shelli and telling them James’ plans…or possibly telling them again the new plans when they wake up.

    • Becky is playing smart by this move she prove she is loyal to clay shelli and Van on the other hand no matter what happen james meg and jackie is going after #Sixthscene so if they kept the name of Becky secret she is in good position

      • They already know she’s loyal to them…what she doesn’t know is they aren’t all that loyal to her. So with the sixth sense not in power right now, this is a bad move on her part. She’ll see this if they choose to throw her under the bus by telling James that Becky told them about his initial plans.

  38. It should be Shelli and Vanessa on the block. If one of them wins veto, then they come off and then replacement nom could be Clay or even Liz or Austin. Either way one of the controlling people will go home.

    • Except that if Clay gets picked to play in the PoV, he’s going to work extra hard to win & save his mommy. If that happened, whoever sat next to Van would go and you’d still have Shay & Van in the house.

  39. i hope they switch and get Austin out. he really needs to go. maybe even steve or becky.

    • He can only get one person so so it should be a big one. Shelli, Clay or Vanessa. That will also fracture the group. I don’t think they care if Austin leaves. They have Julia now.

  40. Please, James, do the right thing & put Shelli & Clay up! They have ruined the game for everyone!

  41. Just when I started wondering if James even knew he was in the Big Brother house… he goes and says something like this. Heck of a move.

    I don’t exactly dislike Shelli & Clay. I’d actually like to see them stick around. I like them better than Vanessa, Austin and Liz. But hey, I’m excited to see some game moves!

  42. Best case scenario James puts Shay up, and neither win POV. Also no one from the SS alliance wins POV, and for sure one of them goes. If Vanessa wins and saves one if the nominees, then best case scenario one of the twins gets out up next to them to assure that they both don’t stay in the game and come back after James. And goddammit Jackie better win the next HOH (because let’s face it Meg is kind of useless when it comes to competitions, and Becky is a “dumb” rat) so they can take out another member of SS.

    I actually want to see Shelli cry real tears over her and her boy toy being nominated together instead of the crocodile ones she’s been wasting. I wonder who’ll be whose “knight in shining armor” in this Shay showmance if both are up. And for the love of God no one mention the word “blood” this week or I’ll go insane.

    • A lot has to happen to keep Clay and Shelli on the block, I am praying things fall into place. IF Vanessa wins POV and takes either Clay or Shelli off the replacement will have to be someone the rest of the house WILL NOT vote off. WHO???

  43. Funny how everyone thinks Clay and Shelli are the reason for Jasons eviction. When it was Vanessa that wanted Jason gone. James would be smart to target Vanessa then he would be getting out a big power player, be keeping his word to Shelli and I don’t think he would be the target next week for this move. If he targets Shelli and Clay whoever stays will be gunning for him big time. And it cracks me up how Jackie and Meg are saying Clay will work with them after Shelli goes. In your dreams girls. Sounds like their jealous of Shelli and want Clay for more then game play. You just keep flaunting your boobs in Clays face and see if you get anywhere.

    • Why would it be smarter to keep his word to Van than to Shelli? He promised both of them safety, but then again he promised everyone in the house safety this week.

      He’d have a more difficult time getting Van out. Plus he believes (wrongly) that Van is a straight shooter and was forced by Shay to go after Jason.

    • Had Shelli not campaigned to Vanessa to change the plan and not BD Austin, none of this would be happening. Remember when Shelli brought this Austin is a number thing up to Vanessa, Vanessa explained that by not going ahead with the back door plan they were drawing a line in the sand. Vanessa said it was going to blow back on her and that everyone had to back her up which Shelli agreed to . Then after the nomination of Jason, Shelli and Clay denied being involved leaving Vanessa hanging out to dry.

      Shelli and Clay are responsible for how everyone feels about them. They played like they were in with everyone so everyone had the expectation that they would let them know if there were any big moves. When Shelli and Clay at first denied knowing anything about Jason going home they got caught in a lie which is why everyone distrusts them now.

      In any case, its a plan to take out at least one of the top members of the alliance so it is a smart game move.

      • Actually it was Liz that started the entire not backdoor Austin. Then as ALL 3 of them were discussing it they came to a decision together. But Shelli and Clay did not want Jason put up. They even tried to get Vanessa to put Jackie up. His name never came out of their mouths but they’re taking all the blame. And they admitted they lied about not knowing but Shelli even said they should of figured out what everyone was going to say after this happened but they didn’t. Vanessa threw them under the bus big time. Even before she knew they said they didn’t know. She said to Meg and Jason I don’t know why they’re afraid of you. But didn’t say their names. Like he didn’t know who she meant. She made everyone think it was all Clay and Shelli. Vanessa is the biggest hypocrite in the house.

      • She’s a smooth talker just like Derrick was. She came out of the Jason eviction with her hands clean. They need to wake up and get her out now.

