America’s Care Package Vote: BBOTT Week 6 – Update: Results Revealed

America’s Care Package is back up for grabs on Big Brother as with the new power giving its holder half the reign of Head of Household this week as Co-HoH with all the perks Shelby just won now split in two.

America's Care Package vote

We’re in to the fifth round now for the ACP votes which takes leaves us with just five options for who can receive this package. So who do you want to win this major power?

Update: Jason has won the ACP & receives the Co-HoH reward. He’ll be safe for the week, picks one of the noms, and in case of a tie during the eviction vote then the HoH who performs better during this week’s Veto will be the tie-breaker.

CBS explains, “this care package gives the Houseguest of your choice the power of being co-head of household. The winner will be safe for the week, share the perks of being HoH, and also name one of the two nominees for eviction.” Well that should be fun this week.

Voting is now open at where you can read more about the ACP power along with seeing which of the remaining HGs is eligible to win. Check out the full list of ACP powers this season so you can start to plan ahead and make sure you don’t use up someone’s chance at something better later.

Go here to vote in the America’s Care Package Vote and use up your 20 votes each day. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer. Then be sure to vote in our poll below for you want to receive the advantage. Reminder: This poll below does not count toward the official tally. This one is just for fun.


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  1. Jason for Care package!! Let’s get out Alex this week folks!! We can do this!! The GOOD SIDE must win!! Team Misfits!

    • While I do agree that Jason should get the Care Package, I’m to believe that Kryssie will be seeing the door this week.

  2. Whitney has to be the choice. She will put up Dani. We need to cut out future CP from the MF by getting one of them out this week. Shelby will put up Jason, Whit will put up Dani and we get 3rd Nom of Justin. They are the 3 eligible for CP next week. It is our only choice to save the girls!

      • Whitney will put up Justin or Shelby will? Whitney won’t do that as she stated she trusts Justin more than she does Alex.

      • I think Jason is the one Shelby will go after. I don’t see her wanting for him to stay in the house any longer since he has insulted her various times. If he wins, then hopefully Kryssie or D. Justin has yet to win something and he needs that veto this week.

      • That’s exactly why Jason should get the ACP. That would have Shelby’s head spinning and the other PBS would be looking at possibly one of their own going up, along with the unknown nomination from America keeping them on pins and needles.

      • She actually hasn’t said aloud what she wants. Waiting until after the ACP is announced because she doesn’t want to affect the votes.

      • I heard her and Alex first thing this morning in HOH and that is what she told Alex. Morgan I think came in and all were in agreement. Yes she will wait for CP but she has voiced it!

      • Okay. I wasn’t watching earlier and all BBN’s twitter was reporting was that she wasn’t saying a word due to CP vote in the works.

    • Whitney made a deal with Danielle not to target her if Danielle took her off the block. Whitney will keep that promise, I’m sure!

    • we need Whitney as co-HOH for the simple fact so she can’t be one of the votes. .she can’t be trusted to take out A misfit . we need Morgan and Alex to be the ones to vote to evict.

    • Shelby will put up Justin. She can’t stand him. And America will probably vote for Krissie. I think this CP is going to mess up Shelbys HOH. I hope not though.

      • It is going to mess up her HOH if Jason is CoHOH with her. That means a BallSmasher will be put up by Jason

    • They don’t get to “put up” anybody right? They each will just get to pick who to make safe?

  3. I think the best option is to give it to Jason because if he doesnt win this one and stays in the house he will win the next CP and the next is huge.. the PoV at the double… Morgan or Whitney needs to win the next CP and the last (advances to final 4).. Jason winning this he will nominate either Morgan or Alex but it doesn’t matter because Shelby will nominate Justin and America will nominate Kryssie… worst case scenario is Danielle winning pov and taking Justin off the block forcing Shelby to renom with either Morgan/ Alex (the one Jason does not nom) or Whitney.. and then the Misfits will control the votes… but if Danielle does not wins it everything will be fine and either Kryssie or Justin will be going home !! But theres the chance of a tie because both Justin and Danielle will vote the same but the one from the BS that is not on the block will vote to evict Kryssie and america will too…. in a tie i think the original HoH (Shelby) decides… so Kryssie will be going home… so lets give it to Jason becaus if he doesnt get this CP he will for sure get of of those last 2 and that would be horrible !!

    • I’m hoping that Danielle will win the POV at the Double Eviction ACP. The majority of the ACP’s have already gone to PBS, the rest should go to LNJ, beginning with this week’s going to Shelby’s arch-enemy in the house, Jason !

