Apply Now For Big Brother 11: Application And Eligibility Details

Update: Important! New version of the Big Brother 11 application posted 03-26-09. Be sure you have the latest, correct application!

Think you’re the next Dr. Will, Evel Dick, or Teacher Dan? Here’s your chance to prove it.

Apply now for Big Brother 11 to enter the BB11 house when its doors open again in July 2009.

Check the Big Brother 11 eligibility requirements first. Then fill out the Big Brother 11 application.

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Full application instructions for Big Brother 11 below the break:

Applications MUST be written clearly or typed and MUST be accompanied by a videotape. The videotape must meet the following restrictions:
1) Length: Maximum length is two (2) minutes. Anything over two minutes will not be considered.
2) Format: VHS only (no mini-DV, Hi-8, 8mm or VHS-C). To transfer the other formats to VHS, simply connect your camera to your VCR and record.
3) Content: Tell us who you are and why you would make the ultimate housemate on Big Brother. Be creative!
4) Deadline: Rolling deadline for now, subject to change without notice.

All materials you send us (including videotape and photos) will be retained by Producers and become the property of the Producers and will not be returned to you whether or not you are selected as a participant. Any expenses you incur during the application process including postage, shipping and materials preparation (videotape, photos, etc.) are your sole responsibility. Producers will not reimburse you for these expenses. Only one entry per person is allowed. All decisions of the Producers are final and absolute and not subject to inquiry.

Applications will only be considered if they are complete. Complete applications consist of the following:
1) Completed Application Form
2) Two-minute videotape labeled clearly with your name and city/region number.
3) Two color photographs of yourself, each clearly labeled on the back with your name and city/region number. One must be a close-up of your face, the other must be a full-length photo of your entire (clothed) body. Polaroids are acceptable as long as we can clearly see you.
4) Identification – Attach a copy of your driver’s license, in addition to a social security card, passport or birth certificate.

Send your application and videotape submission to the following address:
Big Brother (Region #___)
P.O. Box 520
11271 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

In parenthesis after “Big Brother” on the mailing label, print the region number of the city located closest to your home:

Unfortunately, we will not be able verify that we have received your application. If you like, you may wish to send your application package via an expedited courier (such as Fed Ex or UPS). They will provide a tracking number that you can use to verify the receipt of your package. Producers are not responsible for lost applications.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be advised so by the Producers shortly before the interview is scheduled. If you are selected to participate in the final selection process, you will be so advised by the Producers shortly before the final selection process is scheduled.

Producers reserve the right to change the terms of the application and the production schedule at anytime. Producers reserve the right to change the eligibility requirements and any other application rules in its sole discretion at any time with or without notice on a specific, case-by-case basis or across the entire applicant pool. Producers also reserve the right to not hold any participant applicant interviews, or to modify the manner in which it conducts participant applicant interviews, or to not produce the program Big Brother at all.

Best of luck to all applicants! Let us know if you plan to apply or if you hear back. Summer of 2009 won’t come soon enough.


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  1. Good afternoon,

    I think Big Brother is the best reality TV show by far. Thanks to everyone for their hardwork and dedication to this show. I look forward to it every season. Keep it up!!

  2. for your application requirements, you say I need to send a video (vhs) type. In the event
    a person does not own any type of recording
    equipment or a way to convert a video to vhs
    or friends that can help you achive any of the
    above, then what?

  3. I am so sad that BB11 won’t be coming on during the Winter season! It was great to have two seasons to enjoy last year. Big Brother is my favorite reality show by far and July can’t come soon enough!!!

  4. Bill, save your video to a CD then copy to a VHS tape . I found a VHS tape at a 99 cent store do not (LOL) then copy from your TV. That is how I did my video. It took awhile but it can be done. The one problem is getting less then two minutes on the tape.

    Well I hope you can find a VHS there are companies that will transfer DV 60 to a CD. I called several stores to see who can make the change. I also had to buy another camera.
    I look forward hearing from Big Brother I hope.

    I sent my tape now I have a long time to wait.

  5. Jannette,

    Thankyou for your response. As I mentioned. I do not have any of these type of (toys) if you will. I can not afford there items. I also do not have a reason for having them. No need to (LOL) on buying a VHS tape. I can also get them for less than a $1.00. Buy the way what the heck is DV 60? Also I do not have any frisnds or family that own these things. Again thank you. Good luck. And if I can come up with something and go through the whole process and actually make the show, wouldn’t it be a hoot if we both got on the show at the same time. Now that would be (LOL). And again good luck.

