‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won ‘Battle Back’?

We’re settling in to find out who won Battle Back tonight on Big Brother 19 as Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique face off against each other and against the chance by the other Houseguests to block their return.

Battle Back tonight on Big Brother 19

Feeds have been down since yesterday which means we’re without spoilers and anxious to discover what happened since last night. Which of the four won out and just how will this year’s twist play out? Let’s get some results!

We’re live recapping tonight’s results show starting at 8PM ET so stick with us as we update this article with the latest news and outcome. Join us in the comments section below.

Last year there were three separate competitions with one held each week following the round’s HoH competition, but this year host Julie Chen has promised us something new and different. And for that little twist to the twist? Houseguests might be able to band together and block the winner’s return which means a win tonight might not make for a surefire return to the house and another chance at the half-million dollars!

Okay, so Julie reveals there are a lot of details here. The four evictees will first compete with a maze. Top two competitors move on and the other two go home. The final two will face off again for the sole spot. It isn’t over there yet either. That person has to then face off against a House Challenger. If the Challenge (an active HG) wins the comp then the evictee is done and gone. If the evicted HG beats the Challenger then he or she is back in the game.

Round 1 is a puzzle on a pulley system. Gotta run a ball through the maze without letting it drop through a hole or you’ll start over. Cameron and Jillian both drop. Cody gets their first. Cameron catches up and wins the other spot.

Battle Back Results – Round 1:

  • Top two players this round: Cody & Cameron

That’s it for Dominique and Jillian. Both are out of the running and leave the challenge and the game for good.

Gallery: Round 1 Maze Challenge

This round Cameron & Cody must use a slingshot to take out 10 targets in a billboard. Cameron had an early lead, but Cody found his groove and soon caught up and overtook Cameron.

Battle Back Results – Round 2:

  • Last HG standing: Cody

Gallery: Round 2 Slingshot Challenge

Now in the last round Cody gets to pick which of the previous two challenges he’ll face off in against the active HG. Cody goes with the balancing maze. Julie explained both comps would be made harder for this go round. HGs are about to find out what’s happening and will have to pick their champion to go face off against Cody.

Julie reveals the news that someone is waiting in the backyard, but they don’t know which of the evicted HGs it is… Most of them are none too happy. Houseguests head into the Diary Room to pick the champion. Everyone votes for Paul. No surprise.

Julie explains the maze has changed so at least Cody doesn’t know all the tricks just yet. Paul tells us in DR though that it’s harder than he thought it’d be.

Battle Back Results – Round 3:

  • House Challenge: Paul
  • Round 3 Challenge: Maze
  • Round 3 winner: Cody

Cody wins Battle Back! He’s back in the game. HoH coming up soon…

Update: HOH Spoilers are here! Find out who won Head of Household this week!

Gallery: Round 3 Maze Remix

Are you happy with how tonight’s results turned out? Don’t forget there are lots more spoilers coming up with the HoH comp, nomination results, and Veto comp on Saturday. We should have spoilers from the first two once the Feeds are back on later tonight.

Feeds return tonight at 9PM PT (12AM ET). Join us on there with the Live FeedsFree Trial tonight!


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    • I am in the west, so does my bet still count?
      I bet Cody
      Yeah, I looked at the spoilers, but that would’ve been my guess regardless!
      🙃 😬 😝

      • I called it too. I’m also on west coast and couldn’t stand to wait. It’s all rigged. I knew Cody would come back but tell me this. Everything I have read is America hates Jessica but she just “happens”!to win. ? I can only hope Paul and Cody team up and sweep the house. The others minus alex aren’t even playing the game.

      • I don’t think Jessica is heated plus, I think people wanted to see the drama and the new giving Jessica the HH would not make it so easy for Paul and his minions to do what is done every year which is one Side of the house picks off the smaller side.
        as for the competitions with the returning houseguests, they were not riggged. Anyone of them could have won the first comp, and Cameron almost won the second one so I don’t agree it was rigged in Cody’s favor.

