Big Brother Spoilers: Week 5 – Battle Of The Block

Big Brother spoilers have revealed the Battle of the Block results this week as the latest four nominees took to the backyard in yet another Backdoor plan that could send out a big player for making a not-so-smart move.

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

Yes, we have another throwing situation on our hands thanks to how the Houseguests are able to easily manipulate the BotB to their advantage. Then again, last week’s winner had wanted to be the loser so these things aren’t always perfect.

Well guess what. Once again this week things did not go to plan. Clay and Becky were supposed to win while James and Liz were slated to loose so Austin could be Backdoor’d. Oops.

James & Liz won the Battle making Clay & Becky the losers this round. They’ll stay on the Block and that means Vanessa remains the HoH, something she did not want to see happen. Now we’ll have to find out what happens at the Veto, but I’m not so sure Austin will still be the target.

Steve had been thrown around as the back up plan and now Vanessa will have to let it happen or find a way to avoid it. I think we know she’s capable of the latter, but she’ll have to build that scapegoat pretty fast. Wait! Now Vanessa is suggesting she’ll still go after Austin. Interesting!

Oh, and now the Twins are guaranteed to both play as individuals with Liz winning safety for this week. Way to go, knuckleheads!

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  1. Or did Vanessa want to remain HOH? Guess we’ll never know. But their stupid plan backfired. I don’t know why she didn’t put Austin up when he offered. He also offered to throw it to keep Liz safe so he’d still be on the block. All I know is I would be pissed if I was Clay or Becky. Jackies closest friend is Becky and Clay is close to Vanessa. You don’t put someone up that could possibly go home.

    • She didn’t want to stay as HOH this time around and was willing to be dethroned so she could work behind the scenes and play puppetmaster to Jackie.

      So much for that. :D

      • But did she really? Last night on the feeds she told Liz she wanted to stay HOH. Did she just tell her that? Like I said we will never know what she really wanted.

      • At the same time, Austin is Vanessa’s ally. It’d be difficult (for her) to come up with an acceptable reason to nominate him.

        But I do:
        1) You’re a creep who doesn’t take a hint that the twins don’t like you AT. ALL.
        2) You betrayed my trust by sharing information to the other side of the house behind our backs without even considering the repercussions to our alliance. How dare you?!

      • She’s already telling Jason to start a leak that Austin told him about the twins. She’s setting Austin up like she did Jeff.

      • Wish she’d do it herself. I wish Jason would tell her to do her own dirty work. Now that would be interesting. lol

      • Dangerous…dangerous player…O, what a tangled web we weave when first practice to deceive!

      • Very true, but I Don’t think for this week… She’s setting up for something a week or two down the road… It might’ve been too early to do it, but we’ll see.

      • Totally accurate and good points for booting Austin, but she’s too smart to do that now. Yes we all want drama and can’t get enough (which is a shame), but you don’t turn on your alliance when the numbers can still be used against you… She’ll wait until they’re at 10 (or so) people left then she’d consider it…

      • I think if with the rest of her allies agreeing to the plan to ditch Austin (since they’ll be getting a replacement in Julia next week), it would soften the blow of the impact on the alliance itself while continuing to be a 5-strong block and they could always recruit someone from the other side to increase their odds of making past the midway point wholy.

        That last part I hope doesn’t happen though.

      • Yes of course that could happen, but if I’m competing for 500k and I have an alliance of 6 (soon to be an alliance of 7) why would I ever be the first to stab my alliance in the back? Clay, Shelli, Liz/Julia, & Vanessa are all smarter than that. Now if you were to plan for what makes sense in 2 weeks AFTER you have your 7-strong alliance, then yeah, you can sacrifice Austin and STILL be in the majority vote within the house…

      • Austin did stab the alliance first and the lost he had with could be lost as a result.

        Whoever gets evicted on Thursday is not going to jury so it won’t be as much of a bad thing to drop Austin now while the cast is not yet down to 11 players (which will be two weeks from now once we have BB17’s first DE). Whatever feelings of bitterness he will have upon leaving will not affect their chances of winning since he won’t have a say in it.

