Tonight On Big Brother 19: ‘Battle Back’ Special Episode

Tonight on Big Brother 19 we’ve got a special Friday night episode featuring the grudge match “Battle Back” twist starting at 8/7c on CBS and streaming live on your CBS All Access account. You won’t want to miss this one as we anxiously await discovering who has won a chance to get back in to the game.

Julie Chen hosts BB19's Battle Back

The Battle Back challenges have likely already wrapped after we saw the evicted Houseguests brought out to the front stage during last night’s eviction episode but we won’t discover those results until tonight’s special show.

Feeds went down yesterday afternoon for a temporary blackout leaving us out on what’s been going on inside the house. Last we saw of the game was at the end of Thursday’s show as Houseguests were becoming convinced that Jessica held the “Halting Hex” Temptation and right they are. Now she’s got the power to shutdown any of the next three evictions and with Cody in the running to get back in the game it’s going to be a powerful duo between them if that all comes together.

Cody won’t have a clear path back to the game though as he’ll have to fend off Cameron, Jillian, and Dominique to make that happen. Dominique showed some solid strength in that last endurance competition so she shouldn’t be a pushover whatever the competition may be. But that isn’t the only thing these evicted HGs have to worry about.

Julie Chen teased last week and reminded us again yesterday that an opportunity will present itself for the remaining Houseguests to prevent the Battle Back’s winner from returning to the game. Is there anyone in the mix here that enough of them might not mind seeing in the house again? I’m really curious to see how that little twist on Battle Back twist will work.

Lots to look forward to with tonight’s episode at 8/7c and we’ll be doing our live recap here on the site at 8PM ET so be sure to join us then for the fun. Then after that the Live Feeds will return around 9PM PT which should reveal who went on to win HoH and likely even the new nominations for Week 4 of Big Brother 19. Stick with us for those spoilers as soon as we discover the results.

Who do you want to win the Battle Back competition? Vote now in our poll below and then share your thoughts on what’s ahead.


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    • Yes, just like “everyone” knew Alex would be getting the Halting Hex. And just like “everyone” knew Christmas would withdraw from the game when her injury first happened. And just like “everyone” knew Christmas wouldn’t be allowed back after her surgery. And just like every year, a good number of people say the game is rigged – but they never, ever get around to proving it. It’s one thing to guess when you have some concrete evidence, but it’s another to guess just for guessing’s sake. Don’t include me with “everyone.” Yes, Cody might win – or he might not; it depends on the competition, which we know nothing about.

      • Cody is the most likely choice to win the Battle Back. I wouldn’t mind seeing him came back and watch Paul squirm due to no more safety net. Then again, I would love to see Cameron get back in the house so he cave a real chance at this game because I thought it was a disappointing for him. Next up Alex winning the Halting Hex. Yesterday I said it was down to between Jessica and Alex, with my thoughts and hopes it going to Alex but I stopped short of saying she had it in the bag. As for Christmas, I said she should have gotten a deal with CBS to bring her back next year because her injury was severe enough for her to be at home healing. I never said she was gone but more or less I did say she doesn’t need to be there now due to the fact that her not being unable to compete is sort of unfair to the other HG’s but it is unfair for her to be there and not being able to compete in many of the comps. This is just me and I can’t speak for everyone else but I will add that some of not many would agree they said the same thing more or less.

      • Nice to see I’m not the only one with long comments LOL
        I agree! I think everyone is just saying Cody is coming back because, most people want him to for entertainment purposes. Dominique and Jillian coming back would be boring! Cameron is a wildcard, who knows what he would do. He knows nothing and he would probably just go straight to Paul’s alliance.
        I truly felt horrible that Cameron, a Superfan didn’t even get one night in the BB house and I always said if there was a battle back, I was hoping he got it but, I do want it to be Cody.
        And Cameron come back next year.
        Cameron going into the house leaves nothing for excitement. It’s pretty much just like grabbing anyone off the street and putting them in the house. He knows nothing about what’s going on. He’s like a stranger coming into their house Lol 😂
        so hoping for Cody! Fingers crossed but, I was wrong about Alex getting the DOT and wrong about Christmas not being allowed to come back in the house, so third times a charm?!

    • I’d say he’s got a strong advantage in skills, but one misstep could take that away. Still anyone’s chance here. But I’d certainly be the least surprised for Cody to win it.

      • Agreed! One missed up and he’s out! Just like that, done! Plus, who says whoever wins is even coming back in the house!? I mean it’s highly highly unlikely that one of them does not come back!
        BB PRO isn’t going to make it a unanimous vote that someone comes back by the each juice or else no one does. 99% of the HG’s will not want anyone to return. 98%
        Jessica is the only one who would never agree with the house and not allow someone back in the house, (of course hoping it’s Cody.) Mark would be happy to see Dominique return but he could probably be swayed by the house.
        This is driving me crazy LOL
        Hey Matt, sidenote, is there a way to private message you??

