America’s Have-Nots Vote: BBOTT Week 3 – Update: Results Revealed

America’s Vote is over for this week’s Have-Nots on Big Brother Over The Top with the latest decision of the season for a few spots to fill with a week of life on Slop and uncomfortable looking beds in the newly redesigned Have-Not room.

America's Have-Nots Vote on BBOTT

Each week this season of Big Brother we’ll be voting for many different things including Have-Nots starting on Fridays at 2PM PT and that decision will send three of the Houseguests straight to the BBOTT’s haunted house themed room and even a message to the entire house on where viewers are ranking some of the HGs that week. Ready to find out who will take on the punishment next?

Last week Monte, Scott, and Whitney were voted in as the Have-Nots. Well Monte is gone and Scott is HoH but Morgan is about to finish up her run as a HN so she can not be voted in to the Slop duty for a second straight week. You’ll have to pick three of the other remaining Houseguests. Who is it going to be? After your official votes with CBS you should vote in our poll below and share your thoughts for the picks you made

Update: Results have been announced for this week’s Have-Not punishment. The three HGs eating Slop this week are Danielle, Shelby, & Alex.

Go here to vote in the America’s Have-Not Vote and use up your 20 votes each day. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer. Then be sure to vote in our poll below for your 3 HN picks.


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  1. Jason is so sure he has America buffaloed to do what ever he wants, let’s show him were not suckers!

  2. Women should be the most offended by Jason, with his use of the C-word, and many other demeaning comments towards women.

    • I know. I would have said something. Last season Paul using that word was a big deal to fans of the show. I’m not sure if Jason called any of the girls in the house that word though.

    • Shane called the girls the *C* word just yesterday. Already didn’t like him and that just placed him further down.

  3. Ball-Smashers Fans: We need to unite an put our votes on JASON, Kryssie,, and Danielle! Shelby by no means deserves to be a Have-Not!

  4. My first twenty votes went to Danielle, Shelby and Jason. Second twenty will be going to Danielle, Shelby and Shane! Gotta weaken Shane before veto comp! The other two I just want some drama to erupt! LOL

    • I just wanted to separate Shane and Danielle that’s why I didn’t vote for Shane. I’d rather Danielle go this week so we can see Shane actually maybe play the game?

      • Is this a dream come true or not? I really did not want Alex on it, though. But Danielle and Shelby? Most satisfying for me! :-)

      • Yes!! Wasn’t thrilled my girl Alex got it but like she said it wouldn’t be the big brother experience without being a have not. Danielle started it last night by stealing all the good blankets and even though I started out strongly disliking Shelby, she’s dailed it back and I was so rooting her on for taking the big have not bed last night!!

  5. There is something i don’t understand about this season. Maybe some of the more knowlageble vets here can clue me in? None of the HG s seem to know who won season 18. But why? I get they were all quaraintined before that season ended but what benefit can production possibly have by them not knowing? I can’t think of any. Who helps me out?

    • They weren’t told who won. Probably just to keep them guessing, and speculating. They were in sequester. If they last long enough, they won’t know who won the election either.

    • Production doesn’t give you any info. Doesn’t matter that it’s BB related, sports news, election results, etc. They’ll notify you of deaths in the family, emergencies, and a few others, but that’s it. There’s just no need to share BB results.

      • She can be pretty funny, I agree LG. Unfortunately, her general attitude has become much more negative since the first week. Not my least fav, but she’s was one of my biggest favorites at the beginning.

        Guess I was also hoping for a lot better gameplay from her too. Production sold her as this smart, sneaky lawyer type. She’s not stupid but I’m not seeing a great strategist either.

      • I wonder if it’s an act. Because when she’s talking game with the other girls she sounds very strategic. She just has a different personality. Kind of a dry sense of humor.

      • Yeah, Shelby is pretty observant. Alex and Scott were discussing that earlier today too.

        I thought it might be an act, been waiting for this big strategic revelation in her Live DRs…but nothing.

      • I think it is torture to not let them nap since they stay up all night. Michelle napped all day and they never told her anything.

      • With the show being the 24/7 feeds itself, measures have been made to make sure these peeps keep themselves occupied throughout the day.

        And no one is stopping housemates from heading for the sheets at 10pm or otherwise so it’s on them.

      • True, and it’s no reason for them to nap, paying subscribers don’t want to see a sleeping houz all day and night!