  1. There are rumors it is Jillian. I hope not. I know all I ever wanted to know about Tijuana weight loss surgery, thank you very much.

  2. I want Cameron because he got shafted and I find him to be so hot! Like, I would totally go on a date with him, hes cute and smart and I am feeling it

  3. I’m praying the rumors aren’t true about who goes back and who wins HOH. But I have a sick feeling.

  4. I actually really want Cameron to beat Cody. He never really got a chance to show us who he is and he seems pretty entertaining from the interview and from the diary room sessions. He surely has a lot more enthusiasm than Cody does lol

  5. So is the house sound proof? This is happening in the back yard, so do the house guests not know what is going on outside?

    Wait, is this happening in the back yard?

  6. I hope Cameron makes it. I wanted Dominique so she can try to get rid of Paul. I like that they get to battle a HGs. I’m sure if they choose it will be a very weak player in the house.

    • He seemed like he had a great personality too. He would have been a lot more fun to watch.

    • Now that would be a second chance season i would be ok with. No newbies no player that lasted longer than the first eviction. No players that quit

  7. I wonder who they will choose Alex or Paul. If Cody wins, then I hope the HGs who lost gets evicted right then and there.

  8. So was this what Julie meant with a houseguest could stop someone from coming back in? Bet it is.

  9. I bet Paul will be the one nominated to challenge Cody.
    No one else stands a chance.

  10. Josh’s voice is nails on a chalkboard. ugh it might actually annoy me more than Nicole’s voice.

  11. He better team up with Paul, otherwise I may have to drive to Burbank/studio lot behind the fence with megaphone. ha!

  12. Jessica shouldn’t deny that she will want Cody to come back.
    These people are so dumb. Whomever comes back in could easily be voted out if the majority wants that to happen. The only thing that will mess it up is Cody getting 1 week free like Paul.

  13. Wonder what they will show – if it is Paul – will Cody & him talk – and would Paul let him in. Paul is sneaky enough and no one would believe he threw it

  14. I’m sure most of America will want to shoot themselves in the foot for giving jessica the temptation if Cody comes back in

      • Most of them don’t like Cody though. They felt bad for Jessica and they think she is better alone. She’s gonna go back to her old ways with Cody back in the game, especially cause she’ll more than likely just waste it to save Cody

    • Production gave it to her because when Cody was evicted she told them she wanted to self evict

    • They all talked and decided on Paul. She probably didn’t want to start any drama in case it wasn’t Cody or he didn’t win. I mean, what good is one vote going to do.

      • it wouldn’t, good point. But nobody would have known anyways, so really I guess it wouldn’t have mattered at all

  15. Production told them to pick Paul and let’s see if Paul just happens to win. I doubt they will be gifting Jessica with anything if they didn’t plan Cody to come back in.

  16. I’m interested in joining the live feeds but they always seem to be down, is it worth it?

  17. Cody has an advantage over Paul, but Paul is good at mazes. So it’s pretty even for both of them, but I believe Cody has a SLIGHT edge depending on how much they change the comp

  18. So everyone who said production favored Paul, guess not. Cody was definitely given the advantage here playing a comp for the second time

  19. I swear if everyone on Twitter starts complaining next week if Jessica uses the Hex, I will lose my mind lmao

  20. I mean… all of y’all are salty but I’ll at least be happy if Cody and Jessica manage to take a shot at Paul, or if not Paul, one of his minions!

    So screw y’all! I’m happy to see another villain back!

  21. Btw, didn’t Cody and Paul agree to work together if he comes back in? Or was that also a lie?

  22. I can’t stand those two, but getting rid of Paul will require for Cody to reunite his alliance and apologize. He has to recognize that putting him on the block means nothing if the others won’t vote him out. I really hope he doesn’t choose to align with him.

    • I think Paul has built enough bridges regardless that people will keep him if he’s on the block. Alex will work her side to keep him, and the alliance will work their side to keep him

      • Everyone can’t work with Paul smh. Everyone is loyal to him because of vet status but he is loyal to no one

      • He definitely is playing more strings in the house this season, but he has to if he wants to survive

      • He’s loyal to the people he makes long term deals with unless they do something shady first. Remember last season, it was Nicole that turned on Paul. Paul promised that he was taking her to the final even when it ended up costing him the game.

