America’s Eviction Vote: BBOTT Week 5 Voting Now Open [POLL]

America’s Vote is open again with the conclusion of today’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto Ceremony. Now one of the three nominees will be the next eviction of BBOTT and you can influence the outcome.

America's Eviction Vote on BBOTT

Just like we got to vote for the third nominee there is a new vote now but this one is to decide which of the three final nominees of the week will earn one extra eviction vote against him or her. We don’t get to pick the entire eviction result, but we do get to be involved as one of this week’s votes. Here’s what you need to know.

Voting is open at from now (2PM PT) until Wednesday 1PM PT (4PM ET) so there’s only 23 hours of voting but with the two calendar days there you’ll get 20 votes today (Tuesday) and another 20 votes tomorrow (Wednesday) so don’t wait until tomorrow to start voting.

After the Veto meeting we had Whitney down from the Block and Morgan up in her place sitting next to Scott and Shelby. That’s left the PBS side of the house scrambling to figure out what happened after Alex and Scott were feeling confident about Scott being saved or nothing happening with the Veto. Now with Whitney down they suspect she’s flipped on the other girls and can no longer be trusted.

Scott is already campaigning to Shelby for her ACP power and Alex for her vote to keep him over Morgan, but let’s see how that turns out. He expects America to vote against him so he’d need the other two votes to override our one vote. So it’s time to find out what’s going to happen.

Go here to vote in the America’s Eviction Vote and use up your 20 votes both today and tomorrow. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer.

Once again we’re running our projection poll for you to report how you’d vote in the official CBS voting. Which of the three nominees this week do you think should earn America’s collective vote this week? Vote in our unofficial poll below:


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  1. I’m voting out morgan. Nice girl. Just clueless in the game plus huge advantage having your sister in the house. I’d rather people start on the same playing field and do work in the house.

    • I’m voting out Morgan too. I want to limit plastics from getting care packages so she has to go.

      • Wow. I’m kinda surprised. Weren’t you one of the ones actively trying to get Scott evicted?

      • Their ultimate goal is going for the BallSmashers. The girls! Scott was just so no Misfit would be OTB. Now they want to pretend to do hinky vote. IT is all over twitter today what they were going to do. They want to pretend to throw hinky vote and then fluke it out and Morgan goes home. Not going to work though. Scott will be evicted!

      • Morgan is not going anywhere! Girls are voting Scott so it is just a HINKY vote to make some DRAMA in the house!!! so yes VOTING Morgan!

      • Or 2-1 for Morgan to go if Danielle changes her mind and Whitney votes her way. Starting to see the value in voting now, if we’re dealing with voters who don’t logically think things through.

      • Yup! She really wanted America to put Scott up instead of putting him up herself and then he end up staying similar to what happened last week with Alex’s HoH when she put Kryssie and Danielle on the block when we wanted to put Kryssie or Danielle up there instead of Neeley. She was quite happy we helped her HoH out even though she’ll admit out loud that she didn’t want America controlling her HoH! hahaha

      • No she doesn’t want Scott to stay or she would have pulled him down! She wants Scott to go and said so earlier after Veto meeting!

      • You really thing America will vote Morgan out over Scott? The polls have got Scott at a higher percentage of going home to Morgan. Shelby is second highest.

      • Glad you see what I am talking about Saturn! They are trying to rig voting to get Morgan out. Hinkey vote is a ploy. They have been trying to get out Morgan for weeks.

      • Alex should try and keep her sister in the game without affecting hers. Those girls do whatever she wants anyway so she should just let W know why Scott is the best choice. I do think that if she is as smart as most of her fans think she is, she should get rid of Shelby since Scott and Morgan are on her side.

      • She the most annoying hg , I’d rather listen to Scott kiss alex’s a** all day then listen to Shelby talk or laugh.

      • Me too. She is so funny. And just wait until those disgusting people find out she graduated from law school and took the bar exam before going in the house. I will LMAO. Today Jason, Krissie and Danielle were saying she adds nothing to society and is a loser. Well looks like their the losers.

      • I heard them too. Said she had to have a man to take care of her..because she couldn’t do anything! Yeah right!! lol

      • Why would she get rid of Shelby? Her and Shelby are close. Shelby, Alex and Morgan want to be F3.

      • I agree Scott will go even without America’s vote. So let these people play their games.

      • I can’t stand Scott or most of the plastics. Shelby is the only one I like. Strategically I don’t want anymore plastics getting care packages, so I’m willing to stomach Scott a little longer, lol

  2. I probably won’t vote this round and just let the chips fall where they may.

    I don’t want to vote out Morgan and Shelby (because right now, they’re the only two I see worthy of sitting in the F3 with Alex, though this may change later on down the line). And, as I’ve said, I honestly don’t care if Scott goes or not. He’s a number for Alex and he’s a brilliant player, but his winning the game would just be another Ian-type. And, to be honest, I don’t think my vote will make or break it one way or another, so why bother this week? I’ll wait until next week when hopefully we can swing things back towards the Smashers.

    • You have to vote Scott out! Only way to save Morgan!! Scott is still up and the girls want him to evicted before one of them! Whit still might come back to them. Every vote counts!!!

      • If it looks like Morgan’s in trouble, then of course I’ll pitch in. But right now, all I’m still hearing Scott.

    • Saying your vote doesn’t count here scares me. Makes me wonder about the real elections going on and if people are going to leave the fate of our country on a few?

    • You don’t think Justin has been playing a good game. He does well in comps, even if he doesn’t win and he is friendly with everyone in the house. I think that’s how the game should be played, except he needs to win something and stop hiding.

      • I’d be willing to see him in the F4 at this point, but I don’t want him up for the big award. Least, not right now.