      • Read what I replied to Lavendargirl. That might help the confusion (or make it more confusing.)

      • I’ve been reading about Vanessa as a poker player. She hasn’t played in years. Her last stats are from 2011. Poker Stars was her sponsor, but they dropped her.

        She is being called a professional con artist by the poker community. She separated from her husband after he started his battle with cancer and did not attend his funeral. No one knew that she was a lesbian or even had a girlfriend until after she was cast for BB. She told someone that she was going to play the lesbian card and if that didn’t work, she was going to play the dead husband card.

        I don’t care for her BB game play and now I know why. Casting a professional con artist in the BB house is a fail in my opinion.

      • I completely agree.. BB Casting has gone down hill in a big way. The strange part is Robyn does the casting for BB Can and it has been stellar.. not sure if there are just weirdos trying out for BB US and they have to turn to the pro’s/modelling agencies or what but I really don’t think they did well this year. Always wanting the showmances when there will never be another Jeff/Jordon. BB US really needs a reboot in a big way. The comps are old and the so-called “twists” that are supposed to happen weekly don’t appear to be. There was no more BB takeovers this past week so who knows what is going on.

      • Oh nooo you had me with you until you said BBCan has been excellent in their casting… Do you really believe that? I think it’s been brutally driven in the same direction as BBUSA. The major difference that you might be seeing is in the culture of the contestants… Canadians are (by nature) far less dramatic and polarized. Have you seen a single episode where the common desire of houseguests wasn’t to ”go with the house” (ok I know there was a couple times, but truly that is the number one thing people seem to complain about on this site for the USA version, and they’d be horrendously shocked to find out that’s the norm on BBCan)… :)

      • Ok lets put this another way.. How about BBUS next year, Season 18, they have one “token” white person and the rest of the HG anything but White.. as you mentioned Canada is more culturally diverse but that is exactly why the cast were better. So I’m not quite sure why you didn’t find the cast ok on BB Can (other than the way out of place 6 foot 6 woman that was almost twice the age of everyone else).. it seems she was definitely out of it and was certainly the first to go. I think if they were to have 16 HG with 8 in their twenties/thirties and 8 in their forties/fifties, they would have a much broader spectrum of the human experiment. But unfortunately TV is all about numbers and those in charge at CBS figure the numbers are greater with showmances than with real strategy and honest game play. I am Canadian but I spend half of my year in the USA and have been for the past 17 years and haven’t missed any feeds or shows from the beginning.. culturally/technically the shows are produced the same (unlike UK and Australia or Africa for that matter) and by culturally I mean by the way the show is edited to promote specific issues that work for the American public.

        I just think the entire series in the US needs a facelift I guess.. even with the house.. Canada has built a different house each year and adds that in to their advertising as well as furnishing.. certainly this is something they could do in the USA as well.. but enough about production–it’s the HG we are here talking about–I just think this all has a lot to do with the way the HG act and react throughout the game..

        One last thing I will mention is how you will see Production pulling strings on these puppets this week to make it seem like Clay could be a target to go home–you can be sure the D/R sessions are going to be wording their questions in a certain manner–if not Clay then possibly the cat will be out of the bag and Austin (or Steve) will learn of the B/D.. just wait.. it is never an easy week in the house regardless of what we outsiders feel about the way production and the season’s cast are.. regardless I’m still a die-hard fan of the series.

      • Well worded and yes I agree with pretty much everything you said… The only part where we might differ is that I don’t like BBCan casting because they don’t have the diversity of age & income class levels that I think both you & I would ideally like to see. If anything, they are trying very hard to show that Canada is mostly like Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver which is a bit misleading… Again we both know however that ratings is the end game for Global & CBS so yes the diversity many of us are seeking will probably never happen because there’s far too many models & actors who want their big start on a reality show…

      • Being that smart will end up being her fatal flaw. She is too smart for her own good.

      • Wow I didn’t know that. I read about her stats in the poker world and knew she was married before but didn’t know she was being called a con. Makes sense the way she’s playing.