  6. Does anyone know if there is anything scheduled for today?
    I’m not sure when the BB comps and nominations are being held. Lol. Whitney finally was woken up.

  7. The stolen Krackel bar stash is cracking me up!

    While vacuuming, Jason released the Krackel stash had been stolen from under the YR couch. He told the rest of the Jamboree and they all got riled up about it. The search for them soon started with some concluding that Shelby had them in her golf bag (which she had for awhile). Justin provided all kinda entertainment during the search and Neely finally found the stolen Krackel stash in one of Morgan’s TR drawers. The Jamboree celebrated the find with a round of funny dancing.

    Now they’ve hid them under Shelby’s own bed!

      • Production has been providing the HGs with a new bag of mixed mini candy bars each week. Shelby’s favorite is the Krackel bar…she’s kinda obsessed with them.

        When her and Jason had their falling out, Jason began removing all the mini Krackel bars from the bags as soon as a new bag arrived in the storage room. The Krackel stash has grown considerably since. The Jamboree had been hiding the stash under the YR couch. Shelby has noticed that the bags no longer had Krackel bars in them and theorized that they’ve been taking them out and hiding them from her.

        Whitney noticed Jason carrying the stash through the kitchen a few days ago and brought it up to the Plastics when Shelby started talking about missing Krackle bars. They searched the BR and YR and found them under the couch and got all excited! Shelby has been enjoying them since.

        Shouldn’t take her long to realized they’ve gone missing again?

      • No, it’s not. It’s just plain mean. The four and five year old kids I babysit for know better than that.

      • If “living a little” means blurring the line between right and wrong, then no thanks. I’ve been bullied enough in my life that I hate to see it happen to anyone else. NO ONE deserves it, under any circumstances.

      • I think you need to watch all of this on the feeds. This isn’t bullying by any means…I’d be the first to admit if it was. They’ve all laughed about it repeatedly.

      • I’ll definitely be going back to miss the couple of segments that I missed, but I watch it and I don’t laugh. I just get flashbacks to middle school.

      • Now Jason and Shane rubbing their armpits on Shelby’s pillow…that’s bad. There’s no reason for things to get to that level.

      • Exactly. These Misfits are just mean, mean, mean!

        Wow, that was an old Days of Our Lives reference. Sorry ’bout that.

      • It’s because they’re disgusting and what does America do? Keep rewarding their disgusting behavior. I hope Jason, Krissie and Danielle are the have nots this week.

      • I totally agree. I work for a high school and I unfortunately see this kind of behavior their everyday. Completely uncalled for.

      • It started out really nasty by Jason. He wasn’t playing a game then. He was being really mean about it. Now it’s kind of funny.

      • It is now but it didn’t start out that way. Jason was nasty and vile about it now it’s more of a joke.

      • IMO, there’s an extent on how nasty and vile a person can be when hiding candy bars. Not saying he has shown these qualities, he has, but not from the Krackel wars.

      • I didn’t like the way he was saying I’m taking all that bitches krackles and eff her and a few other not so nice words. That’s what I thought was wrong. Now it seems like they’re making it more a joke. Which I think is funny.

      • They are all laughing about it in their live DR’s. It’s entertaining for them and us viewers, because when each side finds the krackle stash it is hilarious and no side gets upset but makes it fun for the next group to find.

    • Of course that’s just childish and mean. They need to be taking down a couple of pegs. And Neely is a disappointment thought she was better then that.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those SHELBY’S to begin with??? Danielle and crew hid them from her last week.

  8. Badaboom! Just voted for Danielle, Jason and Kryssie. Really can’t stand that side of the house. Few mins ago for example they were laughing about a fart Danielle let out like a bunch o freakin children. Unbelievable. What’s up with the not-gonna-work dance? How you doin.

  9. I wish Scott wold let America put Danielle up.
    I am watching the DR sessions I missed and Scott is an idiot. He spent most of the time defending Monte.

    • I think with this POV change he’s going to put up someone different so that way they might not be able to play for POV. Then he can backdoor Shane or Danielle or both. So we might still have a chance to vote for her.