        The difference this year is that everyone is running to Paul. He isn’t having to promise anything to anyone this time around.

      • I don’t know. Alex is just waiting for the right time to take out Paul. She knows Paul has to go

  23. I know this will bring more drama to the house, which everyone loves, but I think it was totally unfair to have them play the same game Cody just played. Of course he’s going to win, he already knew how to use the pulleys.

  24. I hate to say it to all the Paul haters, but…

    Cody and Jessica’s best chance is to make an alliance with Paul and Alex. Then they can go after the rest of the former alliance. I mean, sure they will turn on each other at some point, but it would be a good way for the 4 of them to make it a good way into the game

    • Yea I definitely think cody will take a shot at the couples (especially Mark) before he goes after Paul

    • Paul and Alex will not want to work with Jody if Paul and Alex get power. So Jody would have to get power for that to happen. But then if Jody gets power I doubt they would want to work with Paul, and Alex and Jessica hate each other so much that I doubt they trust each other.

      • I’m definitely not saying they are going to be friends, but it makes a bit of sense. Plus, with Jessica’s Halting Hex… She can save Cody once, but its basically the entire house (at least right now) that wants him back out. It’s in their best interest to at least try. Paul would be willing to work with them on a brief term (call it a truce), and I’m sure he can convince Alex as long as Jess doesn’t throw a fit.

    • Cody doesn’t need Paul. He could work with Alex and her small alliance. Then she can get rid of him.

      • True, but Alex just got through saying that when Cody was first evicted she wanted him back in the house. But now that she has Paul… She wants Cody back out as quick as possible.

    • I would nominate Paul and Elena but Paul has one more week of safety so I would put Elena and Matt

      • Yeah I don’t want to see two showmances at the F5 like last year ….. or wait one showmance and one fauxmance

    • Alex is pissed that Cody has returned, will be interesting to see where she stands once deals are being made.

      • If Paul can calm Alex down, the short term alliance works for everyone. If Alex stands by wanting Cody gone… Well, Cody and Jess better start thinking of a way to make up with Mark and Elena. The Halting Hex isn’t going to save them twice.

    • That is what “should” happen…but Alex will take boo coos of talk and words to be convinced its a good plan…

      • Yeah, its going to be up to Cody and Paul putting differences aside for a while. Then its going to be completely up to the Puppet Master to pull Alex’s strings. I think Paul’s up to that challenge though.

  25. Did anybody really believe CBS would go through all that trouble and we wouldn’t have a person return into the house? And if somebody DID NOT return in the house with Megan leaving…. CBS would have to start getting REALLY creative.

  26. This sucks azz! I HATE this battle back stuff! Wtf is up with letting Cody pick the game?? I think I’m done. This show gets dummer by the year. You do all that work to get strong player out then they get to come back! Now we have to look at Jess and Cody’s soft porn all summer cuz you know the camers is never leaving them.

  27. Yes more drama and you bet there will be more meatball talk. Jessica is safe with the power of the den for now. Cody wins HOH house flip is likely to happen.
    I wanted Cody to go because of the way he treated his alliance, but his coming back into the game makes things a lot more interesting.

    • Right, I forgot about her power. Even if Cody goes on the block, Jessica can save him.

      • Put Cody on the block with someone else not Jess this week. If she uses it to save him she can’t save herself if she needs it bext 3 weeks.

    • I wouldn’t mind Cody returning if Jessica was gone.

      Generally, though, not a fan of battle backs. When you’re gone, you’re done.

      • I’m not a fan of it either but the house was becoming The Paul show. This will ad more drama and the timing is perfect.

    • I completely agree. He won his way back into the house FAIR and SQUARE. It’s a whole new game now.

