America’s Care Package Vote: BBOTT Week 3 – Update: Results Revealed

Results are in for the latest America’s Care Package with a special power and this week that’s to help one BBOTT HG pick a special Power of Veto to unleash on Week 3 of Big Brother Over The Top.

Update: We have the results of who won this week’s ACP. Read on for the reveal.

America's Care Package vote

Just as last week when Julie delivered the twist announcement to the Houseguests, we’re starting off a new round of ACP voting to send one Houseguest a mini-twist. There needs to be at least a little bit of strategy involved since this week’s recipient likely won’t be eligible again down the line on Big Brother Over The Top.

When the ACP packaged arrived in the backyard (rewind your Feeds to 1:05 PM BBT to watch) everyone gathered around and discovered it went to… Scott Dennis. Scott now holds both HoH and ACP this week.

This week’s advantage is “Pick-A-Veto” and like the last ACP this reward is more indirect, though he could still end up on the receiving end of its benefits.

Instead of a typical PoV this week we’ll see one of these three options possibly come in to play. It’ll be up to whoever is voted the ACP to decide what will be in play this week. Of course if the HoH or an ally wins Veto then we’ll probably not see anything happen at all.

Veto options include:

  • Diamond Veto – The holder of this veto has the power to remove someone from the chopping block and also name the replacement nominee.
  • Double Veto – Two vetoes will be awarded at the veto competition and in play this week.
  • Boomerang Veto – The winner of this veto will be able to use it twice. That means the holder could remove two people from the chopping block at the veto meeting.

Check out the full list of ACP powers this season so you can start to plan ahead and make sure you don’t use up someone’s chance at something better later.

Go here to vote in the America’s Care Package Vote and use up your 20 votes each day. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer. Then be sure to vote in our poll below for you want to receive the advantage. Reminder: This poll below does not count toward the official tally. This one is just for fun.


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    • From reading on twitter and the other sites, it seems to be between Shane or Scott depending what side you follow. I’m voting Scott.

      • From a personal standpoint, the guy had it pretty tough last week, yes I know he probably deserved to be brought down a notch.From what of I heard in his Diary Room session he realizes it now and I think we should cut him a break. From a strategic standpoint, he wants to target the showmance,If he is successful it would make the house less lopsided in favor of the misfits. I want to make sure that he has all the help he can

      • Completely agree and I actually like Scott, he seems like a good guy. Played the game too hard and too fast, got called out, he knew it and has adjusted his game accordingly.

      • if we give it to shane and he uses it to take himself and danielle off jason and justin go up. im voting scott bc im team jason n justin!!!! :)

      • Me too. Can you imagine him having to pull one or both nominees from the block that he put there? OMLordy! This goin be fun! :-)

  1. Scott needs and has to win this ACP. Need to finally turn this back to being fair. If Shane wins the ACP he will save him and Danielle with the power of the ACP. Vote vote vote for Scott! Don’t split the votes. Twitter and other places pushing for Scott.

      • I put my comment in wrong place. Deleted it and put here. Option wasn’t up for this comment session.

      • Why not? Scott will have full control over which one he wants to put into play. If Shane gets the package, he’ll have to choose someone to remove him or Danielle or 3rd nom, a bit more risky. Wouldn’t you rather Scott make the right decision of which veto he gives to Shane or anyone else who wins the comp?

      • No, that’s dumb. I don’t want Scott to think America likes him and he may make a decision that results in my favorite, Danielle, going home.

      • He won’t know who the winner is yet when he makes the choice of which one they’ll be playing for. It will be out of his hands if one of his rivals (noms) wins it and the ability to remove themself off the block (maybe Danielle will be the recipient of it). You never know. You don’t want Scott or one of his allies to win veto either (less likely he will) and choose not to use it.

  2. So from the poll on this website and other sources it seems that Scott has this in the bag. If his target is the Shanielle showmance then I think he should select the Double Veto option. It is very unlikely that BOTH Shane and Danielle will win BOTH of the vetos.
    But if one of the Misfits receives the power, the timing at which he/she must announce their selection out of the three options is very crucial. And right now, BB has not informed us of what point in the week the recipient must make a choice.