  6. Bill, if you live in Califorina I can make a tape for you Then we both can try to be on the show LOL

  7. Would you consider having contestants from outside from USA ? I would like to enter but i live in england. What would you suggest? Many Thanks


  8. Jeannette,

    Again thank you for your responce. Also thank you for your offer, but I live all the way on the other side of the country. Mass. Good luck. I’ll be watching.

  9. @Adam: Sorry, but CBS only allows US residents to be part of the show. I would recommend you pursue applying for the UK version of Big Brother.

  10. I have the same problem Bill has. The only difference is I already recorded my video and been carrying it around with me for a month to find a place to transfer that bad boy to VHS. This day and age why wouldn’t they use a dvd instead of VHS. Do people still own VCR’s???

  11. Damm I wish I was 21 lol, im gonna be 18 barly but im in love with Big Brother, and If I was on the show, damm i know id win the money, but i know id be the most hated in the house, and it wouldnt be easy lol, and i wanna know how come Danielle from Big Brother 8 was 19 when she auditioned and was on the show when she was 20?? That aint fair…they should mix up the show and put a goodlooking teen like me on the show, America would be entertained…lmao

  12. @Matthew: I think BB bent the rules a little for Danielle so they could get Evel Dick on the show that season. Danielle did turn 21 during the season, so it was close for her.

  13. who wouldn’t bend the rules for Danielle? Come on guys its not that hard to get dvd to vhs, im a single dad that does not have alot of technical skills however, im going to get it done and you will see me in july appearing on bb11!!

  14. Heath, I don’t know if you were posting your responce twar me (Bill) but like I said I DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THESE (TOYS). I own only the out dated cr.. thing called a vcr. O ya. and a dvd player. please someone respond as soon as you can. I can use some advice. OOOOOO YA something else, I don’t even have a computer. What Your Kidding!, you say. No. I am not. Then how are you here. Well, I am sitting here freezing my .ss off at our town library. Sorry to dissapoint you. Told you, times arn’t easy. Get this. I don’t even have cable tv or satelite tv. Ya, thats right to. I do own a car that is only 5 years old. The last was 14!
    I know what some of you are thinking. but what can I say. “It is what it is”. My favorite saying on the application. Something else you may be thinking. One less for compition. Well good luck all, and have fun. And remember.
    ” It is,what it is”. Bill

  15. bill, not trying to offend anyone, trust me i do understand that times are tough, but while your at the library take time to stop and ask one of the librarians to give you a help, they usually have such equipment that you can rent or if your a frequent user of their sources these ladies would probably be more than happy to help you out, so with that said dont give up and i will see you on bb11!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Brittany, This is a reality telivision show which it should not matter what size or shpae people are as long people can do the comptition. Reality is something we do all the time in everyday life. I hope Big brother picks different people for the show.

  17. @Nikki: Ahh, I took Dawn’s “if chosen” part as chosen to be part of the show, not chosen to be part of the auditions.

  18. I love big brother! I want to be on BB11, I turn 21 in April. Can I still apply now or should I wait until I’m 21?

  19. Hey Jen.. I would say apply now in case you are contacted you can let them know you will be 21 in April and way before the show starts in July. good luck

  20. July is just soooooooooooooo far away. Maybe, BB will get a good cast this time. BB10 was boring and BB9 was just weird. CBS has lots of time to get it right. Let’s hope for the best. I can’t wait.

  21. I am hoping to be on big brother 11 i already ahave a agent an my portfolo is already done an I am real upset bgi brother will not be airing this winter i was told by agent they er but guess not well hope for yall to see me on tv in the july season wish me luck

  22. Sarah, as far as i know, you can turn in your applications as we speak, but dont forget your video!!!!

  23. Good luck to all, except for if I make the show. LOL. No just kidding. Good luck to one and all. Just a simple question. If there are so many fans, why are there so few comments or questions here. If you are here and reading the postings, and have a question, but are affraid to join in on the conversation, then you should not apply. Sorry if I come off sounding rude or like an .ss h.le but “it is what it is”. Bill

  24. I LOVE Big Brother. I’m so dissapointed that it won’t be comming on this winter. I think I’m too young to audition. Being only 19 but I don’t think I could handle it anyways. I just like to watch. I think the season with Danielle is by far my favorite!

  25. I love Big Brother myself. I am a reality junkie. Well sort of… My friends got me hooked on BB 5 years ago and have not missed an episode since. I applied for the show and sent off my video tape and everything. We will see what happens. Yeah it is a long time you have to be in the house but I think that is why I want to be on the show to challenge myself and do something outrageous. You only live once!!!