      • Glad it didn’t happen…what is the puppet master do now…play it safe and do a Steve…or do a dexter and send Austin packing.

      • Which would you do if you wanted the 1/2 million? Appease the audience who wants drama for the sake of drama, or appease your shaky 6th member of your alliance? It’s a tough call, but I think it’s a fairly obvious choice…

      • If she (like anyone in there) wants more camera time & money, she’ll stick with what makes sense… The drama she creates with the idea of possibly going after Austin is nice, but she’s smart enough to know this isn’t the time to be doing that.

      • She need to ask herself, is he an asset or a liability ? I think he is becoming more of a liability.

      • I’m not so sure about that. Don’t get me wrong, he IS a liability (we can all agree on that), but I think he’s still easily manipulated (especially by Liz). Keep him for a week or two then chuck him out.

  2. Someone is bound to grow a set and get some “blood” on their hands. Take out Clay now or backdoor Mrs. Robinson. I know being in the house is different than watching but some of these people have watched BB before and are bound to be picking up on some of these alliances.

    • I would also like to state I am sick of hearing the term “Blood on my hands.”

      • Me too.nobody has blood on their hands unless they phyisically stab or shoot someone or maybe butcher a pig or other animal.these players are fools,it,s a damn game not a gunfight.

      • Fools with absolutely NO backbone whatsoever. All they’re worried about is “making it to jury”. Wow. What a strategy.

      • Aaaaaah! Don’t say that or you might get blood on your hands! ;) (Yes I totally agree those words are being used far too much as an adjective and an accepted phrase)…

    • They know there are alliances. But none of them want to play the game like it’s supposed to be played. They’re too worried about putting a “target” on their backs and getting evicted before they make it to jury. Oh, and having a “showmance”. Make a move, shake things up, do something but the same pathetic stuff week after week. It’s getting too predictable.

      • Which is one reason I said in an earlier post if there was a next season. Either play the game or go home. At least Audrey (as bad as she was) did in fact play the game.

      • Audrey played until she got caught. Unless you see withdrawing into hoodies, hiding under blankets, and spending hours in DR as playing the game.
        I was also surprised to see how supportive her family was of her, in their interviews during the last show. Didn’t she describe the hell she lived through before her change?

      • Did you catch her friend Dalton there at the end of the interview with the family?. He said he knew she was going to stir the pot. Makes me think now she is this way out in the real world as well.

      • This brings me to a question I have been wondering about. When is Johnny Mac going to play the game? He’s made a ton of friends but no real alliance that I know of. Maybe I’ve just missed it, but he seems like Donnie from last season, he’s an American favorite but he’s not gonna last. He’s expendable. I see a Judd situation, where everyone will be crushed to send him home, but they WILL send him home.

      • You’re absolutely right. Everyone loves him, but, unless he starts playing the game, they’ll get rid of him.

      • You’ve the right you hit the nail right on the head…he is a Donnie and won’t win this unfortunately.

      • Exactly…none of them can make a move cause really they are on the outside of the 6 cents…but if they don’t start waking up they will all have a hand in dwindling their numbers while the 6 cents cashes in.

  3. James says he wants to stay and win this thing. But when he was up before he was saying going home wouldn’t bother him because he has girls at home and his family. He stated he was up for a showmance, but it never happened. I think he wishes things were going more his way but since they aren’t home doesn’t look so bad. Remember when he was on the chopping block how he pulled up in the chair when Julie was saying with a vote of ? then she said the other persons name. It seemed like James was expecting to be called.

  4. Watch Vanessa totally back out of the plan and say maybe I should just target Steve and give Austin what he wants.

      • He’s been saying it over and over… Steve is just this year’s no one wants around person…the anti-John and anti-Meg who are super popular in the house…

      • Austin wants Steve out because Liz likes Steve more than Austin. Same reason he wanted Jeff out.

    • She’s so wishy-washy, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Not one of them has a backbone. “Vote with the house” “I don’t want blood on my hands” “Throw the comp so we can backdoor (insert name)”. It’s the same crap week after week.