  28. What I miss about the online show is watching the long DR sessions. It was my favorite moment. It was a great unedited way to know how the HGs really felt about each other. Paul said that he was upset, but he din’t look like he was at all. Not a very good actor.

    • I don’t think he cares that much. He has the whole house wrapped around his finger.

  29. Happy for you Cody. Good luck on HOH comp. You better improve your social game though!

  30. Yep, I’m in total agreement with the unfair advantage for Cody by playing a game he already knew. Totally disappointed with the producers, there is nothing unexpected to expect.

    • This was the first season there was a house challenger for the battle back comp. Anyone who watched last season would understand, this was completely fair. The HGs had a chance to stop Cody. Perhaps they were better off selecting Ramses.

      • For this kind of balancing competition, probably their best bet would have been Jason. However, they didn’t know what the challenge would be. So . . . Paul was as good a choice as any (and better than several possibilities)

      • I agree, I knew they were going to pick Paul (didn’t think it would be a landslide) but why not pick someone who has proven themselves be tough competitors this season? Like Alex or Jason

    • The producers favor someone every year. Cody has 0 personality. Its hard to figure why they chose him for the show.

      • None of the comps were favored towards him at all…sure the last comp was favored towards whoever won the first two but obviously…that entire episode would have been a waste if Paul won…just because Codys good at comps doesn’t mean they’re favoring him.

  31. At this point, I don’t really care that Cody is back in the house. MY hatred for him is on hold until I see him on the feeds and watch if he will be with or against Paul. Against he will be my new best friend. Aligned with him and I wish they could all vote him out.

    • His target will still be Paul. There’s no fooling Cody. Paul’s jedi mind tricks don’t work on him like the rest of the HGs.

    • Same I hated Cody but it’s on hold because of the drama he adds. I hated his Big Brother game but like who he is as a person.

  32. On top of that, hot messica can protect him from eviction. Smh this game grows dummer by season. Smh

    • It sure does shake the house up for now. Cody or Jessica has to win HOH. For Paul to go home.

      • They have to get the votes, didn’t work so well for them the first time they tried to get someone out, did it?

      • I’m not sure about that. I think you’d have Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Elena voting to keep Paul for sure (unless something changes of course), and Mark and Josh would be likely to save Paul as well.

        Matt and Raven don’t really have anyone specifically in an alliance with them right now.

      • If that’s true, why did they jump ship on him while he was still HOH? He was still in power after all. Let’s be honest… As of right now, nobody in the house likes Cody aside from Jessica.

      • Don’t see it…Alex has no love for either…and she actually wanted Jessica evicted this week…Jessica will be all for getting Alex out of the house…

      • Love for Paul runs to deep they are rapped around his finger. Smart thing to do is to put. Alex and Paul next to each other.

      • The thing about it is Paul has stabbed none of em in the back..Cody broke from the alliance played his own game and made the rest of the house look like liars and backstabbers…So if lines are drawn and sides are taken Its anybodys guess where a HG will end up…

      • Dominique stabbed herself when she outted the alliance info during her talk show…and then Cody tried to make Paul believe that Mark and Dominique were in on his backdooring Paul….Dominique shut herself off from the rest of the HGs….And when anybody tried to talk to her she started spitting gibberish that didn’t make sense…Had Dominique come out of the corner bed during the last 48 hours of her stay she might still be in the game cause there was talk of voting out Jessica…

      • Dom and Cody both really screwed their own games. Both in a pretty good spot in the game until their egos got the better of them and they just dug themselves in deeper and deeper.

    • Paul’s pendant of protection has expired. Hopefully some people will feel safe enough now to start to question his loyalty.

    • I hope! I can’t stand another week of The Paul Show. I really really hope that the new HoH take him out.

  33. Never in a billion years would I have guessed Cody, he is the last person I would have picked. Think am being very sarcastic here, it is all about ratings.

  34. I’ll be honest, I knew that whichever evictee won the first two rounds would win the next round. This was because they basically had experience with one of the challenges and knew the techniques that they had to use. If the production wanted the audience to believe that the evictee (Cody) didn’t have an edge, then they obviously should’ve done a third challenge. Thanks production (again), we knew something like this was coming; we just didn’t know if it was going to be Cameron (RIP) or Cody coming back into the house.

