Allison Grodner Interview: More Temptations, Halting The Battle Back, & Most Surprising HG So Far

Four Houseguests down and out at the hands of the game so far this season and one of those will have a chance to get back into Big Brother 19 tonight. The last Den of Temptation power set this latest curse loose on the house but will that be the last of the season?

Dominique Cooper with Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house

Executive Producer Allison Grodner took the time to answer a few of our questions this week about how long that Summer of Temptation would last, what the Halting Hex might have done to the Battle Back, and which Houseguest has surprised her the most.

Big Brother Network: The Summer Of Temptation’s “Den” is closing shop just three weeks in to the season. Will the Temptations continue on this season in a different manner or are the Temptation twists over now after the Battle Back?

Allison Grodner: Temptation is the theme of the summer and rest assured there are more temptations to come. The next twist is just around the corner…

Had the Halting Hex been used Thursday night, how would that have affected plans for the upcoming Battle Back?

Grodner: The Battle Back was to be played no matter what happened with the Halting Hex. The difference would be that three people would be fighting for a spot in the house instead of 4.

Now that we’re heading in to the fourth week of events, which Big Brother 19 Houseguest has surprised you the most so far and why?

Grodner: Dominique was playing a really low key strategic game until this week. I am really surprised how fast things spiraled out of control for her.

Thank you.

Okay, my interest is piqued about what’s coming next for the Temptations. I would have been okay with just letting the game play out, but if they’re going to keep this twist going then changing up how it arrives is a good idea. Too often the Houseguests settle in to their routine as do we so keeping everyone on their toes is appealing to me here.

As for what would have happened with the Hex if Jessica had played it last night, well nothing would have changed. In fact it might have only made things easier on Cody’s return for her, but considering she wasn’t really in danger makes that a smart gamble for her to have made.

I’m with Grodner on Dominique. She was in such a good position just over a week ago. Things were smooth for her game. She was laying low, building a strong relationship with a strong player, and gather lots of info. Maybe she should have done that Cody interview in a more private setting! But if she gets back in the game I’m guessing she won’t make that mistake twice.

Find out what happens with the Battle Back tonight on CBS at 8/7c. See you then!


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  1. Dom doing that Cody interview “in a more private setting”? That makes little sense.

    The point of her ‘show’ was to do it in front of HGs or it would have just been a private conversation.

    Dom was more focused on her show and lost track of the game… and it cost her.

    She just didn’t understand the game. Had she not called out four potential voters, Jess could (would?) have been seen as a bigger target by Thursday. Her campaigning strategy was atrocious. Very frustrating to watch.

    • Does it really make little sense? She was doing it to draw information out. When the other HGs observed what she said her game imploded. You’re seriously confused about that comment or you just disagree?

      • Well I agree with you here Matt. Because her audience should have been America not the houseguests, and she should have treated it as such.

    • Dom wanted every hg to come to HER conclusions, without her ever having to say them directly, Therefore never being blamed for saying anything herself. She spoke with a forked tongue, in more than one language!

    • It became starkly apparent from each of their eviction interviews and last night’s conversation with the other Battle Back contenders that neither Jillian nor Dom have a clue about the game.

  2. game is so rigged, whoever is in trouble gets the temptation, they have to switch it up because Paul otherwise would not have a chance. America has about as much chance of selecting these little awards they offer to US as I do of becoming President.

    let america really become involved and have a vote on who gets voted out.

    • You claim the game is rigged because they give the temptation to “whoever is in trouble” then you want “America to have a vote.”

      Do you not see how that doesn’t make sense? What makes you think they wouldn’t do whatever they’d like with “our vote”?

  3. game is rigged.. no sense in watching anymore.. We all know Alex won the poll for the halting hex!

    • I don’t think so. Most people that vote only watch the CBS show and don’t go to the different boards. I’m sure some people felt sorry for Jessica, or wanted Cody back so they could go after Paul.

  4. Okay I can understand where the whole “game is rigged” thing is going. Honestly, while I’m not inclined to say much yet, I feel like Grodner isn’t really the best choice for producer. She overplays twists.

    Yeah Allison newsflash- how about listening to the fans?

    • Why start now, she’s never listened in the past, no reason to ruin a good thing. LOL

  5. I just wish they would stop fiddling with the game to manipulate the outcome. Paul would be out by now. This is the worst bunch of fame wannabe’s in BB history.

  6. Was the spoiler about Cody coming back in? I knew last week at his eviction they would have him come back…

  7. Do you think the comps are rigged or setup?? To keep ppl in that get ratings or will cause drama like Paul vs. Cody? I’ve watched leaked d.r. sessions and it makes me think….

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