      • Clay and Shelli told Jackie on after dark that Vanessa staged it with Jeff, so if she does it again her game needs to be called out.

      • Well they should…cause everyone needs to know this Vanessa isn’t the angel she professes to be…like she says…i don’t want to be lied to…really
        mother teresa !

    • That will probably happen…not a good game move…but for us there will be some interesting interaction between Judas and the barbie twins.

  5. I’m getting so sick of them offering to throw the comps. Seriously, why are they even there? This constant “I don’t want blood on my hands.” is getting old. Play the friggin’ game!

    • What really bothers me with comments like this within the first 5 weeks of the game is that everyone seems to forget that the first 5 evicted players go home and aren’t on jury. So what if I hurt their feelings evicting them. They aren’t voting on me getting half a million in the end.

      • Oh that was my rant about not wanting to get blood on their hands in the first 5 weeks.

      • Huh, that’s a good point Keith. I suppose the counter thought to it is two-fold. Some people (especially Shelli) have a personality type that ALWAYS cares about what people think about her. Second, you never know when you’ll need to switch relationships in the house, so there is a tactical advantage in not getting somebody ticked off that is remaining in the house…

        Look at Audrey/Jason for example. Jason’s goodbye message to her was laced with ”I’m doing this for Da’Vonne!” He carried a grudge and used it inside the house…

        I know that CBS is trying to appease the ADD viewing audience who needs constant drama each minute, but really, it’s not US in the house, it’s THEM, and they have to play the game they see & feel is best…

    • Cowards complete cowards. None of them deserve the grand prize money if they don’t start playing the game. On the other hand, I can’t wait till they have to turn on each other LMAO.

  6. I’m starting to think that production is making these BOB comps harder to throw, since that’s all the HGs have done since the season began. Which does make it more fun for us, since this is bound to cause some chaos.

    • Yep. That’s what I said earlier what if the comp is a crap shoot. You never know what the comps are going to be.

      • Have you noticed there haven’t been any endurance comps yet? Like the long ones? Kind of odd, since normally it’s like every other week for those types of comps.

      • I hope so too. But i think saturn may be on to something with production scrambling to make the comps harder to throw. An endurance comp would be too easy to throw, they’d just step down.

      • Jason actually addressed this and said it’s because they have BotB now, so to do an endurance comp, it’ll air partly on Thursday and then carry over to Sunday’s episode, and then have to cram in BotB. It’s too much in the short airing hours. However, when the numbers dwindle and there’s no more BotB, the endurance comp should start.

      • That’s true. But they know the viewers love them so I’m sure they’ll have a couple. At least I’m hoping.

      • Jason was discussing that with someone. He thinks it’s because of BoB. Endurance comps usually start on Thursday and then the end is shown on Sunday. However, there isn’t enough time to show the end of an endurance comp plus HoH rooms, BoB picks and BoB comp on Sunday’s show.

  7. I’m still holding onto hope that someone besides Austin wins POV and Vanessa has the guts to backdoor him. I can’t stand another week of him pawing Vanessa.

    • My thing is this, why doesn’t Liz just tell him to stop. Go to production and complain about how it makes her feel. She probably enjoys the attention but doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. This whole bunch can’t even complete one week on the page they started with.

      • I think she’s just using him. On the feeds last night Julia told Vanessa Liz doesn’t like him that way. I don’t think it’s right for her to do that either.

      • I know this will shock some, but in truth, I think she’s actually doing what she needs to do. She wasn’t put on this show because of her exceptional brains or strength… She was put on the show because she’s an aspiring ”Barbie girl” model who spends her nights clubbing and flirting with casting directors and agents – that’s who Liz is. If manipulating big, strong & dumb Austin is her way to win, then by all means go for it. I don’t think it’s moral, nor do I think it makes Liz a likeable person, but I do think that’s her advantage.

      • I wonder if Liz would still keep him if she learns from Julia and Vanessa that Austin basically confirmed the twin twist to the other side.

        That basically jeopardized the twin’s formal entry to the game and would have screwed them big time if Liz/Julie stayed nominated after BOTB.