  35. The house elected as house challenger the one player who feels the
    safest and the least bit concerned about a returning evictee. These HGs
    are all idiots.

  36. So far this season, production has saved money having Cody as a house guest. They have recycled the same Cody as a frog doing a lil two step to the side instead of hopping and his big talk with Christmas on the lily pad.

  37. If they bought Cody back in to make it interesting than they will have to give Paul some power. Right now Cody and Jessica have all the power with the last den of temptation twist. If Paul doesn’t get some help then it will shift back to cody running the house instead of paul running the house. I don’t want either of them to win.

    • Considering what we know about the hex, unless Jess or Cody win HOH, this next week will be pretty boring. Cody will likely be on the block, but it doesn’t matter. He’s not going home and neither is Jessica.

  38. To the 29% who didn’t vote for Cody, I think there’s a spot open in our poker game Saturday night. Seriously you did not see this coming?

    • I hope they bring him back just to see what he could do. I am not a huge fan of the nerdy BB players. They become quite annoying throughout the game. Andy, Steve, Ian. I Don’t like them.

      • Wouldn’t compare Andy to Steve and Ian. May all be nerds but the last two at least won comps. Andy was the nerdiest. a weasel

      • I hope so, too. I was not a huge fan of Steve, but Ian didn’t bother me. Then again, I only started reading recaps of the feeds with season 15. I hated Andy personally, but his game did not bother me.

  39. Not looking forward to Cody being back, but I really didn’t want Jillian or Dom back. If the HoH spoiler is true (and it was for battle back), Cody being back would be worse.

  40. For a House filled with so-called “Super Fans” ; Why in the World would they choose Paul as the “best Challenger” for ANY challenge!!
    He was notorious for NOT winning Comps in His Season.
    This Season, He only barely won the POV due to the entire House, except Ramses, throwing it TO Paul.

  41. I really wonder why Cody’s return makes some people automatically think Paul’s game is over. I mean, the man survived HOW MANY times on the block last season? Seriously, at this point, I think the odds of Paul surviving the block are greater than his going home. Plus, the only one that wants him gone right this moment is Cody. Heck, the entire house wanted him gone last season and they couldn’t get the job done.

    Also, even though I’ve liked the BBAD much better this season… The HGs from last season were playing the game a lot better. Bodes well for Paul so far.

      • I knew going into tonight’s “up for grabs” (bullcrap, lol) Battle Back, that Cody was going to win. I have been interested in seeing what happens though. I really think there is about to be a short term truce between Paul and Cody.

        Still, I really want Cody to change his attitude a little bit, and I don’t want Jess to turn into the snide witch that she was the first time around. She was just starting to act normal without Cody, and hopefully we don’t have to put up with her old ways.

      • I will go on record and say Grody and Messica will fall back into their old ways and we will see a repeat of what we’ve seen already, everyone else out in the open mingling and them in seclusion.

      • Jessica has a lot of info, on the other HGs and she has actually gotten to know them. When Cody was there she just stuck with him and din’t socialize with anyone else too much. Just followed his lead.

  42. Why would anyone want to watch the “live” feeds when all you report is that the feeds are down again???

    • Paul, Elena, Jason…and Maven. Jason is the only one that sees through Paul. Elena has the second best social game behind Paul. Matt & Raven are just laying low and are on the right side of the house, which is the smartest thing to do in the beginning.

    • -Elena: Great social game and seems to be good in the comps.
      -Paul: I dislike him, but I recognize that he has a good game.
      -Matt: Maybe he’s not the best competitor of the season, but he’s keeping himself out of the drama and he’s in the right side of the house.
      Jason: Not my favorite, but he’s good at comps and he’s more open to work with the people instead of Alex.
      -Raven? Maybe… I mean, she’s in the right side, but she seems to be more a trainwreck than Matt and maybe she don’t have a strong temper like the other female houseguests (Christmas, Elena, Jessica, Alex), but I repeat, she’s in the right side.

