Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 9: Friday Daytime Highlights

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother 19 house and for some reason it’s not happened yet. Production seemed to be stalling, hoping the HGs would take an apple from the temptation tree, but they all agreed not to. Jason’s initial nomination plans seem to be pretty obvious at this point, so read on for those details and more.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 25, 2017:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs getting up for the day.

10:04 AM BBT – Big Brother announces the Tree of Temptation is alive. No one seems to care. No one races to the DR to claim an apple.

10:10 AM BBT – Paul camtalks that he threw the HoH competition. He says he doesn’t want to look too strong in comps right now to Alex and Jason.

10:15 AM BBT – Raven wonders who is going up. Paul pretends to not know but says it’s probably between him, Matthew, Josh, and her.

10:25 AM BBT – Jason tells Kevin he was tired of the one sided votes so he was going to vote out Matthew anyway. Kevin says he wishes he had told him so they could have had a tie. Jason tells Kevin if Matthew or Raven had won HoH they probably would have put him (Ja) and Alex up.

10:50 AM BBT – Raven is worried Jason and Alex could come after them. Paul eggs her on that it’d be all of them against Jason and Alex if they do that.

10:55 AM BBT – Paul warns Raven that pawns will probably be used so they can keep Kevin unaware. Matthew doesn’t want Raven going up. Paul gets Matthew to agree that they should save Raven no matter what happens with the noms and the Veto.

11:25 AM BBT – Christmas tells Josh she’s sorry that Matthew will have to go before Raven. Josh decides he should do better about playing nice with Kevin.

12:15 PM BBT – Matthew has to wear new clothes picked out by Raven. He isn’t too happy, but it’s sleeveless so he can’t be but so mad.

12:50 PM BBT – HGs waiting on Nominations Today sign to appear on the screen, but Paul points out the Temptation Tree is still lit up. Paul says they’re probably still banking on one of them taking an apple but it’s not going to happen.

12:53 PM BBT – Matthew notices that Kevin is glued to Jason. He says he’s not going to leave him alone all week.

1:00 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas talk about how Matthew and Raven are trying to push Kevin as an outright nomination and a definite target.

1:05 PM BBT – Matthew tells Raven they just need to let Paul do his work and they have to trust him. Raven says she doesn’t want to seem paranoid.

1:08 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh think Jason needs to at least tell Raven and Matthew they’re going up. Talk turns to Alex. Josh says she’s a huge threat and is really good at lying. Christmas agrees. Josh says Alex is all game.

1:13 PM BBT – Raven keeps freaking out about going up. Christmas tells her to go talk to Jason. She says there’s no point. If she’s going up she’s not going to change his mind. Matthew says he doesn’t even think they will be able to get Jason alone at this point. Matthew is worried because Kevin isn’t a threat to Jason. Christmas tries to tell him Kevin is since mental competitions will be coming up soon.

1:20 PM BBT – Matthew pointing out how annoyed he was with Jason and Alex during the HOH competition. He still doesn’t understand why they were making their deal for so long.

1:33 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason and Paul that she was the other vote and it was an accident.

1:40 PM BBT – Raven asks Alex if she and Matthew need to go talk to Jason. Alex says, no they have no worries because they want Kevin out. Alex says Jason isn’t telling her who he’s putting up.

1:44 PM BBT – Josh tells Raven that Jason wouldn’t tell him his nomination plans but he said he wants Kevin out. Josh tells her he trusts Jason when he says that.

2:50 PM BBT – Paul cam talks, trying to introduce new catchphrases.

2:58 PM BBT – Raven is upset with Matthew because he said he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

3:36 PM BBT – Paul asks Jason if they’re taking a shot at Matthew first. Jason says it doesn’t matter because whoever goes, the other will be a zombie. Paul says if Matthew wins veto, he might pull Raven down. They decide that strategically it makes more sense to send Matthew home. Paul says if Raven goes then Matthew could kick into high gear in competitions. Jason says if Matthew goes, Raven will be easier to tear down.

3:43 PM BBT –  Jason tells Paul that production told him to watch seasons 18, 16 and 12. He told Paul he would fall asleep during most viewings and that he didn’t even know Paul got second place last season.

3:53 PM BBT – Paul asks why the tree is still lit up. He says to just turn it off because no one is taking an apple.

4:01 PM BBT – They finally announce that the temptation tree is out of play. Paul says it’s about time. Alex says “F*** the tree.”