      • Oh goodness BOTH Liz/Julia & Vanessa should be smart enough by now to know they can’t trust the guy completely… But he can be manipulated through attention and that is their greatest weapon. Like I said, Austin is a great numbers advantage, but when it’s time for the alliance to start thinking beyond the alliance it would be crazy not to dump Austin first…

      • They can sacrifice Austin at this point. With Julia coming in, they are not loosing any number.

      • So counting the numbers, there’s the 6, and IF (by some miracle) the other side came together you’d also have 6 (Meg, Jason, Becky, James, Jackie, Steve) which is far too close to give up your numerical advantage… Like I said, in 2 weeks time, it will be 6 vs. 4 which is fine to dump Austin and keep your advantage (6v5)… but why do it when you’d potentially be shooting yourself in the foot?

      • Yeah it wouldn’t be hard to get one or two more to turn into an alliance of 7 or 8, but by the numbers alone it’s still too soon to boot Austin…

  8. Any word on how James did in the comp? This could make him a much bigger target moving forward if he did a poor job throwing it when he volunteered to do so.

    • apperantly he was completely dead weight and actually acted pissed when he and liz won, which really annoyed Vanessa and shelly cause now Austin is wondering why james would be so angry about being safe.

    • It’s funny because she’s actually revealed several times how good of an observer she is – watching her eyes while people speak is impressive. The problem she has is that she hasn’t used her observations to her relational & strategic advantage (like Da’Vonne but far less aggressive)!

  9. I hope Jackie wins veto and she keeps the noms the same. Man. . .I would love to see who they get rid of.

  10. Seriously, can someone pls tell me why Clay is still here? He is the only person that has not won a competition, even one that is supposedly thrown to him. Maybe HE deserves to go home

  11. Just realized something, if Clay is evicted this week, BB17 can be divided into two chapters.

    Chapter 1: Win a comp or else go home
    Chapter 2: Jury

  12. Yesssss! So glad they failed. Can’t stand Jackie on BB, liked her more on TAR.

      • Name me one person that would get rid of Clay over Steve or Austin…maybe Liz…that’s it…

      • these people don’t think about the end result (500k) and instead just think about love and other dumb things. people want to get on the show very badly and people like clay just sit on their butts doing nothing. PLAY THE GAME!

      • Oh my, I wouldn’t agree, but meh, that’s what this forum is for… Why don’t you think sticking with a dominant alliance that has no real threats makes sense and isn’t ”playing the game?” Do you feel the only real players were DaVonne & Audrey? I mean they actively lied and had aggressive personalities that created drama…did that help them? Who’s in the house now? Who’s most likely going to the final 6 or 7? Seems to me that Clay, Shelli, Liz/Julia, Vanessa (and somewhat Austin) know exactly what they’re doing and how to ”play the game”. I’d be interested in hearing why you don’t think that’s the case…

      • Unfortunately you’re right, Clay would be safe. Which is absolutely ridiculous because neither twin likes Austin and they’ve shared that with people so why would anyone be worried that Austin is going to form a trio with them?

        If they put Steve up next to Clay, Steve has no one so how is he a threat?

    • That’s still the plan. They just need to keep him from winning POV if he gets picked to play. I’m praying he gets backdoored. If not Steve will. Which I could care less if he goes either. He does nothing but creep around.

  13. Honestly I think this is actually worse for Austin, Vanessa atleast on paper seems still willing to back door him and now Liz is completely safe, if she was still on the block he would of had motivation to win pov if he was chosen but now he probably feels completely safe because as far as he knows his biggest ally besides liz is now hoh. Best case scenario for him now besides winning pov is if Becky wins which would put him next to clay who would be a tempting target for those who want to break up that showmance.

  14. If clay stays on the block he is going home. You’d be a fool to keep him unless you’re Vanessa or Shelli. He is the biggest threat to every player.