  10. Shane and Jason just rubbed their armpits onto Shelby’s pillow and jacket. Krackel bars I can take it as a joke… but THIS is not what I can defend…

    It breaks me to see that Shelby is going to become a have-not tomorrow. If I had any say over this I would make Jason the third have-not, just to send a wake up call that there are people in America that dislike pettiness

    • Couldn’t agree more Brys. That behavior is disgusting…kinda shocked that production didn’t get involved with that.

    • Vote again for Jason after midnight. I voted Jason, Krissie and Danielle. I think a lot of people are seeing Jason’s true colors and are voting for him.

  11. So, did anyone notice the technical mistake with the recap tonight? BB forgot to add the narrator voice, lol!

    • I’m wondering if they’ve dropped him for the recaps…not enough All Access revenue to justify him anymore?

  12. Jason ,Shane and Danielle should be nominated for Have Nots .They’re behavior is discussing and shouldn’t be rewarded .

  13. I voted Danielle, Krissie and Jason. They’re not only the mean night crew but are very cocky and need to see just how America feels about them.

  14. It’s amazing how so many viewers can overlook or think it’s funny when the night crew do or say mean things. If they’re not going to eat something they need to leave it alone for someone that does want it. And then their rubbing their armpits all over her pillow. Big brother needs to step in at some point. This isn’t a game about bullying. Vote Jason ,Danielle and Shane

    • I completely agree!! I really do not see the appeal of Jason and his crew. Jason and Shane are constantly calling the girls sluts, hoes, trash, and cunts… but everyone is hating on Morgan and Shelby for being “fake”. I don’t get it. The BY crew has no class and are seriously immature. I do not care how much you dislike someone, is it really not necessary to trash their personal belongings? Jason, Shane and Danielle need to go.

  15. Darn it, Morgan. Stop talking about people who haven’t signed releases! I love you, girl, but every time you say someone’s name, it shuts the feeds down.

  16. At this point, seeing what Shelby has been through tonight, I just hope that she’s not going to take up that third position as have-not tomorrow. Perhaps it’s not going to be Jason, but I just hope it’s ANYONE but Shelby…

      • Sigh… at least I will find solace in the fact that no matter what happens a PETTY Jamboree is gonna leave this week. Twitter is endorsing a nominating Morgan movement and I am crossing my fingers that this doesn’t happen

      • Yeah, I don’t know who the viewers will nom this week. If I had to guess I’d go with Danielle.

        Seems like even some of the Jason/Jamboree fans on twitter are turning on her.

      • While I don’t agree with the idea of Morgan being the third nominee… no need to decide too soon. Voting opens on Sunday, maybe the pro Misfits ppl are going to decide upon sth different by then…

        PS: What have I done to poor Morgan!

      • Why? You don’t like the nice people? And besides there’s finally a girls alliance that is working. Everyone always says every season why are the girls so stupid. Why don’t they work together. And now we finally have that. And it works because they’re all really nice and not catty.

      • I had to stop and think for a minute. I’m off my game lately I’m letting too many go over my head.

      • Ok LG, Who do you want me to vote? I’ll do it for you this time….Justine is out of the question. ok? lol

      • Haha I like Justin too. Sometimes I don’t like what he says but he can be funny. I think he’s calmed down a little. So I get to pick? Okay vote Krissie, Danielle and Jason.

      • omg!..All the misfits? haha. Backyard is gonna be boring. Compromise…I’m giving you Danielle and Krissie, but not Jason…Do you ever listen to the plastics conversation?..DEAD! lol

      • Yes. It’s a lot of game talk and strategizing which I like. That group of misfits talk crap most of the time. And when it gets really disgusting I have to change cameras. Ok so you’re giving me Krissie and Danielle I’m happy with that. Who’s your third? You can pick mine next week. Deal?

      • I’m going to Canada tomorrow. Too bad Captain lives so far up I could drop in for a visit.

      • I’m 15 minutes from the bridge. I live in a suburb of Detroit. My daughter-in-law is from there. So I’m going over with my son and her for a family function.

      • Good luck on your trip… if you’re driving to Canada from Detroit I assume you guys are going to be somewhere in the province of Ontario. Have fun!

      • I don’t see it as a girls alliance. It would be nice if all of the girls from both sides got together, but the girls are aligned with Scott and Monte was also part of their crew, so is still not all girls. Alex was the only one who won and with Monte it was a waste.

      • lol. It would be nice if they did crush all the balls with the exception of Danielle of course.