    • You really don’t know. It could be something with puzzles/mental that’s not his strong suit.

      • I agree however I thought Alex or at the very least Kevin would be getting the last DOT. I didn’t think Jessica would get it even though she was in the top three. I was shocked! And I was also wrong regarding Christmas. I thought after her surgery CBS/BB would not allow her back due to legalize Plus because it’s BS. The entire premises of big brother is the house guests are secluded from the outside world for three months, Christmas was not! Anyway, as usual I am going off course here LOL
        You never know, it could be Jillian! LOL

      • I thought it was going to be Dominique or Jessica to get the halting hex. I didn’t expect Christmas to return, but if BB let it happen, so it is what it is. And I’m so glad Jillian did not come back in!

    • Just like everyone thought Alex was getting the last temptation?
      I was shocked it was Jessica! So, it’s not a done deal. Sure CBS knows Cody’s return would be best but, unless the game is totally rigged in his favor, there is no way to know for sure. Everyone is speculating it is Cody, myself included but again, I thought Alex was getting the temptation.

  1. Maybe not…Julie said it won’t be the typical battle back comp….it will be different.
    Might not be an endurance comp only.

    • I don’t think it’ll necessarily be an endurance comp, I was just pointing out that Dominique did well in the one last week so she’s got potential to deliver on a physical comp.

      • Julie hinted that the Battle Back won’t work the same way as last year, but also said there will be 3 epic battles. My theory is instead of Cameron vs. Jillian and winner takes on Cody and so on that it will be 3 group competitions. So first challenge all 4 compete and last place is eliminated, 2nd challenge 3 compete and last is eliminated, then final competition to crown the winner. It’d be similar to the premiere of last season team challenges.

    • Julie made it sound like they wouldn’t be competing at all against each other for reentry. It sounded very strange. I don’t think it will be a physical battle back involving the four evictees as we think of it.

    • It may be that the strategy we each identify with lines up with one or two of the HGs strategy, which in turn makes them our favorite.

    • He hasn’t changed at all. I really liked him prior to BOTT but boy did he show himself to be a nasty little number.

      • No, I don’t think I am based on the conversation. People are talking about Jason, but it doesn’t sound like Jason in the current BB house. Unless I totally misunderstood the conversation.…?
        I was not able to watch BOTT

      • OK, I just googled it. He is either a cricket player from Surrey/England doubtful)
        so, my guess is he was the runner up on BBOTT???? Or BOTT…. whatever it is called LOL
        Unfortunately Captain 👩‍✈️ I was not privileged enough as a Canadian to watch it! Remember how pissed off I was when I first found out?? I don’t know anything about a single player, nothing! I don’t know how it went down, Who won, if it was the exact same format…… nothing at all.

  2. Wish there was a box for ‘None of the Above’ on that poll Matthew. That’s where my vote would go! :)

  3. One rumor is that Victor got aboard a plane yesterday. It would be great to see him be the host of Battle Back or more. So ready for some Victor eye candy. Hubba hubba.

  4. I really hope there will be another OTT edition of BB this year. As much as i love watching the feeds i hate how they blackout for competitions and major happenings leaving us always kind of catching up. With OTT you can see everything play out as it happens which was way more fun last year. Maybe CBS should consider a special feed subscription in which the feedsv don’t blackout. I would not mind paying extra for that. Your thoughts?

    • My cheap ass won’t pay for the feeds and I am sure I won’t pay extra to see the non black version either.

    • I wouldn’t mind another season but I’m not sure I’m totally over last year’s BOTT. It became so vitriolic on the feeds/chatrooms, very nasty and divided, like nothing I’ve ever seen in the past.

      • What is BOTT?
        Speculation… Battle of the?? Titans? LOL trolls? Twits? Temptation?
        😬 What is it??? LOL

      • It was Big Brother Over The Top. The fall version that you couldn’t watch because it was only on CBS All Access that you Canadian can’t get.

      • Oh right! I completely forgot about that. I didn’t follow it at all. No way to. I know absolutely nothing about it, was it good?

  5. If the house knows they can prevent someone from coming back they will for sure, they won’t risk it being Cody. I think the house will have to make a choice and depending on what they choose will determine if someone comes back into the house, I don’t think they will know someone returning to the game will be the consequence for their actions.

    • The only two likely to not being opposed to returning would be Cameron or Jillian. Just my opinion and I think I will start using that at the end of each post some people don’t get confused of my opinion verse’s what they think I mean.