  26. So Bill…you tried out for the show too. That’s Awesome!!! I wish you luck as well. Let us know if they call you for the interview.

  27. They are going to contact people I think in the next few months only if they choose you to go for the first initial interview that will be held at the closest city you live in. Then if you are chosen for the 2nd interview they fly you out to L.A. and THEN IF YOU ARE CHOSEN FROM THAT IT IS PACK UR BAGS BABY YOU WILL BE ON THE SHOW IN JULY!! LIVE!!!

  28. @KARENANN… I think all the BB season’s been good. They all have something different to offer. Last season I noticed there was a lot of hot heads on the show every single one of them except the final two. I cannot believe I forgot their names already. Dang!!!

  29. Hi Nikki, this is Bill. I may have confused you, but I did not YET try out for the show.
    I was just saying that I was thinking of it.
    I am just having trouble with making a video part of the application. No equipment. Friends are limited also. I’m looking for the cheapest way of maybe purchasing some video equipment, but for a one time use, I can’t find anything really cheap that needs some type of work. I won’t be able to make it so GOOD LUCK! Bill

  30. above. that was won’t need some type of work. Not to say I won’t keep trying. I have been trying since the show ended last year, just to get a good jump on it all.

  31. I have submitted application 7 times. It is my passion to be on BB. Any suggestions to help spruce up my video so as to catch the eye of a producer. I’m a 46year old grandma mom of 4 recently divorced after 20 years my ex found his soulmate on line…go figure. So i’m foot loose and ready to go. No agent but come on should that be allowed, it’s reality, right?

  32. I sent my application back in September, right after BB10 finished. This waiting to hear is killing me. I hope they pick me, but if not I’ll tune in to BB11 just the same. (other Bill) do whatever you can to make that video. It ‘ll be cool to have 2 Bills on the show! LOL, Buddy.

  33. I applied for BB10 and never heard anything. I thought my video was pretty good, very creative and funny, got lots of compliments by friends and co-workers etc…I wonder if I could send the same one again for BB11. I mailed all of my stuff really late like a couple days before the deadline. I know it got there on time but maybe they had chosen already. Any thoughts on that?

  34. Hey Natalie, I do not think BB11 had a deadline but maybe they do now. You should send the same video again unless you mentioned in your video BB10 then you should keep sending it. There are people that keep sending applications over and over until they pick you. I know they look for differnt things to put on their show. Also if your application was interesting to them. Of course they are looking for excitement. I wish you luck. I also submitted a video for BB11. I am hoping they contact me. I feel in life you should do something fun and adventurous once.

  35. Hi New Bill, I hope you are chosen too. I would love to be on the show my friends thinks I am crazy but I told them yes, I am crazy. What the heck!!! You only live once.

  36. They need to get on the ball and get BB 11 on the air already. Why does it take so long to get going when other reality shows are only a few months apart. I need my BB fix.

  37. if you are not marketable then you would be wasting your time. this is cbs. if you have cottage cheese thighs, dont bother,. if you have bad breath dont bother, if your back has more hair than your head, please, dont bother. if your hair is greesy, dont bother, if you dont have good credit, or have ever been arrested, dont bother. if you think that your not the prettiest person within a 5 mile radius of your home, do not bother,. and last but not least, if you might be a redneck,. for the millions of people at home sake, please dont bother!

    dont bother my big brother!!!!

  38. i think they should make a big brother for teens! that would be so awesome…i am dying to go on big brother but cant cause im too young.

  39. I think they should allow Canadians to be on the show!! Or do a Canadian Version of Big Brother! I have watched every single Big Brother Episode, and I absolutely love the show. I would love to apply to be on it but i cant because I am a Canadian!! Common….

  40. i really wanted to try out for the show. but unfortunately i’m under the age of 21. im so bummed. :/

  41. friends told me i should send the application anyway, but i’m not sure they’d even consider someone that isn’t 21. any advice?

  42. Well I herd that casting for BB11 will be done in March well I hope I get pick. Good Luck everybody. I love to be on the show to be adventurous at least one time in my life.

  43. Buddy. never thought of two Bills. Ya that would be interesting. Maybe even confusing to some of the tv audiance, but that will make things more interesting. Thanks for the best wishes.
    Eric. What is wrong with being a red neck?
    Only a red neck would call the show My Big Brother.