  43. My point is; if they thought is was most likely Cody that would have beat the other 3, they could have picked someone MUCH better to go up against Cody.

    • They didn’t know, we knew. These people don’t have a clue how BB works, with the exception of Paul.

      • I know what you meant but I was speaking in the bigger picture sense. BB was set to bring back Cody, no matter what, doesn’t matter who they sent out there against him, Cody was coming back into the house.

      • The best all around Challenger was Paul. Lets look at what he’s done… He’s won Intelligence comps, Endurance comps, Agility Comps, etc.

        I mean, I know you hate the guy (whom you’ve never met, I’m assuming), but exactly who else would have had a chance?

        For the record… The answer to that last question is no one.

    • You don’t really have much better options. It wouldn’t matter though IMO. Cody killed it the first time. It was inevitable for him to be better on the second maze since he already had gotten the hang of the mechanics.

    • Paul was a good pick..Although it’s a different maze, Cody had practiced. Same concept/principle..

      • Yeah, the fact that it was a different maze didn’t mean squat. The important thing is that Cody had practice with the controls and Paul didn’t. There wasn’t much of a chance of anyone beating him on that maze.

      • For sure. In ‘Survivor, it’s a ‘reward advantage, to be able to practice before the comp. They increased his odds of winning….

      • Yeah, I think BB definitely got who they wanted back in the house. As soon as Jessica got the Halting Hex, I just knew that Cody was coming back. I’m actually not all that upset right now. I’m hoping they might change from the first time. I mean, Cody showed emotion in the exit interview with Julie Chen, and Jess was showing signs of changing over the last week. She even came to Mark’s defense against Josh.

        Now, if nothing changes and the start acting like brats again… That’s when I’ll get upset about it.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me at all. He just doesn’t seem to understand how the game works. Personalities like his don’t win. He needs to at least try to change if he hopes to make it 2 weeks (or 3 if Jess is winning this HOH… The Halting Hex will give him 1 week regardless).

  44. How many black players have gone far in this game? Is it because of their attitude or racism?

    • They should have more black guys imo. I’m black so I can talk. Too many black women have problems with keeping their mouths shut. Just look at Day and Dom.

      • oh really? So, should they have more males, period because of all of the other females (Aryan, Zimmerman, Rachel Riley, etc…) who can’t keep their mouths shut?

      • Just the recent ones. I started watching BB on season 15 so I’m just going off what I know.

      • That is an unfair stereotype and double standards, there are people who talk too much in every season! It’s like saying they shouldn’t have anymore [________] fill in the blank because this one person is [_________] fill in the blank. Anyone one person does not represent an entire, race, sex, religious background, etc….

      • But I’m also speaking from personal experiences, like my mom, ex girlfriends, and female friends. They always feel like they have to speak their mind, and I don’t get it. And they get even worse when they’re called out about it.

      • I don’t think there is anything wrong with speaking your mind. Time and place is important and how you do it.

      • That’s my point! They don’t care about the time or place. It’s like it’s always impulsive.

      • I think any HGs regardless of race or ethnicity who calls others out in front of the whole house tend to immediately become targets. This game is about being sneaky, manipulative and kissing a lot of behind. Being fake at all times is essential.

      • Oh Live and Prosper, I agree with tr8ppng3 below. It is okay to speak one’s mind just time and place, and how.

        Also with so many black females in the world, the ones you know doesn’t represent them all. Expand your horizon, step outside your community, city, state, country…. :-).

      • 16 players. They should have 4 of each major group. 4 whites, 4 blacks, 4 Hispanics and 4 Asians. 8 boys and 8 girls. Hispanics could come in many of those races as well, but they do represent a separate group. I think Kayser has been the only Muslim.

    • I am still trying to figure out how Dominque was a “strong competitor” (according to Paul and Alex).

      • Okay but a competitor? And targeting her was a waste, wrong time. I didn’t see her as a winner but just not the time to get her out.