    • If Clay stays on the block against Austin or Steve…the other side has no reason to vote against Clay…those are the mutual targets of everyone…if its against Becky…he MAY to because the other side could probably break up Clay and Shelli and if Austin gets a sniff of the plan and finds out they were after him, he and Liz may vote against Clay…still I’m not convinced…

      • Break it down vote by vote. James Jason Jackie Becky Meg Steve Jonny Mack all would vote clay out if they were smart.

      • But they are not seeing what we are seeing…to them, Austin is the mutual target that is acting crazy…whether its creepy stuff, threat, going behind alliance’s back…they all have a reason that get him out…for Steve, he is just the arkward guy that irritates everyone, no one wants him around either…

      • I agree but I’m saying bad players only focus on the week to week survival. Good players look long term. And nobody can beat Clay long term except Vanessa or Shelli. Don’t you think Jason and John or Steve know this?

      • Steve is already on thin ice…he will vote with the house, if Austin (and not him) is on the block and if he tries to vote for himself and gives Austin the hanky vote, they will know its him since its not Austin or Audrey who has a history of hanky votes…not to mention Steve’s influence on the house is 0…John won’t vote against the majority unless he says otherwise …and James, Jason and Meg are a threesome and apparently they think they are in same kind of alliance with Clay and Shelli…so something crazy needs to happen…

      • The crazy thing that needs to happen is for Clay to get into one of his weekly fights with one of the women, particularly Vanessa.

      • But Austin’s only want’s to get to Jury. Breaking up Clay and Shelli will tear down the power couple and they are the only ones in there this year.

    • James, Jason, Shelli, Meg, Liz would all vote Becky out. That’s all he needs. Wouldn’t matter what the others did.

  15. I love this. Go home Clay…it would be awesome if he gets the boot this week. Please pretty please BB Gods.

    • I agree. Think it through. All players would be a fool not to vote Clay out, unless Shelli or Vanessa

      • Clay would be nice to get out, but he’s showed how he plays. Austin needs to go he’s the downfall of the sixth sense.

  16. Apparently Clay and Becky can’t figure out the answer. They can’t even spell. It’s probably not gonna happen, but from a game perspective, Clay is a good substitute.

    • I didn’t know Clay volunteered to go on the block and I’m surprised Shelli would even let him do that.

      • Volunteering or not, they are all in to this, but it’s not the outcome they expected.

      • I had a bad feeling about Clay when Vanessa first mentioned putting him on the block. I hope he survives this and never volunteers again.

      • These players volunteer as nominee all the time it’s unbelievable. Even Austin did. lol

      • Lol…cause they think they’re beast comps..where’s webster when you need him!

  17. Wow, what a bunch of idiots, why and the hell are they so afraid to put Austin up, these people better get it together and stop being afraid of getting blood on there hands or they will find themselves on the block if Austin wins HOH, Vanessa and Shelli get on my nerves, they cry and freak out every time they have to nominate someone, well here’s a suggestion stop winning HOH.

    • Yea like start doing what they tell Johnny Mac to do AND throw HOH. They call themselves the sixth sense but it seems like Austin and Clay put their two cents in either Shelli or Vanessa’s HOH.

      Honestly out of that whole alliance the twins are the only ones that can play for themselves. Even though they are twins they think for themselves. Well I know Liz can when she made nominations and voted to keep Jeff.

  18. Honestly if Jackie remained HOH or if I was in Jackie’s shoes and she was the remaining HOH I’d backdoor Vanessa. I mean Austin is a big threat, but more people would be on board for Vanessa leaving. Especially Shelli because she’s said on Big Brother After Dark that Vanessa has lied to her.

    Whether of not Vanessa wanted to be the sole HOH? She did because she’s wants to make decisions, but she’s gonna listen to Austin because he’s the controller of the puppet master. Her first HOH, Austin was basically HOH because his target went up and went home. Vanessa just needs to step up, send Austin out and make sure she can work with Shelli and Clay because the twins are gonna want her gone since their bodyguard, Austin would be gone.

    Austin is bad for the whole sixth sense alliance.

