Audrey Middleton – Big Brother 17 Eviction Interview – Update: Big Brother After Dark Q&A Sneak Peek

Audrey didn’t attend the Power of Veto Ceremony and became the first HG to do so. Does she regret that decision?

Audrey: Yes, as a Big Brother fan, I do. But only people in that house understand, I was so overwhelmed. What a lot of people don’t see about me, in my real life I’m actually introverted. This whole experience was really hard for me, but something I really wanted to do. I wanted to exemplify the courage for other people to step out and do courageous things like this.

In my real life I deal with things internally and alone. You don’t get that time and space in the house and I know that’s part of the deal. I was just so overwhelmed with the stress of mourning over the inevitable that I just couldn’t physically make myself. I know it’s an excuse and it cheapens it. That’s all I can say. I apologize to Big Brother fans.

Fans thought Audrey could have been laying low in preparation of a Dan’s Funeral type game move, but it didn’t happen. Was there any strategy in hiding or was it the stress?

Audrey: At that point I felt so defeated. After the blow-up with Clay, Vanessa, and Shelli I was thinking “how can I turn this around.” I tried everything. I went to James, the only person I thought I could go to. I thought that if this didn’t put a fire under James’ buns then I’m done.

I was spent. I was drained. I stayed in the Have-Not room for days. People started bringing me food. They started bringing me food. Which was also confusing because Becky’s a Have-Not and she’s the first person to bring me food.

She brought me Slop. It was very nice of her. I took a few bites of it and then she took it back and brought me pizza. I don’t know if that was game play on her part or what, but I totally went for it and I shouldn’t have.

There were a lot of Have-Not rules broken this week. What was going on?

Audrey: That was news to me. That was totally news to me. I can’t describe it. People who had experienced it can maybe empathize but in that moment. Becky was being nice to me and she said, “you can have this” and I’m like okay and I ate it.

What did Audrey think of Vanessa telling HGs that she wouldn’t nominate her since they were both members of the LGBT community and she wanted to see Audrey go far because of that?


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  1. Giver her credit for owning up to some faults. I’m willing to bet CBS has some very smart PR people who work to educate these people before exit interviews as to what the smart plays are. Some heed the advice and some obviously don’t.

    But going to the “I don’t know if that was game play on her part or what, but I totally went for it and I shouldn’t have” (in regard to Becky’s bringing her food) feels like a bit of a cheap excuse.

    I know Becky is a recruited HG who knows nothing of the game but I can’t imagine she’d risk a possible penalty herself out of game play.

    Credit to Audrey for taking most of the heat/responsibility though. It would have been VERY easy to shift blame.

    • Don’t they have a rule book in the house? That part felt like an excuse to me, too. Otherwise, glad she owned it. Wish her well. :)

      • I doubt there’s a rule book. If so we’d invariably see people studying it around the clock trying to find a broken rule they could use to get someone booted. It would be a form of entertainment (a book) I think.

      • Thanks, Who cares. I had no idea. Apologies, bbadboy! (I’ve no memory of ever seeing a player use it before.)

      • So….you’re not a feedster, or not a true fan. MANY HGs have read the BB rule book, out loud, over many seasons. Eating was not Audrey’s only offense. Having BR lights on in daytime was another. Not attending the veto meeting….another. Sleeping on the floor instead of the dental chair….another. For her to blame Becky for giving her food….simply another delusion.

      • Okay, Judy, no need to get catty about it. There are a great many of us who are indeed big fans who don’t subscribe to the feeds or have the time to devote to watching them 24/7. That doesn’t make us: “Not true fans.”

        Once it was pointed out that it does exist (the rule book) and is kept in the back room I thanked the poster and admitted that I’d never seen it used before and apologized for making the mistake.

        Apologies for not being as focused.

      • There’s a version of the BB rulebook available online, although it’s not specifically that of BBUS but of the franchise itself. I’ll see if I could find it for you (hopefully it’s in English).

      • Very cool, James. That’s very kind of you but please don’t trouble yourself. I’ll do a search myself. (Thanks for your kindness!)

      • I’m 100% wrong, bbadboy. Sorry. (It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last I suspect.)

  2. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person IRL. Not gonna say anything else… you already know it.

  3. This Audrey character is societal waste. . .and should be shunned pitied and . . .NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN. .thanks

      • What did Jerry do? I think Audrey is the worst bc since she is transgender, all she had to do was lay low, and slide all the way to the finish line. She was on nobody’s radar, bc she is transgender. They were all scared to send her home, bc nobody wanted to be the person who sent the transgender home. But Audrey continually kept shooting herself in the foot. Even after she was given 2 “get out of jail free” cards, by Shelli and Vanessa. Worst player ever. Even worse than Devin, bc Devin was able to win comps.

      • She is not the worse player ever, she played it too hard too fast. Even her friend Dalton said he knew she would stir the pot before they cut back to Julie last night. Something to think about.

    • I’ve seen worse players in the last three seasons since I started watching BB regularly and Audrey is not one of them. She’s an average player at best who played too hard too fast too early like many early boots.

      • Who was Victoria? There was a player named Victoria? I keep hearing rumors she was on last season but I don’t remember a player with that name. ;-)

  4. That was an interesting read. I wonder how she would answer the same questions after watching what’s happened over the past few weeks.

  5. Audrey said that if she started the game over she would gravitate towards Shelli and stay away from Da’vonne but that still would have been the same outcome. Shelli will always pick Clay and Da’vonne had Jason and when she thought she could trust Audrey she was with her. The only downfall to Audrey’s game was Audrey. The talking, the lies, the deceit, the manipulation are all apart of the game but the thing is to not get caught and she got caught. I think Audrey and Da’vonne would have killed the game together if they trusted each other but Audrey threw everyone under the bus two seconds after giving her word and Da’vonne let her emotions get the better of her.

    I had high hopes for Audrey pre-season but she burned out fast.

  6. Audrey, love you girl. certainly an interesting person, and if only that translated into the Big brother game, but sadly that never happened and it has proven to be quite disappointing, I honestly hope this season picks up and it stops being the ‘Shelli and Clay’ show, oh how lame. more people need to stop throwing comps just for the sake of being off the proverbial radar, I honestly look forward to when the pawns are thinning out and they have to turn on each other, I been watching BB in what seems like forever and it always tends to become more interesting as it goes on. I just wanted to share my thoughts on it, considering this is easily my fave BB site. keep it coming.

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