The nomination ceremony should be happening shortly, and you should expect Jason to nominate Raven and Matthew under the guise that they’re pawns. It should be an interesting week to see how this all plays out and if Raven and Matthew end up blindsided at the end of it all.

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  1. When are the HG minus Paul going to wake up and realize they are being played by Paul? Please oh please Jason backdoor Paul if possible?

    • I don’t get the feeds, but do any of these HG’s dare talk about Paul’s game with the others? They all think they are on his team.

    • I said in an earlier post that the game was up at the end of week 8 when Mark was evicted. The drama henceforth are formalities before the jury house is complete, and also to who is to sits with the vet as the jury makes their decision.

    • This HOH is the time to BD Paul. Take Raven down and replace with Paul. Alex, Kevin, Raven for sure vote Paul out….Done.

    • When the season is over and they are all home and the time is taken to to explain it to them very very slowly useing simple words they will get it after 4 or 5 trys maybe :-)

  2. Alex and Jason should have just started some drama with maven to justify the noms. What’s going to happen if Kevin don’t touch the block this week? What will they say then? I find it easier to just tell it like it is. All this is unnecessary. There’s consequences for never winning comps! It’s stupid of Maven to not expect this. Why would they not take this opportunity to get one of them out? ( in Maven’s eyes, since it’s a given Paul is off limits)

  3. If Paul pulls this off and wins, love him or hate him, (I don’t care what anyone has to say in opposition), he will be one of, if not THE BEST players ever!

      • Hell no!!!!! Anyone can be great with these idiot’s ….they are all special. This is definitely the worse play as a group ever!! Say what you want about Cody and Jessica’s game but at least they had Ball’s…and they weren’t puppets…. And i don’t like Paul one bit. But I respect last season’s game…..because these people are going down in BB history as the worse ever…….so far I still have hope for Jason and Alex. Its time to be a BB great and please make a power move>>>>> back door Paul and who ever does WIN’S! Because most of the jury would damn sure put that name on their KEY.

    • Nope. Reason being he has no competition. Put him in an all-star episode and make him earn his money.

      • Agree. He is where is because of the 3 free from eviction weeks production gave him. If that wasn’t the case, then I would have said yes.

      • Didn’t I say idk what anyone has to say?? Actually he can be compared to Derrick, Paul is manipulating the cast the same way he did, plus he’s the only veteran among a cast of newbies, He should have been on the block all season! However, he hasn’t pulled it off yet. I said, “if he pulls this off and wins” he will be one of the greats. Please stop hating. No matter what yal say, the boy is good.

    • You are out of your mind. He will never compare to Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick, Mike Boogie, Evil Dick, Janelle, Danielle Rodriguez (BB3).

      • You’re out of your mind! That’s just propaganda, each of them minipulated the cast in a similar way. You just choose not to give Paul the respect he deserves, that doesn’t make him any less. Mark my words, if Paul wins, he will be talked about for years whether you agree or not. People talked about Evil Dick like a dog and didn’t compare him to “the greatest” back then. It was all, ” he’s disgusting!” , he’s this, he’s that, bb finalist are not smart anymore, just evil”, all those kinds of things, but now he’s THE GREAT WIZARD OF OZ!!! Get out of here! I develop my own opinions, I don’t allow propaganda to decided for me. They all played a good game, some a little better. If Paul wins, he’s apart big brother royalty whether you like it or not.

    • No way. Best ever will be Dr. Will because he didn’t hide behind anyone, taunted them into nominating him, did not get voted off, etc. Paul is ok but not in the calibre of Janelle, Rachel, Danielle, etc. In my opinion he is a kind of a hipster weaselly type that subtly bullies or gets others to do as he wishes with veiled threats and fear mongering. Using the games of others like a copycat.

  4. Matthew and Raven know they’re going up. Why not go for the tempting tree? They could have gotten second veto or eliminate two eviction votes!

    • Because King Paul said from his spindly legs to his blackened chest, “NO ONE SHALL TAKE AN APPLE!!!”

    • Or they could have gotten can’t compete in next HOH. Two things about that. One, odds say it is very unlikely one of them would win it. Two, one of them probably won’t be there to compete if things go the way the other HGs want it to, but since Maven are oblivious to their destiny this week, it really didn’t make sense that they would pick an apple.

    • Paul told them not to. And we know there is not one complete brain between the two of them, and it’s definitely not functional.