    • Personally i think vanessa needs to go after one of dark moon and go after one of the other side whether its jason or jackie i would pull clay down and go after somoene who would target them

  19. When they were doing the flashback last night to James (I think) telling Shelli and Clay that Audrey wanted them gone, the look on Shelli’s face was one of complete and total anger and shock. How dare anyone target them – after all, they’re the Golden Couple and they’re meant to win! Colossal egos! Can’t wait until someone has the cojones to put one or both of them up.

    • It was shock because they were in an alliance together. And after all the crap Audrey pulled Shelli still tried to protect her. That’s why she was angry.

      • Pardon me, but wasn’t D’Vonne part of that original alliance, and was it not “Princess Boo-Hoo” who nominated Dae for eviction?

      • Because Da was coming after her. Pretty good game move if you ask me. Thankful that entitled, bossy know it all is gone.

      • Neither Da’ or Audrey were loyal to Shelli in their so called alliance. I’m glad Shelli was able to move on to a much better alliance.

      • I don’t blame Shelli either for giving up on Audrey. How many chances had she given her already?

      • Are we the only people here who like Shelli. I didn’t at first but I think she seems pretty genuine to me.

      • I agree. I think there’s only a few of us and I don’t understand why. She’s playing one of the best games. She thinks things through. And people making comments about her being fake as hell when they don’t even know her. Her comments about Audrey were sincere. Why would she protect her when the entire house wanted her gone? Because she cared about her and was loyal until she just couldn’t ruin her game any longer. There’s always going to be haters. Lol

      • Just from what I see. I’m a pretty good judge of people that’s why I never form an opinion by their interviews. I wait and watch. I also watch the feeds. You sound like you’re being condescending.

      • Your statement about Shelli implied you knew her personally… That everyone else was making comments based on not knowing her.

      • Everyone has their favorites and comments about them. Doesn’t mean they know them. I comment on the game and the players until someone makes it personal like you did. Stick to the game. Bye

      • Same to you….. Don’t act like you know what HGs are “feeling and thinking” if you don’t want someone asking!

      • I agree with you. I believe Shelli is one of if not THE smartest player(s) in the game.

        However, just based on what I have watched from the feeds, it seems as though her decision to target anyone is influenced by someone else, primarily Clay, especially after Clay gets into arguments with two of her targets right before they seemingly become her targets. I’m not saying she wouldn’t have targeted those people anyway. What I’m saying is Shelli seems to play things close to the vest until Clay gets involved. Then all of a sudden she’s either forced to reveal what already were her plans or change them entirely because of her puppy love for the guy.

        That’s why I’m excited for the possibility of his eviction because then we can all see Shelli how I think you already see her and I think there would be a lot less haters. Then maybe she would also ditch the fake tearless crying she seems fond of :)

      • I don’t think they’re fake. When they’re rolling down your face it’s real.

      • Yes…is that an attribute that works for you or against you…if she continues to win comps..she is a shoe in to win if she goes to the end…everyone will vote for her.

      • I agree! It can work both ways. But if she does get to the end she will win because she’s playing a great social game.

  20. Ha-ha Yes! Another plan that has failed miserably! Personally I would have loved to seen the plan workout and Austin backdoored but this is hilarious! Just goes to show that you can’t predict everything ^__^ Still hoping for an Austin backdoor but I’ll just sit back and watch how this all plays out!

  21. I swear if Steve go home ✋ . I’m now hoping for him to get pick to play for the veroveto and save himself . Please target Austin . DX.

  22. Letting known twins make into a game of dwindling numbers after 5 weeks is game-play stupidity. Great, you just let in a sure-fire unbreakable alliance — way to go! Hopefully they get out Austin, because getting a game-play loser like Steve out is basically getting out a nobody with no game. Why bother?

  23. If Clay gets voted out then the sixth sense would fall apart and disperse. Hopefully Meg, Steve, John, James, Jason and Jackie see that. It is time to start playing this game for yourself

    • Yes definitely…instead of trying to be part of the 6 cents….we have to be patience because they have had the power and the others may have realized is better to play with them than against them at this point.

  24. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Lol. But, oh boy this is fun to watch!! I hope Vanessa will go for Austin.

