Allison Grodner Interview: Jury Deliberations, Christmas’s Cast, & Live Feed Veto Comps

Big Brother 19 Houseguests compete for HoH

Another week of Big Brother 19 adds another Juror to the pool, but what are they doing out there in the post-game sequester house? This week for our interview with Big Brother Executive Producer we posed the question of just how much game talk goes on out there.

We were also happy to see Christmas’s recovery coming along and were curious when she’d be back in the game for physical comps. And lastly, what most Feedsters want: more on-Feed comps! Will that happen? Read on to see what Allison Grodner had to say.

Big Brother Network: Jury has arrived and is starting to fill up quickly. As evicted HGs begin to arrive we’re always curious when or if they’ll start to compare notes on who’s running the house. Are the jurors allowed to talk about game and their big vote during their time there or is there a limit to conversations and topics?

Allison Grodner: Each new juror arrives at the house with a camera crew and a DVD of group events minus the interviews. The day is spent watching the footage with the new juror and hearing their perspective on what has happened. Once the camera crew goes away, the jurors are encouraged to spend their time relaxing and enjoying their privacy until the next juror arrives to talk game.

Christmas’s cast has come off! She’s mentioned needing a few more weeks before she can put weight on it, but have doctors said when she can be in physical comps again? I’m thinking ahead to critical end of season comps, if she makes it that far, and whether she’ll be able to participate.

Grodner: The decision of whether or not Christmas can participate in competitions is strictly a medical decision and will continue to be a medical decision as long as she is in the game.

Seeing the slip n slide HoH competition show up as a Veto comp was a great idea to keep the HGs on their toes, but then Feedsters missed all that fun. Since BBOTT showed an on-Feeds Veto comp could work, what are the chances that we could see something like that play out as an endurance Veto challenge for Feedsters to watch live?

Grodner: The chances of a veto competition happening live are slim because we film it on Saturday and we like to save the surprise of how it played out for the broadcast show that airs on Wednesday.

Thank you!

Well I guess we won’t know much about Christmas’s chances of competing in F3 unless she makes it there! As for the Veto comps on the Live Feeds? We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed, but it doesn’t sound likely.

What’s your take on this past week of Big Brother 19? Share your thoughts below!



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  1. Does she really think that showing the comp on the feeds will hurt the ratings? We find out who won already.

    • That old school television viewing mentality. Must get the viewers to watch it live to increase the ad revenue.

  2. that cow will choose the comps accordingly for christsmas favor…funny they have a pov slip and slide comp when christmas was hoh.that comp is usually strictly an hoh comp..she has basically rigged this season for that pos paul..there will be no winner this year..just paul rewarded some money because in her eyes the wrong person won last is trash

  3. She should be a politician, she didn’t really answer the first 2 questions, just stock answers.

    • That’s what I thought. Didn’t say anything other than eat cake about the veto comps.

    • She is! They’re so good on dodging question. I would like to know..’What are the chances we could see Josh’s ‘Pots and Pans and his happy dance again.

      • She’d say ‘thanks for the great question young man. As you know we have no control over the hg’s so I’ll be watching right along with you to see what happens.’

      • I wish he would of asked if David has a good chance at winning with Paul in the house.

      • I’ve been saying that. I’m bummed David didn’t get picked for POV. There playing POV in a little while it looks like.

  4. Umm, she realizes it takes about 2 minutes after feeds come back up to figure out who won any competition, right? The people who are already surprised on broadcast night will STILL be surprised even if they show it in feeds.

  5. What surprise? The winners are always announced online in many different sites. They are not encouraged, but commanded since they probably listen in their conversations.

  6. And yet another useless “interview” with EP/AG. If CBS really wants a good BB show, they will need to fire her. Why does BBN even keep up the charade of “interviewing” her. USELESS!!!!

  7. Just stop with these interviews. They are not insightful at all and actually make your site look like a joke.

    She never provides sufficient answers. For example, last week she claimed that feeds were blocked for 24+ hours because there was “a special event that we want to preserve for the broadcast show”. The “special event” was Derrick saying “remember the time…” intros to clip packages. The fact that it was Derrick was not a surprise; CBS announced that element early on. So what was the “special event”? The HGs did nothing (except provide some reaction shots when Derrick introduced clip segments). There really was no good justification for the 24+ hour blackout of feeds.

    Grodner is a joke. You giving her a platform of softball questions and softball answers makes your site look like a joke. Please just stop. Thanks.

  8. Are there any plans to show the jury house and what has been going on there?

  9. Ive watched the Crisco slip and slide on feeds. And saw HOH on live feeds too. We dont see the POV on feeds, which are Saturday. And yes Jason actually creamed everyone in the Crisco slip and slide. Poor Mark, was top heavy.. but then he gained weight back he constantly ate on the feeds. BUT NEVER COOKED. They complain about Raven, but she cooks and cleaned.. all the time. One nite she made chicken taco/burritos. Mark didnt leave much for anyone else. Then ate others stuff too. Ice cream, peanuts, chips, anything even as a hn he ate constantly. He &Cody hogged all the eggs eating 7/9 In their omlets.
    So feeds it’s a “different cast” then u see on just the show. Cody and Jess spent time playing house the whole time he came back. Never talked to anyone. Rude and obnoxious !

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