    • It depends on when he has to make his selection like you mentioned. If it’s after the American nomination is revealed than I think he’d be better off using the boomerang veto if Kryssie is the 3rd nom. He has 6 people to choose from this week so if 3 of them are nominated and worst case someone off the block won he could still nominate the remaining 2. Double veto could worse case have 2 people off the block win and save 2. That would only leave 1 misfit to go up and 1 of the girls.

      • But he’ll be ineligible for the better prizes down the line, AND he’s on the bandwagon to get Danielle out of the house this week.

      • I think this is a great prize. To get a special veto and use it on someone you don’t want to go home.

      • See above comment, and then the article. That’s not this week’s ACP power. It’s one down the line, though.

      • I’m not all that keen about Scott but this will ensure he doesn’t get the more powerful one down the line. We need to be able to give those to the more worthy hgs. He might also regret choosing which veto to put into play as well.

    • Because he’s a number for the girls right now. It’s about time the mean night crew gets knocked down a notch. Especially Danielle and Jason.

      • Why because the girls are playing the game instead of talking crap and spewing vile things out of their mouth like Jason and the mean night crew. And the girls are playing with class.

      • You know what I love about this game? Everyone who says the other side of the house is evil? Yeah, usually that’s indicative that THEY’RE the evil and vindictive ones.

      • So it’s all fine and dandy for the puppy murderer (Danielle) to call the girls Saltine Crackers?
        I know cracker is a racist comment so I’m pretty sure that saltine cracker falls in that category.

      • Wow. You sound like a Trump supporter. The online hatred for Danielle is astonishing. She gets vilified for sticking her tongue out, her stories get horribly twisted, people make excuses for the outright racism Monte put her through and the dehumanizing ignoring of those comments by the racism enablers (The Plastics).

        It’s really really scary, and I can’t help but think it’s because she’s black and a woman (without people realizing that’s why it makes them so mad).

        Fans have begged for a strong female player who is her own thinker, is good at comps, doesn’t ride the coat tails of a male player and can avoid eviction for YEARS, since Janelle BB6. We finally have one, and fans hate her so much and do all the above and want her out. It’s completely mind baffling. And sad.

      • Look pal you don’t know me as a matter of a fact I don’t care what you think you obviously have cranial rectal inversion and I’m sure it’s had to get oxygen to your brain. Danielle isn’t playing the game so she can’t be a strong female player. You are sad and obviously easily baffled I am sharing my opinion if you don’t like don’t read it. Danielle is acting like a whore on the internet. And you suck.

      • Your entire post made zero sense. And just confirmed what I said before, haha. I really feel bad for you.

      • And where are all your anti Shane posts? He’s also having sex on the feeds. Thanks for proving my point in so many ways, dummy

  3. The whole ACP winner not being eligible again is so stupid. If this goes the whole season, and halfway all the people who havent gotten an ACP get evicted, does it just end? America should be able to vote for whoever they want to give it to. Screw fairness. This is Big Brother.

    • No, if halfway through all the Care Package winners are the only ones left in the game, then they’ll be eligible to win a second ACP.

  4. Dang it, this is a tough one. I don’t want anyone I like to have it because it will put a huge target on them, but then I don’t want the plastics to have any power. Having power is a curse I tell you! Every decision is critical, lol

  5. I don’t understand why people are voting for Scott and Shane.
    Someone will have a powerful veto and they may be able to remove someone from the block. Does it have to be used this week?

    • NO. It only give them the power to say what kind of Veto is in play for the week. They still have to succeed or fail in the comp to be awarded the POV.

      • The strategy here should be to vote to give it to the person you least like on the side of the house you’re rooting for. It’ll help that side of the house, and the player who’s awarded won’t be eligible going forward.

  6. I’m all for giving it to Scott. Let’s knock those misfits down a peg or ten and remind them that we see all. They continually spout it, but I don’t think they realize exactly what that means.

  7. Please correct me if I am wrong. It is my understanding that whoever receives the care package only gets to select what type of veto everyone will be playing for in the veto competition. They are not actually being awarded the veto. And that whoever does win the veto, they would still have the option not to use it if they so choose. Plus my understanding of the boomerang Veto is that only one person would win it, but they would have the option to pull down two people or they could pull down one person and save the other for next week. Am I incorrect on my understanding of this weeks care package?