  5. “1:05 PM BBT – Matthew tells Raven they just need to let Paul do his work and they have to trust him.”
    I wonder how sour those words are going to taste when Matthew has to eat them.

  6. Cody is going to be missing Jessica big time when he is in the house alone with two of the showmances.

  7. lmbo….Matt just told Raven to start calling him Prince Matthew. Little does he know that he won’t retain that title long. He’s about to get a royal flush.

    • LOL, I’m going to enjoy the look on his face when it happens.

      • Hi, Miss Fiddle. If only one of them is OTB after veto, I hope no one gives them the heads up beforehand, because I REALLY want to see the look of utter shock on their faces. I’m thinking Raven might start having heart palpitations and go into cardiac arrest. But she’ll come out of it in time to compete in the HOH comp.

      • Hello gorgeous! This should be a good week, feed wise. All of the Matt and Raven bashing is a beautiful thang. I bet her mama is having fits knowing the house is onto Raven and her fake diseases.

      • LOL, someone needs to test the iPhone theory when she gets out of BB. She claims if someone puts an iPhone on her pacemaker, it will explode.

      • The pacemaker will supposedly blow up if an iphone is place directly on it. I want to see the theory tested! LOL

      • I have no idea if that is possible, but what female in their right mind would tell the world, which includes weirdos who will be hunting Raven for a good lay, bad guys who would do something stupid like that to her just to prove she is or isn’t lying. So ridiculous to talk about that on tv.

      • I work as a nurse in LTC with elderly people who have pacemakers and have never heard that before !! We actually do over the phone tests on the pacemakers to the hospital where the hospital call us and we have to place a phone with this gadget attached right over the pacemaker so they can see if it is running properly so pretty sure they would have warned us not to use an iphone….Raven is a pc.of work!!! also the stomach slams she took while doing slip and slide Really!!???

      • Exactly! How could she be taking falls like that on her stomach with something like that in there! Nope

      • I was a nurse for 15 years much earlier in my career but never worked with pacemakers. I know Raven dances, but I couldn’t help but wonder if those back to back vicious falls could cause disruptions of some sort. Thanks for the info, Dawn.

      • She got the cold shoulder from Derrick and Julie.You know she has to be wondering what’s up with that…bless her heart.

      • She is wearing a cold shoulder blouse today. She likes to be the center of attention. I can’t imagine her in an ER surrounded by sick people.

      • Yes she does, Tom and most likely because she is use to that. I watched a video a couple of days ago of her and her Mom that was supposedly shown on the Ellen Show. If I had never seen the girl on BB, she would have had me fooled. That’s sad, too. It makes you rethink helping others.

      • Absolutely, makes me wonder how the producers at the Ellen show didn’t get a clue like the rest of us. Perhaps they have now.

      • I think that is very possible. During the past week or so, she has been shunned by Derrick, who hosted one of the comps, and Julie passed right by her on live TV Thursday but spoke to the other HGs. That wasn’t coincidental, I don’t think.

      • I am sure that they don’t want to encourage or trigger a slew of problems later, so I agree with you. I don’t know why the other house guests care about her jury vote at this point in the game.

      • She sent in multiple videos to be on the Ellen show – her dream was to “dance with Ellen.” From everything I’ve seen, Ellen never responded. (I’ve seen a thread somewhere with her mom and people in her gastroparesis support group furious that Ellen didn’t come through.)

      • Me too, a whole blouse please. I used to think an off the shoulder blouse was very nice until I saw the blue and white striped thing that Elena wore.

      • Okay, the red lipstick was so thick I thought it was wax lips from trick or treat. OMG, yes the lips!

      • Production isn’t fond of her either. They ignored her for 2 days and she whined non stop.

      • I read where she kept trying to get them to call her and when they finally did she acted ridiculous. She’s an attention ho.

      • Do you remember last week when she was complaining that DR has not called you for several days and she was mad about that?

      • Just seeing all the weight Ravens gained is enough to make ole mama crazy. She said early on in the season that she could see her baby was so stressed out because she lost so much weight. Lmfao. The fraud has packed on at least twenty pounds.

      • You can tell on the video of her that was made (don’t quote me, I think Oct, 2015) for the Ellen Show, that she was heavier than when she came into the house. She was a rail at the beginning of the season.

      • matt made a dig about her too tight pants today, they’re up her back and up her front

      • I know. I’ve pointed that out a couple of times. Raven has gained weight and looks much better while in the BB house and not under her mother’s care. #MunchausenByProxy

      • Especially if he wins the veto and a) doesn’t use it or b) he uses it to save Raven ( if she is OTB)….lol

      • I read it on Jokers last night right before I went to bed. I don’t have the feeds but maybe someone who does heard more than was written.