    • How does the house have the power to prevent anyone from coming back, even if they know someone is coming back. Jess would never tell anyone she has the HH because she knows that Cody is coming back, why would she want to halt anything that would prevent her toad from re-entering the game?

    • See I thought Julie said last week one houseguest could prevent a person from coming back. I didn’t think it was the entire house but I could of heard wrong. Maybe they’ll go into the DR and vote.

    • Just like Paul coming into the house, it just might take one person to let the battleback winner come back. And Jessica should (and probably will) take it. I would if I was in her position.

      • Oh for sure if she would risk any of them coming back in hopes it would be Cody. No doubt in my mind

    • I agree. They wouldn’t want any of them coming back in the house, that’s just another number pushing them further away from winning. The only person that would say yes would be Jessica. Even if she doesn’t know for sure if it is Cody or not, she will risk it for sure!

    • I’d rather see her back than Cody. She’s dull as dishwater but Cody was/is too and he’s mean to boot.

    • It’s going to be Cody i bet. The show needs an enemy for Paul. He’s too well liked in the house. Production will rig it.

  6. I hope this is the last year of battle back. I hate it. They need to come up with a different twist.

  7. Julie said last nite that this competition will be different from last year, where they competed 1-1 in the sequence that they were eliminated, i.e. Tiffany, as the last evicted HG last year, only needed to win 1 comp (which she still lost to Victor).

    My guess is that this will be 3 rounds again, but everyone competes in every round with the last place finisher in each round eliminated from coming back. So, last evicted HG (Dom) gets no advantage and 1st evictee (Cam) doesn’t have to run the full gauntlet. Whomever wins must be well-rounded enough to do well enough in 3 comps. Just my $0.02

  8. I thought Julie said one player could prevent someone from coming back in not all the players. Anyone know?

  9. It’ll be interesting to see tonight how the houseguests can prevent the Battleback returnee from coming back, now that we know it’s not the curse from the Halting Hex temptation

    • Maybe the HGs who wins the HOH decides. I hope they all play the Battle Back and HOH together, it is more fun that way.

  10. The first paragraph of this article doesn’t make sense. It suggests when the evicted houseguests were on stage last night, the Battle Back challenges already occurred. How would that be possible since Dom is eligible to compete as well? She was evicted minutes before they were brought on stage…

    “The Battle Back challenges have likely already wrapped after we saw the evicted Houseguests brought out to the front stage during last night’s eviction episode but we won’t discover those results until tonight’s special show.”

    • That’s not how I read it. I read it to mean that the Battle Back occurred after the 4 HG’s were on stage last night. They won’t be playing live tonight.

  11. I hope Cody gets back in. That dude is so intense and a tad bit psycho… in a good way. I’d like to see him get back in there and immediatley get Paul out. And for future seasons of Big Bro I’d love it if they quit having “veterens”/LOSERS back in the house. Paul is always the center of attention and hogs up alot of TV time so therefore we don’t see the others shine as they might would without this know it all geek always holding court and trying to direct everything. I mean there is a ton of personality in the house this season and being force fed so much of same old Paul is a bit of a drag. Having a vet/loser disrupts the organic excitement of the fresh faces new to the game and house as half of them almost instantly acted subordinate to Paul. Then he gets a 3 week pass to make sure he can develop some relationships and stay in the game for awhile. It’s just not fair!! I guess the producers didn’t have faith in the entertainment value in their new cast. Funny that because Kevin is HILARIOUS, Jason is pretty damn funny too. Alex and Christmas are interesting, Jessica is sexy and treacherous and Raven is a trip. Dominique was quite entertaining and as i said before, Cody is F***ING NUTZ!!! Matt and Mark are a bit bland, Josh is a strange strange dude… and ok who else? Elaina and the young kid are quite annoying but overall a pretty decent cast and really no need for Paul. Oh well, thats all I got. When was the last time they had a season of only newbies? Seems like it’s been such a long time ago that this would be a perfect “twist” going forward.

  12. Remember the Season when people in jury all came back to try comp. to return to the house. Over half jumped off because they liked being in the jury house.

  13. I am hoping Cody returns, builds a Army and gets the bearded punk out. Then I would like to see Cameron and Christmas next year. I think they both got a raw deal

  14. My guess… Because Julie definitely said houseguest(s,) not houseguest….
    ••The house is told someone is coming back but is not told who.
    They have to vote, and if JUST one HG says yes, (Jessica) then the winner returns!••
    I do not think it will have to be a unanimous vote, because BB knows 99% of the house will say no.
    & I would be completely shocked if the winner of the Battle Back is not allowed to reenter!!
    BB definitely has it set up, (however they have it set up) to ensure the winner comes back!

    For sure! IMO

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