  44. Shelli and Clay going on the block together will definitely ruffle some feathers but. It least no matter what,at least one would still be on the block and hopefully go home !

  45. I want Becky, and Jackie to be evicted. Meg will go after He isn’t hoh to protect her.

  46. Smart move will be choose one damn trio ( Austin , Julia and Liz ) or (van,shelli and clay ) put julia and liz togather on block and backdoor Austin or put sheli and clay and backdoor Van but no matter what James have to get rid of Van or Austin in this week and also james have to pick one tri to safe and work with them in future

  47. Love it that James isn’t blabbing to everyone about his plans…just getting info like Vanessa did with the exception that he didn’t converse in depth with more than one at a time!

  48. Just read that Vanessa is now throwing Shelli and Clay under the bus, just like we suspected she would! hahahaha

    • Vanessa will pay for it i am damn sure i just some how have feeling that clay and shelly will stay.. Van bye

      • No, one or the other will go since it’s the week before jury, but Vanessa will be targeted next and possibly the first to go to jury if it’s DE this week too. JMac said it best to her, “Well…just don’t do anything at all right now or risk becoming a pawn.” She agreed with him on that.

  49. Jackie already had her SHOW. The race…Why they letting her stay??? Plus the one that gets all the ideas Vanessa then she’s going to ride the jury wave free ?!!!, erggggg

    • Jackie is not a threat to James. Why would he take her out? The threats are the 6th Sense alliance. They made it clear Jackie is their first target and James is their second. James has to act now or he will never get past the next couple of weeks.

      Anyone who thinks he should make a small move so he doesn’t piss of the other side of the house is mistaken. They just want him gone because he is not on their side. Look what’s happening. The alliance is falling apart as they stab each other in the back. James doesn’t have the numbers on his side so breaking up the alliance give him and his allies the best chance to move forward.

  50. Someone is worried about Shay exposing their game. Wanna take a stab and guess who that is? I think I know who!

    • This is turning out to be great move. The alliance is eating its own now. After this week maybe the house will reset and we will get new alliances and more entertainment.

      • I so hope so. JMac already owes James and I’ll see him pull Steve and Julia over to the JamesGang! Steve’s starting a flirtmance with Julia now!

  51. Ooops Liz ate a peanut and her own sister called her out on it! OMG…too freakin funny. Liz might get a penalty for this.

    • Liz just got called to DR…not sure if it’s related or not! haha

  52. Oh no…now John and Becky are running their mouths off to Clay and Shelli. Why??? John you were already safe for crying out loud! Now you could be the one in trouble for that!

    • Well John has been working with them – even though he is a pawn. Becky is just stupid. But this means John and Becky will vote to save Shelli or Clay if one of them comes down so James has to be smart about his replacement nom is he needs one.

      • Yep, and he’s slowly gathering wool now on who that might become depending on if Shelli or Clay win Veto if that convo gets back to James!

  53. Vanessa is slowly digging her grave deeper by talking to Meg about what James is planning to do. Vanessa told Meg that the SS didn’t talk crap about James. Meg knows that’s a lie!

  54. Austin just reported to Clay but didn’t say much. Good…he’s keeping what James and he talked about away from Clay! :-) Good job Austin! This is how you play BB!!!

  55. Meg’s reporting back to James on what Vanessa told her that Shay had something going on regarding James and Meg…and James said, “check just bounced!” haha

    • Austin told James if he wins Veto, he’ll keep the noms the same too!

      • You’re welcome! I can’t wait til the sweat starts to fly now!!!! James has so many reasons for not keeping his deal with Shay it isn’t funny! All dated back to Day and Audrey evicts! hahaha He wants to put Liz up as renom if Clay or Shelli come off the block because he figures he’ll get more votes for her to stay than he will Clay or Shelli. I’m diggin this play. And he told Vanessa after she talked with him and was finished talking more like she wanted that she could leave the room or risk becoming a pawn! hahahaha I’m having fun at the tweeted feeds and Jokers updates!

  56. Great move by James to be honest. Now that John & Becky has told them the news, if they were NOT on the block together they would fight hard for that veto and not use it. At least one of them will sit on the block on Thursday. If the veto is used, James’s best bet is to nominate Liz to ensure that Clelli would get separated.

  57. OMG no! Clay and Shelli plan to tell James that he made a promise to them in front of the entire house and if he puts them up everyone will know that he breaks deals. Please dont listen to that crap James if they do say it ignore them and carry on with nomination them!

  58. As HOH, Clay nominated ((ohhh, it’s James, that’s right? )) Meg and Steve. This guarantees him a spot in the big alliance (he likes anything big) for the rest of the season.

  59. I would throw becky for a loop, I would put her up next to Shelli, if one of them win veto and come down then I would put Clay up.

  60. You go James!!! Finally some Cahoonas in the house!!!! Hope Jason is watching his eviction being avenged!!!!

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