      • Who were they comparing her to when they said that. I’ve forgotten already. There goes my mind, lol

      • She spoke well. Those two you mentioned felt she could influence others or could sway others towards her “game” views. If true she could gain power for her side of the house. They, were not willing to take the risk in finding out because they then had potential damage control. Stopping her game stopped those opinions. As we all now know she broke down into babbling on subjects no one could follow with logic. She in the end seemed crazy. Either way her game and what she brought to the game were ended.

    • -Danielle Reyes: By far one of the greatest players.
      -Monica Bailey (BB2- 3rd Place)
      -Marcellas (BB3 – 5th Place)
      -Danielle Lickey (BBOTT – 6th Place)
      -Kalia (BB13 – 5th Place)
      -Jameka (BB8 – 4th Place)
      -Beau (BB6 – 6th Place)
      -Zakiyah (BB18 – 7th Place)
      -Bryan (BB10 – 6th Place)

      • 16th on BB17 and 11th on BB18. She’s a really cool TV character, but not the best player.

      • My favorite, but she was horrible at comps and couldn’t keep her attitude in check for too long. She did try the second time around.

      • No; Danielle deserve the victory on her first season, but sadly the jury knew about her confessionals.
        Danielle (BBOTT) was a good contender, and (in my opinion) has a good chance at winning.
        Marcellas made a fatal mistake not using the veto.
        Zakiyah… Well, next.
        Kalia did a good job on BB13.
        Monica was another good player and has good chances.
        Bryan, ummm maybe not the best player on the list.
        Beau, a similar Bryan’s case (not the best on the list).

      • I think Danielle was a great player, but production tends to do things that sabotage certain players games.

    • He also beat Paul who may just be targeted now. Good move for Cody. Target the vet and gets everyone off his back.

  45. not a big cody fan, but SOOOO glad he came back and beat Paul. Hopefully knocked that huge chip off Paul’s shoulder!!! Good riddance Paul!!!

  46. I’m just tired of ANY return HG’s… Unless if it is a “Second Chance Season” with all returnees; by bringing one back, or 4, just screws things up, IMO.

  47. Cody is such an ahole. Did yal notice how he didn’t even want to talk to Cameron? All icey. Like he’s too good to talk to the underdog. He disgust me.

  48. Yes melting butter is back, some people will say unfair , what would have been fair is that the challenger should have had to leave and be replaced by Cody, that would would have been a great twist,Paul was not that great of choice ,he sucked at candy crush, Alex would have done far better or even christmas, on crutches ,
    Having the knowledge of how to play a game does not mean you win, remember Frankie,

    now we have some true tension in the house , and Paul was just found out to be not that great as they all think,
    Why oh Why did they not pick Alex. They think Paul is so great ,he is not, Alex is far better,
    I would laugh if Cody wins HOH or Jess, that would be so good for the game, get these folks worked up. they are all going to be frantic running around crying that Paul did not win,
    Even if Cody only last a week or two . lets hope he takes out Paul or Alex , before he is on the way out,
    this year is a crazy year, hats off to production, these twist and temptations are twisted , and not expected, I just wonder what he HEX is, that will be interesting, The power Jess has is so cool, they have no idea what is in store for them,
    This battle back was not as unfair as some may think , Cody just went through two comps , back to back no rest no time to get himself together then the last comp. he was tired, Mean while Paul was relaxed and rested , it was not unfair .

    • I just read on Twitter that Jessica wins HOH. Not sure it’s true, but same source is one who told Megyn had left hours before the houseguests knew. So, it may be true. And she won’t even have to use her hex.

  49. It seems this Battle Back was almost a sham! Why have the winner of the Battle Back, in this case Cody face off with someone from the Big Brother House and if he loses, he is done?
    It seems the producers want people to be excited by the Battle Back only to try and slap it away from the audience? Good thing Cody won over Paul but, that was in very bad taste!

  50. I just didn’t like the fact that Cody had already ‘practiced’. Paul still had a learning curve. There should have been an entirely new comp when the two of them went head to head.