      • No, they shouldn’t. The Misfits are HORRIBLE people. They are bitter, nasty, and mean. Any time something doesn’t go their way, they throw a hissy fit.

        I’m saving the Veto CP for Morgan because I trust her more than I trust Whitney. The Misfits can get a chance to advance to the F4 because that’s all that is – a chance. It’s not a guarantee. And after that, it’s all up to them to get themselves to the F3. And the better player will win.

      • Theres no way Danielle is getting a CP… Jason, Whitney and Morgan… those are the 3 left ACP winners !! and i hope this one goes to jason because the other too needs to go to BS Morgan and Whitney !

      • Danielle is satill eligible for the ACP. She hasn’t received one yet and, let’s face it, she’s been nominated and forced to be on the block more than any other HG this season and she’s not the ‘trash’ talker that Jason is…and, btw, those PBS girls are no angels either, I’ve heard some pretty ‘salty’ language from some of them and they have not been exactly kind and considerate toward the LNJ ‘Misfits’, as you call them….they’ve been cocky, smarmy, and full of themselves since the very beginning and have shown no respect or concern for anyone but themselves.

      • Danielle may still be eligible, but she doesn’t have as many fans as the Twitter folks would like to have us all believe.

      • The only thing the Barbies do well is beg America to help them. Friendship 2.0 is dull feeds.

    • Not necessarily because you don’t know how Whitney will vote. In that case you would have Danielle voting for misfits and either Morgan or Alex voting for girls. That leaves Whitney. I don’t trust her.

      • I don’t like that nasty disgusting filthy talk. He’s the nastiest person to ever play on BB and I can’t wait until he’s evicted. It’s one thing to talk crap behind people’s back and lie that’s the game. But to talk all that filth sorry I don’t associate with those type of people.

      • OMG did you really just say that? Yes Krissie is disgusting too and participates in the nasty talk. But Jason saying he wants to cum in Scotts mouth and Shelby gives production blow jobs and so much more is far worse then someone farting. And if you don’t see that then okay.

    • I don’t believe that Whitney has really flipped. She’s just been doing the same thing that Justin has been doing….floating !

      • I think it will be better for us to give it to Jason… Jason has fans… if he gets next CP hes safe from the double and if he gets the last one he is already going to final 4… if hes sitting on the f3 he has a huge change at winning it (that would suck).. giving it to him now it will make sure he doesnt get the next two…

      • And if Jason wins, then Jason wins. As I’ve said, I don’t have a problem if he gets it because that’s how the Co-HOH should be used, and the only way to determine if this power is a good one or not is to see it in action. Last year, it was wasted because there was no real house divide. It was Nicorey vs. the rest of the house (though James tended to ride the middle). But at the same time, I want to see where Whitney’s head is at.

  4. Let’s get Jason to win this because it would be AMAZING to see both Shelby and Jason, who we’ve seen as people who can’t stand each other, have to be forced to work together… Hehehehehe.

  5. Whit will put up Dani for her nom. She already told Justin before HOH comp. Whit is only choice to save the girls and get one of the MF’s that are eligible for CP out this week.

      • She told Justin she would put up Dani last night before HOH. I think since Shelby is HOH she would follow thru with putting up Dani!

      • If she doesn’t, she’s instantly on the other girls’ hit list, so it would be foolish of her to do anything else.

      • Actually now that I think about it, with the new format where you save people rather than outright nominate, I don’t think Whitney could nom Alex. Shelby would save Alex and Morgan, Whitney would save Jason and Justin, so in reality Danielle And Krissy would be nominated And America could put up Jason/ Justin

  6. Whitney is ahead of Jason. I hope the real votes has Jason on top. Last week Kryssie was ahead of Scott and he went home.

  7. Do not save Jason please. He needs to fill the BLOCK! Vote Whit for CP. Shelby deserves a break from Jason. He has been nothing but nasty to her! This is not a fun thing to do!

    • Sorry I’m voting Morgan. Unless you can give me a logical reason to vote Whitney. I don’t trust her.

      • I saw the polls and Morgan doesn’t have a chance. And I sure don’t want Jason to get it so my next 20 votes go to Whitney.

      • No, give it to Jason. Then hopefully Justin still goes this week, and Jason can’t win one of the important care packages coming up. Giving it to Jason is the best move for BallSmasher fans.

      • I voted Whitney. Never Jason. I want him gone. And yesterday he was saying he wants Alex up so no way. I will make him a have not though.