  8. I’ve come to the conclusion, Matt is on BB for the free food. He was mad because Jason and Alex took too long at the end, because he was hungry and wanted to eat, that’s it, it was all about him eating. He’s a little fucking bish. He then proceeded to eat for the rest of the night, pretty much non stop.

      • He was acting like a 4 year old, not getting way. Boo freaking hoo!

      • it’s hard to believe that was it, I saw him and thought what the hell happened, did I miss something? food really?

      • I read it but didn’t see it. You just can’t get the full effect by reading. Well, they just restocked the SR so he and Raven are in hog heaven. They both belong in pig sty, imo.

      • Ugh, so it’s going to be another night of them stuffing their faces and fake fighting. Whoopee….

      • Raven is already in bed complaining that she ate too much and her stomach was hurting so she took some Tylenol. Who takes Tylenol for stomach ache? Maybe it’s Drs orders. IDK SMH

      • Dare we explain to her how eating too much means that the food has to break down before the Tylenol can break down and by that time, she will have already moved on to a new thing.

      • I’ll let you do it, tom. I have Ravenitis and I’m not even suppose to be posting about her and definitely not looking at her. ;)

      • Yes, you are being very brave to be able to hold back your postings and some things one just cannot un-see. Like watching Cody sidestep instead of hop in a frog-i-tard or I finally figured out that there is an eagle and a snake? on Paul’s chest and I have never been able to figure out if the hot tub makes bubbles or people just sit in pee temp water on Big Brother. Just blatherings. HAHA

      • I fell asleep last night, Tom, and didn’t see your “blatherings” (lol) until this AM. Yes, Jason was a champ with that frog costume. The other two, not so much. Jess didn’t wear her hat half of the time; I guess she thought her hair and face were too beautiful to hide. Then she left the costume open to enable seeing her breasticles. Someone did pee in the hot tub last season, so it has probably happened this season, too. These kids swap their body juices much too freely. Ok, now I’m through blathering. :D

      • Haha is ravenitis contagious because I feel like I’m beginning to catch it as well. Maybe a bowl of cereal will cure it? Did u try that option KS?

      • Coco, I’ve missed you. I think I saw your name one time earlier this season. You not around much or are we just commenting on different threads? I smiled when I saw your post.
        I think everyone that has watched this season has ravenitis. lol But, no ma’am, I have not tried the cereal, but I think there is some of my grandson’s cereals in my pantry. I hope it doesn’t have to be a certain kind, though. I probably only have Reese’s and Frosted Fakes, maybe some Lucky Charms and Honey Nut. ;)

      • Lol I’ve missed you too girlie, and I’ve been around just don’t feel the need to comment as much since everyone else here seems to pretty much think the same as I. I mostly just comment on the live eviction nights since those are the only days I actually watch, and since I don’t have the live feeds I try to stay updated by reading the recaps on here. But cereal just might be the cure, I mean why else do you think Matt eats loads of cereal? He says it’s just to accomplish a goal of his but is it really?? Haha JMO sorry for the rant :D

      • Well, I have missed seeing you. Someone gave Matt the name “Cereal Killer”; fitting, and I’m sure he would love the recognition. I don’t comment on live eviction nights. I have to rewatch the show if I do so I usually DVR BB and go to bed. I get up very early and I am usually ready for bed by 8PM. I know, I sound like an old fogey. You never rant, but if you do, I hope it is to me. :)

      • Hah it’s okay I get up pretty early myself around 8-10 am and I usually get ready for bed around 9-10pm, so it’s no big deal. That name sure is fitting for Matt, he’s probably hoping to make that his household name when it comes to remembering past house guests of BB. Just hope his sugar levels don’t spike from eating so much cereal. 0_0

      • I’m up every AM before 6 and most days before 5 AM. Just in my DNA. At my age and with my metabolic rate declining, I would be as big as a horse if I ate like that. I’m not sure what all kinds of cereal he is eating, but most of that stuff is sugar-laden and not good for you at all. To be young again and know what(I think) I know. haha

      • Exactly! I’m not much of a big eater so the amount that he eats surprises me! At this rate, by the time BB raps up for the season he may just need a Go Fund Me account as well! Lol

