America’s Have-Nots Vote: BBOTT Week 5 – Results Revealed [POLL]

America’s Vote is now open for this week’s Have-Nots on Big Brother Over The Top with the latest decision of the season for a few spots to fill with a week of life on Slop and the trampoline beds in the haunted house themed room.

Update: Results are in for the HNs this week. Justin, Kryssie, & Whitney join the ranks of the Slop-fed.

America's Have-Nots Vote on BBOTT

Each week this season of Big Brother we’ll be voting for many different things including Have-Nots starting on Fridays at 2PM PT and that decision will send three of the Houseguests straight to the BBOTT’s HN room and even a message to the entire house on where viewers are ranking some of the HGs that week. Ready to find out who will take on the punishment next?

Last week sent Neeley, Jason, and Scott to the HN life so that means Jason and Scott aren’t up for Slop this week and Neeley is out of the house. So now you’ll have to pick three other Houseguests to share the love and joy of sleeping in the Haunted House room for the next week.

After your official votes at you should vote in our poll below and share your thoughts for the picks you made

Go here to vote in the America’s Have-Not Vote and use up your 20 votes each day. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer. Then be sure to vote in our poll below for your 3 HN picks.


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  1. I voted Kryssie, Whitney, and Justin since they are the last HG’s that haven’t been one yet.

  2. Giving it to Kryssie, Justin, and Whitney. I do feel bad about Whit and Justin being two of my choices, but I also want it try and keep it fair.

    Plus, I’m so curious to see what Justin can do with slop, being a chef and all.

  3. Kryssie, Whitney and Justin are my picks. I like Justin and Whit. I just think that if they aren’t put up they will be targets.

  4. I voted Krissy and Whitney, because they haven’t had it yet and Shelby, because she asked us to do it. Plus it’ll confuse everybody!

      • Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve already voted for Kryssie, Justin and Whitney, but the next time I will substitute Shelby in for Whitney.

      • I’m waiting to see if what Shelby says in her diary room tonight. If she says vote for her I might switch Whitney and Shelby. I think the LNJ will spin it if it is Justin, Kryssie, Whit, as the 3 people who have never been HN got it and not think too much about Shelby no being one.

      • A few weeks back she said that she wants to be thought of as unpopular with the other HG’s. It’s all part of her master plan to get herself dragged to the end. It’s really a unique strategy.

    • Shelby is smart and knows that the house guests seeing her be a HN all the time sends them the message that she’s not highly favored which is actually good gameplay

  5. Whitney, Shelby and Kryssie.
    Hopefully K will enjoy being dethroned from her high horse.

  6. I want Kryssie, Krustie and the third cousin of Miss Piggy all to be on slop. Oh, wait. They’re all the same person.

  7. I voted Krissy (of course!!), Whitney since she hasn’t done it yet and Alex… I voted Alex simply because being a HN a 2nd time would actually HELP her game in that
    The house guests would think she’s not highly
    Favored by America

      • I voted for Alex, but not totally for the reason you did Nicole. I knew I was giving Kryssie the business this week, but wanted to choose the other two from the Plastics. Shelby’s tears pulled at me yesterday, so she wasn’t an option. And, I just can’t bring myself to throw a HN vote at Whitney yet. She just so nice to everyone?

  8. Krissie, Justin and Whitney. Don’t really want Whitney but she hasn’t been one yet. And Justin is getting a little too cocky. I like him but he’s playing both sides and doesn’t care about winning anything.

    • I didn’t vote Whitney. I was scared that would give her too much alone time with members of LNJ. She’s the one that would flip to their side the easiest IMO. So I voted for Morgan. She could keep her ears open and probably wouldn’t flip

      • In the middle of Shelby’s.

        Kryssie’s was entertaining… she’s still delusional about her “injuries.” And she’s totally anti-Alex.

        What’s more interesting is that everyone’s starting to consider side alliances. Alex, Scott, and Jason want to make their thing work. Shelby, Morgan, and Whit want to make a deal with Danielle.

        It’s officially that point of the season, I guess.

  9. Jason’s quite the flip flopper, lol! One minute he hates Alex and Scott, the next, he wants to work with them. Wish he’d make up his mind.

  10. I voted for Alex, Whitney, and Shelby. I don’t think I’ll hit the ‘Trifecta’ but I wanna be so biased with the way I vote. haha. hey I’m honest….