      • If Jason doesn’t get the CP and doesn’t go this week, then he’s going to be around a long time, because he’ll get one of the next ones.

      • There’s only 2 left so they could go to Morgan and Justin. Or Whitney if she doesn’t get this one. There’s enough people left where he doesn’t have to get one.

      • Don’t you have more comments to reply to? I’m sure you’re really busy going against any comment you don’t agree with..

      • Exactly..except i don’t belch and fart but besides that you’re pretty spot on:) toodles

      • LOL. I’ve never met anyone who actually AGREED with me after an argument like that. Thanks. I needed that laugh.

        You have a good rest of your day, now.

      • You call that exchange an argument?..You’re probably the kind of person that thinks talking behind someone’s back is bullying.

      • It is, actually. That’s actually happened to me in elementary school. I caught it, told my parents, they called the teacher, and those kids got in severe trouble. And that was at least 20 years ago now, before bully awareness was even a thing.

      • It’s really not..How is it bullying if the person isn’t even aware its happening? Anyways idc about your problems i came to post a comment..gotta go..bye

      • Go through a Bully Awareness program and you’ll get that question answered. And if you still don’t get it, then no one can help you.

        Okay, time for me to get some work done tonight. Sayonara.

  8. Voting Morgan. Want control to stay with the girls. Definitely don’t want disgusting Jason.

    • You will need to vote whitney. Why waste this package on morgan. Jason is already winning so we need more whitney votes.

      • I don’t trust Whitney. Why should I vote for her. I have 20 votes left so if you can give me a good reason I’ll vote for her.

      • I really want to save Morgan for next week’s CP, which is by far more important (seriously, actually handing someone the Veto on a silver platter???). That’s why I’m voting for Whitney. Plus, it forces her into a precarious position. She’ll need to decide once and for all where her loyalties lie.

        But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still vote for Morgan.

  9. Whitney might need one of the other two. Voting Jason to keep them all playing hard. Makes it more interesting to watch

  10. So for the next veto care package Will they not compete for veto or will there be two vetos that week? That’s doesnt seem fair if they reveal the winner of veto before nominations. Maybe I’m confused about how this will work. I know its during the DE. Could someone explain please?

  11. If only Jason’s behavior was better, he would be running away with this since he is in danger. I still want him to go far and want to see neither side get too comfortable. I voted for him and feel he will narrowly win. I want Alex, Jason, Shelby final 3.

    • If Jason is in the final three he will win the whole thing. rightly so. because as a previous houseguest with a huge built-in fan base he should’ve been target number one for everyone this whole season

      • Give Monte credit for wanting him out right away. Monte had good game instincts, but no social game at all.

      • Oh, yeah. I think if America hadn’t been so recently burned by Paulie, then Monte might have gone a bit further. Sure, he wouldn’t have been that liked, but I honestly don’t think there would’ve been as big a rush to get him evicted ASAP.

    • Alex and Shelby are good. Can’t stand Jason. Don’t get why anyone would like him. One of the worst houseguest of all time. Would like to see him walking out the door.

    • Our F3 differ in that I want Shelby (depending on how she handles her HOH this week) Jason and Danielle. Dont care for the BEGGING Alex does. She wants everything given to her.

      • As compared to Danielle? Because literally every other word out of Dani’s mouth is “America.”

      • Alex does beg a lot, but I like that she is athletic and knows the game. Her game is alright, but compared to everyone else, except Justin is slightly better.

  12. Whitney needs the care package then Jason can win care package in the double eviction and the misfits should be good

  13. Here is my opinion on why Jason should get this care package.. they do safety ceremonies not nomination ceremonies this season. So Shelby will make Alex and Morgan Safe. Jason would probably make Kryssie and Justin safe. Leaving Danielle and Whitney on the block. America would nominate Kryssie. So Alex and Morgan would have the majority of the votes and could pick who they want to evict. So it’s really an all around win cause it doesn’t give Jason any power, it will reveal who is on the bottom of each alliance, Jason can’t get the other care packages, he can’t compete in the next HOH, and a LNJ would still almost definitely go home. Right?

    • This care package states, “The winner will be safe for the week, share the perks of being HOH, and also name one of the two nominees for eviction.” NAME ONE OF THE TWO NOMINEES FOR EVICTION. That seems to mean that it won’t be each person choosing people to be safe, but each person selecting one nominee. So apparently they’re throwing out the safety ceremony this week?