      • Why is there so much hate for Morgan? Also I have liked Shelby from the begining! There are times she comes on too strong but I find her to be oddly endearing at times too. Jason and Danielle are just nasty people. How do his fans justify his behavior? His personality is the worst!

      • I agree. I don’t know what Morgan’s done either. She’s pretty quiet and I really felt bad for her now that she’s the only one on slop especially last night when everyone was called to eat dinner and she was left all alone. And Shelby cracks me up.

      • i just don’t understand how anyone with sound judgement and good morals could support Jason given his behavior and the vile things that come out of his mouth. I really want these Jason fans to explain their reasoning for loving him and hating the girls!!! ?

      • I know! Come to think of it now, the only time I ever felt bad for him was when he was backdoored by Vanessa last year. Other times, he was just straight up unbearable!

      • Jason is also very annoying . And very fowl mouthed. He’s called her a lot of nasty things. People crucified Monte for stuff he said, but yet it’s ok for Jason ?

  17. Come on people, are you really going to let that little weasel Jason boss you around, and tell you what to do? Because that’s pretty pathetic!

  18. Really, Shane? Really? You have no idea why you and Danielle are a threat? Are you two really that self-absorbed. Oh, wait, yes, you are. Well. Never mind, then.

  19. How does Scott not think like that. He is aligned with Alex why would he put her up.
    Shane is an idiot and he is useless in this game. Not entertaining or interesting.

  20. I am in Canada so I can’t vote. But I am begging all my fellow plastic fans in the States to PLEASE make sure that this ONE eviction goes the plastics’ way!

  21. Kryssie thinks America likes her. I’m voting for Shelby, but hopefully it will be Kryssie, Shelby or Danielle if Scott doesn’t put her up. Jason losing one of his crew won’t hurt his game.

    • If you are a Jason fan…

      The good news is that if Shelby is on the block on Wednesday, she’s probably gone…

      • I just want Danielle to go. She is tainting Jason’s side of the house. I want the HGs to all scramble and make new alliances.

      • I’m just hoping, Jason, Justin and Alex make it to the end. Everyone else is so annoying.

      • I still don’t have a #1 favorite…enjoy HGs from both sides of the house. It’s normally not like this for me, kinda nice.

        I do hope that Justin makes it deep into the game though.

  22. Once Alex’s HOH went sour she should have tried to aligned with a couple from the other side of the house.
    I feel like Mickey just typing one comment over another.

    • Yeah instead she broke her trust with Kryssie, which everyone in the Jamboree now knows about.

      Alex is a strong player, but her social game is very weak. But that’s expected for an introvert.

  23. HUH???? Alex was fourth from the top here and fifth from the top on Joker’s. Kryssie was number 2 on BOTH polls. How the heck did that happen???

    • Yea this was shocking I didn’t see it coming in all polls kryssise was second and now she’s not a have not this vote is looking really suspect on big brothers part

    • Your basis are two Polls?..Do you have twitter account? If you don’t, then I understand where you’re coming from. lol

      • For me I was holding out hope that the twitter folks didn’t have this much power, but I guess they do if their unprovoked crusade against Alex was this successful.

      • What a waste. It’s so much more fun when the sides have to battle back and forth IMO. Oh well. Once the Ball Smashers are gone and America doesn’t have any more good players to nominate, things will get interesting again since the Jamboree will have to turn on eachother,

      • I’ll probably cancel my feeds at that point, should the Misfits be the only one’s left in the game. I’m not invested in any of them, so there’ll be no point in me continuing to pay to watch mean-spirited HGs win this game.

      • Not even Justin? He’s super fun to watch and surprisingly good at the game for someone who knew nothing about it coming in.

      • I like Justin and right now he is playing smart and trying to have a good relationship with the girls and Scott.
        It would have been fun to watch him while he was on slop. His time will come.

      • Justin is amazing in the game. You see how he talks to people? He’s able to get info, at the same time very non-committal…not to mention, likable, entertaining, and can cook, while singing. lol

      • I kind of agree. The only reason why I wouldn’t cancel them is because I want to see what happens.

      • Don’t give up yet guys. Good chance that Danielle gets nom’d by the viewers this week…and there’s that POV too!

        I’m loving the strongly divided house and fanbase!

      • I’m a fan of the divided house too, but it will be very dull if things are too one sided.

      • Misfits will crack soon..It’s still fun for me, I can’t complain, but that’s when the really fun starts.