  11. It’s Week 5, Kryssie, and you’re down to 9 people. Not that early in the game anymore.

    Oh, yes, I almost forgot she got “hurt.” Poor baby. GAG!

  12. I have to say, now that Kryssie, Jason, etc… got their wake-up call, they’re really tolerable and even a little likable. Danielle’s strategy is exactly what I wanted Alex to do when she won the veto: bridge the gap and work with the people you don’t like. I hope it works out for her. I think I’m going for Scott as my choice for America’s nom because I’m finding myself turning off feeds when he’s on them because of his Alex obsession, and I think that even if Scott’s on the block, he won’t necessarily go home, and I want to see how the Ballsmashers deal with their situation.

    • And then Kryssie walked into the DR for her Live DR… and that was the end of that, ha ha!

      • I was annoyed at first, especially the whole “Scott clapped about my injury” nonsense. However, I found her much more watchable after that. And I would be sad to see go up on Halloween, actually, even if she’s still my least favorite.

      • What??? Oh I’m voting for her now just because her favorite holiday is Halloween…smh??

        Seriously though…31yrs old and it’s Halloween?!?! Not…Christmas, New Years, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving…I’d even take Presidents Day or Groundhog Day over figgin Halloween.

      • Halloween is, and ever shall be, my favorite holiday as well. Gotta keep it spooky out there. So I guess I just really feel Kryssie on that level, and have some sympathy.

      • One of my cousins goes all out for Halloween. She’s practically obsessed. Me? I’m a sucker for the glitz and glam of the December holidays (which is Christmas and New Year’s Eve for me).

      • I like those as well Saturn. My favorite is July 4th…love what it stands for and it’s right in the middle of summer, me favorite season?☀️

      • I do really like Christmas too. I love the family aspects of all the winter holidays, and I’m one of those abhorrent people who sing Christmas songs way too early.

    • I would have considered Scott as 3rd nom if Shelby was not being put OTB by Danielle. Scott has more chance of winning Veto than Kryssie does and if he does, it means Shelby might go home!! Not risking it!

      • But Shelby’s got he care package: no matter how she uses it, she can almost certainly make sure Scott or Morgan leaves: Alex wants to keep her, Danielle wants to keep her, and America wants to keep her. Even if Whitney doesn’t vote to keep her, she’s covered.

      • I’m pretty well set with Kryssie going up. I want Shelby to be safe and if Scott goes up and comes down as AM nom..and Shelby is put up by Dani..afraid she would be the one that would get sent home. Kryssie is only choice I see.

      • The veto is what matters at this point. If one of the Misfits win they would take anyone down that AM puts OTB. That is including Scott. They want Shelby or Morgan out!

  13. Danielle’s biggest obstacle is getting the other side of the house to work with her?

    Sorry, I find that funny. Why? Because it’s a two way street. If Danielle really wanted to work with any of them, she could’ve reached out instead of waiting for practically the midway point.

  14. So I guess Danielle’s not allowed to talk about her kid anymore? They go to fish every time she mentions him.

    • Yeah I don’t think he has a release (too young to sign it). That’s why they took her locket with his photo away from her.

    • Heard her say once her son’s father refused to sign the release so she couldn’t get pictures of him or talk about him.

      • Ok, hear me out:

        1) Keep the game from getting too stale

        2) If Danielle wins veto, we get to test her promise to take Scott off, which would be an incredibly interesting move.

        3) We get to see Alex, Shelby, and Whitney make tough choices which means
        _a) We’ll have a better sense of their relative strategic skill
        _b) Potential sibling betrayal which is always a win

        4)Kryssie’s my least favorite HG, but even towards her I’m not cruel enough to nominate her for eviction on Halloween, her favorite holiday.

        Overall, if we nom Kryssie and she stays on the block, the Smashers nominate K, a lot of the work that the HGs are currently doing to scheme, build side deals, and start setting themselves up for endgame probably disappears, and we go back to two sides butting heads, which turns the game into a competition game rather than a social manipulation game. But if we nom Scott, that line will continue to be blurred in potential interesting ways, and I expect the gameplay to be much more satisfying across the house.

        It could still be interesting if Kryssie goes up, but not nearly as much. I just really want to see the girls make some tough decisions and really get into the game.

        In colnclusion, nom Scott.

  15. lol..Justin..well, at least he made it fun. The guy just made a song. “I don’t Wanna be a Have Not’ (country vibe)..HG’s are singing it..Ha!

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