  14. Please vote Whitney for care package and Alex for am nom I can’t stand her she needs to go and Jason has to win why would the ask him back to get voted out practically the same place he left in bb17 vote him for cp next week yay

    • They asked him back to get previous fans to subscribe to CBS All Access, not to have him win the game.

    • Voting for Whitney for CP will be voting for Alex. If you don’t like her, then Whit will be the wrong one to get the package. She will keep Alex safe. Justin will be the only other person that she seems loyal to, but not his whole alliance. She seems to still be with the girls.

  15. I feel like Jason is pretty much the James of this season- was likeable in 17 but is getting really cocky and arrogant this season. I think if Jason plays like a regular player and not like a veteran he can do better.

    • If Jason tried harder in the comps, stopped smoking so much and talking smack about everyone all day, then he would be a better player. I still like him, but not as much as the beginning. James pretended to throw comps and was female obsessive, Jason is horrible at comps and talks bad about females.

      • I’m happy to hear you’re not burying your head in the sand when it comes to Jason, SJ. I’ve seen so many Jason fans do that – not acknowledging his in-game issues and swearing he’s said nothing wrong.

      • I just find him entertaining, but I am not one to be in denial just because I’m a fan. Many viewers do that and get offended when people share the truth. I’m liking Justin more even though he needs to compete better in the comps. Jason will be my second fave.

  16. I am glad he got it. I gave him all of my votes. At what time did they show the CP on the feeds?

  17. GOT YOU JASON!! MWAHA HA HAHA, We finally got you. You’re going home on the Double Eviction, and you THINK we did this because we like you. OH man, finally.

  18. Bright sides here…

    Jason’s out of the running for another ACP, BOTH of which are much more impressive than the Co-HOH.

    We’ll actually get to see the Co-HOH in all it’s glory, meaning we can determine whether this twist is a good one or not.

    There’s still America’s nominee to get Kryssie or Danielle up OTB (though we should probably aim for Kryssie, as I think more people from both fan bases would vote for her over Danielle).

    There’s still the Veto, which if it is going to be timed, then Shelby could outperform Jason and get the tiebreaker vote (which hopefully won’t be needed).

    Jason cannot save himself AT ALL during the DE.

    Morgan and Whitney are both still eligible for the CPs.

  19. The Have nots this week mean nothing as far as sending any messages, because the only 3available are Dani, Morgan, and Alex

    • I thought that you were not able to vote for the same person two weeks in a row, but they were eligible for the week after that. It is unfortunate or the same people will get picked over and over.

      • I don’t know but I can’t find anywhere that says not this week! But if there is those are the only three available. Everyone else are either have-nots this week or Hohs this week

      • ALl of them will get the opportunity to be a HN. I don’t recall the same person getting it twice.

  20. Lol. Jason’s mom doesn’t seem to know his personality very well. She is aware of his chain smoking.

  21. I would like to see Kristie go this week! She is such a sour puss. But did anyone see the things Danielle was saying about Shelby last night? Her and Kristie always refer to her as this waitress hoe and she is stupid with nothing going for her. Can’t wait for them to find out how brilliant she really is . She graduated from a prestigious law school and instead of three yrs. She finished in two yrs.
    But Danielle , so full of hate for her said she and her group of friends would love to mop the streets of LA with her ass. She repeated this many times. That is exactly why I do not like them. They have always said some things about Shelby but they included their talk of violence towards Scott last couple of weeks!
    I don’t see how the way they constantly talk in that way, possibly Dani and Shane having sex on the feeds, and their complaining about the girls constantly hasn’t given them any clue that as to why it seems as if AM isn’t the on their side?????
    What is bothersome now is they openlybtalk this way now in front of Whitney and she has not said one word to defend them in any way. She actually has been very disappointing. It’s a game, but come on Whitney?

    • That is why I do not like LNJ..they are catty and mean. I didn’t want Jason to get the CP this week.America is just rewarding them for their bad behavior. I refuse. I voted for Whitney. Hopefully, Jason and Danielle will go in DE and Kryssie will go this week. if I hear Kryssie burp one more time…I am going to scream! She is a horrible player..times out in almost every comp..lazy and negative person.

    • Oh..they had sex on the feeds…there is no “possibly.” Shane even asked Danielle…”did you cum?” Now, I am nauseous!

  22. Jason is gonna be screwed next week now as he won’t get to compete in double eviction hoh, and as we know america is the veto holder too for DE, so he is gonna be a sitting duck with no chance to fight for his life in the game… Ya ya obviously I am a jason fan however I’m also Canadian and can’t watch the show, so there is that…

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