‘Big Brother Over The Top’: 10 Takeaways From The Latest Live Diary Rooms

The Big Brother Over The Top Tuesday night Diary Room sessions were mostly just the houseguests begging us to vote either Danielle or Monte out, but they were able to squeeze in a few answers after they were done with all the begging.

Neeley on BBOTT

So let’s take a look at 10 of the most interesting things we noticed during the latest sessions.

10 Take Aways From The Live Diary Rooms Week 2 (Tuesday)

1 Neeley wanted Shane to go home this week. I’m starting with this one because it’s the most surprising. He don’t get to hear this kind of talk when people are around their alliances, so when Neeley said this, I was pretty shocked. She actually wanted him to lose veto and get evicted. Ha. It’s obvious Neeley has some kind of ridiculous thing for Monte and she apparently would not have voted him out over Shane this week. But since her girls Danielle and Kryssie are up this week, she’s going to be forced to vote him out.

2 Not very many of these people know how to say or spell the word volatile. Seriously. It’s not a difficult word but more than half of these HGs got the word wrong. Whitney even thought the word was “violent.”


3 Alex Lies To Us. Alex the superfan should know we hear everything she says. We know she hates America’s involvement and has said she refuses to bow down to us. But she tells us in her diary room that it’s so fun and she loves it. OK, Alex. OK.

4 Danielle is happy that Monte can’t play in the next veto. OK but if he’s around to not play veto then your ass has been evicted girl. What are you talking about?

5 Shane was almost a pro-golfer. After hearing this I could only laugh that he was on the block during a golfing veto competition. Oh Alex, it was probably too early to target this showmance. But we’ll see.


6 Scott knows he’s not good at Big Brother. At least he admits it. He tells us that he knows he blew up his game this week and he says that Alex is way better at the game than he is.

7 Jason is no longer the biggest target. Whitney, Alex and Morgan were all gunning for Jason earlier in the game, but they all mentioned no longer going for him. I find this odd, but I’m sure they’ll go back to targeting him in a couple of weeks.

8 America created a monster. Yes, America, you created a monster when you voted Kryssie to receive that Care Package. For some reason, she doesn’t realize that the CP benefited her in no way and she was only voted to receive it to save Jason. Now she’s super cocky and thinks we’re going to do all of her dirty work for her because we love her. Thanks. Thanks a lot, guys.


9 Justin feels so safe he doesn’t want to win the next HOH. It’s true that only Monte is after Justin at this point, but it seems like it’s not a good idea for anyone to throw anything this season. Be careful there, Justin. Ya dig?

10 These Diary Rooms are too late. Why can’t these be at like 7:30 PM EST. It’s almost 1 AM and I’m sitting here writing this. Sorry for whining, but these hours are absurd.




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  1. Thank you for your assessment, Branden. Right on point.

    Especially that last one. Geez!

  2. Wait a second. Did Monte just proudly state that he only, “judges a book by its cover.”???

    Well there’s your problem my man!

  3. Gotta give Monte credit where credit is due. He went into that DR tonight prepared with well spoken answers.

    And, again, this is the kind of attitude we teachers love to see in our kids. Confident and proud of their accomplishments. So I’m repeating myself when I say… why do we bother? If people are just going to knock all our hard work, we should just tell our students “don’t bother having any self-esteem because people will just see you as egotistical.”

    • Saturn, Saturn…that DR sesh, while great for high school speech class, was terrible here in BB??

      I could hardly watch him grovel and parade for America to vote in his favor. It was obvious pandering. Not that this isn’t common, but he took the pander award tonight???

      • I missed his DR yesterday, so I just watched it today. During the last part of his speech, I thought he was running for President. It was awful. That scattered speech, is not gonna change America’s vote.

      • Thanks for the note in your edit, Dan. As for Monte, what is he supposed to do, roll over and give up? I’d rather these HGs go out fighting, and in a season where America controls the vote, that means pandering to us. Expect to see it more in the weeks to come.

      • The least that he could do is have somebody help him frame his speech to America. He wasn’t believable..Focus on how to be liked by America. I don’t think he did that.

      • Considering that people are, at their very core, stubborn and unyielding in their opinions of HGs year after year, I honestly don’t think anything he said would’ve made any difference. The people who like him continue to like him, the people who hate him continue to vilify him. Everyone’s too set in their ways to consider anything else. In a way, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • Well, if that’s what you think, then he’s toast. I’m just trying to identify the flaws on his speech, which could make a difference. It’s a closed vote..you know. Danielle’s DR was awful and probably lost some voters. I still don’t take DR session, speeches and all…lightly. Even Dan G agrees with me. lol

      • I agree. Danielle’s been losing people all week. And she continued to make the same mistakes in the DR. She needs a wake-up call, stat.

  4. At least Alex is playing the game. I don’t think she’s against America she’s just not going to let us control what she does which I think is good game play. You can’t play the game always wondering what America will do. You have to play your own game. And why wouldn’t she put up Shane and Danielle? That was a smart move trying to break up the couple. And if America lets Alex play her HOH then Danielle will go.

    • I agree with you LG. Alex is playing well and made a big move this week. It’s really unfortunate that the viewer voting is likely to put her at a major disadvantage this season.

      • I hope not. Some of the polls Danielle was leading to vote out and some Monte was. I don’t like Monte but we can get him out next. Not only is Alex playing a good game I really like her as a person. She’s nice and not nasty.

      • If Monte leaves tonight, Alex would do well to at least try to work with Jason. It sure seems that he will be getting a lot of viewer support this fall.

        Might be tough to do though, there’s a lot of bad blood between these two sides already.

  5. Thank you for that recap so I don’t have to waste my time listening to all the pandering, LOL. I too am surprised at Nealy. And what? Alex lies? Lmao. She’s got the HoHitus fever and wants her HOH to matter just like any other 808. I’m sorry guys, but I still think Moronte needs to go now! And I hope she wins HOH!

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