    • Scott gets to make the choice of what veto power to put into play. Whoever wins it (hopefully not him or one of his allies), they will have the power to remove himself from the block (I want Shane to be able to do that) and/or Danielle, depending on which veto Scott chooses. If he or one of his allies wins it, they’ll probably not use it at all and one of the three noms will be going home.

      • If Scott gets it, wouldn’t he had to pick the worst package, as to not have the nominees in the Veto comp turn his HoH upside down?

      • I agree. He shouldn’t pick the double or boomerang one. Because if the other side wins and they’re not on the block there could be 3 or 4 people safe. I wonder if he has to pick one or just not use it.

      • Then again, if he wins it (boomerang/double) or one of his allies, that’s ‘fire wall’ for their alliance. It’s a gamble, but the reward is great.

      • Yep if him or someone on his side wins it would be great. I’m sure if he gets it they’ll all talk about it. Alex and Whitney play very strategic. I don’t like this one. But hey if Alex wins it I’ll love it. Lol.

      • I might have the rules confused, but I thought the exact opposite. I thought the one he for sure shouldn’t pick is the Diamond. If the opposing side wins the diamond, Scott doesn’t get to pick the replacement nominee and one of his allies hits the block. For the boomerang/double, he still has the power to decide who’s on the block, even if it’s not one of his top targets. Am I wrong about something here?

      • It’s all very confusing. I was thinking if he picks the double and then someone from the other side wins it and they’re not on the block they can take his two nominations down and then all 3 are safe. But the diamond isn’t good either. I don’t like this care package. Lol. But now they’re talking on the feeds and it looks like he doesn’t have to pick what veto he wants until after the veto. Dont know if that’s true or not but they are talking about it.

      • He’s going with the Double, that way he has control over who will be renommed, not the opposing side.

    • Yep, if he’s not won a care package yet, which we know he hasn’t. He may not like receiving it at all, though. He or one of his allies would have to win veto and not use it to benefit them than the ones on the block.

  8. If there is only one houseguest eligible for ACP, does he/she get it by default or does it reset?

    • Default, if all remaining houseguests have won an ACP then they all become eligible again.

  9. Since America is on Jason’s side now, and since this ACP doesn’t make anyone safe, I feel like giving this to one of the Plastics. Probably Scott. :)

    • I don’t think America is on Jason’s side anymore. People are starting to see how nasty that group is.

  10. Everyone realizes this just lets the winner of the CP pick which type of veto they are playing for in the POV compittion. Whoever wins the POV competition gets to decide how to use the power.

  11. Whoever gets this I wonder if they have to pick any of them. Or do they get to pick after the veto is won? If we vote for Scott he would be smart to just keep it as a regular veto. Anything else would hurt his side if someone from the mean night crew win it. I don’t like this care package.

  12. ACP winner can choose not to pick any of those veto right? Just like how corey CP works last time

  13. I think what is saving Scott with America now is his relationship with Justin Justin seems to be setting up a side alliance with him.

  14. Scott with the ACP huh? I guess this shows the Jamboree doesn’t have a stranglehold on the viewer votes.

    Not only is the house divided, but the viewers could be too?

    • I think so far the viewers have been going for or against a single person (Monte/CB nominations, Kryssie Care package to save Jason) more than for or against a side of the house.

    • Yeah, it’s been a while since everything’s been so divided like this. Which, I have to say, I’m not complaining about.

  15. Noms for have nots… Jason, so he knows America’s not pleased; Krissy so she knows she’s not America’s sweetheart; Shane, so he’ll be weak for veto play.

  16. After finding out that Scott chooses right before veto comp, which veto option should he choose. Keep in mind, he:

    1. Is saying now that he wants to nominate Neeley and Kryssie
    2. Will most likely find a third Misfit member, even if it’s not Danielle, on the block after America noms
    3. Can make a decision after he knows which HGs will be playing in the veto comp

    I’m saying what’s best for his game… if you’re a Misfits fan you obviously want him to choose DPOV since that’s just stupid and takes power away from him as HOH

  17. Yea, Scott! Though I feel bad he’s not loving this so far. But I think he’ll realize what we were trying to accomplish after seeing who the HNs are and who America’s Nominee is (especially if he does give us the privilege of sending Danielle to the chopping block).

  18. Wow, glad how we all have an impact on the results when we join together! Good job!

    Now hopefully this won’t get to Scott’s head because he is not very well liked. He comes across as very sneaky.

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