      • I agree, I’m looking forward to watching them turn on each other, and Justin will probably be enough to carry me through until then.

      • It will be less exciting, I agree. Dull, not sure.

        Most seasons end up with a small minority getting picked off…middle of the season often gets a bit dull but then the late season fun begins.

      • I don’t think it matters much. Right now most of the players are on one side of the house, so eventually everyone will have to play for themselves even if the other side is completely eliminated. I don’t think most of America are fans of Jason and Alex only. There has to be some people who like the others as well, so it will be fun to watch when there are a few less people in the house.

      • Good point. Last season I was one of the “might as well give Paulie the check this season is ruined” people before his game blew up and things got good.

      • I agree Pelican…last season had some serious issues, but it was also very entertaining at times. So goes BB.

      • Dan, did you see Justin show up in the balcony? Camera was just focused on him, that they gave him full show. Talk, shout out, sing, do whatever you want..He was hysterical..He’s actually doing it for the viewers, and obviously Production is loving it.

      • I missed it Cyril! Do you have any idea when this was?

        Oh, did y’all catch the feeds last night after the booze delivery?? The whole house gathered around the high-top table and had a great time…singing, dancing. It was Wheat-knees birthday and she was so cute and hilarious!

        Justin came up with a B-day song on the spot and everyone got in on the fun! Gotta see it if you missed it…started about 9:20BBT

      • I like the divide but I’m sick of America screwing with the HOH’s. They need to take some of America’s power away.

      • I hear you LG. If I had my way the viewers would have near zero say…let em pick Have-Not food. Knock yourself out.

      • I think most of America is on Jason’s side of the house and if one of them would wins the HOH it will not be ruined. It is just unfortunate coincidence that The girls side has won the 3 HOH and America wants them gone instead. Hopefully Danielle will go this week so it may work out for Scott. He wants Shane out though.

      • I think it will be Danielle. She doesn’t have many fans. If it’s not I’m done voting.

      • I think Scott voiced it to America, he prefers Danielle not to be the nom…for what reason..I’m not sure?

      • He was talking about the different veto choices. That’s why he’s changing his nominations. He wants to backdoor Shane and Danielle if he picks the double veto. But he may only have to backdoor Shane if we vote for Danielle.

      • I have one, but I hardly use it. Same for Facebook. Teachers have to be really careful with things like that. The school boards look at everything.

      • Not use it..but just read.That’s only if you’re interested on Polls/trends, so you’re not surprised. lol

      • I’ve looked at 3 BB sites and Alex was not ever in the top 3. She also is 1 or 2 in the popularity polls on those sites. I don’t have Twitter but these other polls are usually pretty accurate as to what will happen. I wasn’t sure about Shelby and thought she could possibly be a have not but I would of bet on Krissie being one.

      • Had to of been. Oh well maybe next week Krissie will be one. I hope they don’t nominate Morgan and Scott again. America is giving the mean night crew awful big heads. They need to be knocked down to size.

    • I don’t understand either. And on the popularity poll she was 1st here and on Jokers. WTH America. I thought for sure it would be Krissie.

  24. Oh geez i just heard Shane say he is going to sleep in the have-nots room so he can be with Danielle. I really can’t stand either of them. I hope they get split up this week with one of them walking out the door. Preferably Danielle.

  25. Yay, two of the three I voted for are HNs. Should prove to be drama-filled days to come! :-)

    • I voted for Danielle and Shelby, not Alex, but I heard last night from other sources, there was a big pushed for Alex….it’s

      • Actually I think it was Danielle’s fans who are to blame for this one. I could be wrong though.

      • To be honest, the fans are not enjoying the Plastics that much. They’re “nice” but not enough to cheer them on. (they’re dull) The entertainment factor. With the fans interaction this season, it’s more visual. You’ve got to be interesting. They recognized Alex game play as the best, but they put her on slop. do you explain that?