    • Scott, a brilliant player? I find him to be mediocre, but he thinks he’s a brilliant super fan player! LOL

      • Except he’s figured out LNJ’s entire plan this week. And his HOH week was flawless. So far the only HOH to get out their original target.

      • Yeah, the choice of what kind of Veto was in play. Which meant he had a choice to make. He could’ve easily chosen the Diamond power of veto or the Boomerang Veto, but he didn’t. He chose the one that was best for his game and for his alliance.


      • I agree. Scott is a wannabe villain that ends up looking too dorky to be brilliant. He is a good player, but not as the persona he has chosen.

  3. I am so glad. Now is up to these girls and America to vote him out since Jason’s side don’t have the votes.

    • I was not amused when Alex said they’re getting picked off one by one. I was like, but wasn’t that what you were trying to do to the LNJ? They didn’t put up anyone OTB from their side either last week. We were the ones that actually helped them out too by voting Neeley out.

      • I see both sides have lost players and now is time for Alex’s alliance to be broken up. I am sick of these big alliances, I want at least two people to stick together and mean it. I doubt Jason and Kryssie will stick together. Hopefully Jason and Justin.

      • Yep Jason and Justin, Kryssie and Danielle. Danielle hopes to be paired with Whitney eventually. They’ll see Shelby or Kryssie going next. I do see Alex and Jason in the Final4…just not sure of who the other two will be with them.

      • I like Jason from the beginning so want him to go to the end, but I definitely wish for Justin to win the prize. Alex may not make it if she doesn’t start to talk game with others.

      • She’s pretty clear that she doesn’t want to work with anyone on the LNJ. Whitney is already separating from the BSers.

      • I think Alex’s only chance now is to win the next HOH and hopefully Jason gets the package. She has been saying that she throws the games, but I doubt is true. If Whitney leaves her crew and Scott(hopefully) is gone, then that only leaves her with Shelby and Morgan against the rest of the house.

      • Can’t stand Jason and I will vomit if that disgusting filthy person makes it to the end.

      • Sorry. He just gets to me. But I will say since America put up and voted Neely out, made him a have not and gave the care package to Shelby I think he realizes his behavior along with the others is why America doesn’t like them. He has been a little better lately.

      • You mean he WAS better. His attitude since Scott went up on the block has reverted right back to what it was.

      • Really? I haven’t been able to watch the feeds a lot since Scott got nominated. Going to watch them for a few now.


  5. Since Shelby has the vote cancel power, what’s best for her game? Scott has told her she can’t be his #1 because Alex is. And she knows those 2 are tight. Does anyone think she would cancel Alex’s vote? or maybe Whitney instead since they both know they’re the bottom of the alliance?

  6. I’m voting for Morgan for two reasons. One, she will not go home even if she’s America’s nominee because both girls are voting out Scott. And two, the hinky vote, that Alex loves so much, will create trust issues and paranoia between the plastics wondering if one of them voted for Morgan or America. That alone will drive them crazy.

  7. Voting Morgan out, she is slowing Alex down and I would like to see Alex play harder & I don’t care for Alex but I do think she is playing the game well but would be better without Morgan. Morgan is boring and looks to be the hateful jealous sister, seems all she cares about it putting on make up and eating/sleeping. Scott is creepy but he makes the show worth watching and so does Shelby. Jason is good this season, good game player, funny and seems to pull the house together. Justin may be in the final if they don’t watch out. He cracks me up too!

    • Alex is slowing herself down. She is more of a target than her sister, so Morgan is doing a better job at socializing.

    • In the beginning Alex told Morgan to wear makeup so they wouldn’t look so much alike. At the time they were both wearing caps, hair down, and little makeup.

  8. Wish I could vote for Krissie but guess I’ll have to settle for 2nd best and vote Scott.

  9. Scott is at it again, talking to himself, trying to open the ‘golden door, the gateway to a psych ward…smh..Come on Production, just make it happen for this poor guy…give him the Pandora..geesh! lol

  10. I’m voting for the Morgan hinky vote, voting Scott does nothing, not sure why people think it does, he is going regardless.

  11. Pretty sure W isn’t going to try for this hoh. That would really expose where her loyalty lies which isn’t smart

  12. And we’re starting with Whitney tonight. Heh. I wonder if that was done on purpose?

    EDIT: And… Whitney shoots herself in the foot with the 3rd question. Oi. Some “super fan.”

    EDIT 2: And continues to do so with the 4th question!

      • They didn’t need to, we weren’t involved in their game, other than watching it on feeds and TV. BBOTT is another kind of game where pandering is part of the game, at least the HG’s have made it that way, and each and every one of them have pandered.

      • But the problem is nobody wants people to pander to them or kiss up. Why do you think that certain people got America’s vote? Because they didn’t try too hard to earn something..

  13. I’ve been wanting to hear what Whitney has to say about this crazy week. This girl is not afraid to make a big move, or to be a snake. lol . I’ll give her an “A’ on how to communicate with America. (the voters)…(Plastics) Except for Shelby’s DR,..the rest is gonna be blah..blah..blah

  14. Why is it always the meanest people in the house who accuse the better players of being “brainwashers” and “evil?” Is it denial or what?

  15. Zoned out during Justin’s session again. Seriously, this guy just can’t hold my attention.

    • Noticed he has a tough time with structured conversations…he’d rather just let the thoughts flow.?

  16. Nailed it, Lexi!

    Oh, and here’s a newsflash! Those of you who said you nominated Scott and are evicting Scott for Alex’s sake? Well, guess what? Alex. Doesn’t. Want. Scott. Evicted. Yeah. So, you no longer get to use that as your reasoning anymore. Because by nominating Scott, you went against Alex’s wishes. How’s it feel, lol?

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