  44. Hey everyone. I am a HUGE Big Brother fan, I’ve watched it from the beginning and haven’t missed a single episode or season. I have always wanted to go on the show, but I am still too young. I turn 18 next week, so I still have a ways to go. I don’t know if I could make it in the competitions though. I am plus size as well, and not athletic. But I know there is the mental challenges too. I just think it would be fun to meet and bond with all these different people. But I love watching the show it is the best. Good luck to everyone on here, since I can’t apply yet. :P Oh and btw, I agree they should make a teen big brother. Just once. It would be interesting.

  45. Hey everyone, I am a monster fan of Big Brother and my only complaint, and it is a big one, is that I can’t apply because I am a canadian. I think that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I will take a million bucks canadian. I am not picky. I will even take the equivelant of a million bucks canadian in american. I just think it isn’t fair. We don’t have canadian reality shows (not any good ones any. Canada’s next top model and canadian idol suck……hard.) I think they should start allowing canadians with the proper identification and proper papers to come over. Or make a Canadian big brother. That would be amazing and it would do just as well as in the states. Just because we are canadians osen’t make us any different, we still love shows like this one.

  46. Hi Everybody, I so excited that Big Brother 11 is casting March 28, 2009 I hope I see some of you there. Well at least me I feel I can make it in competition mental or physical. I do not have the perfect 10 body but, I think I will have fun with different people on the cast. I feel in reality philosophy the totality of real things in the world, independent of people’s knowledge or perception of them. Well even I not a number 10 body I still tried out. Good luck to everyone who knows who will be pick.

  47. @Joyce: That’s true. Danielle was 20 when she entered the house and is believed to be the only contestant who has been able to get BB to break that rule. Remember, they really wanted Evel Dick on the show and this was the only way to do it.

  48. Couldn’t help but see all the “Bills” here.Maybe the next one could be “the Bill show”I, too, am antsy to see if I’m contacted. I, too, applied right after BB10 ended.I’m retired and would love nothing better than to show these smart-asses how to win this by being nice. I’m the “anti-Dick”.

  49. i can’t seem to find the site for application and eligability. casting in my area is next week. help please

  50. I just done the casting in N.C on saturday it was awsome now just waiting on phone call

  51. @Charles: If you scroll up and click the links for the application and eligibility rules then you’ll have all the details you need.

  52. Well, I did not hear for them yet I sent in another tape well just waiting by the phone.

  53. Did anybody get call yet? or just watching infomercials that is funny and interstiong at the same time. Enjoy the post

  54. Bart, Well does your friend like Big Brother?
    What is happening nobody is answering questions.

  55. Has anyone gotten an interview call for New York City yet? Any interview calls at for any city at all?

  56. I have not heard anything from BB so I am assuming I was not picked. I missed the casting call they had in Tampa and was going to go to Las Vegas for their casting call but did not make it. All I can say I hope someone from here was chosen. Good Luck.

  57. good luck to everybody who make the show.
    i also missed the casting call for the show
    there was a one day, i think it was 3, maybe
    4 hour time slot to go to.
    this must really cut down on the number of
    people who show up. i also didn’t have any
    video equipment to make a tape untill the last minute, (that is the last day of applications
    being excepted). I made one anyway and sent it in. i didn’t even review the tape to see how
    crappy it came out. i just rushed it. i had
    planned out what i wanted to say months before
    but being in a rush forgot. boy i’ll tell you
    that it really craps, i mean really, with a capital C. any way i forgot it had to be a vhs
    and it was sent in on a 8mm, so i am sure i’m
    out of the ball game. but once again good everybody. and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!

  58. Bill, you are not the only one who did not make casting. I could not go I had to go out of town. I sent in my tape so who knows. I think they should use both vhs and dvd. Well I just waiting unless they already pick the people from casting. So good luck everybodyand if I do get pick I will HAVE FUN (LOL)

  59. I had the VHS problem, too. My application was done for weeks and I made an 8mm tape but couldn’t figure out how to transfer it to VHS (tried for HOURS!). My son couldn’t help me out, either . . . I must be a DINOSAUR even as “young” as I am! I’m hoping to find someone (or some place) that can do it for me next time! Unless, of course, CBS gives us a better option. LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!

  60. I was wondering the same thing about Kradel post. So did any Bills get called yet?

  61. By now you guys have probably noticed that casting is over and the successful applicants have been notified. I ain’t one of ’em. I’ll still watch the show and have some fun by trying to figure how I would’ve played the game! (who I would have aligned with, etc.) I hope there is somebody named BILL on the show! Have fun in whatever you do.

