‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Nomination Plans In Week 5

Nominations kick off tonight for Big Brother Over The Top with the latest Safety Ceremony beginning at 7PM PT for the first of the two rounds, but we won’t have to wait until Sunday to know what Danielle is planning.

Danielle Lickey in the BBOTT DR

Once the ACP dropped in the backyard Danielle didn’t have to worry about any more unknowns so it was time to start voicing her goals for at least the first round of nominations. Speaking yesterday with Jason she spelled out what she had been considering and was now going to do.

There’s no safety ACP this week so even though Shelby won the power to knock out three votes she can still go up on the Block and guess what. Yep, it looks like Shelby will be joined by Morgan for the nomination pair. Danielle spoke with Jason Friday at 2:40PM BBT Cams 3/4 and said that’s what she had been thinking of trying to do all week and believed it was her best option for now.

One hitch they addressed was whether or not it was a bad idea to nominate someone America had just sent a CP but Jason advised Danielle not to worry about that and just go ahead with what she wanted to do. Can’t plan every move around the unknowns of America’s votes.

There will be six “safe” HGs this week on BBOTT so we’ll get three tonight and three tomorrow. I’d expect Danielle to go ahead with the LNJ and give safety to Jason, Kryssie, and Justin right off the bat then keep her options open to finalize things for which of the PBS should go up.

Update: Danielle & Shelby had their talk at 1:27 PM BBT today and Danielle let her know that even if she goes up in the first round or as a renom then she’s still not her target and she does not want her going this week.

What would you do if you were Danielle? Will America take her side again for the 3rd nominee or will her noms be outmaneuvered by the viewers’ votes? Share your thoughts.


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  1. Please consider voting Scott as 3rd nom. It is really creepy the way he follows Alex around. He is also very cocky and rude! I think we have helped the BSs enough the last two weeks!!

    • But that means putting up with Kryssie’s whining for another week! I thought the potential alliance talk between Danielle, Scott and Shelby sounded interesting. Don’t get me wrong, Scott IS creepy and there may be a restraining order in his future after BBOTT but I think Kryssie needs to go this week.

      • I’m voting for Kryssie well. I have a hard time listening to her whine but she also seems done with the game. Last night showed that the house could have fun together with the hide and seek and HN ending but Kryssie was a downer and lead her side to leave the BS twice when they could have at least had some fun together. I would like to see what could happen if Kryssie leaves with Scott, Shelby, Dani and how they would maybe cross over and made new deals.

      • Yes krusty needs to go she’s the party popper.I think is going to be a lot better with out her.

      • If Scott is nom’d he won’t go home. And if we want to see the Dani Scott Shelby alliance pan out giving Dani the opportunity to use the veto on Scott (which she will do) would be a gesture that she’s serious about working with them.

      • Except for the part where Kryssie isn’t allowing anyone from her alliance to branch off. She breaks up any and all socializing attempts. It’ll be easier for them to form side alliances once she’s out the door.

      • That’s not exactly true. No one even tells Kryssie about their outside alliance relationships and I’ve never seen her do what you’re suggesting she does.

      • Then go watch the hide n seek game that the HGs started. Kryssie was very quick to bust that up.

      • I’m voting Scott for 3rd nominee because kryssie won’t win next hoh and Scott is stronger then kryssie so Scott could win hoh next week so vote Scott on block this week plz kryssie can go on the block next week because she’s weaker

      • I’m voting Scott. He wont leave. The Plastics want Kryssie out so bad, let them win HOH next week and take her out. Kryssie is literally their (plastics / scott) target. Why are we rewarding them for not winning HOH? We let Scott have his HOH, we ruined Kryssie’s because she’s annoying, but Dani is trying to play BB and form new alliances. Let her have her HOH.

    • Voting for Krissie. I can’t take much more of her bad attitude. I’ll vote Scott next week.

      • Voting Kryssie. I think the rest will be more competive if she’s gone. No more whining. I think Jason has realized that the foul talking has got them in trouble.

      • God you and Gordon are mentally retarded, it won’t matter if you vote Scott next week the plastics will steam roll the misfits. Leaving this show a hollow hole, not even worth watching anymore

      • Nice choice of words. You sound just like the ignorant misfits. I hope those disgusting misfits get steam rolled. All they do is sit on the couch making nasty, vulgar remarks. At least the girls are talking game and playing the game. Don’t watch. Bye

      • your right,and Jason talked about letting the bs get dani and kryssie blood on their hands to justin,Jason wants all the girls gone

    • Nope, voting for Krustie the burping clown to leave, toot sweet. I’ll take Scott over her and Scott is a number for the Plastics.

  2. I would rather put up with Krissie’s whining than Scott’s creepy stalking of Alex!

    • Yea I can’t agree with you more. He creepy and I can’t watch him talk to us on cam no more. Plus I don’t see Krissie winning hoh so we can get her next week

    • You’d be wasting your vote. Even if he’s nominated Danielle and her side would take him down. If you’re a plastic fan might as well nominate Kryssie. If you are a misfit fan you should nominate Whitney since Morgan and Shelby will be nominated. That puts both girls that don’t have care packages on the block.

  3. She won HoH, and now she’s facing this. It’s a narrow path for Danielle’s goal, but I still admire a player that strategize, and she’s doing it….Yes!..I know she’s a bitch. or she can be lol

    • Finally someone that can see past personalities and appreciate a player that wants to make moves based on strategy!!!!

  4. If everyone that is voting for Alex and Jason would put their votes to good use and vote Scott as 3rd Nom we would be able to see some MUCH needed change in that house!!!! Alex or Jason are NOT going anywhere so please consider.

  5. Well kinda dumb for Danielle to tell Shelby she is not her target and is safe cause Danielle should want her to not feel safe so she cancels votes of who she thinks is sending her home so Dani can get her target out, its my understanding that Shelby could choose not to cancel any votes and so by Danielle telling her she is not her target isn’t the smartest move, I think you want Shelby to feel in danger so she chooses to cancel 3 votes to insure her safety so danis target goes home

    • Dani is an idiot. All these people saying she is a smart and strategic player are watching some other show, because Dani isn’t either of those things, she just wants to be the perpetual victim.

  6. Putting Kryssie up is BallSmashers only hope. Dani already said she would take anyone down that AM nominated..even Scott. Said only person she would consider leaving up would be Alex. Do not be fooled by some! Kryssie has to go this week!

  7. I honestly think it’s time to switch things up a bit. It’s time to have a Plastic out the door. I’m sick and tired of the same song and dance over and over again; This side has power, this side is favored by America, America votes somebody from the “evil and satanic side,” America’s side gets even more power, and someone from the “evil and satanic side” goes home. Can we please switch it up and vote Scott for the third nominee? We’re getting closer and closer to the end, people. It’s time for a change of scenery.

  8. It’s time for Kryssie to go. Scott can always go next week, and Kryssie is super annoying and a quitter. This way if Scot goes next week, the ball smashers still have a 1 person edge

    • The plastics is boring I’m voting Scott because Scott can always win hoh next week since he’s stronger then kryssie and why do you like the plastics you only like watching them put their make up on and not talk as much

      I’m voting Scott this week

  9. Everyone is all “Let’s get Kryssie out this week, and Scott next week” If she leaves it will be a clean sweep of Misfits leaving. The Plastics won’t need America if they win HOH. We as voters will no longer matter except for CP and HN. We took Neeley out. Let’s give them a break and put Scott up so it doesn’t become a steamroll. Kryssie can leave next week. Scott won’t go this week, he’ll probably be taken down and Morgan will leave. They have been begging us to put Kryssie up because they want her out. Let them win HOH next week and take her out.

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