      • You hit the nail on the head:

        1) It’s visual: people see three attractive young girls and assume they’re shallow and catty even though Alex is a charmingly awkward nerd, Shelby’s a crazy goofball, Morgan’s humble and down-to-earth, and Whitney…yeah, Whitney’s kind of dull. But very smart. But it’s visual: nobody gives a darn about their personalities. They’re pretty girls hanging out together, so that makes them the plastics. On the other side of the house, Justin and Jason and Neely are really the only entertaining or deep ones, unless you love showmances. But Dani Shane and Kryssie all sort of just seem bitter and spiteful (Jason too sort of, but he can still be fun about it) Mostly those three all just complain and pander to America. But they’ve successfully branded themselves as the underdogs even though they aren’t really, and the fans eat that up whether it’s accurate or not. But whatever, you can like whoever you want for whatever reason you want, I just don’t have to like it when you put my favorite’s on slop.

        2) Most of the fans don’t care about gameplay. That’s totally fine, but for me, since I want to go on the show, that’s the primary reason I’m interested. So it’s frustrating when the rest of the fandom never bothers to take that into account, especially in a season where the viewers have so much control.

      • What’s interesting is the fans had viewed the ‘Misfits’ as the villain’ I do too, and somehow accepted and was able to build some fans. lol

      • How are the mean night crew fun to watch? I have to switch cameras all the time because they’re either vulgar or begging America to play the game for them. There’s a permanent indentation in the couch because they don’t move.

  26. Wow, I’m amazed that Alex is on slop instead of Kryssie. I guess all the nitwits on twitter have more power that I thought they did. My hope for this season continues slowly dying with these results…

    • Yes, this “America rules the season” test run is turning out to be a big joke. It probably would’ve been fantastic if there wasn’t a vet in the mix.

      • You’re absolutely right. Without Jason this season would be a lot more fun and fresh. It’s still a breath of fresh air in a lot of ways, but America’s voting is making it frustrating for me.

        However, I think we may have still seen the same results whether Jason was involved or not. The Jamboree have done a good job selling themselves as the underdogs even when they have a lot of control over the house, and they’ve actually gotten people to believe that the Ball Smashers are anything other than the down to earth, good-natured game players that they are. This has a lot to do with Dani, I think, and it’s a smart approach, even if I don’t like it. If you think of America as another player, Dani is doing and saying a lot of the right things to manipulate a lot of the viewers.

        Alex overestimated the feedsters when she thought they would respect her for playing her own game. As a gamer herself, I guess she didn’t realize how only a very very small minority of BB fans actually base any of their opinions on game play rather than arbitrary, inflexible, and often inaccurate judgments of peoples’ personalities.

      • If Jason wouldn’t have been there I think Monte would have taken over the house and most of the players would have been up his behind. Danielle is hated by America so I don’t think she is manipulating them at all. Everything that comes out of her mouth is annoying, but Kryssie is close to Jason and in her DRs always says how he is her F3. I think she is manipulating America to keep her in the game.

      • I think you’re right about Kryssie actually. Honestly, if she really is just using Jason to get votes, good for her. Hope she cuts him at final 5 or something if it comes down to that.

        As for Danielle, even though she’s hated by many, she’s also the rallying point for a lot of the anti-Ball Smashers fans. Most of the bbott tag on twitter is pro-Danielle. So she’s got some sway, actually.

      • Bloc voting from casuals always make things a little hard as far as the public vote is concerned. But considering Danielle is now on slop this week, I think voters finally got the hint that Danielle is not someone we wanna root for.

        Now, all it takes now is confirming Danielle as America’s nominee to send the Misfits into scramble mode.

        Now I think, if ever Shane gets picked to play for POV and wins it so he could use it to save Danielle, Scott should at least have a back-up plan. Certainly, he’ll be the over-all winner here as he’ll still is going to put up another member of the other side as replacement nominee, courtesy of his care package. He may not be able to take out the showmance in case Plan A backfires, at least he could weaken them by having two of their allies up for eviction, removing the other side of any sway in the voting and America’s vote won’t have a strong impact this week as it did last Wednesday.

        The only unsure thing is how Scott will recover in the week after because he can’t depend on the Ball Smashers in the long term.

      • True. I really can’t see America wanting to pick on Alex more than Krissy if Krissy wasn’t Jason’s pet.

      • It would of been okay if we didn’t have so much control. Maybe we could vote to nominate but not evict.

    • Yep from a lot of comments I’ve read people think we have too much control. I think this seasons change up is a bust.

  27. I am shocked that Alex was chosen. I chose Danielle and Shelby, and Whitney. I think Alex doesn’t deserve to be there, but a lot of people are hating her.

  28. I’m liking Shane and Justin hanging with the girls. It could help them in the future.

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