  62. I don’t care if the cast has been selected and notified….I did not hear a fat lady sing yet!! I’m still waiting for a call; I’ve come too far and gone through too much to just say “Oh, Well” if anyone with the show is reading this: YOU BLEW IT. You could have had this guy who has come back from a heart attack, come back from a stroke, and who could have show everyone what it takes to be a fighter and kick ass. I could have been an inspiration to thousands of people and had the audience buzzing about “that BILL guy from Pennsylvania who is kicking the younger ones’ butts in the competitions. My family thinks you’re nuts because I’m the type of guy that everyone pulls for because I’m the guy next door who would do anything for you, not to you. I would have had a large segment of the population rooting for me to win the game only because I deserved to. I’m healthy as a horse, funny, witty and charming. And that’s my weak points. I won’t lie down just because some bozo in casting couldn’t see the unique possibility of me. I’ve been married for 36 years. If you can put up with a woman for that long, you can certinly last 3 months with other people. In fact, my wife is my biggest fan. She’s more disappointed than I am about my not being selected. BB11: YOU BLEW IT !!!

  63. Bill, The fat lady is singing to you (la la la ) If you did not get called they did not like a funny, witty and charming person. Well who blew it you I guess did not have what it takes maybe your wife should try out. I married for 31 years so Big Brother should pick both of us one talking about a wife and the other talk about husbands (LOL)

  64. Mealer, we must have been separated at birth!
    Jeannette, will you stop singing please? And after all these years, my wife is still the prettiest girl in the room! Maybe I don’t have what it takes if they are looking for nasty people but Homey Don’t Play That. Let’s hear from you other guys out there – don’t be shy! I love BB comments!

  65. Well we will find out in July what kind of people Big Brother picks. So Big Brother fans enjoy the show. Here what Eric said “if you are not marketable then you would be wasting your time. this is cbs. if you have cottage cheese thighs, dont bother,. if you have bad breath dont bother, if your back has more hair than your head, please, dont bother. if your hair is greesy, dont bother, if you dont have good credit, or have ever been arrested, dont bother. if you think that your not the prettiest person within a 5 mile radius of your home, do not bother,. and last but not least, if you might be a redneck,. for the millions of people at home sake, please dont bother!”

  66. Pattillo, What to you mean that you are not sure you agree? What are you writing about?

  67. So everybody what do you think of the new housegues? I know why I was not pick I not a number 10 (LOL) I guess reality is having a perfect body and having tattoos.

  68. I looked into what you talked about in this article and I had to convince myself that you were wrong. I looked up the info and it seems you are 100% correct in your statements. Because of this, I have subscribed myself to your RSS feed. Keep up the great work here.

  69. So Big Brother fans what do you think of the houseguess? Geeks, Brains, Athletic Personality

    What about house guest comming back?

  70. @Jeannette: I cannot believe the people that is on there at this moment. I have to watch some more to see who I will like right now I can tell you I do not like Chima. I am an african american young lady who actually tried out for BB and unfortunately I did not get picked instead they choose her. Her laugh is annoying and she is ugly. Sorry I had to say that. I think I will end up liking Kevin, Lydia, Braden & Jeff if they play their cards right. I am so upset that Jesse is back in the house. I CANNOT STAND HIM AND WANTED HIM OUT SO BAD LAST SEASON NOW HE IS BACK TO IGNORE THE SHIT OUT ME. Sorry to those who are Jesse fans. I cannot stand a guy who thinks he is all that and life revolves around him. He is going to be hated really quick in this house. He better not win this season. Okay… I think I said enough. I would like to know what everyone else thinks of the new houseguests.

  71. Nikki: I do not like Chima laugh it is annoying and she did have a lot of makeup.Jessie like himself and just finding out ways to win a game and he just went to far. I do think he will last but I think he will try to lie and he will not tell the other people. There is a lot comments on Big Brother

  72. hi i want to apply for big brother 11 but is it in the uk coz i wont be able to afford the travelling expences if its like LA as im in scotland but really really want to go on

  73. Big Brother do you have a requiment for weight ,heightbecause I have not seen any people who are over weight please let me know because i want to try bb12

    thank you

  74. What do we expect in Big Brother 12 ME is there casting dates for 12 yet I think it is March

    Is CBS just using our vidios to pick houseguest?

  75. Omg i love BB! I’m only 18 but i want to be on BB so bad! lol i just know i will be great on the show! But i have to wait until im 21 ugh.

  76. whats crackin folks is this how you apply for BIG BROTHER??? hahaha i hope it is r im gunna look a complete eejit haha sign me up i will make d show :) and use no it byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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