      • Kelly!!! I’ve only been up about 55 mins. I like to wait for about an hour to eat after I walk up. Now I’ll have to wait a bit longer. :(

  9. These house guests are not the smartest cookies in the jar. Just let Paul do his work will be the nail in their coffin

  10. Matt and Raven with all the friends they think they have around them can’t see the point going to talk to Jason in spite of their worries since they think that won’t change his mind. This is just one guy who has tougher threats to battle, and they have been in same alliance with.
    What if they were active household enemies #1, constantly lied to, blindsided, backstabbed, obvious targets by all and their utterances used to haunt them.
    They will definitely have challenges to talk about their personal life, socialise, emote, believe claims for deals and not seclude themselves or probably just give up.
    Mark developed a thick skin for the situation over time haven witnessed such scenarios ahead of his final week. Hardly any of these HGs will not react to such. We saw how Dominique reacted in few days, and Megan for not more than three persons.
    Everbody should combine on say Josh or any other HG and see how s/he will behave.

    • Well said. I’d love to see Dominique in the game instead of Matt. Even Cameron would run through a wall for another chance. Hopefully he goes to jury and won’t have to bother geting out of bed for comps anymore.

    • Sometimes when I’m commenting, I make a mistake and write Matt instead of Mark or vise versa, maybe that happened. I doubt it but it could’ve.

      • I understand. I really did not know, sometimes things are not necessarily clear to me, either I can’t hear the house guests or they talk so fast and dart out of the DR door, I can’t hear them. LOL

      • Lol. That is true. I do that as well.
        Her brain is jumbled up from all of Paul’s sh** inside of it.

      • I would not remember the plan. Mark and Elena were told one thing and they showed loyalty to that and got evicted. And this is the most predictable no surprises year EVER

      • I know…i hate that about this season! No one is making Any bold moves! It was, its what the house wants… now it’s, its what Paul wants. So annoying!!

    • i’m not sure but she told mark that she would vote to evict matt earlier in the day then told paul she couldn’t remember doing it but then god reminder her

      • I don’t know how they keep from laughing nervously when they are trying to make stuff up.

      • I thought I heard Mark in his interview with Julie said it probably would be Kevin. Not sure she told Mark.

  11. ravin exposed all the clothes he bought into the house but won’t wear
    INCLUDING UNDERWEAR, I knew he kept putting on those dirty black shorts w/out undies. ewww

      • It wasn’t an accident. I’m sure she just could not hide it anymore. If only Jason had not revealed his earlier.

    • No she didn’t. If she is planning something fun, then should let us know about it. Otherwise stop her lying because she is next week’s target.

  12. does paul ever lift a finger for the house or just hover over?
    he is such a weasel!

  13. Big Brother should change the name of this season to “THE PAULETTES” and should have went ahead and gave the check to Paul when he came into the house. This season has been a dud and no game play at all. WORST SEASON EVER and I have watched them all!

    • Agreed. This is my first season watching, so I have no history to compare Season 19 to. Do you have any thoughts as to why the production company and/or CBS wanted Season 19 to be rigged in Paul’s favor?

      Other people have claimed that Season 18 was highly unfair to Paul, and so the current season is Big Brother’s way of correcting that wrong. Any thoughts on that?

  14. After further proof that production manipulates the game by asking Jason to say specific lines etc, I do believe that Alex knew she was voting Matt out. In the exit interview Mark seems sure when he said Alex was a vote, but seemed to remember to be vague and through Kevin name in the hat. It doesn’t matter production probably told the Jury who to vote for anyways like with Nicole. Hoping to see who would win was probably already chosen.

    PS…I think Matt is a rogue houseguest.

  15. Is anyone else bothered by how much Alex hits Jason? She is always punching him. Then she complains about Jessica and how there are Big Brother viewers who are rape survivors being offended by that behavior. How about domestic violence survivors being offended by Alex’s behavior?

    • Absolutely I am bothered by Alex habitually jabbing Jason, trying to trip him, and striking him with objects, but this is how America works: A women can abuse a man with minimal to zero societal judgment, and maybe even garner praise for it, but a man is treated as a social outcast and in legal jeopardy if he so much as physically defends himself against unwarranted aggression and uninvited physical contact by a woman.

      It would be nice that double standard stopped and all people stopped abusing each other, period, but I don’t envision it happening anytime soon.

  16. Good move, house guests, thinking for yourselves and resisting the Tree of Temptation!

    Or, as we on the outside call it, obeying Paul.

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