  25. Oh how I love how plans fall apart, especially when they fall apart for the players I simply do not like, finally an intangible to make me watch the feeds again. I really hope Clay goes home and Vanessa gets more ‘blood on her hands’ so to speak, since that can only make her more of a target, this week should be interesting. I actually enjoy Austin pining over Liz, its just so weird. lol I dig his Judas persona, he is pissing people off and I have to admit to finding that a guilty pleasure within itself. ;)

  26. I’m actually hoping that Austin wins the veto, someone spills the beans to him he was target in his alliance, so that he’ll save no one. That’ll make the game a little bit more interesting for me. I would LOVEEEEEEEEE to see Clay be evicted this week. I’m curious to see what Shelli will do to keep her “boy toy/man” in the game. If the other side of the house is smart they’ll vote him out. I think Jackie, John, Jason, Steve, maybe Liz, and Austin could vote him out.

    • That could happen…and it would be dandy to see Juliet play without her Romeo….It would definitely change how the game is played and 6 cents would realize that they are not in control.

  27. Why is everyone soooo afraid of the twins coming into the house next week??? They make 2 people!!! 2 people, with no alliances if everyone sticks with the plan to get Austin out this week. And why do so many people think Clay is such a HUGE threat? He has never won anything!

  28. I am so glad James played for himself and not throw the comp. what would have happened if he had thrown the comp like they wanted and he ended up going home. Bad enough he would have to worry all week being on the block

  29. Jackie wins a easy HOH and she thinks she’s so great..well guess what Jackie Liz was HOH too

  30. super happy the twins are both going to be in the house now, hopefully this will liven up the house! I find this season so boring :-( aside from reading updates and spoilers. The episodes are Doozers lol…. As for Vanessa, she is definitely capable of doing anything however I think she’ll try and find a way around it because she does have Austin as an ally, I think!? At least she did. I’m not very up to date on the current alliances because I haven’t been able to read many spoilers.

  31. I don’t think Vanessa goes on a power trip, I think she just overthink things and makes herself paranoid. she reads people well, and that can be dangerous also. but I don’t see her as power tripping, not her thing! However I’m not very up to date on the alliances because I missed a lot of spoilers lately. can anyone tell me who the current alliances are? but the real ones? And the fake ones? Thanks

    • The Sixth Sense Alliance is the only real alliance that’s currently in power since Week 3 (It was only solidified after the tail-end of Shelli’s first HOH reign in Week 2). Steve and Vanessa have a side-alliance called Students of Sound while I don’t know about the rest, apart from the showmance (Chelli/Shellay/Schlay/Slay/Clelli/Claelli) and the free agents (Jason and Jackie).

      • correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that Alliance including Austin? & if so, it’s obviously not a solid alliance because don’t they want to get Austin out this week?thanks for the info :-)

      • He was in the alliance, but he talk to much and by that he has become a liability.

      • Yep. But it’s the only one that has been in a good position for 3 weeks straight but yeah, it won’t survive for long.

      • right, so then I don’t understand whythey would want to break up a good alliance?! Keep it at least until jury. it does makes for boring TV because it’s totally predictable but it’s a great way for the six of them to make it far and one of them potentially win. that said, someone told me Austin is a liability because he’s been talking too much, so yeah I guess I can see that then!

  32. I love it when a plan doesn’t come together! Hopefully Clay or Austin goes this week now! Ha, this is hilarious! I hope it’s not Steve.

    • I think so too…they really don’t know how dangerous of a player she really is to their games.

  33. It’s “lose”, not loose, bro. You win or lose games. Your pants are tight or loose.

    • I think you’ve read enough of Matt B’s blogs to know that he can spell. Obviously, a typo. However, for those who can’t spell, it’s good information.

  34. Vanessa’s tightest alliance is with Clay and Shelli. She knows those 3 are the most powerful. Then she has twins and Austin. And then Steve. Becky means nothing to her or her game. So she should be trying to rally the troops against becky, and if she can’t then backdoor steve, an easy target, not much blood.

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